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Anam Cara

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Summary: When Dean is helped out of his grave by the blonde Slayer Buffy, neither of them knew that their souls would be bound together. Now Buffy, Dean and Sam unite to stop Lilith from opening the final seal. Post BtVS, Season 4 Supernatural

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean WinchesterSummerwoodFR181339,91832614,47123 Oct 124 Jun 14No

Chapter 8

Ok, this should have been the second part of Chapter 7. Later on I’ll make them one chapter, but for now I’m going to leave them as two. I hope everyone is liking the story so far. I appreciate all the reviews : ) And just in case anyone forgot, thought I don’t see how, I do not own anything having to do with Buffy or Supernatural.


Dean wasn’t exactly sure how it had happened. Buffy had walked into the den, face worried and distraught, saying she had to leave and check on something, could she borrow a car from Bobby, and next thing he knew, he was volunteering to drive her to Minneapolis. Sam had looked at him incredulously, saying there was still a lot of research that needed to be done. Dean had suggested Sam stay then and keep reading, but his younger brother had narrowed his eyes and said if Dean was going so was he. Bobby had looked at him, amusement crinkling his eyes and said he would go too, though in his own truck. Apparently there was a hunter friend of his in that area and Bobby had tried to get a hold of him but he wasn’t answering which was very unusual.

“How about Buffy rides with me. We’ll check on her friend’s place and you two go check on Bobby‘s friend. Meet up after.” Dean said as they walked to the vehicles. He could see Sam about to argue, but Bobby spoke up first.

“Sounds good. Come on Sam.” Sam looked at Dean and then at Buffy before rolling his eyes and walking to the truck.

“I don’t think your brother likes us being alone.” Buffy said archly once they were in the car. Dean looked her and laughed. He didn’t know when he had stopped trying to push her away, but he was glad he had. Things were lighter between them now, though there was still enough sexual tension to choke on and sometimes it was all he could do to keep his hands to himself. But he found that he enjoyed her company too. She was smart, sharper than what you first thought when you meet her, and she had a feisty wit that he liked. Not to mention she was gorgeous and he didn’t know if he would ever stop wanting to watch her.

“He’s just worried I’m going to seduce you.” Dean replied, turning and smiling charmingly at her.

“Are you?” Buffy said teasingly. “Going to seduce me?” Her voice had gone low and husky at the last part and Dean felt his blood begin to boil and travel elsewhere.

“Maybe.” He replied and saw her blush before laughing and looking away.


“This the right place?” Dean asked her as he pulled the car up to a small brick house. The neighborhood was small but neatly kept. This house was on a cul de sac, the other houses around it empty and with For Sale signs in the lawn. There was no one around, which suited Dean just fine.

“Yeah, this is it. Olivia just moved here six months ago. Got it cheap as a foreclosure.” Buffy said as they walked up to the door. She knocked on the door, the sound echoing around them. No answer, and so she knocked again. Dean was starting to get a bad feeling and so he leaned over the porch railing and looked through the window. What he saw wasn’t good, the room was a mess. Buffy must have seen his face because with a powerful kick, she busted down the door.

Inside the house was in disarray, mundane and occult items where all over the floor in what looked like had been a violent struggle. He noticed as he walked over the threshold that salt was under his feet. So she had been a Hunter, he thought to himself.

“Olivia? It’s Buffy.” Buffy called out, taking in the carnage. Suddenly her eyes widened and Dean followed her gaze as she bolted to the body fallen on the floor in the next room. Blood was everywhere he saw as he walked into the small room. There had been a massive struggle, bit of broken glass and furniture were everywhere. Among the wreckage was a high tech EMF reader, not far from her hand.

Buffy was kneeling down beside the body, silent tears falling down her face. The sight of it made his gut twist.

“Your friend was rocking the EMF detector. Though I’ve never seen a ghost do this to person, it’s like it was on steroids or something.” Dean said as he continued to look for clues, trying to keep his mind on business.

“That doesn’t make any sense though.” Buffy said, as she stood. “Olivia retired. That’s why she moved here, to get a fresh start.”

“Sometimes there no such thing as retirement in this life.” Dean said, his voice sad because for him it was true. There was no way he was ever going to get out. The thought was sobering. He saw a small, sad smile on her face and knew she thought the same thing.

“Come on, let’s go, there’s nothing we can do here but call it in.” Dean said.

They made an anonymous call to the authorities and watched from down the road till the police came. They called Bobby, and agreed to meet at a small diner on the outskirts of town.


“So, what. We have a ghost targeting Hunters now?” Sam said as they waited for their food. The four of them were sitting in a booth inside a small choke and puke diner. Buffy had been pretty silent and Dean was a little worried about her. But she looked up and he could see that below the sadness there was strength. And anger.

“Looks that way. We need to get a hold of every Hunter we know and warn them.” Bobby said. He pulled out a map, showing them the locations of every Hunter he knew within driving distance. Buffy added two Slayers of her own to the mix then they divided them out between the two groups while they ate burgers. Buffy would go with Bobby this time. Dean didn’t argue, he had a feeling it had been Sam’s idea. Right now they had work to do and he didn’t any distractions

They left the diner and started driving to Jackson. They weren’t on the road long before Sam brought up the topic of the Slayer.

“Do you trust her Dean?”

“Who? Buffy?” He replied. He could see the worry in his brothers eyes, but there as more to it than that. “Yeah, I guess. Bobby does too.”

“Dean, what if she’s playing you? We don’t know anything about her.” Sam explained. Dean kept silent, letting him do the talking. “And I don’t like the way you look at her either. You’re falling for her, aren’t you/”

“Look Sammy. I get where you’re coming from, ok. But whatever you think is going on between us, you’re wrong. Ok , yeah, she’s hot. Smoking hot. But you and I know that relationships are not my thing. So chill out ok. I’ve got this under control.”

“Do you Dean? Because I don’t think you do. I think you’re falling for her. What happens if she’s evil?”

Dean couldn’t even begin to picture Buffy as evil. He could see it clearly on her face and in her eyes that she was what she said she was, though he didn’t say that aloud.

“What? Evil like Meg? You know the kinky blond you left me for as I recall?” Dean said, feeling no qualms in bringing up that bitch, even though it stung his brother.

“I’m just saying be careful, ok Dean. At least until we know more about her.”


“Hey, Bobby, it’s me. We’re here at Jeb’s. It’s not good man. He’s dead too.” Dean said into cell phone. He could Bobby moving around through the speaker, it sounded like he had just closed his truck door.

“I checked on Carl Bates and R.C. Adams. They've redecorated... in red.” Bobby said, his voice gruff but otherwise emotionless.

“What the hell is going on here, Bobby? Why did a bunch of ghosts suddenly want to gank off-duty hunters?” Dean said, anger seeping into his voice. That made eight Hunters dead, all murdered brutally.

“I don't know, but until we find out, you guys better get your asses to my place. Buffy and I are headed there now.”

“We're on our way.” Dean said and then hung up the phone. He looked around for Sam but still didn’t see him. Replacing the nozzle to the gas pump, Dean walked to the trunk and opened it, taking out the shotgun with salt rock rounds already loaded. It wasn’t like Sam to take this long. Dean began to feel an anxious swell in his gut. He walked to the back of the station, keeping a lookout for people. Suddenly he heard the sounds of a struggle, coming from behind the closed door of the men’s room and he sprinted the last yards and yanked on the door as hard as he could.

Without hesitation Dean pulled the trigger, sending the ghost of Henriksen away. He grabbed Sammy from off the floor and helped him up. He could see blood flowing from a cut above his brow but it wasn’t anything serious. Sam seemed to still be a little dazed, so Dean threw his brother’s arm around him and with his shoulder, supported his weight. There wasn’t enough time to wonder what the hell was going on and why Henriksen was haunting Sam. He had to get to a hold of Bobby.

The men were able to get into their car and drive off without anyone in the station noticing them, for which Dean was thankful. Sam was slumped in the passenger seat, his face already darkening with bruises. He picked up his cell phone and dialed Bobby, but he never answered,

“Damn it, Bobby! Pick up!” Dean growled, trying hard to keep his frustration in check. He opened the phone again, planning to call Buffy but he suddenly realized he didn’t know her number. He threw the phone into the middle of the seat and looked over to his brother. “How you feeling, huh? How many fingers am I holding up?”

“None. I'll be fine, Dean.”

Dean stared ahead, watching the darkened road as he drove. They were less than an hour away from Bobby’s. He needed to keep his mind off the what if’s that were racing though his head.

“Henriksen,?” He asked.

“Yep.” That was Sammy said in reply and irritated Dean even more.

“Why? What did he want?” He looked at his brother and there was pain and guilt there. He felt bad too, had suspected that he was dead, though it still wasn’t with out pain to hear.

“Revenge, 'cause we got him killed.” Sam said and Dean an even deeper stab of guilt that he pushed away, like he always did, had to do, to get the job done.

“Sam.” Dean said, trying to reach out to him. He knew how personally Sammy took crap like this.

“Well, we did, Dean.”

“All right. Stop right there. Whatever the hell is going on, it's happening to us now, okay? I can't get ahold of Bobby, I don’t know Buffy’s number, so if you're not thinking answers, don't think at all. We gotta deal with this, before you get all Emo on me.” Dean said harshly. After that there was no conversation and Dean used that to his advantage, pushing the Impala faster than was safe on the dark back roads. But he knew he had to get there, that something was up because it was not like Bobby to not take his calls. He just hoped they were in time. He couldn’t take the thought of finding either of them like they had the others.
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