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This story is No. 2 in the series "Phoenix Force". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The return of Alexander Logan to the prime universe brings trouble for the X-Men with it, especially for Logan and Jean. Sequel to Phoenix Force.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesRazialFR18934,45303412,58423 Oct 1214 Dec 13No

Chapter One


Author: Razial
Beta: Hawklan

Disclaimer: I don't own the X-men or any of the other characters used from Marvel Comics. They are the property of Marvel Comics and Stan Lee. I don`t own any of the characters in this story bar the ones I created if any.

Pairings: Logan/Jean, Gambit/Rogue, Kurt/Kitty

Notes: This is a sequel to my story Phoenix Force. So you should read that story to have any clue as to what is going on here. This takes place a few months after the first story.

Summary: The return of Alexander Logan to the prime universe brings trouble for the X-Men with it, especially for Logan and Jean. Sequel to Phoenix Force.

Chapter 1

(Earth-619, X Mansion)

Alexander Grey Logan ran as fast as he could and was trying to find Kitty before the thing, whatever it was, that had attacked the mansion found her. It had already disabled the majority of the team, including his parents and sister. Whatever the fuck it was, it somehow had the ability to heal itself just like he and his father did, as well as other mutant powers. He also knew there were people with it, following the creature in and capturing the unconscious members of his team and there was little he could do to stop them. His mother’s last command had been for him to get help. There was only one choice he could make on where to find help, it was not a choice made lightly and he just hoped they were not busy right now.

Still first thing first he had to find Kitty before it was too late. He charged into the half destroyed kitchen to see Kitty on the floor unconscious. The creature stood above her and quickly took note of him. He had only a second to make a choice before it came for him. Gathering every little bit of power he had, he summoned the Phoenix Force as his mother had taught him and vanished just as the creature lunged at him and three men entered the room.

“One of them escaped,” the first man stated with a growl.

“It matters not, we have what we came for,” the man in the middle stated with a cruel smile. “The genetic samples we can take from the X-Men will advance my experiments beyond all I could dream off and to have access to the fabled Phoenix Force is more than I could hope for,” he added.

“Just remember our deal Essex, you wipe the memories of ever falling in love with that damn animal or having his spawn from Jean’s mind once you have what you need,” the third man spat as he stepped forward and revealed himself to be Scott Summers.

“I’m a man of my word Summers, so calm yourself,” Essex responded calmly. “Your help in breaching the defenses of the mansion was most helpful and I will keep my end of the bargain I assure you,” he stated.

Scott frowned as he watched the man walk away with his follower. This Essex was a genetics professor who was obsessed with unlocking the secrets of what made mutants exist. He had learned about him from the local papers as he tried to find a way to destroy Logan and his bastard children, and then finally he could reclaim Jean. He could still remember the day she told him she was leaving him because she was in love with Logan, oh how it burned to watch her walk away. He had vowed revenge and ever since then he had been trying to kill Logan and take Jean back anyway he could. When he had learned the news she had given birth to first a son and then a daughter a year later it had really driven him around the bend.

All his plans had failed so far, but once he had learned about Essex, a scientist who could manipulate not only DNA but also other things such as memories, well he’d come up with a new one. And he knew he could get Essex to help him, the man was obsessed with the secrets of DNA and what better subjects to offer him than the all-powerful X-Men, including two bearers of the fabled Phoenix Force. As he had expected Essex couldn’t say yes fast enough, now he was close to his goal. His only regret was that Logan’s son had escaped, but at least they had the daughter. He would have his revenge on her and Logan. He would get the boy some other time when his mother was once more at his side where she belonged and had no clue who he was anymore.

Turning he watched as Kitty was dragged off, last he heard she was the girlfriend of Logan’s son so he would make her suffer greatly as part of his revenge. A small part of him winced, as the girl along with the others had once been his friends and family, but he quickly shoved that side of himself aside. All that mattered was having Jean back at his side, whether she wanted it or not no longer mattered to his troubled mind. He turned and left to find Essex and keep an eye on him, he in his excitement at nearing his goal forgot about the camera just above the fridge that was filming everything.


(Earth-616, Main X universe)

Jean Grey sat in the kitchen of the mansion enjoying the brief silence she had right now, most of the mansions occupants were out right now doing various things. Gambit and Rogue were still regaining the closeness they had once shared. It was a long trying experience for them, even if they had gotten back together officially. Learning to trust one another on such a level was proving difficult after the events with Magneto, and the discovering of Gambit’s role in the Morlock massacre. The tension of all this was mixed in with Jean’s growing problems with her husband Scott. They had been growing ever since they had met her son with Logan from another dimension. He had arrived wounded and on the verge of death, but she had managed to help heal him and save his life. From there they had learned who he was, a very nerve racking experience for her as Scott ranted and raved about him being a liar.

That experience and her acceptance of Alexander as her son, no matter where he came from, had worsened the tension in her marriage to Scott. Logan’s return to the mansion full time added fuel to the flames, although he had kept his distance as best he could and had not pushed her boundaries like he used too. There now seemed to be an underlying buildup of sexual as well as romantic tension, far more than they had ever been between them and no one, especially Scott could ignore it. This had increased the arguments she was having with her husband, the fact she saw the same growing closeness between Scott and Emma Frost were of course ignored. She didn’t want to lose her marriage, but it was slowly slipping out of her hands, ignoring things probably wasn’t helping.

More and more she saw Scott going to Emma for help in many aspects of his life, but she was certain he had not begun to cheat on her. Now that would have been a step too far, especially after all the time she had held true to her love for Scott no matter how a part of her wanted to go to Logan. She had never betrayed him. She couldn’t say the same for him although there were extenuating circumstances around that. Circumstances that still to this day had consequences for the X-Men as a whole but her in particular. Her clone Madelyne Pryor was still out there somewhere, the whole affair concerning her was a tragic one and one that still gave her nightmares.

Of course there were other things adding to the increased tension within the mansion, such as the uncertainty between Kurt and Kitty. Everyone in the team knew Kurt was in love with Kitty, and they knew Kitty was in love with Kurt. The problem was Kitty was too afraid to take the final step and admit she was in love, and that was causing Kurt a lot of pain and heartache. And it was slowly eroding the deep friendship they had between them, it was painful to watch. Combined with the other things that usually went on in the mansion, things were quickly reaching a breaking point. And she feared just what would happen when that breaking point came. In fact it sent chills down her spine just thinking about it at all.

She was just about to get up and pour the remains of her drink into the sink when a column of fire appeared before her. She let out a startled curse as she dropped her cup and heard it smash. Quickly however she regained control of herself and she suddenly realized she had seen this before when Alexander had first arrived in their dimension. Was it possible Alexander was paying them a visit? Although she didn’t know why he would as this universe wasn’t his home.

‘Maybe he just wants to check in on us?’ Jean thought.

Finally the flames vanished showing it was indeed Alexander who had arrived, she took note of the fact he looked tired and wary and if she was not mistaken afraid of something. That was a far cry from the young man she had met a couple of months ago, something must have happened in his home dimension to bring him back here.

Alexander began to sway, clearly drained from the journey to get here. She knew how taxing it could be on the system. She quickly moved forward and helped him into a nearby chair. He slumped into it and tried to get his bearings. She made him a glass of water which he quickly downed in one go, finally he seemed to be able to focus.

“Hey mom, nice to see you again,” Alexander joked, but she could tell he was in no joking mood, his attempt fell flat.

“I already know you are not here for a quick visit Alexander,” she responded with a mild tone that told him she knew something was up. “I can sense it all over you, and I see it in your eyes,” she added softly. “Now what has happened?” she asked.

Alexander let out a sigh as he closed his eyes and leaned into his seat before he answered. “Someone attacked the mansion. They knew every defense we had set up and how to get past them,” he started. “They were preceded by a monster I’ve never seen before. It had mutant powers including a regenerative healing factor that made it all but impossible to take down,” he explained.

Jean eyes widened a little as she listened to him explain things, this was not what she was expecting, but then it would have to be something bad for him to come back here. “Go on,” she pressed carefully.

“This thing took down mom, dad and Magneto before anyone else. It was almost as if it knew they were the most dangerous of the team,” Alexander told her with a dark look in his eyes. “It was on us before we ever knew we were under attack. Magneto and mom went down first, both taken by surprise, but mom managed to tell me to find help mind to mind before she fell unconscious,” he continued. “Dad charged it, but he quickly was put down by what I am guessing was a telepathic attack. I ran to warn the others,” he admitted with a little shame creeping into his voice.

“This thing must have had a speed like ability as well as it got to them before I could, somehow it even took down Juggernaut,” he stated and Jean could feel the shock he still felt at that fact. “Lara I found been dragged away by uniformed troops I have never seen before. I couldn’t help her as they were too many and the others were still in danger so I kept going even though it went against every fiber of my being,” he growled as his anger over the attack began to surface. “I found Kitty last, she was out cold at the foot of the monster,” he paused here and Jean felt the love and protective feelings he had for his Kitty Pryde. “I had a split second to choose what to do, mom’s last command to me was to find help and I chose to come here knowing you would help me plus it saved me from being put down by the creature as well,” he finished finally.

Jean was greatly troubled by everything she had been told, someone of great power had attacked the mansion in Alexander’s dimension and taken down the whole team bar him, which included Juggernaut. She was still wondering how Cain Marko came to be working for Magneto as an X-Man in Alexander’s dimension. The Juggernaut she knew in this dimension despised his stepbrother Charles Xavier and was constantly trying to destroy him. ‘So why would he join the organization his step brother inspired in another dimension?’ Shaking her head to clear those thoughts she focused on more important matters.

‘Professor, Alexander has returned and he has brought dire news of his home dimension and has asked for our assistance,’ she telepathically sent to Xavier who had remained in the mansion in his office.

Xavier paused in the middle of reading an update of the location of Magneto, gathered by Jean, Scott and Kurt on their last mission out. He always liked to know where Eric was, you never knew when he might launch another of his plans for world domination for mutant kind. His old friend had fallen far from their once shared noble goals. Seeing a version of his friend who like him worked to bring peace to the world had made him remember what a good man Eric could be given the right circumstances. He listened to what Jean was reporting and wondered just how bad things were. Jean quickly filled him in on what Alexander had told her.

‘This sounds disturbing Jean, especially if there is something in Alexander’s dimension that could defeat my stepbrother so easily,’ Xavier thought back to her and even his mental tone sounded disturbed. ‘I will summon everyone back to the mansion so they can all hear this. I just hope this doesn’t add to the tension already rife within the group,’ he added.

‘I think that is a pale hope right now Professor,’ Jean shot back before she cut the connection. “Xavier is summoning the rest of the team back. They should be all here soon. For now you need to rest Alexander,” she told him in her best parental voice she could manage.

It was almost amusing she had practice being a mother even when she did not have kids of her own yet. At least none she had given birth too. Yet she had Rachel, her daughter with Scott from one possible future. She could also be considered the mother of Cable even though he was the son of Madelyne and Scott, but as Madelyne was her clone they had the same DNA hence she could be Cable’s mother as well. Then of course there was Alexander, her son with Logan from another dimension. Although not of her womb, he was her son in every way possible and she accepted him as just that, much to Scott’s annoyance. Had his sister Lara come with him, then she was certain she would have accepted her as well as another daughter. It was good practice interacting with them for when she was ready for kids of her own, that is if her marriage to Scott lasted that long of course.

Alexander tried to protest as she shook off that last morbid thought, but she would not let him get a word in. Finally he gave up and allowed her to lead him to one of the guest bedrooms where he could lie down and rest. After closing the doors she stared at them for a few minutes, she had a feeling this mission wasn’t going to be easy for quite a few reasons.


(Erin’s bar)

Logan was playing pool with Gambit as they both tried to wind down after a rather hectic week. The team seemed to be falling apart at the seams no matter how much they all tried to stop it. There were so many internal problems going around that it seemed like things would explode at any moment. So far things hadn’t come to that, but he had a feeling it was only a matter of time. He watched as Gambit potted the last red ball, which gave him the opening to pot the black and win the game.

“Ah it seems lady luck is in my corner tonight Mon ami,” Gambit said with a smile.

The Cajun had gotten back a lot of his old swagger and confidence since Rogue had taken him back. Their relationship was still not as it once was and he doubted it would be for some time yet, but at least the man had hope, and that was better than most had these days. He downed a bit of his bottle of beer before replying.

“Play the game gumbo,” he shot back with his own grin. “Stalling isn’t cool,” he added in a teasing tone.

Gambit chuckled and shook his head knowing Logan was trying to bait him and thus make him miss the shot. ‘Not likely,’ he thought. As he lined up the shot on the black, he focused as hard as he could. He made the shot and watched in satisfaction as the black went down. He glanced at Logan who just shook his head before he went to head to the bar to buy the next round as agreed. Logan quickly came to a dead stop as he heard the professor’s mental voice asking him to return to the mansion, he glanced at Gambit and noted he must have heard it too.

“Guess the next round will have to wait Gumbo,” Logan said in his more serious tone as he turned and headed for the door with Gambit right behind him.

“That’s okay Logan. I’ll put it on my tab for next time,” Gambit shot back with a wide smirk as they both mounted their bikes and started their journey home.

‘Logan, Alexander has returned,” Logan almost swerved off the road as he heard Jean’s mental voice suddenly speak up. “He has big trouble in his dimension and he has asked for our help,’ she told him.

‘Understood darling, on my way,’ Logan responded as he increased the speed of his bike. Gambit quickly took note and did the same.



Jean fought to keep her face neutral as Scott appeared, having already been on his way back to the mansion before the others, hearing Logan call her ‘darling’ in that particular way just then had caused her to react in what was becoming a familiar pattern for her. She had to be very careful to keep control of herself, especially in front of Scott. She also had to keep control of the physic bond she shared with him as it would not do for him to sense her emotions at those times.

“The Professor told me the brat from the other dimension is back,” Scott all but growled out. Jean could tell her husband wasn’t pleased by this development one bit. It annoyed her that he could never put his hatred of Logan and now Alexander aside.

It was kind of odd really that Logan, the man most would call out of control, could easily control himself not to lash out at Scott and just accept her choice to be with him. He had at first pushed her boundaries and challenged her, but once she had married Scott, Logan had backed off and suffered silently in the background although sometimes it got too much for him and he left the mansion for a short time. However Scott, who everyone would say was in perfect control of himself, could never stop his hatred of Logan coming through. That was no more evident than when Alexander had arrived here, hearing he was the son of a Jean Grey and Logan from another dimension had driven him mad. No, Scott had no objectivity at all where Logan was concerned; he never had since he realized Logan was in love with her.

“Give it a rest Scott, please,” Jean responded with a tired sigh. “Yes Alexander has returned because he needs our help to rescue his friends and family,” she told him calmly.

Scott just glared before turning and walking back the way he had come, not liking the tone Jean had used with him. He decided to wait for Emma to arrive, over the last few months he had grown closer to the blond haired woman. She had helped take his mind off his growing problems with Jean, and also of his ever increasing hatred of Logan. Jean watched him go and decided to take a short rest too. She doubted there would be much time once the whole team had arrived.


(Ridge-Well Park)

Rogue sat under a tree trying to focus on the book she was reading. By her side was Storm resting, while Kitty was messing around with Rachel and Rahne. They had decided to have a girl’s day out, although Jean had refused to leave. They all knew the red head wanted a bit of peace and quiet from everyone and they didn’t begrudge her one bit. In a sense they could all do with a bit of quiet time to themselves, and they were all certain they would get their time. Unfortunately at that moment in time the Professor’s mental voice cut into her thoughts asking them all to return to the mansion. She heard Storm moan in protest, while Kitty and the others frowned.

“Damn it, we’ve only been out for a couple of hours,” Rachel moaned as she moved to grab her things.

“You knew the life of an X-Man was never one of relaxation,” Storm stated as she stretched, having at least enjoyed an hour’s rest at least. “You knew that before you turned up in our time,” she added.

“I know Storm,” Rachel agreed as she packed her things alongside Rahne and Kitty. “But after the week we just had you’d think we’d have earned a break,” she muttered to which Kitty nodded her agreement.

“I used to think like that when I first joined the team,” Rogue assured her. “I quickly learned the life of an X-Man is one of constant struggle with little time for relaxation,” she stated as they all headed back to the van they had used to get here.

“Which totally blows,” Kitty mumbled half-heartedly.

“Cheer up Kitty, for all we know there is nothing going on that needs us to go out and fight some super powered villain,” Storm said with a soft smile as she started the engine and headed out of the parking lot. “The Professor might just want to tell us some important news,” she suggested in a tone that she didn’t believe a word she had just said.

“Yeah Storm like I’m foolish enough to believe that,” Kitty shot back sarcastically, but with no disrespect. “No this sounded serious,” she stated.

“Yeah I got that vibe too,” Rahne agreed as she wondered what had happened now. She wasn’t alone in thinking that.
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