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Blue Moon

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Waxing and Waning". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Four legs, furry, probably howls at the moon. That description fits a few things really. One of them's a cartoon dog...

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Television > Teen WolfthewrongaliceFR151533,45801512,27624 Oct 1211 Oct 13No

Chapter 5

Disclaimer: I own nothing subject to copyright and very little of anything else. Joss Whedon owns Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, and Mutant Enemy has to fit in there somewhere. Teen Wolf (2011) was developed for MTV by Jeff Davis.

“Wait, can anyone else feel that?”

Buffy felt uneasy. “Like ants crawling up the back of your neck?” She’d felt the sensation before… and this felt like… oh hell!

Even as Buffy moved to pull Oz away she could sense the Alpha begin to move, diving toward the younger man who was already yelling, “Oh damn, down!” She was also aware of a larger figure running toward the redhead who’d commented on the sensation, pulling her away, hopefully to safety. She and Oz both hit the ground, closer to the car and further away from the impact of the fireball. She started to move up but stayed fairly close to the ground, for whatever cover that offered. She did a quick visual check of Oz who was also up and seemed to be fine. Buffy had been able to feel the wolves among the trees while Oz was talking to the Alpha, five of them, and could tell now that they were getting much closer – running toward their pack mates, despite any danger. She then flicked her attention toward the Alpha, they’d been closer to the impact, goddess she hoped everyone was okay.

Derek pulled himself up, checking Stiles quickly but he was already picking himself up and swearing under his breath. Derek was aware of Peter and Lydia moving as well “Peter?”

“We’re fine Derek.” Lydia was sounding especially ticked. “Someone got through the wards with magic.” She noticed his look and shook her head quickly in silent answer; the magic hadn’t originated with their visitors. “Stiles can we…?”

Stiles didn’t even wait for her to finish, as the two magic users in the pack their experience in defensive magic was becoming fairly extensive, “No, we can’t shield a large enough area to be effective for everyone.”

Derek huffed softly, they needed to find the source and stop whoever was attacking them fast but he didn’t want to risk his whole pack on a frontal assault, “Can you track where it came from? And can you warn us if another one is coming before it hits?”

Stiles and Lydia shared a look. “Yeah but running toward them may be exactly what they had planned and Lydia or I need to go with you.”

“No!” Derek gave an almost sub-vocal growl, exposing either Lydia or Stiles to open fighting was something he tried to avoid.

“We’ve had this argument before big guy. And now isn’t the time to have it again. You need to have a magic user with you.”

The rest of the pack arrived, coming in closer but avoiding Oz and Buffy as much as possible. Buffy felt the slightest tingle along her skin and Lydia was yelling “Move this way!” and starting to run toward her right. Almost as one the pack moved Buffy and Oz keeping pace with them.

One of the younger wolves picked Lydia up mid-stride, running with her and Derek grabbed Stiles again. The group hit the cover of the trees as another fireball hit the ground, closer to the house this time.

Stiles gave an undignified yelp as he hit the ground again, with Derek half-covering him “Oh this is getting old!”

The group waited until for a few seconds and then moved to stand again. Obviously Derek had time to consider strategy while hurling people around, Stiles thought, because he immediately started barking orders again. ''Barking' huh funny, werewolf jokes just never got old, even if Stiles thought Scott didn't appreciate them as much as he should.

“Lydia find them! Scott, Boyd, Stiles we’re going to follow whatever heading Lydia gives us and deal with – whatever we find! Peter stay here and do whatever you can to protect…” Derek seemed at a loss momentarily, “our visitors.” Mentioning protecting the rest of the pack would just start another argument.

Lydia and Stiles had already moved to the side, using a stick to begin drawing something on the ground.

“Wait.” Oz said “Blackrock offered alliance and friendship; this seems like a good time to prove we mean it. I’ll come with.” Oz made the offer carefully, contradicting another Alpha’s plans would fall under the ‘to avoid’ category especially in the current circumstances.

Derek nodded, having an unknown wolf with him in a fight wasn’t his first preference but then neither was leaving a strange wolf and a slayer with the rest of his pack. Sometimes his choices sucked.

All of a sudden a small globe of light floated in front of Derek’s face, emitting the slightest vibration. “Okay big guy, now we follow the bouncing ball.” Stiles voice sounded the slightest bit strained but still with enough attitude to reassure him. Stiles with attitude was normal, Stiles without attitude was enough to make him check for the end of the world.

Almost as one Derek and the rest moved further into the woods, following behind the glowing ball.

Buffy thought she recognised it as something Willow used, a location spell or something – it felt a little reassuring to find something familiar here. She’d badly wanted to go with the group but realised that stepping on the Alpha’s, Derek’s she reminded herself, toes was probably not of the political good long term. Being a grown-up sucked!

Buffy noticed the redhead, Lydia, grab the shirt of the wolf who’d carried her into the woods and start issuing him with instructions. Cool, a feisty magic redhead, yep she could deal with this.

Buffy noticed the rest of the wolves were grouping themselves between Lydia and her own position. Okay so time to do a little relationship building. “Hi, I’m Buffy,” Buffy made sure her voice carried the full ‘I’m tiny, blond, harmless and an ex-cheerleader’ vibe. She saw the older wolf’s, Peter she thought, mouth open and recognised something of Xander’s normal ‘I’m about to make a snarky comment’ face and decided to pretend she hadn’t noticed and wasn’t cutting him off deliberately, “and when the other guy before said you couldn’t shield was that…?”

Lydia sighed slightly, she saw through the blonde ditz image the other was projecting because really she hadn’t maintained her position at school for all those years for nothing, but she didn’t call Buffy on it, although Buffy? Really? Parents could be mean. “It’s a matter of power, I have the focus and concentration necessary to stop something like the fireballs but the sheer power required to shield us… it’s too much.”

“Have you ever drawn power from anyone?” Buffy bit her lip thoughtfully. Giles, Willow… goddess, everyone was going to tear strips off her if she did this.

Lydia nodded. “Yeah, I’ve tapped into Jackson and the others in the pack before but it normally leaves them unable to fight any other physical threat, leaving us open to other types of attack.”

“Can you tap into my power?” Buffy knew this was reckless and more than a little dangerous, letting a magic user tap into her power – well even if she knew them and was certain they were experienced and would be careful, but a single slip or heck if they decided to go all ‘bad guy’ on her, they could leave her drained or dead in a worst case scenario. But she was betting that she could handle herself and Lydia if need be. Also they were meant to be building alliances…

Peter again opened his mouth to speak. But this time instead of the little blond cutting him off, he just found nothing coming out – he knew he’d been a little out of the loop for the last decade but the tales he’d heard of The Slayer were always on par with the bogeyman, ‘be a good little pup or The Slayer will come for you’. He’d been unwilling, since his life had become a little more normal in the last year or so, to get in touch with some of his old contacts and find out what was going on in the wider world, a little bit of shame and guilt on his part and also trying to adapt to his new life and his new pack. But still he couldn’t begin to guess at how the world had changed if The Slayer was offering herself as what basically amounted to a supernatural battery.

Lydia looked at Buffy and opened her senses a little. It was something she rarely did out of controlled circumstances. She’d learned the hard way that the most innocuous looking people could give her the biggest shocks. What she felt stunned her. Power – ancient and primal – nothing like she’d ever experienced. And she realised the other woman had been shielding her inner self quite effectively. Weres were more sensitive to the supernatural, and if the others had felt this power it would have freaked them out.

Lydia was nodding as Jackson came back with her bag. “Oh yeah, that’s workable! I need to do this quick – I can feel something building already – stand here!” She gestured almost imperiously to Buffy, who moved to stand closer to the redhead.

Lydia grabbed three smaller pouches and an athame from her bag, and crouched down with Buffy standing right behind her. Lydia began muttering to herself, the words following her gestures as she drew sigils in the dirt with the point of the athame. Buffy winced slightly, Wills would have a fit about the athame actually touching the dirt, Buffy didn’t quite get the significance ‘cause she normally tuned Will’s magical etiquette rants out but… At the same time Buffy could literally feel the other girl draw on her power. Buffy took a breath and steadied herself a little. It’d been a while since she’d done this and she had to clamp down on the instinctual urge to fight off the link forming between herself and Lydia, her slayer-self regarding it as a form of attack.

Lydia meanwhile was starting to sprinkle powdery-herb stuff, Buffy was going to go with ‘herbs’ because it made it easier to deal with, but at least one of the things smelt kind of fishy and gross. Lydia kept muttering the whole time – ‘Latin’ Buffy thought, catching the occasional word, and the sigils flared on the ground as Buffy felt that prickling sensation build on the back of her neck and another fireball hit the clearing directly in front of the house – or rather not. The fireball seemed to split almost at the last minute and then became…”Flowers?” Buffy asked Lydia.

The other woman shrugged, still kneeling but leaning a little further back then she had been and a little more relaxed. “I like flowers and these assholes can actually feel their magic being turned to something else against their will, which should make them feel a little bit like they’ve been kicked in the stomach.” Lydia’s smile was sweet, or it may have been vicious, it was a little hard to tell with the light the way it was.

At that point another fireball hit Lydia’s shield and it became more flowers. And Buffy could ‘feel’ several ‘someones’ moving around the other side of the house, coming toward them. She tilted her head, silently extending her senses, there were five, no six, of them. “Heads up guys, half a dozen baddies coming!” she noted the wolves looking at her in surprise, then they seemed to pick up the noise, not that their intruders were making a lot of it.

“Jackson,” Peter literally growled as he began to change, “stay here with Buffy and Lydia. Isaac, Erica let’s go greet our guests.”

Buffy could almost feel the change move through the wolves as they transformed, more than the physical she could feel the magic that moved through them with the transformation. She couldn’t remember feeling that with Oz back in Sunnyhell, but then hello Hellmouth. And she was a little impressed, they seemed bigger and scarier, well probably scarier to normal people. Again she figured her experiences tended to skew her perceptions a little – nothing like facing Big Bads semi-regularly to warp a girl’s outlook on life.

She watched as Peter and the other wolves, Erica and Isaac?, her memory for names was still a little sucky, met the intruders head on. Buffy considered them, they weren’t demons, not vampires – not normal humans though, they’d set off her slaydar when they’d approached the house. They were stronger and faster than normal humans as well but they had weapons too and most supernaturals rarely bothered with anything if they came equipped with their own claws, well maybe the occasional sword or troll-god hammer. But these guys carried knives and what looked like a nasty type of cattle prod and probably hurt like a bitch if the howl Peter had just let out was anything to go by. Buffy watched as Peter backhanded the guy who’d ‘got’ him hard; sending him flying into a nearby tree with enough force to crack the trunk and leave him slumped, unconscious at the base.

Buffy was tense with readiness for battle – the draw she could feel on her power wasn’t enough to affect her in a fight like this, but the wolves were fighting as a coordinated unit , and going for ‘incapacitate’ rather than ‘kill’ which spoke to her of both their confidence and skill. She also didn’t want to leave Lydia with only Jackson for protection – especially ‘cause she could feel something on the edge of her senses.

Just then a fireball hit the shield, illuminating the clearing, Buffy saw a tall guy and a girl both carrying crossbows and coming through the tree line at the same time she felt the ‘something’ coming around behind her and Jordan…Jackson..uh! She’d figure that one out later. One of Peter’s wolves backed off after knocking out one of the bad guys he was fighting and the crossbow guy fired a bolt from his crossbow – taking out another of the bad guys – okay probably not bad guys themselves then, worry about them later!

Buffy turned to confront what was coming out of the woods behind her – blocking Lydia from sight and watched as J-guy did the same. Three bad guys started toward them – again not demon or vampire but still something. The wolf at her side hit the first before he could get his weapon up, driving him into a tree. Buffy moved toward the other two, her movements slayer-fast and smooth – block, punch, follow through with her elbow – the moves flowed so much smoother than anything else she really ever tried to master over the years. It wasn’t a dance in the traditional sense but she flowed through movements, changing through them as she needed to meet the threat coming at her.

Both bad guys could take more than a regular human in the way of punishment but not up to the level of a master vampire! The first guy went down, and she turned to concentrate on the second, maybe a little stronger and faster than a fledge. She brought down the second guy, who apparently still had a glass jaw – yay!

And turned to notice the wolf closest to her, and standing over his own unconscious bad guy, was watching her with what was probably shock – although his general wolfy state made facial expressions a little harder to read. She shrugged and checked out the rest of the group – all the bad guys were down and the two younger wolves were standing close to the girl with the crossbow, while the older guy moved around the unconscious bad guys and put restraints on them, they looked similar to some of those she remembered Riley’s guys using and had seen hunters using over the last few years, but hopefully it meant they were on the wolves side. She noticed that Peter, still wolfy, was staying away from crossbow girl and older guy and moving toward the house.

Lydia was still kneeling on the ground – looking a little tired but not too bad, Buffy could still feel the faintest draw on her power.

“How did you do that?” Lydia said, looking up at Buffy. “Not just the knocking out two guys in seconds, although ‘go girl power!’ but how did you do that while I’m still using your power for this spell. Not even the wolves have that much behind them!’

Buffy considered for a second, she’d never exactly been secret identity girl but she’d learned the hard way that full disclosure was rarely a good thing.

Just then she heard Oz and the others coming back through the tree line and she turned to face in that direction.
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