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Blue Moon

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Waxing and Waning". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Four legs, furry, probably howls at the moon. That description fits a few things really. One of them's a cartoon dog...

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Chapter 6

Disclaimer: I own nothing subject to copyright and very little of anything else. Joss Whedon owns Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, and Mutant Enemy has to fit in there somewhere. Teen Wolf (2011) was developed for MTV by Jeff Davis.

Warning: Sorry this really is AU. I'm very much Season 8 What Season 8 when it comes to BTVS and I like Teen Wolf but not where the story goes all the time.

Twenty minutes later found the group gathered in the Hales’ lounge room. Stiles had his ankle strapped and an ice pack on his head. The rest were sprawled and curled around on the massive sofas and, in some cases, each other and were passing trays of sandwiches around. Buffy grinned to herself, thinking of Faith’s H&H post-slayage theory.

Derek was standing with his back to a large fireplace, and the older guy, who’d been introduced as Chris Argent to Buffy’s surprise – and ‘oh my what pretty eyes you have my dear’ she mentally misquoted, had his back to the front door on the edge of the group. He’d been a little tenser since Peter had brought the food out of the kitchen, not that he’d been really relaxed before that but – definitely a story there. Allison, his daughter, was outside with Scott and Boyd, they’d been tasked by Derek with keeping a watch over the bad guys, well actually only Boyd and Allison had been told to keep watch but apparently Scott was hard to separate from his girlfriend. ‘Romeo and Juliet much?’ Buffy had mentally shaken her head at the situation.

Papa Argent didn’t seem mad keen either on the fact that his daughter was taking orders from a werewolf Alpha or that she and her wolfy boyfriend were outside together, although he also hadn’t gone ballistic either which surprised Buffy a little considering most of the hunters she’d run into would have been taking not so metaphorical potshots at the wolves by now – not standing relatively calmly and discussing current events. Also it kind of solved her problem on how to approach the hunter. It did however almost make her curious enough to give her favourite Jimmy Choos on how and why he came to be here to begin with.

“So Derek, did Stiles do a damsel-in-distress and twist his ankle?” Erica grinned up at her Alpha from her position next to Stiles, not paying attention to Stiles’ ‘Hey!’

Derek’s small, swift and unexpectedly sweet smile surprised Buffy who thought even based on their initial interaction that he was probably stuck in permanent brood-mode and she noted that even Chris Argent was watching the pack interaction with, what seemed to Buffy, as veiled surprise. If she wasn’t used to Giles’ stiff-upper-lipness she probably wouldn’t have had a clue what was going on behind those pretty, pretty blue eyes.

‘Whoa there!’ she thought to herself, ‘and moving away from that potential train wreck right now.’ Buffy had decided – in the time since her cookie dough speech – that she needed to be more ‘baked’, and really that metaphor had always sucked, before she started a new relationship. She thought she may be close to ‘done’ baking but she knew that her tendency to be attracted to pretty and/or sparkly (although thankfully not sparkly vampires – she’d checked with Giles and that was one fiction she didn’t have to worry about) was something she really had to stop – especially when it came to her taste in guys. It got her into way too much trouble.

“Actually Stiles brought down the witch,” Derek said.

Stiles looked a little pleased by the praise, but decided to concentrate on his Peter-made sandwich. Ex-homicidal Alpha or not, the man knew his way around a kitchen.

Buffy didn’t see it but she thought Derek might have made a gesture or something – all the wolves settled down to attentiveness almost as one, even Lydia and Stiles seemed to focus more on Derek. ‘Damn I wish I could do that with the mini-slayers.’

Derek addressed the pack, who’d been in the forest during initial greetings, and Chris Argent “This is Daniel Osbourne and Buffy Summers representatives from the Council.” He then switched his attention to Buffy and Oz, and indicated Chris, “Chris Argent is the head of the Argent Clan and controls most of the hunters in the area, we have an.…agreement when it comes to threats to the area.”

Derek considered his words carefully. After the last few years he wouldn’t call Chris Argent a friend, or even an ally, and he would certainly not ‘out’ Oz as a wolf. But they’d cooperated on a number of occasions when something dangerous had targeted Beacon Hills – things generally speaking which were not wolf-related but that had an impact on the area or its people. So he’d invited the man to come in about half an hour or so after Oz had been due to arrive – he didn’t need to know about Blackrock’s offer of alliance, but a possible ‘apocalypse-lite’ – and he really didn’t want to think about people who had a classification system for apocalypses – was something he thought the hunters need to know about. He wouldn’t say that he’d ever get as far as really trusting the hunter but he knew they could work together in the face of a greater threat.

He switched his focus back to Argent, “They came to discuss a situation I thought you should be aware of but before we could get past the initial greeting we were interrupted.”

Chris nodded “Allison and I arrived in time for the last of the fireballs. The restraints should hold them until it’s decided what to do with them. The girl you brought back…?”

Derek shrugged, “She was the witch flinging the fireballs when we got there – there were four or so guys on the ground and about half a dozen still standing, we managed to dodge whatever she was throwing at us and take those guys down, then Stiles managed to take her down as well. But by the time she was out … the men on the ground had crumbled to…well nothing really, kind of a chunky dust? Stiles insisted we blindfold, gag and tie her up – she was still unconscious when we got back here.”

By this time most of the pack were staring at Stiles “What? It’s not like I’m playing bondage games or anything – during the fight she was speaking the spells out loud and gesturing, so I thought if she can’t see or speak or gesture… it’d make it harder for her to, well…”

Lydia nodded “Okay that makes sense but how did you take her out to begin with? You’re too weak magically.”

“Nice Lydia,” Stiles shrugged, he’d gotten over his crush on her a while ago and thanks to both being pack they were closer now than they’d ever been but she was still Lydia. “I hit her with a rock.” At the blank look she sent him, he elaborated, “I managed to intercept some of the fireballs and send them back at her but she was shielding magically. So after a couple of close calls I picked up a rock and when I redirected one of the balls at her I followed through and pitched a rock at her as well! She blocked the fire but she wasn’t expecting a physical attack like that and it got through. Anyway it hit her on the head – hard – and she went down.” Stiles was fairly proud of the way he’d handled the situation but he realised that his luck rarely allowed for that feeling to continue too long.

Jackson snorted “So we should be glad you’re better at playing catch than lacrosse?” And there was the other shoe thought Stiles.

Buffy had been considering the fight, “So the bad guys went all dusty? How is that possible?”

Lydia shrugged “It could be done the same way I drew power from you for the shield – if you follow the consequences of the spell through logically…” she noticed Derek looking at her, she’d used him as a source for power once, “I’m not saying I’d ever do it Derek but if you pushed that spell as far as you could it’s possible it could have an effect on the molecular level, although I would have expected a more porridgy consistency than dusty.”

Stiles was staring down at his sandwich “And suddenly not so hungry anymore.”

Derek shrugged, he’d been concerned about Stiles and Lydia’s use of magic for a while, he knew that they should be getting proper training rather than learning on the fly but they’d needed them and it looked like again he was forced to put his concerns on the backburner for a while until they could sort of the latest crisis. “So we’ll have to figure out what to do with the ones we’ve captured but it seems unlikely that this isn’t connected with whatever the Council came to discuss with us…?”

Buffy flicked a glance at Oz, she’d caught on that Derek hadn’t let the hunter know that Oz was a wolf, identifying him as from the new Council rather than from another Pack, and she figured it time to step forward, if the hunter was concentrating on her and the new Council that he wouldn’t spend too much time thinking about any other of Oz’s affiliations.

“Okay, this normally sounds much better with an English accent … and I’m not sure how much you know about either the old Council or the new one we’ve set up… although I’m going to set up the basic supernatural talk we give to most people because I figure you guys pretty much have that covered already. But some background would probably be of the good - the Council was originally set up to track and observe supernatural threats – and to support a chosen warrior in her battle against forces that threated this world,” Buffy noticed that Derek, Peter and Chris had all stiffened a little, okay so they were probably aware of the old Council and their attitude and the Slayer.

“A long time ago though the Council became corrupted, seeing the chosen warrior as a weapon or tool to be used as they saw fit. And they pretty much regarded most supernatural beings that they didn’t have control over as a threat and sent the chosen warrior out to slay at their command.” She did notice that most of the teenagers were still and listening intently, “Up until a decade or so there was only ever one chosen warrior at a time, the death of one called the next. And the council normally made sure they had full control over the potential replacements so… about ten years ago something happened and suddenly there were two chosen alive and fighting and roughly four years ago the Council underwent a… change in management. Almost 95% of the old Council were wiped out, soon after that, most of the potentials were called.”

Peter had positively twitched at that titbit “So they’re now lots of supernaturally enhanced girls running around, killing werewolves?”

“The new Council still sees it duty to track and observe possible supernatural threats but we no longer regard anything supernatural as a possible threat, we’ve made treaties with a lot of the non-threatening demon species that inhabit this planet, we work with them on an ongoing basis and we provide information and support if need be.”

“And we should trust that because…?” Peter remembered the stories he’d been told growing up, he knew this girl was meant to be a Slayer, Osbourne had introduced her as such at beginning but he also knew that Slayers killed weres, and there was something about the young woman that was raising the hair on the back of his neck.

“Peter, let her talk,” Derek knew what Peter was feeling, the rest of the Pack even after a few years still had nowhere near the control over their senses that Peter and Derek, born wolves, did. And he’d been happy for Peter to ask his questions, it would allow Peter to get it off his chest and, by allowing Peter to come out with a negative view of the council, it’d almost force Chris Argent to support Derek’s more positive approach. Derek knew there was no way that Chris would want to align himself with any viewpoint that Peter espoused and it would make it easier to present a more united front. He’d do almost anything to keep his pack safe and if that involved manipulating Chris Argent and the Council – so be it. The offer from Blackrock would also have to be taken into consideration. Politics sucked but he’d gotten a little better at it over the years.

“I understand that we haven’t been as successful with shifters, or in fact with any of the Hunter clans or groups, but we’re working on it. I can tell you right now the new Council does not have a ‘see supernatural, slay supernatural’ policy and if I have my way we never will again.”

“The new Council also has a number of Seers and witches on staff, and they’re pretty much on alert for threats. Recently one of our Seers had a vision. Not a very good one in terms of the amount of detail available, but we’ve had people working on it since and think we’ve been able to use what she gave us to piece together a fairly coherent idea of what’s going on.”

Chris Argent had been listening in silence until now, his family had avoided the Council as much as possible, their use of a supernatural creature as their main weapon had always meant that they were regarded a little suspiciously and their attitude to hunters in general had never helped. They would provide information sporadically but only as a means of getting hunters to clean up messes they didn’t want to deal with themselves.

He had heard that the main Council buildings had been destroyed a few years ago and a lot of their people killed – the rumour had been that it had been an internal fight, he didn’t know how true that had been but he did know that his father a few years ago had threatened a Council representative who had tried to talk to them about a treaty.

Chris had never had the same attitude to the supernatural that his father and sister had – he truly believed in the code to only hunt those rogue weres who were a danger to humans. He couldn’t say that he was completely comfortable with working with Hale, or with the fact that Allison was dating a shifter, but he’d come to accept that working with Hale, as long as he followed the rules, was beneficial. His father and sister would have both been appalled but Chris could live with that. So he’d listen to what the Council and Hale had to say, but so far… “You don’t seem all that certain about the information that you do have.”

“No,” Buffy agreed, “What we’ve put together is comparatively sketchy – there were some issues with the vision itself, but another problem is that we lost a chunk of our best written sources several years ago. We’re still rebuilding but one of the books destroyed dealt exclusively with prophecies to do with The Morrigan.” Buffy had been watching the group in front of her carefully, and she’d have to compare notes with Oz later but she was pretty sure the three adults had all reacted to one degree or another. The Alpha and Peter had gone ‘still’, not a twitch or a flinch but it reminded her of Angel and Spike when they’d forgotten to pretend to any degree of humanity and Chris Argent actually had flinched.
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