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Blue Moon

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Waxing and Waning". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Four legs, furry, probably howls at the moon. That description fits a few things really. One of them's a cartoon dog...

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Chapter 7

Disclaimer: usual disclaimer applies - I own nothing subject to copyright and very little of anything else. Joss Whedon owns Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, and Mutant Enemy has to fit in there somewhere. Teen Wolf (2011) was developed for MTV by Jeff Davis.

A/N: Stuff on The Morrigan from Wikipedia, except I picked which stuff to use or not use so if stuff is incorrect or absent that's me not the wiki. And this is AU.

“Okay, and this silence is a little tense,” Buffy noted that the younger wolves and humans were listening intently but none of them had reacted the way that Chris had, or the total lack of anything that Derek and Peter were displaying. She decided to be direct about this, politics was all fine but not when an apocalypse, lite or not, was on the horizon.

“What we have so far is that there’s a cup or chalice, associated with The Morrigan an Irish… “Buffy paused here, she had bad history with gods and goddesses and powers-that-be in general and knew enough to be careful in any descriptions, because really – who knew who was listening? “goddess, maybe? She’s associated with battle, strife and sovereignty – and is sometimes seen in the form of a woman, a crow or a wolf. We don’t know what powers the cup has but from what we’ve been able to interpret of the vision, someone is going to use the cup in a ceremony designed to open a portal across a number of dimensions simultaneously. But the vision is – well, ‘echoey’ I think was how it was described, like a really bad TV signal."

"We think, based on what we saw, it was to open a gateway to allow an army or an enemy back to this dimension or reality. Basically humanity is dead or enslaved if it happens. But we don’t know how to prevent it from happening, we don’t know how they get hold of the cup – we don’t know who they are… and we don’t really know for sure who has the cup now. Basically there’s a whole lot we don’t know except that our seers very very rarely get fluffy bunny type visions, something bad is heading our way.”

“How is this connected to us? Why come to us?” Peter asked, not looking at Derek but concentrating on the Slayer and the Hunter – both were making the hair on the back of his neck rise and today had not been a good day so far. Having Argent here was bad enough but the Slayer as well… he really wanted this day to be over, maybe everything would look better in the morning, although based on past experience he didn’t really like his chances.

Buffy shrugged, “the new Council lost a chunk of its books but not everything. Although we don’t have the actual prophecies we have found some histories of the cup or chalice itself. Mostly rumour and stories strung together but they almost all identify some connection between the Hale pack and the cup. From the time the Hales left Ireland anyway.”

“Guys, I get that this could touch on a whole lot of things you don’t want to talk about but although we joke and call this an apocalypse lite that doesn’t actually mean we’re not still talking about the end of the world as we know it… If you know anything about this that could help, now’s the time to spill.”

Chris twitched a little at the word apocalypse but couldn’t say that he was particularly surprised, After that mess with the Winchester’s a while back and working with the Hale pack he was getting far too familiar with supernaturally-charged situations, and he’d found that some of his best allies in the fight to keep humanity safe were supernatural beings and some of the biggest threats were humans themselves. He looked at Derek and Peter, still doing good impressions of statues, and breathed out. Keeping secrets was second nature in his family but that had proven disastrous, especially over the last few years. And what he had to say would certainly set the cat among the pigeons or the hunter among the wolves anyway.

“I’ve found my father’s journals, since he…died… and in reading them… He was searching for something he called the Chalice of Morrigan. According to his notes he thought it would confer power and immortality on whoever used it…” If anything Derek and Peter were stiller than before, Chris wasn’t even sure that they were actually breathing, and the next bit of information would not make them any happier with what he was saying, “He involved my sister Kate in the search for it – and he thought that the Hales either held it or knew who had it.”

“Gods,” Peter actually growled the word. Buffy wasn’t sure if his change from statue status was a positive thing because it really sounded like he wanted to rip Chris apart. Derek’s face was calmer and he wasn’t actually growling but he was doing the whole red-eye glowy thing and that probably wasn’t a good sign. The younger wolves were also tense which only got worse with Peter’s next words. “This whole thing, the fire and murdering our family, Laura and Derek coming back here, it was all so they could get their hands on the cup?! Son of a …” Derek moved next to Peter and lay his hand across the back of Peter’s neck – Buffy thought the touch itself was probably comforting, she knew wolves were tactile, but she could practically feel the ‘calm’ radiating off Derek. Red-eyes or not he was using his Alpha powers to calm his uncle.

Chris was tense but was careful to keep any movements to a minimum, and he spoke dispassionately. Reading his father’s journals had sickened him, he couldn’t imagine how it would make Derek and Peter feel. “I haven’t found Kate’s journals but from what I’ve read in my father’s – their initial plan was to isolate Derek, to make it easier to get information about the cup…they hadn’t counted on Laura or Peter surviving. They lost track of Derek when he and Laura left and Peter was comatose… When Laura returned…”Chris paused again, feeling as sick as the first time he’d read the entries in his father’s journal, he’d yet to explain this to Allison and really there was no good way to say any of this, “My father sent Kate to capture Derek again after Laura was killed…” Chris was unable to continue, remember what his father had written; the lengths he was willing to go to for power and immortality, and two families were broken as a result.

Buffy and Oz both stayed silent; there was literally nothing they could say to make any of this any better.

Derek gestured silently to Stiles, who limped across to guide Peter out of the room into the kitchen.

Derek looked at Chris “And you knew nothing about this… any of this?”

“Derek, I follow the code, I came back because of the attacks – I didn’t – wouldn’t – have anything to do with any of this. I’ve started tracing anyone else who may have known about any of this, to see if I need to stop…My father’s journals show that he kept his actual goals a pretty closely guarded secret. He told Kate only that you had access to a valuable artefact that he wanted. He didn’t tell her about the cup and he didn’t tell anyone else either."

"But I haven’t found Kate’s journals – and I know she kept them – to see how much she knew, aside from what my father told her, and if she shared the information with anyone. I don’t think anyone else in my family will come after you for this reason but I can’t guarantee that. And I haven’t shared this with anyone, I haven’t even told Allison about why her grandfather did all the things he did…”

Buffy heard a slight thud from the kitchen followed by Stiles’ voice quietly calling Erica and Isaac, who left the room. Derek ignored them, concentrating on Chris.

“I’m just going to.... “Derek shook his head, he could literally not bear to think about what Chris had just told him, he took a deep breath and focused on the Slayer and the Blackrock representative across from him – how sad was his world that an apocalypse was easier for him to handle than thoughts of his past and his family? He noticed Stiles come back from the kitchen, at the same time he could hear Erica and Isaac carrying Peter up the back stairs and idly thought that he really had to be more careful drinking anything Stiles prepared – he was getting far too practised at dosing people.

“We…my family… had a fairly large library, mostly family histories, but other books as well, to do with our heritage - our pack history. We had a copy of the Morrigan’s Prophecies. It was burnt in the fire that killed my family.” Derek very carefully didn’t look at Chris while he said this.

Despite today’s revelations, he’d managed, in his mind, to separate Chris and Allison out from Kate and Gerard Argent. It was the only way he could cope with moving forward and the only alternative he could think of to a truly vicious blood feud which he knew would only cost him his new pack, his new family. He wouldn’t willingly risk any of his pack again to that madness, not with Peter’s example so fresh in his mind.

“We were its guardians for over a thousand years – I was always told that there were three copies and only three copies of the prophecies. My family were guardians of one of the copies, we never knew who held the other two – except that whoever held them were pack or associated with pack. How the Council got its hands on a copy is probably something you don’t want to bring up around my uncle. “

“What about the cup itself?” Buffy asked.

“There are family legends about the cup – Morrigan was said to have gifted the cup to an Alpha werewolf but not as a way to gain power or immortality. I was always told that the cup would allow wolves to one day join Morrigan’s family.”

“Do you know where it is?”

“Wherever the cup is, whoever is guarding it… it’s remained safe for thousands of years. And I wouldn’t do anything to jeopardise that – unless you can tell me something more direct about a threat to it…”

“And the attack today? You don’t think that’s a direct threat to the cup?”

“I think,” Derek said “someone is after the cup definitely. But I also think today was more than likely a feint to try and get the cup out into the open. Unless something happens to change my mind – well let’s just say that I’m not going to do anything that just hands the cup over to the Council.”
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