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Blue Moon

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Waxing and Waning". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Four legs, furry, probably howls at the moon. That description fits a few things really. One of them's a cartoon dog...

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I own nothing subject to copyright and very little of anything else. Joss Whedon owns Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, and Mutant Enemy has to fit in there somewhere. Teen Wolf (2011) was developed for MTV by Jeff Davis.

A/N: I'm a bit 'Season 8, what Season 8' when it comes to BtVS. My previous story in this series has my take but I'd say it probably isn't necessary to read, although the occasional previously dead character may turn up.


(Video call)

“So Buff, you ready to deal with a cute little baby apocalypse?” Xander twirled his pen between is fingers, regarding his friend across the table with a smirk as Giles finished briefing them on a possible issue in California.

“Xander, I’ve asked you before not to refer to apocalyptic events that way,” Giles removed his glasses, studiously ensuring that he didn’t touch any of the equipment around him – the infernal machines hated him and last time he’d managed to bring down the video conferencing facility for three days. Willow and Andrew were still unsure how he’d managed it and he’d overheard Andrew trying to convince Willow that they should ban him from being within two metres of any computers or other equipment – although personally he actually thought that was not a bad idea at all.

“Why? Can it make it worse?”

“No Xander, it just isn’t very dignified,” Giles smiled back through the monitor.

“Soooo… back to the apocalypse,” said Buffy. “There isn’t a lot in the way of confirmed info here Giles. I mean, I’m assuming there’s more in the seer’s actual report rather than your notes but whoa! Hard to read doesn’t really begin to describe it. I mean I’ve tried to read some of Lindsey’s legal reports but really …”

“Yes, I tend to agree with you and I’m speaking to the head of the department but in the meantime we have to act as soon as possible with what we’ve got,” Giles tapped the desk in front of him.

“Yep,” Xander nodded. ”’Cause it would be downright embarrassing to miss an apocalypse ‘cause we couldn’t understand one of own reports! So we’ve got a possible apocalyptic event, involving a cult worshipping a ‘maybe demon god’ and wanting to bring hell to earth with a cup…does anyone else miss the Sumerians – they at least had a certain level of style!

“I think the cup is probably more a chalice,” Giles affirmed, “but other than that…”

“Ooh,” Buffy gestured with her report, “where do the wolves fit in?”

“I believe the chalice was supposed to be in the possession of an hereditary were-pack, wolf-shifters,” Giles rifled through a separate, older pile of reports, “the Hale pack are believed to be in control of the Beacon Hills territory. Our information is terribly out-of-date and probably not all that reliable. The established hereditary packs were notoriously wary of having any dealings with the old council and unfortunately we haven’t made a lot of headway either in Europe or the States. Ironically enough we’re in much the same situation with the Hunters – we know that there’s an established hunter clan in the area, the Argents, but they’re as suspicious of the new Council and slayers as the shifters are. They consider that we’re too closely entwined with the supernatural to be considered an ally. And, er, I believe it was Travers’ policy that any hunters who did request assistance with any matters were, umm, not treated with any particular degree of respect.”

“Soo…” Buffy said, “back to the apocalypse – is anyone thinking that Oz may be some help in dealing with the wolves? Not so much with the hunters, but then they’re probably not going to be all that keen on us either way.”

“Have either of you heard from Oz recently? I remember Willow mentioning that he was back in the States but I wasn’t sure…”

“Oh yeah!” Xander was enthusiastic, “Oz is working for a software company in northern California. Something to do with online games.”

Buffy nodded, “Yep, Andrew and Willow were over the moon when they were talking about the company…haven’t talked to him in a few weeks though.”

“Okay, Buff, if you want to get your kit organised, I can chat with wolf boy, see if he’s up for it…Giles do you want us to make any other arrangements?”

“No Xander, that seems fine,” Giles then made the mistake of leaning forward and must have touched something – because all the monitors in the room went black and then began to spark for several seconds before dying entirely.

Buffy and Xander stared at the darkened monitors for several seconds, “So Buff, do you think Giles might be cursed, like a mini-Moloch is out to get him or something?”

“I think I’d be less worried about that if I were Giles and more worried about what Willow and Andrew will do to him once they’ve realised the network is dead again!” The pair split to make their preparations for Beacon Hills.
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