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The many faces of Buffy: trio

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This story is No. 7 in the series "The many faces of Buffy". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The self-proclaimed evil trio tries to make new plans. Sadly, a dragon and more zombies complicate them.

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Games > Dungeons and DragonsDmitriFR718680146325 Oct 1225 Oct 12Yes
Disclaimer: none of the characters are mine, but belong to their respective owners.

Note: this is a latest story in the series. Previous stories should be read for a better understanding.

“So, John-o, okay?” Warren asked when he and Andrew finished bandaging Jonathan’s arm after the latter had a too-close encounter with some sort of a lizard-croc.

“Don’t call me that, thanks for saving me, and no, I still on the outs with you,” the shorter man said firmly. “Warren, while you were – well, okay, we were – planning on taking over the world, it has changed, and we got left behind.”

“True,” Warren nodded, “but do you think that splitting up is the best idea?”

“No,” Jonathan admitted, reluctantly, “but it’s different from what we have had before and I’m done with it altogether. So, thanks again for saving me from that animal, but I’m out of this door, and nothing can stop me!”

Upon proclaiming this, Jonathan opened the door wide, and came face to face with a dragon. The dragon was relatively small (no bigger than a person was) and blackish green in color.

“Hello,” it said with a definitely feminine voice. “I’m Kit, and I’m talking over your domain – I mean, I’m taking over your domain! Not talking, because how can you talk over a domain? Well, unless you’re a brass or a bronze dragon – then you most certainly can-”

“Excuse me,” Jonathan said firmly, “but this domain, or house, or whatever, belongs to Warren here, and I was just leaving, so if you could, please talk it over with him. Or take it over from him. Whatever.”

“Um,” Kit the dragon turned to face Warren. “Is he talking about you? I am somewhat new regarding this entire taking over thing, so-“

“Excuse me – for just a sec,” Warren said just as firmly. “Andrew? Can you come out? Jonathan is leaving and we’ve got a dragon-“

“Really?” Andrew burst out from the back rooms much faster than how he usually did. “That’s great. We could use a fire-breathing dragon, guys – more zombies are coming through.”

“FFL again?” Jonathan instinctively asked.

“No, they look different this time. Chinese or maybe Vietnamese,” Andrew explained as he quickly moved outside, followed by the other two members of the trio. “Here they come! See?”

And Jonathan and Warren did indeed see, for the door to and from the basement got torn off its hinges, and new zombies came through, dressed indeed in ragged and tattered remains of some sort of a guerrilla uniform. Their nationality was harder to distinguish, as they all had grasping hands and gaping jaws that the zombies are so famous for, and the varying degrees of decomposition were not making identification any easier either.

“That would’ve been cooler, if they weren’t going to hurt us,” Andrew muttered, as he and the others retreated behind the broken down remains of what was their car – or would have, if the lizard-croc had not been there already and met them with hostilities and open jaws, hissing and snapping.

“Hey, puny humans, what’s all the commotion about?” the dragon innocently asked as she took to the wing like some human-sized bird. “Those are just human corpses, animated by dark magic. Watch me destroy them!” And she exhaled a cloud of acidic-smelling gas upon the crowd of zombies.

As the cloud dispersed, the zombies... remained as they were, the acidic burns affecting them little, if not at all.

“That’s not how it’s supposed to happen,” the dragon confessed as the zombies continued to reach out towards her, trying to pull her out of the sky.

That spurred the lizard-croc into action: it got from behind its cover and hissed at the dragon as the latter tried to fight off the zombies with more acidic gas. The dragon ignored the lesser reptile, but the zombies did not: they charged at the animal – right across a patch of shadowy-black fungi... that was also razor-sharp. Zombies, of course, are impervious to pain, but not even they can move for too far or too long when being sliced into ribbons. Zombies’ first line of advance collapsed first, the next lines trampling them and then collapsing too.

Before long, the zombies were a little more than a twitching mess – and somewhat less dangerous than before. “Hey, they’re gone!” Andrew said, as he got from behind cover as well.

It was then that the patch of razor-sharp fungi and the zombies bulged, forming into a vaguely humanoid shape, complete with a head, a face, and two arms. It stared at Andrew, it opened its mouth and emitted a moan, and then it collapsed, leaving nothing but a small vortex-shaped pit in its wake.

Now Jonathan and Warren got from behind cover and stared – alongside Andrew – at the vortex-shaped pit. “What was that?” Jonathan muttered.

“I don’t know,” Warren confessed, “but we probably should leave as well-“

Clang! “Leaving? So soon?” the dragon asked as she landed onto the pile of metallic vines, rust and fungi that was once a car. “We haven’t even-“

The fungi exploded into a cloud of dust. The dragon coughed, jumped off the pile and collapsed.

The trio exchanged looks.

“First a balrog of Morgoth and now this,” Warren muttered in disgust. “I remember when our lives were easier.”


The End

You have reached the end of "The many faces of Buffy: trio". This story is complete.

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