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Dystopian hellmouth

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Summary: Many people on Halloween go as people from different futures, started as a challenge response and just grew from there

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Multiple Crossings > GeneraldemonichellfireFR182922052,81926 Oct 122 Nov 12No

After school

“So what hellhole future are you from Larry? I know Hiedi went as Rachael Grey. Due to the scars on her face. And the fact that Grey didn’t like machines means that she has to have a similar ‘past’ as you now do.” Xander said as he turned back to face Larry. He released pheromes for an Aphla type at the same type to guarantee Larry told the truth.

“John Conner.” Larry said reluctantly after a long pause. “What about you?” Larry asked, the fact Hiedi said that Xander wasn’t a machine didn’t been that he was not a potential threat down the line. Hiedi’s new ability to read minds meant Xander was human and not a machine as he had originally thought.

“Adam Jenkins.” Xander said as he started to walk away. Using his hearing aug he listened for any sound of Larry drawing his gun. As he got near the library he heard Buffy compare something Cordelia did to Spider-Man. He quickly turned and walked away he knew Cordelia had worn a leather jacket that meant she now had Trinity’s memories if the current trend was true and he had no reason to doubt that it was. He smirked he had class with Hiedi something that could really pay off dividends and save his life in this situation.

After School
Xander signed convincing Hiedi and Larry had been hard, but he hoped it would be worth it. As they entered the library they heard Willow saying “I don’t get why were now allowing Cordelia to help.” Willow said venomously.

“Hey, I have Trin’s memories.” Cordelia said semi-defensively.

“You’re not the only one who gained memories.” Xander said as he took a combat ready pose in case Buffy or Cordelia decided to attack him. Cordelia on turning to face Xander drew her Beretta was about to shot him.

“Don’t shot him, I may not trust him but he is not a machine.” Larry said drawing his Glock.

“Why should I trust you?” Cordelia spat venomously.

"Same war different dimension." Larry said coldly not wanting to give too much about himself away, Xander had managed to take advantage of the fact that he recognized the fighting style and knowledge of who Hiedi went as.

"Cordelia back off he's not a machine." Hiedi said noticing that Cordelia was still thinking about killing Xander. She quickly used her telekinesis to force the Beretta out of Cordelia's hand and into her own. Looking around she felt another mind in the library. "Telekinetic and also telepathy, so you can come on out Amy." Hiedi said as she shrugged and gave Xander the Beretta and he holstered it. As Amy came it was apparent why she had been hiding. She now had green pupil less eyes, magenta hair, and pink skin. Xander made no move as Buffy moved to attack Amy who suddenly disappeared and reappeared behind Buffy. Amy then delivered a blow to the back of Buffy's neck. Xander knew from Jenkin's memories that it was a paralyzing blow.

"You're paralyzed from the neck down, and if I had wanted to kill you would already be dead." Amy said in a serious tone.

"Got it." Buffy said gritting her teeth, Amy was telling the truth she was unable to feel anything from the neck down.

"Who did you go as, Amy you don't..." Giles started.

"Mutant from alternate reality hell hole." Xander said interrupting Giles, as everyone turned to look at him. "Ex-swat from Detroit not Robocop." he stated knowing that was what everyone was probably thinking.

"I'm an ex-hound." Hiedi said.

Just then the door opened and a large military looking man entered the room.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Dystopian hellmouth" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 Nov 12.

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