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Dystopian hellmouth

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Summary: Many people on Halloween go as people from different futures, started as a challenge response and just grew from there

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Multiple Crossings > GeneraldemonichellfireFR182922052,81926 Oct 122 Nov 12No

Day after

I don't own Dues Ex: Human Revolution or anything else

Xander groaned last night he had gone as Adam Jenkins and had had someone shooting at him half the time with a laser gun. After he had eluded the person tracking him he had figured out the source of the disturbance and had went there and had noticed a man kneeling in front of a statue. He had shot the man with his Diamond Back .357 pistol in the back of the head.

As he got to school he noticed that almost everyone didn't notice his new look. Of those who did notice it the only one that surprised him was Larry. "What are you looking at?" Xander asked in a neutral tone crossing his arms.

"Surprised to 'you' being so obvious thought a T-unit like 'you' where better at stealth and infiltration missions at least try to be discreet." Larry growled as he moved into a combat ready pose.

"You think I wanted this. I'm this way because of a terrorist attack." Xander growled noting that Larry posture had not changed. "I'm ex-SWAT Larry not a member of that T-unit thing. You think I don't notice the fact you now have obvious military training Navy SEAL or marine from the stance you’re currently in. Also from the bulge on your side you’re carrying a nine-mil judging by the size and shape." Xander said not even changing his posture even though he was getting a headache that suddenly disappeared.

"Larry back off he's not a threat." A new voice that Xander recognized said. As Xander turned his head slowly as not to allow Larry an opening to attack, he saw Heidi who now had tribal like tattoos on her face that he recognized instantly. 'Ironic considering what she's done.' He thought to himself.
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