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Bright College Days.

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This story is No. 10 in the series "Faith in the Army.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A Faith in the Army story; after recovering from her wounds, the army thinks its time for Faith to improve her education. Faber College has a lot to learn about Chief Warrant Officer Lehane.

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(Recent Donor)DaveTurnerFR151958,912315729,01226 Oct 1225 Nov 12Yes

Chapter Eleven.


Delta House, Sunday.

“Bluto!” Otter cried on emerging from his room and seeing his frat brother in the corridor, “What happened to you?”

“Bad night,” the short, fat, degenerate demon replied.

“Tell me more,” Otter put a brotherly arm around Bluto’s shoulder and led him down to the living room, “this looks serious. Hey,” Otter gave his brother demon a suspicious look, “you’ve not been hiding in girl’s closets again, have you?”

“No!” Bluto cried innocently, “I was just watching these two girl freshmen getting it on…”

“And?” Otter interrupted suspecting there was more to it than that.

“‘And’, nothing!” Bluto looked hurt that his brother demon would think he’d gone against the fraternity’s rules, “Like I say I was watching through the window, you know I’d never break the rules, not after what happened last time.”

“Okay, I’ll believe you,” Otter sat down on a battered old couch and waited for Bluto to continue his story, “So you were watching these two girls making out…”

“Yeah, right,” Bluto continued, “they were on the first floor so I had to use a ladder.” Bluto paused for a moment as he remembered the scene.

“So?” Otter prompted when it looked like Bluto was getting lost in his memories.

“What!? Right! Yeah, like I say I was only watching when one of them saw me,” Bluto shook his head in sorrow, “next thing I know I’m flying through the air. Then I land on the grass and one of them’s already waiting for me and starts to beat the crap outta me!” Bluto did in deed have a fine collection of cuts and bruises, “Eventually I broke free and ran for it!”

“You mean one of these women managed to get downstairs before you’d actually landed?” Otter asked his eyes narrowing.

“Yeah,” now that he thought about it, Bluto did think this was slightly weird.

“Describe this woman,” Otter demanded, “the one that beat the crap out of you, I mean.”

Bluto gave a quick and fairly accurate description of Faith.

“Oh-my-gods!” Otter exclaimed as a faraway look came over his face, “I love that woman.”

“You what!?” Bluto looked both hurt and surprised.

“Bluto,” Otter grinned as he imagined being beaten up by the desirable body of Faith Lehane, “you lucky bastard!”

“Lucky bastard!?” Bluto was in fact a bastard but he certainly didn’t feel lucky.

“You were beaten up by the woman I love!” Otter sighed longingly before getting up and heading on out for the cafeteria with Bluto following closely behind him.


College Cafeteria, Sunday lunchtime.

Having paid for their meals, Faith and Willow found a quiet table in the corner of the dining hall and sat down.

“Oh,” Willow sighed wistfully, “this so reminds me of my days at UC Sunnydale.”

“You enjoyed ya college days, right?” Faith smiled indulgently, as far as she knew she’d never had the chance to go to college until now.

“Yeah,” Willow gazed off into the middle distance as she remembered all the good times she’d had; her face fell as she then started to remember all the bad stuff that had happened; “apart from the vampires, monsters, evil-bitch-woman-mad-scientists, hell-gods and robots.”

“Robots?” Faith paused her fork halfway to her mouth.

“Yeah,” Willow nodded as she ate, “remind me to tell you about it someday.”

“Right-on,” Faith nodded almost glad she couldn’t remember what had happened to her in Sunnydale, “so, what did ya find out about this demon?”

“Oh, yeah,” Willow spent a moment or two thinking as she ate, “actually it all reminds me of something that happened while I was at school.”

“Uh-huh,” Faith nodded, although she regretted not being able to remember such minor milestones in her life like her entire school career, she also felt glad that she hadn’t experienced Willow’s school life.

“Uh-huh,” Willow agreed, “when I was still a freshman we found out that some girls had been going missing every October for, like years.”

“Like here, right?” pushed her plate to one side and waited for Willow to go on.

“Yeah,” Willow finished her meal and gave Faith her full attention, “from what I managed to find out, by the way the college library isn’t open on Sunday.” Willow sipped her soft drink before explaining further. “Up until about ten years ago it was like at High School, three girls going missing every October.”

“I’m guessing it changed,” Faith hinted.

“Got it,” Willow gave her girlfriend a small smile, “starting in about two-thousand you got more girls vanishing at the start of each new school year, then three around the last week in October.”

“Now many more girls?” Faith wanted to know.

“The most I’ve found vanish in a single year is four,” Willow shrugged, “mostly its one or two.”

“So this has been going on for seven years or so,” Faith pointed out as her face darkened, “and no one noticed?”

“Hey, baby!” Willow reached across the table and held onto one of Faith’s hands, “don’t get mad. Look, best I can tell everyone thought these girls just dropped out. By the time anyone thought that something bad had happened to them it just looked as if they’d run off or something.”

“Crap!” Faith cursed under her breath, “Stuff like this really makes me mad! I mean how could someone not notice that their daughter has vanished?”

“Quite easily, sweetheart,” Willow replied sadly, “most of the ones that went missing lived in the Midwest or on the west coast. It’d be a week or two before their parents even suspected that something was wrong.”

“God-damn-it!” Faith knew what it must be like to be a non-person, someone that no one even knew existed; one of the reasons she loved being in the army was that their were people that cared whether you lived or died, people who’d notice if one day she just wasn’t there any more…and of course there was Willow. “Sorry,” Faith smiled sheepishly at her girlfriend, “I get, y’know…”

“Yeah,” Willow squeezed Faith’s hand comfortingly, “I think I do.”

“So what’s happening to these girls once they vanish?” Faith suspected she knew but she wanted her suspicions confirmed.

“Sounds like they’re being sacrificed to some hell-being,” Willow replied sadly.

“So what is it?” Faith looked as if she was about ready to go out and kill something right now, “How do I kill it and where is it?”

“Sounds like it could be a demon called Machida,” Willow explained, “As for killing it I thought Buffy had, but it looks like it didn’t take.”

“Mrs Finn killed this thing already?” Faith started making plans to have her Assault Shotgun and a few hundred rounds sent down from Fort Drum.

“Well,” Willow didn’t look so sure, “she was only sixteen at the time so she wasn’t quite as proficient with the demon slayage as she is now,” Willow shrugged, “as I remember it she cut off his tail.”

“Tail?” Faith queried.

“Machida is a big snake-like demon,” Willow shivered as she remembered the monster, “she sliced off its tail, maybe it grew back?”

“Like a worm or something?” Faith’s eyes drifted of across the dinning room, what she saw didn’t make her happy.

“What’s wrong, Faith?” Willow turned to see what was making Faith look so pissed.

“It’s that asshole Neidermyer,” Faith gestured to where Neidermyer and half a dozen of his buddies were sitting at a table on the other side of the hall. “I never authorised him to…”

“This is an army thing, isn’t it?” Willow frowned; all she could see was half a dozen guys in smart uniforms sitting at a table eating their lunch.

“I am so going to roast his ass over a fire,” Faith snarled.

“Hey sweetie,” Willow held on to Faith’s hand tightly, “no ass roasting, okay?”

“Look,” Faith speared Willow with a hard stare that made the redhead loosen her grip and sit back in surprise, “those must be Neidermyer’s ‘Special Forces’ goons, something I haven’t authorised. I also said there was no training this weekend, so unless he’s got an extremely good reason to be dressed up like that he’s in deep crap.”

Just for a moment Willow felt intensely proud that she had a girlfriend who ‘authorised’ things and could put people in ‘deep crap’. However, the sound of Faith’s teeth grinding together snapped her back to the here and now.

“Hey, honey,” Willow said soothingly, “can we leave the ass roasting and deep crapping ‘til later? Demon’s so much more important.”

“Hey look!” Faith suddenly felt angry at Willow, something she’d never done before, “I’m Army, I have a job to do and that asshole,” Faith jerked her head at Neidermyer, “is dissing my authority, okay?”

“Okay,” Willow replied in a very small voice, the last time she’d seen Faith act like this was a long time ago when she’d worked for Mayor Wilkins.

“Sorry,” Faith let out a long slow breath, “I’m sorry I snapped at ya like that…”

“Okay, sweetie,” Willow pacified her girlfriend, “you give Neidermyer an extra hot ass roasting for me, huh? But do it tomorrow, okay?”

“Tomorrow, right,” Faith grinned hopefully at Willow, trusting that she hadn’t ruined their relationship with her outburst. “Okay demons…!”

The word demon was hardly out of Faith’s mouth when the food began to fly across the hall.

“FOOD FIGHT!” Someone yelled as the missiles thickened in their intensity.

“Ewww!” Willow ducked under the table, “This never happened at UC Sunnydale!”

“Time to leave,” Faith grabbed Willow’s hand and pulled her towards a fire exit.

Standing outside in the autumn sunshine, Willow gave Faith a major hugging. They’d both escaped being hit by any of the flying food and anyway, Willow wanted to confirm to herself and Faith that she-they were still an item after their little falling out.

“Hey,” Faith whispered into Willow hair, “people are watching…”

“Let them,” came Willow’s muffled answer.

“Erm, Willow,” Faith was starting to feel uncomfortable, “don’t ask don’t tell? This is like a major ‘tell’!”

“Oh god!” Willow jumped away from Faith as if she’d become red-hot, “I’m so sorry…!”

“Hey, don’t sweat-it,” Faith smiled reassuringly once Willow had let go of her, “lets go back to my room. We can lock the door and close the shades, then we can do whatever we want.”

“Coool!” Willow agreed eagerly, “An’ I can tell you more about Machida.”


Faith’s Room.

“So, Machida?” Faith sat on the edge of her bed and kicked off her shoes before starting to take off her jeans.

“Yeah!” Willow called from the bathroom, they’d found that she’d picked up some fallout from the food fight and she was getting artificial cream out of her hair. “He’s a demon that gives his worshipers success in their chosen field. So,” Willow appeared in the door to the bathroom already naked, “our likely demon worshippers are people who have more success than they really deserve.”

“Right,” Faith breathed as her eyes travelled up and down Willow’s body, “success, okay.”

“Here,” Willow walked across the room to kneel next to Faith on the bed, “let me help you with that,” she pulled Faith’s T-shirt over her head and then unclipped her bra, “yeah,” Willow gazed into Faith’s eyes as their lips got closer and closer, “totally…” Willow kissed Faith softly on the mouth, “…undeserved…” she started to push Faith onto her back until she lay on top of her; she slipped her hand inside Faith’s panties, “…success!”


The sound of someone banging on the door froze both women in place for a moment.

“God-damn-it!” Faith snapped.

“Ignore it,” Willow advised, “they’ll go away if…”

She was interrupted by another round of knocking.

“Look,” Faith easily pushed Willow from on top of her, “Ya better hide in the bathroom, I’ll deal with this.”

With an ill grace, Willow jumped to her feet and headed for the bathroom. Kicking her discarded clothes under the bed, Faith grabbed her robe, put it on and headed for the door. Yanking it open she glared at the two guys standing outside her room.

“What do you wan…” Faith began but was cut short as the two students bulled their way into her room and slammed the door behind them. “Hey,” Faith began belligerently, “if you’ve come for a good ass kicking you’ve come to the right place!”

“What did you do with Kyle?” Demanded Fred Pippin angrily.

“Who?” Faith was a little taken aback for a second until she remembered the body lying on the floor in Theta house.

“Yeah,” Frank Smith joined in, “made him ‘disappear’? Send him to Guantanamo or something?”

“What the hell?” Faith was majorly confused.

“We know all about you…Ms Lehane,” Fred sneered.

“You do?” Faith really doubted that they did but she’d wait and see where this was going before she kicked their asses clear off the planet.

“Yeah!” It was obviously Franks turn to get into her face, “You an’ that girlfriend of yours,” the youth scoffed, “bet you don’t want the army finding out about her…”

Faith would in fact prefer that the army as a whole did not find out about her relationship with Willow; however, she did suspect that the part of the army she was involved with already knew and didn’t really care that much.

“…Yeah,” it was Fred’s turn again, “coming around here trampling on our democratic right to protest the war!”

“Ya what?” Faith had totally lost what these two dick-wads were talking about, it was time for them to leave.

“Look, asshole…” Faith was interrupted by the sound of the bathroom door banging open; glancing to her left she saw Willow float into the room.

Screaming in fear, Fred and Frank clutched hold of each other as Willow floated across the room to hover in front of them. Her hair writhed around her head like it was alive and blue magical sparks flashed from finger to finger and occasionally grounding themselves on the floor.

“FORGET!” Willow said in a voice like doom, she pointed at the door with a finger that flickered with blue magical energy, “BEGONE!”

The door slowly opened as the two young men turned and as if in some sort of waking dream walked out of the door which slammed behind them.

“There,” once again Willow was her normal self and looked incredibly pleased with herself, “I don’t think they’ll be bothering us again.”

“WOW!” Faith looked at Willow more than a little stunned, she only half believed in all the magic stuff that Willow talked about. But that was before, now she was a confirmed convert.

“Hey it was nothing,” Willow fell onto the bed and let herself bounce on the mattress as she grinned impishly up at Faith, “all smoke and mirrors.”

“So,” Faith took the opportunity to shed her robe and panties before getting on the bed next to Willow, “what did you do to them?”

“Oh nothing much,” Willow replied as she lay back on the bed, “you won’t have any more problems with them and they’ll have a sorta attitude change.”

“They will?” Faith brought her lips into kissing range of Willow’s, “You’re so hot, ya know that right?”

“But of course!” Willow giggled before Faith made her giggles turn to moans.


Delta House.

“Well, that went alright,” Bluto called happily as he and Otter returned to the frat house.

“Yeah,” Otter agreed with a wistful smile, “there’s nothing like a good food fight to get the blood pumping.”

“Hey,” sniggered Bluto, “did ya see Neidermyer fall flat on his ass!?”

“Always a bonus,” Otter concurred, “talking of Neidermyer…”

“You mean tonight?” Bluto led the way into the living room and threw himself into an old armchair.

“You going ahead with the ‘horse in the Dean’s office’ scenario?” Otter wanted to know.

“Sure,” Bluto nodded his head enthusiastically, “we’re using Neidermyer’s horse.”

“Cool,” Otter smiled as he nodded his head, “who are you taking?”

“D-Day, myself and I thought Dorfman as the human,” Bluto explained.

“You sure,” Otter frowned, “Dorfman?”

“Yeah why not?” Bluto shrugged, “he’s human…” Bluto gave his friend a worried look. “…he is human, isn’t he?”

“Far as I know,” Otter replied, “just be careful alright? Don’t get caught.”

“Us get caught,” Bluto laughed derisively, “never gonna happen!”


Faber Campus.

“I’ve been thinking,” Frank Smith told his friend Fred as they walked along between the dormitory blocks seemingly none the worse for their scrape with the world of the supernatural.

“Thinking?” Fred laughed, “You? That would be a first.”

“No seriously,” Frank persisted, “we both want the war to end right?”

“Right,” agreed Fred.

“Right, so maybe we should help make it end,” Frank continued.

“I thought we were,” Fred replied slightly confused where his friend’s thoughts were leading him.

“No we need to do something more positive than just talk about it,” Frank stopped and pulled his friend to a halt.

“More positive than going on demonstrations?” Fred asked slowly.

“Yeah,” Frank nodded.

“What have you got in mind?” Fred wanted to know.

“I’m going to join the Army or the National Guard or something,” Frank announced, “we need to do something to help, y’know?”

“But we’re pacifists,” Fred pointed out the flaw in his friends plan.

“Then we’ll join as Medics or something,” Frank shrugged he really didn’t know how the military dealt with such things.

“I know,” Fred smiled, “we could ask that Ms Lehane, she’s army she should be able to help.”

“Yeah,” agreed Frank as they continued to walk on down the road, she seemed cool, “we’ll ask her.”

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