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Bright College Days.

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This story is No. 10 in the series "Faith in the Army.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A Faith in the Army story; after recovering from her wounds, the army thinks its time for Faith to improve her education. Faber College has a lot to learn about Chief Warrant Officer Lehane.

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(Recent Donor)DaveTurnerFR151958,912315729,04826 Oct 1225 Nov 12Yes

Chapter Twelve.


Faber College Campus.

“Brother Bluto! Brother D-Day!” Cried Kent Dorfman as he saw his two fraternity brothers approach him; Dorfman (or Flounder as his frat brothers had now named him) had just spent an afternoon in Richmond and was returning to his dorm.

“Brother Flounder!” Bluto smiled as he fell in beside Flounder and put a brotherly arm around his shoulder.

“How much do you hate Neidermyer?” D-Day asked as he fell into step next to Flounder, he looked over the head of the young human and smiled evily at his demonic buddy.

“Well…” Flounder hesitated; Neidermyer was a bully and he’d been picking on him since the beginning of the semester.

Although things weren’t that bad when that nice Chief Lehane was about, but she couldn’t be around all the time and Neidermyer seemed to always be there when Chief Lehane wasn’t.

“Come-on Flounder,” Bluto tempted the young man, “you must really hate him the way he treats you.”

“…yeah!” Flounder replied eventually, “Yeah I hate him!”

“How much do you hate him?” D-Day asked.

“Weeeell…” Flounder hesitated again.

“Do you hate him enough to do something about it?” Bluto wanted to know.

“For the honour of the frat,” D-Day pointed out before Flounder had thought of an answer.

“Weeell…” Flounder was still unsure of himself but if it was for the honour of the frat, “Okay, if it’s for the honour of the frat I suppose I do hate him enough to do something.”

“That’s my boy!” Bluto smiled as he started to steer Flounder towards the college stables.

“Y’know,” D-Day said in a fatherly way, “in Delta House we have a saying…”

“We do?” Flounder tried to swallow the big lump that had suddenly appeared in throat, “What is it?”

“Don’t get mad,” D-Day informed him.

“Get even,” Bluto added.


Lovers Lane, overlooking Richmond.

A line of cars swayed gently from side to side as the couples within got to ‘know’ each other better. Below the lights of Richmond stretched out in front of them like some sort of fairy kingdom. Soft romantic music came from the radio of a little yellow sports car parked at the end of the line of more modest but roomier cars. In the sports car a blonde girl sat with her head on her boyfriends shoulder and her hand in his lap.

“Oh Greg,” Mandy sighed as she gazed up into the night sky, “look, it’s a shooting star. Let’s make a wish.”

Sitting behind a tree on the other side of the track a Vengeance Demon put down the magazine she’d been reading (it’d been a slow night) and listened hopefully at the mention of the word ‘wish’.

“Star light,” began Mandy, “star bright…”

“Hey, wait a minute,” Greg looked up into the night sky, “That’s not a star, it’s moving way too fast. It’s probably a 747, those babies really can move!”

Mandy tried to restore the romantic mood by kissing Greg on the cheek, he didn’t seem to notice. In the bushes behind the car the Vengeance Demon got to her feet and looked around the trunk of the tree she’d been sitting behind. Smiling to herself she hoped she could get really inventive when this girl called for vengeance on her lover.

Sighing Mandy looked down at Greg’s lap, “Greg, is anything happening yet?” Mandy frowned, “My arms getting tired.”

“I’m sorry Mandy,” Greg apologised, “It’s that thing with the Deltas, it has me a little distracted.” The Dean had enlisted Omega’s help in trying to get the Deltas thrown off campus, so far they’d not got any new evidence. “God knows how they’ve molested women…you know the two girls who were attacked last night?” Mandy nodded her head in time with her arm movements, “I bet those Delta’s had something to do with it.”

In the bushes the Vengeance Demon sighed; she looked at her watch, if something didn’t happen pretty damn soon she was going down to one of the bars in town to see what trade she could pick up there.

“Anything?” Mandy asked as she looked down at the limp member in her hand.

“Erm?” Greg glanced at his girlfriend, “Maybe a little faster…yeah?”

“How’s that?” Mandy started to move her hand faster.

The vengeance demon smiled to herself, maybe she wouldn’t go just yet. The girl was bound to see through this guy any second and when she did…boy, would she have some fun!

“Yes!” Greg smiled reassuringly at Mandy, “that’s great.” However Greg’s new found excitement didn’t last long, “That Eric Stratton’s lucky he’s not in jail.”

“I’ll say,” Mandy sighed heavily, after a little sign of life nothing seemed to be happening no matter how fast she ‘pumped’.

“What?” Greg looked down at Mandy, “You’ll say what?”

The demon stuffed her fingers in her mouth to prevent herself from giggling out loud in her excitement, any moment now the girl would be out of the car, slamming the door and storming off. That would be the point she’d move in and…WHAM-OH!

“I’ll say what?” By now Mandy had given up all thoughts of getting anything out of Greg tonight.

“You said, ‘I’ll say’, when I said, ‘he should be in jail’.” Greg explained, “I’m trying to figure…”

“Darn it Greg!” Mandy snapped.

Here we go, chortled the demon as she started to move out from her hiding place.

“If you’re not even going to try,” Mandy said harshly, “I’m going to stop!” Sitting back in her seat she removed her latex gloves, “Now drive me home please.”

“You what?” Gasped the demon as she watched the taillights of the couple’s car disappear down the track, “Hey!” she called after the car, “What the freaking hell’s wrong with you woman?”

Sometimes she just didn’t know why she bothered, cursing under her breath and taking a wild kick at a stone on the track, the demon made her way back to her hiding place, picked up her magazine and disappeared in a cloud of bad tempered smoke.


Faber College Campus.

Running across the lawn in front of the admin block, Bluto slipped on a pile of wet leaves and fell. Sliding to a halt he looked around checking to see if anyone was around to notice his fall. At this time of night the campus by ‘administration’ was deserted, the college police wouldn’t be around for another hour and all the students were safely in their dorms or frat houses. Jumping to his feet, Bluto made his way over to the steps in front of the admin block. Again he stopped to check the area for anyone who might see him, once again he saw nothing. Running half way up the steps he paused to wave for his frat brothers to come out of hiding.

Actually stealing Neidermyer’s horse had been simplicity itself. The stables were unguarded and weren’t locked. All they’d had to do was to wait for the campus police to make their rounds and then move in and take the horse. The horse, a large, white, vicious creature, had proven surprisingly docile as D-Day and Flounder had led it through the campus to the admin block.

Leading the horse up the stairs, D-Day paused as Bluto easily picked the lock and Flounder brought up the rear. Once inside the building they led the horse down carpeted corridors and up the wide main stair case. Next there were more corridors to navigate in the dark until they came to the Dean’s office. Once again the lock on the door came undone under Bluto’s hand. Pushing the door open, Bluto stood back to let D-Day, the horse and Flounder pass.

Switching on the office lights the two demons and the overweight human led the horse into the Dean’s office. Letting go of the horse’s bridal the three frat brothers rushed for the door as the horse tried to follow them. Moving faster than the horse they made it through the door and out into the outer office before the horse knew it was trapped. The three young men leaned against the Dean’s secretary’s desk and congratulated each other on a nights work well done.

“Whew!” Flounder gasped, “He’s in there! Oh-boy is this great!?”

Bluto and D-Day didn’t say anything, they just looked at Flounder and smiled; D-Day held out an automatic pistol to Flounder.

“Now finish it, Flounder,” D-Day ordered him menacingly.

“Are you kidding!?” Despite himself Flounder took the weapon from D-Day’s hand, “I’ve never shot anything before in my life.”

“I thought you hated Neidermyer’s guts?” Bluto demanded.

“I do…” Flounder replied nervously.

“What about that horse?” D-Day asked, “Is there anything in the world you hate as much as that horse?”

Flounder shook his head his eyes wide with fear.

“Get it over with,” Bluto told him.

D-Day took the pistol from Flounder’s limp hand and cocked it before handing it back, Bluto squeezed Flounder’s shoulder encouragingly as Flounder stared at the weapon in his hand. Reluctantly, Flounder stood up and still staring at the gun walked slowly towards the door to the Dean’s office. Standing next to each other Bluto and D-Day turned to face each other and grinned.

“Just blanks, right?” Bluto asked; they might be demons but they weren’t evil…well not much.

“Just blanks,” D-Day replied with a firm nod.

Sliding into the Dean’s office, Flounder found himself confronted by a snorting, neighing, annoyed horse. The creature started to rear up as Flounder tried to aim the pistol and steal himself to shoot the white monster. The horse bared its teeth as Flounder cowered in the corner of the office waving the gun around ineffectually. Pointing the weapon at the horse’s head he realised that he couldn’t bring himself to shoot the defenceless creature however much he hated it and Neidermyer. Pointing the gun at the ceiling, Flounder pulled the trigger.

Outside in the outer office, Bluto and D-Day where laughing silently as they imagined Flounder trying to shoot the horse. They heard the shot and grinned so hard at each other that their faces almost split in two. However, the shot was quickly followed by the unmistakable sound of a horse falling down dead. In the silence that followed the two demons stared at each other with horror filled eyes. Rushing to the door they opened it to find Flounder standing over a dead horse with the gun in his hand.

“Holy shit!” Gasped Bluto.

“There were blanks in that gun,” D-Day told the universe, he snatched the weapon from Flounder’s numbed hand and examined it.

“I didn’t even point the gun at him!” Flounder explained trying out his alibi for his up and coming court case.

“Holy shit!” Bluto repeated, it seemed it was the only thing he could say just at the moment.

“There are blanks in the gun!” D-Day exclaimed.

“Maybe he had a heart attack,” Flounder tried ‘alibi mark two’ out on his buddies.

“Holy shit!!!” Bluto repeated unhelpfully.

Screaming the two demons and the one human ran from the Dean’s office. They didn’t stop running until they made it back to Delta House.


Faith’s Room.

Sitting up in bed, Faith listened very carefully.

“What’s wrong, honey?” Willow asked sleepily from the pillow next to Faith’s.

“I’m sure I just heard a shot,” Faith frowned down at her lover.

“Like a gun shot?” Willow asked as she sat up, the sheets falling aside to expose her breasts.

“Yeah,” Faith nodded as she considered getting out of bed and looking out the window.

“I didn’t hear anything,” Willow replied.

“Super-ears,” Faith explained gesturing to her ear.

“Yeah,” Willow smiled, “they are cute, ‘though I wouldn’t call them ‘super’.” Sniggering quietly Willow received an extra hard frown from Faith which was met, in turn, by a frown from the witch, “Lighten up will ya,” Willow pouted, “it’s probably nothing, students playing with fire crackers or something.”

“Yeah,” Faith relaxed and lay back on her pillow, she glanced at the grumpy witch beside her, “ya probably right,” Faith sighed, “I’m sorry…”

“No I’m sorry,” Willow rolled onto her side and looked up into Faith’s eyes.

“We seem to have spent a lot of time saying sorry to each other this weekend,” Faith pointed out.

“That’s coz we’re not used to each other yet,” Willow pointed out, “if we could spend more time together and we didn’t have to worry about people seeing us hold hands an’ such…”

“I’m not leaving the army,” Faith replied trying to keep any anger from her voice and more or less succeeding.

“I know sweetie but…” Willow found she didn’t know what to say or suggest; she knew Faith didn’t want to leave the military and she wasn’t stupid enough to start giving her ultimatums.

“But…?” Faith asked.

“But nothing,” Willow reached out and took one of Faith’s hands in her own, “I’m not going to make you do anything you don’t want to…”

“But you’d like me to leave the army?” Faith asked.

“I won’t lie to you Sweetie,” Willow moved closer and rested her head on Faith’s breast, “I’d love it if you left. Every time I think of you going off to fight somewhere it scares me so much, but I know that’s what you want so…”

“So?” Faith worked her way down the bed a little and gathered Willow’s body to her own.

“Well,” Willow sighed, “its what makes you, you and if you didn’t want to do all that fighty stuff you wouldn’t be you and I don’t suppose I’d love you like I do because you’d be different…you know what I mean?”

“I think so,” Faith laughed quietly, “but you’re right. I don’t want to leave the army, not yet. Maybe one day when I don’t have this feeling of a job left undone, y’know?”

“I know,” Willow replied sadly.

“So,” Faith had decided it was time to change the subject, “you were saying about this snake Machida…”

“Hey!” Willow laughed, “That was like hours ago!”

“Yeah, but we sorta got distracted,” Faith smiled to herself; they sure had got distracted, making up for months of being apart while she’d been doing her Ranger training. “Machida,” Faith repeated sternly, “focus, Rosenberg.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Willow replied with mock solemnity before slipping into lecture mode. “Okay, Machida, like I say he gives his worshipers…no that’s the wrong word,” Willow thought for half a second, “Followers would be a better word.” Looking up at Faith, Willow saw her frown down at her, “Okay just the facts ma’am…In return for a yearly sacrifice of three ‘virgins’,” Willow felt the need to explain. “They don’t have to be actual ‘virgins’ just young attractive women, okay?”

“Got it,” Faith nodded.

“Right so every year he gets his three ‘virgins’,” Willow continued with her explanation, “then he showers his followers with good fortune…”


“Oh, y’know,” Willow paused for a moment, “money, fast cars, yachts more virgins. So all we need to do is follow the money.”

“I think I know where that trail will lead,” Faith said slowly.

“Where’s that?”

“Omega House,” Faith explained, “I’ll need to check on some stuff first but I’m pretty sure that Omega are the demon worshippers,” Faith paused as she thought of something. “What does this Machida guy do with these girls?”

“When Buffy took him down at school,” Willow replied, “the police found loads of bones in the tunnels under the frat house.”

“So this isn’t a forced marriage thing or anything like that,” Faith said softly, “these girls die and the worshippers know this, right?”

“Yep,” Willow agreed.

“So you’re not going to complain if one or two of them get,” Faith grinned like a shark, “y’know, ‘hurt’ when I take them down.”

“Erm,” Willow thought about this for a moment, “no I don’t mind, but I’d like to be near when you take them down.”

“Frightened I’ll go too far?” Faith wanted to know.

“No its not that,” Willow examined her motives, “I just want to be around so I can make sure that this time he’s gone for good.”

“So, ya saying Mrs F did a sloppy job last time?” Faith smirked.

“No!” Willow pinched Faith’s thigh extracting a high pitched squeak from her partner.

“You’ll pay for that!” Faith warned jokingly.

“No,” Willow settled down unconcerned by Faith’s threats, “Buffy was young and inexperienced and I hadn’t even thought of learning The Craft yet. I get the feeling that this is the sort of demon you can’t kill on a permanent basis just using physical weapons.”

“Trust me,” Faith pulled Willow closer, “I’m going to get real physical with the bastard.”

“Hey,” Willow turned her head so that she could kiss Faith’s nipple, “how about getting physical with me, huh?”

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