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Bright College Days.

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This story is No. 10 in the series "Faith in the Army.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A Faith in the Army story; after recovering from her wounds, the army thinks its time for Faith to improve her education. Faber College has a lot to learn about Chief Warrant Officer Lehane.

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(Recent Donor)DaveTurnerFR151958,912315729,18826 Oct 1225 Nov 12Yes

Chapter Thirteen.


Campus Gymnasium, Monday Afternoon.

“…okay, people,” Faith stood with her hands on hips as she surveyed the panting cadets, “next time I’ll show you what to do if someone comes after ya with a banana!”

There was a ripple of polite laughter from those cadets who weren’t completely out of breath; it had been a particularly tough training session.

“One last thing before you go an’ shower,” Faith continued, “ladies I want you to meet me in classroom B3 at seventeen-hundred, and Mr Neidermyer I want to see ya now. The rest of you are dismissed…GO!”

Watching with something close to parental pride, as the cadets sprinted for the locker rooms; Faith had to admit that her cadets were good guys and gals…for the most part. Turning her head slightly she let her gaze fall on Neidermyer, she had to stop herself from simply breaking the jerks neck every time she saw him. He was, no doubt, mixed up in all his fraternities’ dealings with this Machida demon. If what Willow had said was true (and Faith had no reason to doubt her), Neidermyer was implicated in the murder of at least one girl, probably more.

The man in question slouched about four yards away from Faith, he obviously expected her to come to him, if he did he was going to be disappointed.

“Mr Neidermyer,” Faith called, she pointed to a spot on the gymnasium floor about two feet in front of her. “Front and centre.”

Reluctantly, Neidermyer walked with insolent slowness over to where Faith stood. Smiling knowingly, Faith decided that this asshole was going to get shot while resisting arrest when the time came. It wouldn’t be fatal because Faith wanted him to spend a nice long time in a prison.

“Stand properly at attention,” Faith ordered as she looked up into his face, once she was satisfied with his posture, Faith started to walk around him slowly. “At Sunday lunch I saw ya in the cafeteria with some of ya buddies in uniform. Why was that?”

Turning his head to look a Faith, Neidermyer was just about to say something when Faith beat him to it.

“Eyes front, mister!” Faith snapped with ill concealed menace.

“Divine service,” Neidermyer replied succinctly.

“Divine service, what?” Faith prompted as she stood behind the tall cadet.

“Ma’am!” Neidermyer added.

“An’ don’t you forget it,” Faith was now standing in front of Neidermyer again. “Those people with ya, who were they?”

“Special Duties Squad…” Neidermyer hesitated before adding, “…ma’am.”

“Special Duties Squad, huh?” Faith mused as she started another circumnavigation of Neidermyer, “So what do they do?”

Faith actually had her suspicions of what these guys did, she could almost guarantee what they did. It probably had something to do with kidnapping girls.

“Special parades and activities, ma’am,” Neidermyer replied this time sounding like he should when talking to a superior.

“Special actives, huh?” Faith stopped behind Neidermyer again, “Far be it from me to interfere with a person’s right to practice his or her religion, but…” Faith paused for just a little too long so as to make Neidermyer feel more nervous than he was already. “…but, there is such a thing as separation of church an’ state an’ ya going to church with ya buddies in uniform might give people the wrong idea.” Faith stepped around Neidermyer to where he could see her again. “In future you check with me before going on parade in uniform, next time I suggest you go in civvies.” An evil thought popped into Faith’s mind, “Now seeing how ya friends like to parade so much. You an’ them will parade outside Potter Hall at nineteen-thirty-hours every night in ya Class B’s for the rest of the week. In foul weather you can parade in the lobby. You will wait for me to come down an’ inspect you, understand?”

Just for a moment it looked as if Neidermyer was going to argue, but he obviously thought better of it and just said, “Yes ma’am!”

“Dismissed,” Faith ordered with as much contempt in her voice as she could manage. Walking towards the exit she glanced at her watch; if she was lucky she could grab a cup of Gunny Leeka’s coffee and start on some of the cadet’s fitness reports before addressing the female cadets. Sighing as she pushed her way through the door into the corridor outside, Faith was under the impression that life just wasn’t fair. Not only did she have her own lectures and studying to do, she also had all the paperwork for the cadets to manage. Life was a lot easier back at Fort Shaw or even in Iraq.


Bursting through the door of Classroom B3, Faith was gratified to hear someone call the room to attention. It always gave her something of a thrill whenever people sprang to their feet when she walked into a room.

“At ease,” Faith called before adding, “sit down, I don’t want to keep ya here any longer than I have to.”

After the events of the weekend Captain Lemay had suggested that Faith, as senior female instructor should have another word with all the female cadets about personal safety on and off campus.

“Listen up people,” Faith began, “as some of you may have heard, Ashley Simmons and Liza Taylor were attacked by some kinda animal at a frat party on Saturday night,” She paused to let that sink in, “They’re both fine, but it might be an idea if some of you Navy girls check in on them, okay?”

There was a quiet, ‘Yes Ma’am’ from the direction of the Navy Midshipmen.

“Look,” Faith sighed, “I ain’t ya sister and I sure as hell ain’t ya mama, an’ I don’t wanna spoil your fun, but guys be careful!” Faith swept her eyes over the faces of the young women sitting in front of her, “I’m told by friends who’ve gone through the ‘College experience’ that it’s a time to work hard an’ party hard, an’ I don’t want to stop you doin’ that. Just…” Faith hesitated for a second, how was she supposed to warn these girls of all the evil out there when she couldn’t tell them the whole story?

“Hey,” Faith perched herself on the edge of the lecturer’s desk, “if ya go to a party go as a group. If ya going off with a guy tell one of your friends where ya goin’,” Faith looked at all the faces again and knew exactly what they were thinking, just what was this old army bitch talking about? Still she kept plugging on, “Look I’ll give you three pieces of advice; a guy whose pressuring ya for sex doesn’t love you he just wants to screw ya.”

There were a few quiet giggles at Faith’s words from her audience.

“Always get the guys full name and address,” Faith smiled at the laugher she received, “you’ll be amazed how quickly an asshole will lose interest, where a guy who really likes you won’t mind. Lastly,” Faith held up a finger, “if ya do decide to screw some guy always insist he wears a condom. Again if he really cares about ya he won’t mind, remember it’s gonna be you who’s left holdin’ the baby…literally.”

Studying the faces of the cadets, Faith wondered if she’d got through to any of them. A few, maybe, no doubt she’d be taking a few of these girls to the medical centre over the next few months.

“Finally, people,” Faith stood up and placed her hands on her hips, “Captain Lemay an’ I have discussed this an’; we’ve decided to put Omega and Delta Houses off limits. If any of ya have boyfriends in either frat you can still see them but not at the actual frat house, okay? Questions?” There were none. “Right, dismiss,”

Faith headed for the door as someone called the room to attention. That went reasonably well, she told herself as she headed for her room. No one had tried to argue with her or start a mutiny. Of course it would remain to be seen if anyone had actually been listening to what she’d said.


Delta House.

“Okay,” Bob Hoover, President of Delta House, pounded on the table with the palm of his hand trying to bring his demon Frat Brothers to order, “I call this meeting of the Delta Tau Chi steering committee to order!” Slowly the other demons in the room settled down and started to pay attention to their president. “Right,” Bob took a deep breath, “so far this year we’ve done some pretty cool stuff. I think you’ll all agree that leaving a dead horse in the Dean’s office was masterful and brothers Bluto and D-Day are to be congratulated.”

There was a smattering of applause and a little back slapping as the demons congratulated their buddies.

“Strangely,” Bob continued, “there’s been very little fallout from this act of vandalism,” everyone shook their heads in sorrow, “it’s almost as if the Dean has dead horses left in his office everyday.”

There were mutterings of disappointment from the assembled demons.

“As a result of this blatant disregard of some of our best work,” Bob continued with steely resolve, “I suggest we up the ante…suggestions?”

“TOGA!” Bluto cried out happily, as the other demons took up the chant, “Toga! Toga! Toga!”

“Yeah why not,” agreed Bob, he saw Otter put up his hand wanting to be recognised. “The chair recognises Brother Otter.”

“Brothers,” Otter got to his feet and turned to address his brother demons, “although this year we have pulled off some spectacular stunts…I refer of course to the dead horse and Greg Marmalard’s erectile dysfunction,” once more there was some self-congratulation from the ‘floor’, “there has not been enough sexual indiscretions taken with the female students.”

Otter paused to let the muttered agreement of his fellow demons quieten down.

“Yes,” Otter counted off points on his fingers, “we’ve had vampires on campus…and how we failed to notice that for the last fifteen years I don’t know.”

The demons looked at each other in some embarrassment.

“There have been the unrelenting bloody rites conducted by Omega House,” Otter continued; although Delta House was almost entirely made up of demons and they might be (in the strictest sense of the word) ‘evil’, they hardly ever actually killed anyone. “these events have all made us more, shall we say, more circumspect in our actions, but we must overcome these barriers to our continuing with our life’s work.”

“Hear! Hear!” Cried Boon from the floor, a good toga orgy would upset and confuse his ‘girlfriend’ Katy no end.

“So,” Otter was now nearing the end of his little speech, “lets not let anything get in the way of this being the most depraved, debouched toga party in the history of Faber College.”

The demons cheered and Bob once again pounded on the table with his hand trying to restore order.

“I’ll enter that into the minutes as being passed by acclamation, no vote required,” Bob made a note in the minutes. “Okay then,” Bob looked around at the eager, demonic faces in front of him, “Boon, you get the beer in…”

“Hey, I know were I can get some extra strong stuff,” Boon announced, “we can change the labels and no one will suspect…until it’s too late!”

“Excellent!” Bob nodded as he made another note, “Stork, can you deal with the seduction and compulsion spells?”

The demon in the dirty Mack and thick glasses nodded his head.

“Right,” Bob nodded to himself, there was no need to hand out any other jobs everyone knew what was expected of them. “It just remains to choose a day for the party…everyone okay with next Friday night?”

There were mutterings of accent as the meeting broke up as the demons went about their nefarious employment.


Faith’s Room, later that evening.

Sitting at her computer, Faith came to the end of a paragraph just as a soft knock sounded on her door. More than a little grateful for the interruption she saved her work and closed the program she’d been using. Getting up she went over to the door and opened it.

“Hi!” Willow smiled as she stood in the corridor.

“Willow!” Faith sighed with relief, “Come on in.”

Waiting until the red head was inside the room and the door was firmly shut behind her, Faith gathered Willow into her arms and gave her a long, lingering kiss.

“That’s nice,” Willow smiled when Faith eventually stopped and let her go, “Hey, did you know there’s about half-a-dozen guys in uniforms lined up outside?”

“Oh crap,” Faith glanced at her watch, “I was working and I lost track of time…”

“And these guys are here to guard you while you type?” Willow moved to sit on the edge of Faith’s bed.

“Nah,” Faith shook her head, “that’s Neidermyer an’ his boys…”

“Ah,” Willow nodded knowingly, “this is the guy whose ass you were going to roast, right?”

“Yeah,” Faith sat back down in her chair and started to put on her running shoes.

“Doesn’t look much like ass roasting to me,” Willow pointed out, before suggesting, “you know I could really roast his ass if you wanted.”

“Y’know we’re not really allowed to actually roast people’s asses,” Faith stood up and laughed at the disappointed look on Willow’s face, “look I’ve gotta inspect these dick-wads I’ll be back in a minute, make yourself comfy why don’t you?”


Ten minutes later, Faith returned to her room to find that Willow’s idea of ‘getting comfy’ was to strip down to her underwear and sprawl across Faith’s bed in a most provocative manner.

“Hey,” Faith frowned, but it was only a very small frown, “I don’t wanna appear ungrateful but what if I’d been someone else?”

“Then I’d have screamed and claimed one of us was in the wrong room,” Willow explained only a little hurt by Faith’s reaction: she knew Faith had to be careful but it still annoyed her.

“Whatever,” Faith sighed as she bounced down on the mattress next to Willow, she put her arms around her girlfriend once more, “so what ya bin doin’ all day?”

“Well,” Willow snuggled up to Faith, “I took a room at a local motel so I won’t embarrass you by staying in your room.”

“You don’t embarrass me, baby,” Faith kissed Willow on the forehead, “its just…”

“I know,” Willow looked into Faith’s eyes and once more felt the guilt bubble up in her chest about not telling Faith what she really was, “you have to be careful…anyway, I sent a long report to Colonel Mann and Giles. I told her everything we’ve done, found out and suspect…”

“Everything?” Faith teased.

“Well not actually everything,” Willow said with a laugh, “I missed the good bits out.”

“So what did they say?” Faith wanted to know.

“Nothing much,” Willow rested her head against Faith’s shoulder, “apart from watching for new developments.”

“Look,” Faith sounded worried, “its almost the middle of October, those Omega assholes will be snatching more girls for their yearly sacrifice, I don’t want anymore girls being killed.”

“I know honey,” Willow agreed quietly, “anything happen from the stuff over the weekend.”

“Not really,” Faith shrugged, “those two girls, Liza and Ashley they were sent home from hospital yesterday…”

“They’re okay?”

“Yeah, fine,” Faith gathered her thoughts, “no ones said anything about Theta House burning down and me an’ Captain Lemay have put both Omega and Delta frat houses off limits.”

“Wow!” Willow lifted her head to look at Faith, “You can do that?”

“Sure,” Faith nodded.

“I’m impressed,” Willow admitted, “now,” she out her arms around Faith’s neck, “why don’t you impress me some more?”

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