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Bright College Days.

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This story is No. 10 in the series "Faith in the Army.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A Faith in the Army story; after recovering from her wounds, the army thinks its time for Faith to improve her education. Faber College has a lot to learn about Chief Warrant Officer Lehane.

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(Recent Donor)DaveTurnerFR151958,912315729,18826 Oct 1225 Nov 12Yes

Chapter One

Bright College Days.
By Dave Turner.

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, NCIS or ‘Animal House’, neither do I claim authorship of any scripted words that may feature in this fic. I write these stories for fun not profit.

Crossover: National Lampoon’s ‘Animal House’ and ‘NCIS’.

Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar: Written in glorious English-English which is different to American-English.

Timeline: Set in September 2008 after the events depicted in ‘We’ll all go together when we go’.

Words: Nineteen Chapters each of 3000+ words.

Warnings: Don’t run out of beer.

Summary: A Faith in the Army story; after recovering from her wounds, the army thinks its time for Faith to improve her education. Faber College has a lot to learn about Chief Warrant Officer Lehane.


Bright college days, O carefree days that fly,
To thee we sing with our glasses raised on high.
Let's drink a toast as each of us recalls
Ivy-covered professors in ivy-covered halls.

Turn on the spigot,
Pour the beer and swig it,
And gaudeamus igit-ur.

‘Bright College Days’, Tom Lehrer.


Faber College, Virgina, September, 2008.

Standing there in the middle of the court yard, Faith realised she’d not been this confused since her first introduction to army life eight years ago at Fort Knight in Oregon. Turning on the spot she watched all the other freshman milling about and realised what was making her feel so uncomfortable. It was the disorder; she couldn’t help thinking that a couple of drill sergeants could get this mob detailed off to where they were supposed to be in about thirty seconds flat. Hell; she could do it by herself in fifteen!

This was the other thing that was making her feel unhappy, she wasn’t in control; she’d been a Chief for a year now and was used to people jumping when she growled…or at least doing what she told them to. It seemed to her that although she’d been promoted to Chief Warrant Officer (after being shot yet again) here she was little more than a buck private that no one was going to listen to, at least not for the time being.

Back in 2000, Faith had woken from a coma with no idea of who she was other than her name. Two months later not knowing what else to do with her life she’d joined the US Army. That’s when the fun had really started. Apart from all the army stuff, tours of duty in Germany, Yemalia, Kuwait and Iraq, there was some real weird stuff like the things that she now knew really were vampires, zombies, alien hunters and demons. Add to this a strange Ranger officer who turned up whenever something bad was about to happen; that and a transfer to a very undercover unit that went after monsters. After all that and being shot by a sniper having just saved the world from nuclear destruction, a year in college should be easy duty. Somehow Faith knew that it wouldn’t work out that way.

Her promotion (a jump of six or seven grades) and transfer from the MP’s to the Army Special Investigation Division; had come after her little adventure in Jacksonville, Virgina. Somehow she’d found herself helping the 613th Independent Ranger Company (commanded by the mysterious Major Riley Finn) hunt down extra terrestrial monsters. It was during this mission that she discovered that she was some sort of science experiment that had gone wrong. An insane professor called Walsh had been trying to make ‘super-soldiers’ for the government and Faith was one of her little experiments that hadn’t quite turned out right.

While the ‘super-soldier’ story explained some of the stuff in Faith’s life; the super strength and the other enhanced powers. It didn’t explain a couple of things that had happened just after she’d woken up in Sunnydale General; like the two detectives that had given her a load of money and documentation before advising her to leave town. Faith couldn’t help feeling that there was more to her back story than she’d been told; like why was she so sure that the dead Mayor of Sunnydale was her father and why did she sometimes dream about a short blonde woman coming after her with a knife?

Sighing, Faith shook her head, all these questions needed answers but it didn’t look as if she’d be able to find any of them soon. Perhaps after she’d done her year at college and got back to her unit she’d be able to spend some time investigating her own past. In the mean time she’d be making like a student (without the drinking too much, taking drugs and vomiting). Looking up and smiling for the first time that morning, the butterflies in her stomach having disappeared; Faith thought that maybe a year spent studying Criminology could be fun. The course would cover forensics, psychology, sociology, profiling, police procedures, management, investigative techniques, interviewing and so on. Her Army MP training had covered some of this, but it mainly focused on field techniques: hand to hand, take downs, handling a perp, urban shooting techniques (how to fire a weapon while minimizing collateral damage, such as in a hostage situation), defensive driving, offensive driving, negotiation and things like securing a crime scene.

“Listen up freshman!” Called a female voice from behind Faith, turning she saw a woman who was obviously a member of staff. “We’re doing this by folder colour, if you haven’t got a yellow folder you’re in the wrong place, you should be up by Elm House.”

Looking at the folder that contained her ‘joining orders’, Faith sighed; of course she was in the wrong place her folder was green. Searching through her documentation she found a map of the campus; studying it for a moment she saw that Elm House was about a hundred metres east of her present location. Turning she started to push her way through the crowds of milling students. During her short trip she was approached by at least a dozen representatives of various pressure groups. They wanted to know how she felt about the war (Faith just smiled and kept her mouth firmly closed), or women’s rights (again Faith kept her opinions to herself, no one had ever tried to infringe on her rights…and survived), or if she’d accepted Jesus as her personal saviour. Personally Faith put her faith in a loaded M4 or an Assault Shotgun, but she smiled at the earnest young woman who’d given her the flyer and said she’d think about it.


~Two or three hours later.~

Kicking open the door to her room, Faith had her first really pleasant surprise of the day. Walking into the room she dumped her gear on the bed before going back and closing the door and shutting out the noise caused by the other confused freshman in the corridor outside. Hell, she thought, this was pretty cool; she’d been assigned a large room with its own bathroom (no trips to the communal washroom in the middle of the night for her). There was a bed, desk, chest of drawers, easy chair and a couple of built in closets. Out of the window she had a good view of the sports field and the woods and mountains in the distance.

Glancing at her watch, Faith noted she had just over an hour to square away her gear, shower and change before she had to be at the first of her interviews. The Army, in its wisdom had decided that she couldn’t just spend the year studying, oh no, that would be too easy. In her copious spare time she’d be expected to help out with the Joint Regular Officers Training Corps, paying particular attention to the Army platoon, but otherwise helping out as needed. Shrugging her shoulders resignedly, Faith set about her tasks of unpacking and making herself presentable for her interview with her new commanding officer. Time was a-wasting and she needed to move it!


JROTC, Faber College.

Knocking on the office door Faith waited for someone to call her in; taking the few seconds she had left she checked over her Class B’s, including her brand new Ranger tabs, one last time.

“Come!” Came a male voice from inside the office; taking a deep breath, Faith took hold of the door handle, opened the door and walked in.

“Chief Warrant Officer Lehane reporting Sir!” Faith stood at attention and saluted.

Standing behind his desk, Marine Captain Lemay returned her salute and held out his hand, uncertainly Faith shook the man’s hand; she was still unused to officers treating her as an equal.

“Ms Lehane, Chief,” The big, African-American Marine officer smiled warmly at her, “it’s an honour to meet you, please,” Lemay gestured to a chair as he sat down himself, “sit.”

“Thank-you, Sir,” Faith sat down and smoothed out her skirt nervously, she hated formal interviews.

“I’ve been reading your file, Chief,” Lemay smiled widely, “very impressive, you’ve seen some action and I see you’ve earnt your Ranger tabs,” Lemay pointed to the badge on Faith’s shoulder, “quite an achievement for a man let alone a woman.”

“Yes Sir,” Faith nodded as she checked out the medal ribbons on the Captain’s chest; she saw the Silver and Bronze Stars just like hers, however where as she had four Purple Hearts the Captain only had one; for some reason this made her feel slightly more relaxed.

“Yemalia, Kuwait, Iraq,” Lemay read through the places Faith had seen action, “and I see you went ashore on Nunca-Aterriza with the First of the Twelfth. Odd to see an Army Staff Sergeant doing an assault landing with the Marines,” Lemay raised a questioning eyebrow.

“Major screw up Sir,” Faith replied, “a buddy and myself got ourselves transferred to Camp Lejeune by mistake we ended up going in with the Recon Platoon.”

“Anyway it says here that you an’ your buddy did some damn good work,” Lemay turned another page in Faith’s file, “they were sorry to see you go.”

“To be honest Sir I was sorry to go, but I’m Army,” Faith explained, she’d also been in a relationship with her ‘buddy’ Corporal Brenda Mitchell at the time, so she’d not wanted to be separated from her friend who’d really wanted to get away from the Marines.

“Personal question,” Lemay put down Faith’s file and steepled his fingers, “did you by any chance meet a Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Highway while you were at Lejeune?”

“My Platoon Leader, Sir,” Faith replied, “good man, learnt a lot from him.”

Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Highway had also gone a long way to changing Faith’s preconceptions about the Marine Corps. Prior to her posting to Camp Lejeune, Faith’s opinion of the Marines had been about as low as it could be. This was due to four of them trying to rape her in Kuwait when she’d been a corporal. Of course they’d not succeeded as she’d put them all in hospital. The incident had caused her to be transferred to the Third Infantry Division up near Baghdad; the rest, as they say, was history and a growing collection of medal ribbons.

“How is the old bastard?” Lemay relaxed and sat back in his chair as he waited for Faith’s reply.

“We still keep in touch, last I heard he’s fine, he’s retired now, Sir,” Faith put two and two together and came to the conclusion that Captain Lemay knew the Gunnery Sergeant from somewhere.

“Yeah,” Lemay shook his head and chuckled at some memories, “he musta been about ready to retire. One day, Chief, I’ll tell you some tall stories about Gunney Highway and a certain young Butter-ball Lieutenant who couldn’t find his ass with both hands!”

“I’ll look forward to that, Sir,” Faith smiled politely.

“Now on to business,” Lemay quickly changed back to being her commanding officer, “I better tell you the news, an’ it ain’t good, Chief.”

“Never is, Sir,” Faith shrugged.

“We haven’t got an Army officer or senior non-com,” Lemay explained, “so the Army Platoon has been allowed to slip.”

“None at all?” Faith asked incredulasly.

“Shortages, Chief,” Lemay shrugged, “as a result the Army Platoon has been under the command of the senior cadet, a Cadet Lieutenant named Douglas C Neidermyer.” Lemay shook his head sadly, “He’s the grandson of General Douglas A Neidermyer, you’ve heard of him?”

“With respect, Sir,” Faith scowled, just for once why couldn’t things be easy? “Nothing good.”

“You don’t have to dance round the subject with me, Chief,” Lemay told Faith, “Neidermyer senior was a butcher, got men killed needlessly in Vietnam. His grandson has the makings of being another complete asshole.”

“Don’t worry Sir,” Faith smiled a predators smile as she thought about what she could put this guy through, “I can deal.”

“I hope you can, Chief,” Lemay replied sadly, “last person to try ended up counting Polar Bears in Alaska.”

“I’m fairly sure my C/O won’t let that happen, Sir,” Faith was confident that Colonel Mann and General Brittles wouldn’t let her be posted to Alaska and anyway, what was wrong with Alaska? Maybe there all the weird stuff that kept happening to her would stop.

“Well,” Lemay stood up signalling that the interview was over, “I’ll wish you luck in your first independent command Chief.”

“Thank-you, Sir,” Faith stood up and shook hands with the Captain as he showed her to the door.

“I’ll have your people’s files sent to your office,” Lemay explained.

“I have an office?” Faith looked at the Captain in surprise.

“Sure,” Lemay grinned, “ask Gunny Leeka he’ll show you where everything is.”

“Thanks Sir,” Faith was feeling just a little out of her depth; give her a bunch of Iraqi insurgents or even some weird monster or alien and she could deal, but all this sounded like politics; she was beginning to see there was more reasons than just learning to her being sent to college.

“Oh and a word to the wise, Chief,” Lemay whispered just before Faith opened the door to go.

“Sir?” Faith repressed the sigh that had been building up in her chest.

“Dean Wormer,” Lemay looked at the floor for a moment.

“The Dean, Sir?” Faith almost dreaded what Lemay was going to say next.

“Yeah, the Dean,” Lemay seemed to be choosing his words very carefully, “he seems to look on the JROTC as his own personal army. We go along with him, up to a point,” Lemay shrugged, “politics you know?”

“I think I do Sir,” Faith replied levelly.

“If he asks you to do anything you’re not comfortable with, come and see me,” Lemay told her, “anytime day or night, Gunny Leeka will give you my contact details.”

“T-Thank-you, Sir,” Faith saluted as she wondered what she’d got herself into; perhaps it wasn’t too late to go back to being an MP Staff Sergeant at Fort Shaw.


~A little time later.~

Having stopped off at her room to change back into civilian clothes, Faith had tracked down the cafeteria and had something to eat. While she ate she studied the map of the campus committing most of it to memory. When she looked at the map and studied it carefully she found the campus had been laid out fairly logically, as long as the map was up to date she felt confident that she’d be able to find her way around with the minimum of confusion. This was important, not only had she got an interview with the Dean in, she checked her watch, forty-five minutes she also had to find the college book store and buy her text books for the courses she was on.

Deciding that the book store was probably packed with other new students buying their books, she determined to head on back to her room before going to see the Dean. As she left the cafeteria, Faith noticed what appeared to be some sort of demonstration going on outside, she paused to watch for a moment. About fifty metres away stood a crowd of chanting students waving anti-war banners. Faith shrugged, if these assholes wanted the war to end so badly, maybe they should enlist and help make it end. Not wishing to get involved, she shrugged again and headed on back to her room.


The Office of Dean Vernon Wormer, Faber College.

“Warrant Officer Lehane!” Dean Wormer jumped up from behind his desk as Faith was shown into the his office, “Or should I just call you Ms Lehane?”

The dean held out his hand to Faith which she duly shook before sitting down at the Dean’s invitation.

“Actually, sir,” Faith studied the Dean as she spoke, typical upper, middle ranking bureaucrat she thought, “I prefer Miss Lehane, I like to leave my rank behind when I’m out of uniform and I hate being called ‘Mizz’,” Faith smiled, “it makes me sound like a bee.”

“Of course, of course,” Dean Wormer settled himself back down in his chair, “I asked you to come and meet me today so we can get to know each other a little.” Wormer rested his hands on the desk in front of him.

Over the next few minutes Wormer told Faith some of the history of Faber college and how it was run. On her part Faith sat and listened attentively and nodded her head every now and again to prove she’d not fallen asleep and was in fact paying attention.

“As you’re studying here,” Dean Wormer continued after a short pause, “and while you hold a position of authority over at least some of the students you may find yourself torn in your loyalties to the students and the college.”

“Dean,” Faith smiled, “I’m quite aware of where my loyalties lie.”

They lay with her unit, the army and ultimately to the United States of America.

“Yes I’m sure you do,” nodded the Dean, “but from time to time I may ask you to do something for the college.”

“Sir,” Faith sat up straight in her seat, “I’ve no problem with that as long as it doesn’t interfere with my other duties…or loyalties.”

“Of course,” The Dean smiled insincerely, “rest assured I’d never ask you to do anything you were uncomfortable with…”

There was a short and uncomfortable pause in the conversation before Faith asked; “If there was nothing else, Dean?”

“No,” Dean Wormer stood up and held out his hand again, “I just wanted to make sure we knew where we stood.”

“Yeah, right,” Faith stood and took the Dean’s hand in her own; unable to resist the temptation she squeezed just a little too hard making Wormer wince. “If you’ll excuse me I have things to do.”

“Of course, of course,” Wormer retrieved his hand and surreptitiously tried to massage some feeling back into it, “I’ll not detain you any longer.”

Watching Faith shut the door behind her, Wormer sat back down in his chair and tried to shake the feeling back into his hand; my god, he thought, that woman was strong. He frowned as he stared at the paintings on his wall, the interview hadn’t gone quite as well as he’d hoped. He’d hoped to recruit Warrant Officer Lehane into his never ending war with Delta House. Lehane was obviously one of these uptight military types who thought of themselves as above politics. Well, he’d see about that; he’d see how she felt after actually meeting the Deltas.

A plan started to form in his head, first he’d send her to Omega house; that was where that Neidermyer boy lived, he was army so Lehane should hit it off with him. Having visited Omega she’d see how a well run, disciplined fraternity was organised. Then he’d send her to Delta. One hour in the company of those Delta degenerates would soon have the stiff necked Miss Lehane begging him to let her help kick those Delta perverts off college grounds.

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