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In Hell as it is in Heaven (Old version)

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Summary: YAHF: Some people don’t like rules. Others are expert at changing them when they don’t suit them. Thanks to the meddling of an old cosmic entity, Joyce Summers was about to become very familiar with someone from the latter category.

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Family matters

Author notes: as often for my fics, I am extrapolating and deepening the background of the series I use, sometimes voluntarily disregarding a part of canon to obtain a smoother merging. One thing I disregarded in the AMG canon is the whole ‘interspecies romance issue’ (appears late in the manga and in the OAV). It is not that the idea is bad but it didn’t fit with how I saw things for this story.

I hope you will enjoy this chapter and, please, don’t hesitate to review. Good or bad, I enjoy reading your opinion on my work.

Cordelia ‘Peorth’ Chase lay on her bed, feeling exhausted. When she had left in the morning, she was too angry to really pay attention at the changes in the Chase Mansion. It was only when she got back this evening that she had realized. The first clue had been the servants that turned in a mix of gods and demons then a lot of small changes in the house that went along the same lines, like a decoration that felt more… heavenly. This had been the last straw for her. She had managed to keep a façade that was mostly her old self, maybe a little more insightful, caring and… Canadian than she used to be, but still a good part Cordelia during the morning.

It had all started with PE. Their usual teacher, Ms. Kowalski, had turned into a devil bombshell called Lizyerra that could very well have been the Daimakaicho’s cousin physically speaking… well except for the horns and tail. Peorth remembered through her history lessons that gods and demons in her universe once had such traits but lost them when mingling with the humans without being noticed became more important. Some gods and demons, like the Egyptian ones, were still fond of that ‘atavistic’ shape and shifted freely between them.

Lizyerra had told her that in her world, devils and angels used to live separately in their respective countries of Deamonea and Angelea, both situated in a small discworld where humans were a myth. A magical ‘law of luck conservation’ very effectively discouraged contacts between the two people, as a devil helping an angel would suffer from equivalent misfortune. Then, one day, Pam Akumachi arrived in Deamonea. The devil trainee claimed she was in fact human and was thrown in events that shook their world, destroying the law of luck conservation and transformed their discworld in a moon of this universe’s Earth. One year later, at the moment the Halloween spell ‘copied’ people from their world on some of Sunnydale’s inhabitants, the angels and the devils were living peacefully together and busy rebuilding the cities damaged by the shift as well as establishing diplomatic relations with the Earth. 

Another thing they had learnt was that Lizyerra was, in Deamonea, a combat instructor that could probably show a trick or two to most Valkyries. This point had made PE… interesting to say the least. She had finally managed to gather her little circle at lunch.

Cordelia looked at the group of girls at the lunch table. Two days ago, they had just been… normal girls that were part of her social circle. Now, she could see blue and red marks among them as well as other things.

Aura Eaglebear, childhood friend and distant cousin, was now a goddess. The half-African half Cherokee metis now had a moon crescent on her brow. She wondered which lunar goddess had come to her. Next to her, Gwen Ditchik had demon marks, two short pointed horns on her brow, a tail and was busy chatting in some obscure demonic dialect with… someone she guessed to be Aphrodisia Dillon. In a way, Cordelia thanked the demon that spared Aphrodisia from being Aphrodite’s vessel, which would have started a very swift fall into slutdom.

To be honest, I’m a little unfair… Aphrodite is not that bad but… bad blood between Peorth and her.

Aphrodisia had now pale skin, rich black hair that cascaded in a mass of curls down to her waist, a delicately toned body, triangular cat ears on the top of her head and a black and white tail swinging with elegance. She had the feeling that she knew her but… she would have the occasion to ask.

As Harmony was missing, that left only the newest addition to their group, a Japanese girl called Reiko Tsujimoto who wanted to be as far away as possible from her very geeky twin brother. They had been busy breaking her out of a very conservative upbringing. She now had goddess marks and her classical Japanese beauty seemed… magnified.

“Hello to all and bon appétit,” said Cordelia as she sat, internally cursing the fact her accent was getting even worse. “Did someone see Harmony today?”

“I went to pick her up as usual this morning and… she was busy sparring with her little sister,” said Gwen.

“Harmony? Sparring?” asked Cordelia with round eyes. “Did she tell her… other name?”

“No need, replied Gwen with a smirk. “A brow seal made of three points in a triangle, lavender hair, a fondness for battleaxes and all the empathy of an iceberg… rings a bell?”

“Lind,” chorused Reiko and Aura.  

“Ostie d’câlisse…” said Cordelia, shaking her head. “Okay… can we make the ‘presentations’? As some of you may have guessed due to my… accent, I’m Peorth, Goddess of Revelation.”

“Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt,” said Aura with a frown, “and currently very happy that my idiot brother Apollo chose to pester someone from another family.”

Oops… I wonder if she… inherited Artemis’ preferences regarding boys and girls… I will have to talk with her later, maybe find whoever merged with Belldandy to help with counseling.  

“Byleth, Demoness of Nightmares,” said Aphrodisia with a smirk, “currently in hybrid form because I feel like it. And Aura… it’s not that I’m not interested in having some wild, casual sex with you in the future but… until I say otherwise, if you continue your ogling, I’ll arrange you a date with Freddy Krueger… so we’re cool?”

“Yeah… and sorry, I… I’m still dealing with it.”

Cordelia arched an eyebrow as she remembered some things about Byleth. She was considered among Niflheim’s elite cadre and the rumors said that she could effectively induce nightmares whose events would reflect on the dreamer’s body. She also had a reputation to… like extreme pleasures and to have been one of the Marquis de Sade’s regular acquaintances. Cordelia was pretty sure Peorth and she had met but the memory eluded her.

“Uphir, Devil… will probably be the Demoness of Alchemy once we have Nidhogg fully powered,” said Gwen.

And now…


“I think you can guess but… I… I’m Amaterasu.”

Cordelia could see the conflict on the Japanese girl’s face. It was like if she was mortified for addressing a goddess she worshipped in such a casual way and, at the same time, was being pushed by Amaterasu’s memories to claim the name as hers.

Peorth… should I thank you or curse you for making me so sensitive to the well-being of my people? Two days ago I would probably have said the latter, now I don’t know anymore.

What’s happening to me? Am I still me? Where is the confidence I had when I spoke of revolution this morning…

“Leave me alone,” said the teenage goddess as she heard a knock on her room’s door.

“I am afraid to have some news concerning your parents, senorita Cordelia,” said a cultured Spanish voice.

“You can come in, Leonardo.” 

Sitting on her bed, she looked at the family butler, the man who had often been more of a father figure than William Chase ever did. He was still a middle-aged Latino-American man with a kind face, one could maybe say despite the demon marks that adorned it now. There was also something about his accent that, like hers, was not quite the same, maybe… more aristocratic.

“Sorry to ask this Leonardo but… who are you?”

“A fair question, Senorita, but the answer is almost the same, I am Leonard.

“As in Master Leonard, Seneschal of the House of Helle… then why did you stay?”

“When you were five, Senorita, I made you a promise. Now this promise I made to be there for you and to help you as much as I could… It is not yet recorded in Nidhogg, but my word as a demon has been engaged. Thankfully, her Majesty recognized the contract and, as she wishes to preserve what simplicity she can in her life, allowed me to stay in your service.”

Cordelia frowned. She knew the adage about the devil and details and she had the certitude that one thing in the butler’s statement was primordial. He said ‘her service’, not ‘her family’s service’.

“So, what news do you have, Leonardo? My parents are supposed to be in Rio for the next week.”

“My duty to you made me verify that the affairs of your House were in proper order. As I discovered some… incoherencies, I asked Mammon’s people to dig a little further. I am afraid that your father made some very unwise moves that will bring the attention of the IRS on your House very soon.”

“Daddy cheated on taxes?”

“Mammon did unfortunately not have the time to check in depth for the time being but he said something about ‘amateur work’. I would therefore like to have your approval to… move your patrimony out of your father’s hands. There is also another matter that will need a decision on your part but it can wait.”

“I know… my parents are still human and I’m a goddess. I suppose you will say that it is only normal for me to claim the House’s leadership?”

“Indeed, Senorita.”

Xander stopped on the lawn of the Harris house and wondered if Heimdall’s vision was playing tricks with him. He blinked several times.

“No… still here.”

The usually unkempt lawn had been neatly trimmed and the withering peach tree had gained a second youth. The house itself looked… repaired wasn’t the word, rather rebuilt. It didn’t look that different, just new.

He called on his vision, looking through the walls and seeing a scene that was probably a portent of the next apocalypse. Not only was everything in the house clean and tidied up, including his own room but the only alcohol he could see was a small bottle of rum in the kitchen, in the same cupboard as the other baking goods

Where are they? They’re usually passed out on the couch at this hour.

He got in and headed for the kitchen, finding it scarily spotless. He looked at the note stuck on the fridge by a Hello Kitty magnet.

“Xander, the Allfather asked me and your father to help clean up Resthill so we’ll probably come back late. There is dinner in the fridge you can heat. Love, your Mom,” he read distractedly as his stomach growled.

He opened the fridge finding effectively a plate with a dinner… except that there were a few details that didn’t compute. This was not an off-the-shelf microwave plate or even Chinese take-away. It was a home cooked shish kebab and he salivated only to look at it.

The problem was that he knew perfectly that his mother couldn’t cook. Also, there was the matter of the inscriptions on the plate. Thanks to Heimdall, he recognized a heating spell only lacking the last rune.

Minute… she said the Allfather, so they’re gods like me and… Restfield? That’s a cemetery!

He turned the head and called on his vision.

Jessica Harris felt great. Not only had her ‘visitor from Halloween’ managed to make her look a little like a young Liz Taylor, in that movie where she played Cleopatra, but her transformation had also purged her completely of the consequences of her growing alcoholism.

She didn’t intend to squander that chance and neither would she allow her husband to do so… even if she doubted that… the other guy in his head would allow him to become once again the jerk who used to beat her. She wiped a little tear. Thanks to what happened to them the day before, she had been given back the good man she had married, before bad luck and alcohol corrupted her family.

There are so many things to mend… With Tony, with my son… maybe even having another child… Yes, a little brother or sister for Alexander… but now… it’s time to play!

She went straight to a recent tomb, feeling the fell energies of undeath that assembled in the coffin below. She shifted to her hybrid form, flexing her claws while a few words in a language she recently thought to be reserved to the Stargate show parted the earth.

The coffin opened and the neophyte vampire snarled at her as she purred in anticipation. Her currently partially feline brain was classifying the undead in the ‘squeaky toy’ category.

Xander remembered seeing a cat play with a mouse once. Seeing his mother, who currently had the head of a cat, do the same thing with a vampire neophyte was… disturbing.

“Okay… Mom is Bast… now that’s scary.”

Jessica rolled to dodge the vampire’s mindless charge. The creature was indeed fast and strong and it could maybe overpower her if it managed to lay its filthy hands on her.

Or rather if I allowed it.

Mana flared in her hands, her pointed nails turning in claws of searing white light. A second later, a precise slash destroyed the vampire’s left ankle while she got up in one graceful move. Another slash and the right shoulder was similarly destroyed.

“How…” asked pitifully the fallen vampire.

“Easy, creature… I am the Wrath of the Eye of Ra. My claws are his rays.”

She smiled as she dodged another attack, coming from another vampire. Exactly as she had hoped, the few remaining creatures were trying to swarm her. She started to dance, in a way that made the few older vampires part of the swarm pause, wondering if this could be the Slayer.

Suddenly, one of the oldest vampires present stopped.

“What’s that… brimstone?” he said, sniffing around.

“Indeed,” replied a seductive voice as flames engulfed the few still standing vampires.

Jessica looked at the shape that detached itself in the hellfire storm. In many ways he looked a lot more like the quintessential romantic vampire than the brutes she was facing. He was astonishingly beautiful in an almost feminine way, clad in black velvet and white silk, black curly hair cascading on his shoulders, a silver-pommeled ebony cane in his right hand. The part of her that was Bast however knew he was no vampire. He was far more dangerous, as this demon knew how to fan the fires of desire, no matter how unholy, as well as more physical flames. 

“Belial…” she said as the mystical flames died out, having burnt nothing else than the vampires

“My dear lady Bast… I hope you will pardon my intrusion on your culling grounds… but her Majesty Satan has been very clear. Our house, our town must be cleansed of this filth before dawn,” said the demon with an elegant bow, a mocking smile on his lips. 

The cat goddess pouted.

“I was just posing as bait to draw them out… It would all have been finished in a few minutes. Weren’t you supposed to team up with Bifrons by the way?”

“I was but she left to cater to another task at the behest of her Majesty… so I came to see if the heavenly host needed the help of this humble demon.”

Jessica rolled her eyes. If there was a quality Belial never possessed it was certainly humility. She wondered who he had been two days before, who could have attracted the Prince of Flames.

“Out of curiosity…”

“My human name is Maximilian Dillon… and to answer your other unsaid question, I have many layers, Mrs. Harris.”

Xander averted his gaze. Heimdall knew about Belial. He was… old, of the same generation as Hild and Odin, the one of that settled on Earth when the dinosaurs where still there. In Niflheim’s Machiavellian politics, he represented a party who thought humanity needed to loosen up and get rid of repressive moral systems.

Suddenly, it hit him and he staggered. Even with seeing people with blue and red marks all day, he hadn’t fully realized until now. Half of Sunnydale’s people were gods, the other half demons. All forty thousand and something of them and that meant potentially hundreds of first class licenses in both sides.

For the poor remaining vampires and ‘normal demons’ in town, it was… like if a shark suddenly discovered that the fishes in the area suddenly evolved in killer whales and giant squids.

He turned his gaze back to the cemetery, looking for his father.

Her name was Jane and she was dead. She had died from a vampire attack three weeks ago and haunted the cemetery since then. She wasn’t exactly sure why she had stayed behind, maybe it was her worry for her children. But she hadn’t managed to find her way out of the cemetery. She didn’t know where to find them.

What she had learnt however was that many horrors lurked in the night and too many in this very cemetery. Even a ghost like her wasn’t safe. But, yesterday evening, during Halloween, something had changed. She didn’t know what, but she was sure it was important. She was suddenly brought out of her brooding by a bark.

She turned her ghostly head, her eyes falling on a black dog. She thought he was cute as sat near her. He looked like a cross between a Doberman and a coyote.

“You can see me?” she asked while she crouched to stroke his fur.

“He can see you,” replied a strange voice as a man advanced near the ghost, a man with a black dog head and dressed in a white linen suit, a tan trench-coat resting on his shoulder.

“You’re… that Egyptian god… but… it’s time to go?”

“Yes, I am Anubis… And you?”

“Jane… Jane Stansfield.”

“Why are you staying in that cemetery, Jane?”

“I… My children. I’m not sure if they are safe.”

“A noble thought… my wife will be able to help you. Finding lost kittens is one of her specialties.”

He let out a short howl that was soon answered by soft steps. Jane then saw her, a cat-headed woman busy removing some dust from her clothes.

“Yes, husband?”

“Can you tell us if Jane’s children are still in town, dear?”

“Sure, give me a minute.”

“I leave you in my wife’s care. There are other ghosts in these crypts I need to see.”

“Wait! Well you’re… but they’re… they’re not ghosts, they’re… I don’t know what to call them but they’re evil. They look for vampire victims and feed on their soul before they can leave.”

“Then it is even more important for me to see them,” he said, nodding, as more dogs formed out of the darkness, gathering in a hunting pack.

Jane watched as a staff of pure darkness coalesced in the god’s right hand.

“It will be all right,” said the cat-headed woman. “Your kittens are still with your husband. Come with me and you will be able to say goodbye.”

The ghost nodded, as, from the crypts, a mix of canine growls and damned screams started to rise.

“Anubis…” said Xander. “Dad is Anubis. I understand better why the Allfather asked him to clean Restfield.”

He looked at the shish kebab dish and took a marker to complete the heating spell. He copied the last rune that his mother had drawn on a sticky note stuck on the dish. He felt a small rush of magic and a wonderful smell filled the kitchen.

He sat to eat, trying to remember what he knew, or rather what Heimdall about the two Egyptian gods. The first thing was that the different ‘pantheons’ were in fact the various clans of Asgard. Each of them had worked more closely with a given human civilization, the gods influencing the humans.

But also the opposite… they… we adopted traits of their cultures as time passed.

The humans often didn’t get the relations in a given pantheon completely right. The place Niflheim demons took was also variable and… removed from truth. For example, the Babylonians mixed gods and demons in their pantheon which in turn had made the godly and demonic clans in charge of that area have more relaxed relations. 

There was an exception for both sides on the matter of the Allfather and the Daimakaicho. In their case, they just had a different name for every culture. Odin was generally either a Sky God or a Creator God, using names like Izanagi, Amun, Ouranos, Viracocha or Brahma. Hild was often an Earth or Mother goddess or an Underworld goddess if Heaven won the public relations battle in that area. She had gone by names like Gaia, Shakti, Izanami, Tiamat or Astarte.  

Gaia? How could she… yeah I remember. That’s from before the divorce and… humans too often forget that Mother Nature is… harsh.

Regarding Bast and Anubis, he remembered only vague things. Contrarily to Egyptian mythology – and being cat and dog – the two were effectively happily married though he wasn’t sure if… He remembered something about a party in Venice so they probably married long after the fall of the last pharaohs. He also knew one thing. They cared about their children. It was maybe this last thing that was the scariest to him, a change he didn’t know how to cope with.

He finished the dish, washed it and s took the phone. He needed to speak with someone about it.

Willow sighed of contentment as she luxuriated in a hot bath. Before Halloween, she was rather the kind to go for quick showers but this was now a thing she needed for purification purposes.

And Urd being the… sensual woman she is…

She had spent a good part of her school day feeling the gazes on her new body. Without Urd’s memories, she would probably have been scared about it but thanks to what she had integrated of the elder Norn, and maybe the feelings coming from her demon part, it had just felt great to feel them lusting after her.

“It will probably become annoying in a while but for now…”

She thought about the things she had witnessed during the day. Buffy’s hunch about the only ones truly realizing that things were not normal seemed to be a simplification. A constant they had noticed by looking at the teachers was that the adults seemed to have more ‘memory leftovers’ than the children. All in all, most teenagers had remained teenagers despite having merged with gods or demons who counted their age in millennia.

That didn’t mean that some personalities didn’t evolve spectacularly. There was her own example of course. Two days ago, she would have been embarrassed to death of the flirtatious way she had behaved today.

Instead of, let’s be honest, almost getting off on it. Thankfully Urd is just a big tease and not a complete slut like… some other goddesses.   

She took her smartphone as it started to ring.

“U… Willow Rosenberg. Hello, Xander.”

She listened for a while.

“Bast is nice… Well of course she can be a little catty at times but that’s just normal, with her having a cat head a lot of time. But if her influence on your Mom is anything like the one Urd has on me, you will be fine… you saw her play with a vampire in ‘cat and mouse mode’? Funny but again no big deal. You… true Heimdall is too young to remember the Atlantean war and what Bast did… just think that your Mom is now a retired Green Beret colonel and you’ll be all right… that’s scary? I will tell you what’s scary. Sure, your parents have changed, but that’s for the better. Mine were in Istanbul for the ICEEPSY and they are now to Jerusalem to meet some… yes Xander that’s an acronym. It stands for… it’s a conference on psychology. The point is that yours are already on the ‘joke’ while mine are still mortals… and if Mom starts to complain about me ‘going through a phase’ when she comes back, I don’t know how long I will be able to restrain myself… so yes, my advice is to enjoy it. See you tomorrow at school, Xander. Bye.”

She closed the phone and luxuriated a while longer in the water.

I shouldn’t have lashed at him but he has to grow up… guess I’m a little jealous too… Bast and Anubis are really nice people.

Her thoughts wandered to Urd’s family. Should she try to consider the people who ‘inherited’ them as such? Her gaze fell on the surface of the bath’s water and on the bubbles suddenly appearing on it. Rising, she put a hand in the small whirlpool, feeling something.

“Of course, she had to get stuck mid… here!”

She pulled as she stood, drawing something, or rather someone, out of the wormhole that had opened in her bath. Immediately, the small sobbing shape latched to her.


It was girl or rather a goddess that looked something like ten, maybe twelve years old, all covered in grime and wearing rags. Instinctively, Willow hugged her.

“It’s all right, Skuld.”

“Alice, my name is… I… I don’t know anymore… I’m so afraid, neechan!”

Willow used a tiny spark of her magic to lessen gravity around the child, making her easier to lift as she stepped out of her bath. A glance and her bathrobe as well as towels floated behind her as she got the little goddess down to the kitchen. A few hand gestures and ingredients and appliances got to work to make some hot cocoa.

The teenage goddess sat her ‘little sister’ on the kitchen’s counter and put her bathrobe on. The girl looked like Skuld but not completely, in the same way that she looked like Urd herself. She had fair skin, dark brown hair and eyes and was currently wearing… it wasn’t really rags but rather clothes that had been fashionable but put through a lot of tear and wear very recently. She was also awfully thin like if… yes she had partially cicatrized wounds on her neck.

“So tell me what happened,” said Willow as she gave her a mug of cocoa.

“My parents and I… we stopped at the motel because we still had to drive a long time before we arrived at the place for Dad’s new job. We were living in San Francisco and were going to Houston… Dad wanted to keep to the coast so that we could stop from time to time. Then… the monster came. He… he killed them and took me in a warehouse, told me he would keep me as a bite for a while…”

She sobbed again and Willow hugged her back. Sadly, her story was all too common in the old Sunnydale.

“Then yesterday… I think it was Halloween. I was so cold and weak but the blue sparks… and then Skuld, she… she was pissed and used something she called napalm bombs on him… after that I was too tired. I slept the whole day then I told the water to take me to my family…”

“And your spell found me… All right, I will show you the bathroom so that you can wash a little. No offence, little sis, but you stink. While you take a bath, I’ll make us something to eat. Okay?”

“Okay… Urd.”

She led her back to the bathroom and used another spell to purify and re-heat the water of her own bath.

“I’ll let the door open. Just call if you need something.”

The girl nodded as she started to strip. Willow got out, thinking that some of her old clothes should fit the child well enough for tonight. As she started to make some pasta for them both, she took her phone, selecting hesitantly the number among her contacts.

Relax… it’s still Mrs. Summers…

“Keep her with you for the night, daughter,” said Joyce on the phone. “I will email you Belldandy’s address… I don’t think she has a phone yet but I’ll have one of my vassals fix that tomorrow. Don’t be surprised about one thing though, Spike will be there but he is converted… as Loki,” she added with a smirk. “Language, daughter of mine… about the vampire who did that? Wonderful! I knew Skuld had it in her!” she said with a laugh. “I’ll see you tomorrow, sleep well daughter. I love you.”

“That was Willow?” asked Buffy.

“Yes, Skuld appeared in her house. A vampire killed her parents before Halloween and kept her as a toy.”

“Where?” asked the Slayer, dead serious.

“Warehouse district, but he’s already dusted. Skuld used napalm bombs.”

Buffy hesitated between approving Skuld’s ruthlessness and snorting of disgust. Thanks to Mara, she had enough memories about Vietnam War to know exactly how it looked when someone burnt that way.

“I’m going to check anyway, if you don’t mind.”

“Not at all, Buffy… I think you need some stress relief,” said Joyce with a playful smirk. “At this hour of the night, Bifrons should be readying to wipe out the last nest under the old Hamco warehouse…”

“Thanks, Mom,” said Buffy, not wanting to delve too much on the sheer unreality of their conversation.  

She concentrated, finding the trigger among Mara’s memories. Reality faded as she disappeared in a puff of fire and brimstone.

Buffy materialized in an alley where a nerdy, mousy woman with glasses and demon marks was busy typing on a computer.

“Hey, Bif…”

“Mara,” replied the nerdy girl. “I’m a little occupied here.”

“I came to give a hand… I need to deal some violence…”

The woman chuckled.

“How come that you talk like Baal, Mara? Is it because of the Slayer?”

“You heard about it?”

“Some of the vampires I purged recently were talkative, not that it saved them. Anyway I got enough data to fulfill the Daimakaicho’s orders so… be my guest.”

Buffy could feel the vampires below. She may never had gotten the hang of her Slaydar but Mara’s mystical senses were a finely tuned weapon. Taking her favorite stake, she got down, resisting Mara’s ‘common sense’ that whispered her some nifty flame spells to flush their rathole.

The first vampires soon came, a whole dozen of them. She started to move, finding relief in the familiarity of that dance. A step, a dodge and the stake found its way to a heart, leaving a cloud of dust in its wake, a parry to let deflect a kick and a swift elbow strike to break a leg. It just felt cathartic to her. Yet, it was different. She hadn’t really felt an urge to patrol and Slay like she used to. As Mara had said, the beast had been tamed and changed.

Her stake had been struck out of her hand and she cursed her inattention. She switched to pure hand-to-hand, looking on how she could retrieve her stake. Suddenly, a familiar man with a black coat appeared near her, covering her back.

“Buffy… are you still you?” said the man while he handed her a stake.

“Angel, that’s a difficult question,” she said while staking another vampire. “Let’s dust them first.”

The former vampire with a soul nodded as he prepared to continue the fight. Buffy pouted. Now all she wanted was to finish that fight as soon as possible.

“Flames of Muspelheim, winds of Niflheim, come to do my bidding,” said Buffy as she dodged attacks. “Unleash your fury upon my enemies!”

Reacting to one of the alien memories that haunted his soul since Halloween, Angel threw himself on the ground, just in time to dodge the fire cyclone growing around Buffy. The few remaining vampires screamed as they were swept in the air by the wind, only to be impaled and destroyed by the many fire lances dancing in the storm. Angel looked at Buffy who stood, her arms raised over her head, in the eye of the cyclone, a cruel smirk on her lips.

“Maybe… I should have done that first,” said the Slayer as the hellstorm died around her. “It has its own fun.”

“Buffy… you…”

“I’m still me… mostly, Angel, but I’m also Mara now. And you, who’s the other guy in your head now?”

“I’m not sure… I think he had a hard time getting rid of my demon and the soul curse is probably not helping. Still, I get those urges to plan heists and send a card in advance like Arsène Lupin…”

“No need to say more,” said the teenager, smiling. “That’s Valefor for you. Mara often worked with him when she operated in Europe. I know it’s strange but… we have to make with it.”

“I saw you mother earlier today… she’s scary to a point I never thought possible…”

“She’s probably the scariest person on the planet, that’s for sure, but she’ll care for us all the same. You should come with me, so that we can get someone to check that curse of yours.”  

He took her hand as they dissolved in flames.  
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