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Adventures in the Marvel Universe: Dawn and Xander

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The early years in Sunnydale before they grew up and became Avengers.

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RafMereCFR153353,2741114796,80228 Oct 1210 Jan 13No

Chapter 2.

Disclaimer: see previous.



Part I


Sunnydale, CA.
Main Street Water Tower.

Xander laid down the sniper rifle on his left side. He head the soft steps of small feet as they climbed the tower. A quick check into the link told him that Dawn had almost reached the top of the water tower.

He rolled over and crawled towards her and caught her arm before she could catch the last rung on the steel ladder.

He pulled her up and sent a strong emotion down the link that was the equivalent of *What are you doing?*

The emotion that came back from the young girl said *I'm keeping you company.*

*On a school night?* he wasn't happy with her.

She shrugged and ignored him. She looked around the sniper's nest he set up and noticed that once again he forgot to bring food.

She silently took off her pink backpack and took out a thermos of hot chocolate and a small box of her mother's double chocolate chip cookies.

'Gotta thank mom again for baking these. She knows that he keeps watch over Buffy when he doesn't join her on patrol.'

One sniff told Xander that the the Summers women knew what he was doing and that they approved and supported his efforts.

Dawn poured the hot chocolate into two cups, and passed one to Xander.

He took it and then took a cookie from the box when she passed that as well. The cookies were still warm. He stifled a moan of pleasure when he bit into the first cookie.

Dawn had taken his position, she moved the AA-12 auto combat shotgun out of the way. She used the scope on top of the sniper rifle to see what Buffy and Faith were up to while Xander took a break.

She saw the two slayers run after a pair of vampires into a dead end alley. 'Idiots.' She though as she nudged Xander and got ready to go to work. 'Don't they know that when they run into an alley like that it's usually a trap.

Xander spotted for her while he munched on a cookie. He trusted her. Helen Tasker knew what she was doing when her husband Harry was done training her.

Since Xander dressed as Arnold in his grandfather's old ranger fatigues he has the memories of private Harris and all the memories of every soldier that Arnold portrayed in the movies. Even the True Lies one. He knew what Harry Tasker did to train his wife up to par.

Using sign language he fed her targets. While he Slayer played inside the Alley she got busy removing the blood sucking pest with the special tracer rounds Xander made in his parents basement.

When the two slayer left the dusty alley into the dusty street they were clueless. They thought that the ashes had drifted outside. They left without once looking back. Had they done that they would have seen the light pricks in the brick walls on either side of the alley where the ammo still burned. They would be extinguished in another minute. Xander used environment friendly tracer rounds.

Environment friendly to Xander meant that the town didn't burn down around his ears when he was done shooting.

Xander quickly packed up everything into a duffel bag and used a modified zip line, with Dawn attached to his back. As usually happened with prolonged contact with Dawn he got stronger and stronger. The modified super soldier formula that the swim coach had dowsed the swim team with had pushed his limits to the superhuman categories. Primal possession. Halloween and the super soldier formula had made for one tough Xander. He had stamina equal to that of a slayer. His healing factor was probably just as strong if not stronger. Speed and strength were two to three times normal. He hid the changes from everyone except Dawn and Joyce.

The longer he was in contact with Dawn the stronger and faster he got. His senses became sharper. The same thing happened to Dawn as well. It also took a few minutes for the energy to fade. He longer the contact lasted the longer the charge stayed.


Sunnydale, CA.
Sunnydale High School Library.

"You are not putting this on me." Faith shouted at Buffy and the watchers.

"You stabbed him." Buffy accused.

"But you threw him at her Buff..." Xander walked in with a duffel bag over his shoulders. "...what's with all the fuss? At worst he was friendly fire." He passed the donut box towards Faith.

Faith didn't know what to think. Xander had come in and a talked like this whole thing was nothing and now he was offering her donuts. The guy was crazy, but at least he wasn't accusing her of being a murdering killer. 'Ooh strawberry filled jelly.' She grabbed it before Buffy did. She knew it was her favourite. Xander grinned when he saw that.

She grinned back.

He then offered the donut box to Buffy who looked around and fished two strawberry filled jelly from the bottom row. She grinned at Faith in triumph.

Xander smirked at the two of them and placed the box on the table. If the watchers wanted a donut they could grab it on their own.

"It was murder. Slayer Lehaine killed a human." Wesley began pompously.

Xander snorted in derision.

"Now see here you cheeky bugger..."

Xander held up a hand to stop his righteous outrage, "What was the deputy mayor of Sunnydale doing at that time of night, and in that part of town?" He asked Giles while ignoring Wesley.

"Y, you were there?" Giles asked.

"Saw the whole thing from my nest."

"What did you see?" Giles put his hand up to stop Wesley from interrupting.

Xander described in great detail exactly what happened.

"Then, then Faith was right? You threw the man at her?" He asked Buffy gently, and without accusing her of anything.

Buffy squirmed but with an eye witness around she nodded her head in confirmation.

"I, I, I see..." Giles took off his glasses and with a sad sigh began to clean them.

"This must be reported immediately..."

"Why?" Xander asked.

"A human has been killed by the Slayer..." He began indignantly.

"So what? Not like he was an innocent or anything..."

"How do you mean?" Giles was clutching for straws at this point. Anything to save his slayer.

"Oh come on Giles. The freakin' deputy mayor of Sunnydale walked between all those vamps and not a one dared lay a hand on him? What kind of an innocent man is that?" Xander asked his mentor.

"Are you sure about this?"

Xander nodded, "Crystal clear."

" can you take the words of this callow youth? He obviously..."

"Did you just call me a callow youth?" Xander roared at the young watcher. The menace he projected drove Wesley back several steps.

Faith smirked at the display of naked menace and testosterone. 'Yummy. Stamina and hidden talent. Why didn't he show me this before? I would have taken him for a second ride.'

Buffy's panties were getting wet and she turned red. She also kept quite as a mouse not wanting any attention focused on her just now.

"Giles..." Xander huffed angrily.

"Yes Xander?"

"What's callow mean?"

'Yeah. That's what I wanna know too?' Faith thought.

"Oh for heaven's sakes. Mr. Giles surely you are not going to take this child's word..."

A knife went through the table right next to Wesley's hand. It touched skin, without drawing blood.

"XANDER!" Giles growled.

"Who does this guy think he is. I've been at this for well over two years now. I've been keeping an eye out over both of them from the start to make sure nothing got the drop on them. I clearly saw what happened from my nest."

"See. His lies are plain to see. How was he able to see... In the dark?" Wesley crowed.

"Sharper than normal senses would do it." Xander said casually.

"And of course as a normal human those senses would not be of much help on a dark night..."

Giles looked at Xander and asked, "The Hyena Primal possession?"

"Not only that." Xander confirmed.

"Wha, what? What he devil are you talking about?" Wesley didn't like where this was going.

"Xander was briefly possessed by a Primal Hyena a few yeas ago." Giles explained.

"The Masai ritual?" Wesley asked.


"How is it that he retains his sanity? All reported Primal possession are either killed within six month or go insane should they escape after a year."

"You appear to be quite knowledgable about the subject Wesley? Giles complimented the younger man who preened under the positive reinforcement. "You are of course quite correct. Had Xander not been cleansed he would be either dead..." He looked at Buffy, who nodded back in confirmation. "Or in an insane ward as you have surmised. An anti-possession ritual was preformed within a few days. I believe a few slight enhancement were left behind. Such as stamina, healing and senses." Giles guessed.

"Yeah, plus the swim team." Xander added.

Wesley's estimate of the young man went up a tiny bit. It also explained his longevity. But the last comment did not make much sense, "What does a swim team have to do with our current discussion?"

"The, the teams coach was using experimental drugs on his charges. There were dire consequences of course..."

"What sort of consequences?" Wesley interrupted.

Giles glared at the younger man. A bit of the Ripper must have leaked through, because Xander, and the slayers smelled his fear. "S, S, Sorry." He quickly apologized.

Giles simply nodded his head. He continued, "The athletes were changed into some sort of half-man half-fish monster. Xander had gone undercover to foil the fool's deadly disregard for human life. The concoction he came up with was..."

"A super soldier derivative. Russian version of the super seal so to speak."

"How, how do you know this?" Giles asked.


"Halloween?" Wesley repeated.

Giles and Xander ignored him.

"I thought you went as that Austrian actor Arnold..."

"Sure, but I used my grandfather's WWII fatigues. He was a Howling Commando during the war you know. Fought with Captain America himself. He knows a thing or two about that stuff, and no I'm so not telling you how he found out. That information is still classified secret."

"How, how many possessions have you been through?" Wesley asked. The more the young man and Mr. Giles spoke of this subject the more he was forced to re-evaluate his estimates of this young man and his hidden talents. He also wondered why none if this was reported to the council? Although to be fair to Mr. Giles he appeared to be just as surprised as he was.

"Just the three. Buffy had two. Willis's the lucky one. She still possession free." Xander smirked.

"Slayer Summers?" Wesley asked.

Buffy sighed, "eighteenth century noble woman and a 1950s ghost."

"I say. How well versed are you on that time period?" He asked.

"Very." Buffy replied.

"Could, could we bring this back to what's pertinent?" Giles asked.

"I apologize Mr. Giles, but none of this is in your reports to the council."

"They bloody well are. But no one appears to have believed a word I've sent. Otherwise four council teams would be permanently camped in this very office." Giles channeled his inner Ripper again.

Wesley was getting the idea that the all the people here had hidden depth. Even Mr. Giles it appeared. "You are quite correct of course. And, and how did Mr. Harris avoid the same fate as the rest of his teammates?" He asked.

"Went through detox, and I had a lot less exposure to the serum."

"I'm confused from what I understand only one exposure was needed to produce the American Super Soldier."

They all looked at Xander.

"Hyena must be good for something after all." He lied. It was the contact with Dawn, and the energy she kept juicing him with that cleaned up the worst effects. "What was left behind worked with the changes the bitch made."

"It, it all makes more sense now. I've often wondered how you could survive punishment that rightly only a slayer should. Your stamina and healing factor must be on par with Buffy." He guessed.

"I'll say." Faith confirmed.

Buffy looked at Faith, and saw how she was looking at Xander, "Ewww. You, and Faith?" She asked already knowing the answer.

"You mean you've never been?" Buffy's face gave away the answer, "your loss blondie. You don't know what you're missing. Unlike you, I like 'it' hard and hot." She sent a dig at her rival.

"Faith!" Giles growled.

Faith shrugged he was scary, but she ate scary for breakfast. She was a slayer after all.

"What else?" Wesley asked before the girls derailed his train of thought.

"Sharper senses, which helped me see what happened, and I'm probably two to three times stronger than you are."

"I, I'll have you know that I was at the top of my class at the academy." Wesley sputtered.

"My point." Xander conceded that he thought Wesley was probably in great shape, for a normal human being.

It dawned on Wesley what the younger man was saying, "Oh."

"Go on Xander. No more surprises."

Xander pulled to silenced pistols from the back of his pants and started blasting away at the walls and some furniture. When he was done he put down his guns on the table.

The watchers and slayers had all divided to the ground when Xander started shooting. They got up slowly when they heard the guns hit the table top.


Xander wasn't impressed. "Bugs."

Faith had enough, "then you should have used a fuckin' can of raid. I'm going home. I've had enough weirdness for one day." She left post haste, but not fast enough that Xander couldn't tell that she was running scared.

Giles glared.

"Electronic bugs." Xander clarified.

"BUGGER!" He removed the glasses to clean them again, "find out who." He demanded.

"Mayor." Xander told him.

"Are you absolutely certain?"

"Yep. Had Willow check. After the deputy bought the farm. I began to dig and got Willow to cover all he electronic trails. Man is dirtier and older than dirt. He's gotta be around a hundred and fifty years old." He guessed.

"Bugger." More quietly this time. He hated dealing with bloody black mages. He also hated dealing with 'Bloody Black Mages' who were politicians. Those were the worst sort. They always wanted your support while they screwed you.
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