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Adventures in the Marvel Universe: Dawn and Xander

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The early years in Sunnydale before they grew up and became Avengers.

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Chapter 25


Still Raw.

Disclaimer: See previous.

Tokyo, Japan.
Tokyo Hilton.

"That it?" Harry asked Xander and Dawn as they handed their mission reports up to January of 1999.

"Whew, that's a lot of missions and you're saying I did a good job? Do I also get a raise?" Gibs asked Xander while Dawn took the opportunity to run away from 'Shop Talk' while Gibs was pumping Xander for personal information. After a week of typing up reports she was ready to bolt. She, Dana and Faith were leaving in a few minutes to have some fun. It was supposed to be adult free outing. Two slayers and a Dawn, with Faith as the adult in charge. Dawn cackled silently; of the three of them as the youngest girl, she was the most mature one of the bunch.

"Yeah that's it." Xander looked at Gibs and put on his sad face, "sorry man, but with the new tight budgets there's no raise for a long time. They'll just keep giving you meaningless promotions so you won't leave." Xander winked at Harry to let him know that he was pulling Gibs' chain.

"That's too bad Gibs." Harry patted Gibs on the back, "I do get a raise right?"

"No sorry you too are out of luck, but with Helen joining you guys you'll be able to make ends meet." Xander winked at Harry again.

Dawn left Xander to his fun and joined the girls. She knew that both agents would be getting raises and promotions soon, but Xander liked to play his little games.

She opened the door and was faced with a giant Japanese man. He would have fit in with the Sumo Wrestling circuit perfectly if he he only added another hundred pounds.

"I am inspector Jiro. Is this Harry Tasker's suite?"

"No it's not. It my family's suite. Harry and his family are just staying with us. I'll let him know you're here inspector." Dawn replied in perfect Japanese.

"Thank you. Your Japanese is excellent by the way." he complimented her.

"Thank you." she said demurely. "HARRY! THERE's AN INSPECTOR JIRO TO SEE YOU!" Dawn's yelling brought everyone running.

Xander was he first quickly followed by Harry and Gibs. "What part of undercover did you not understand?" Harry yelled.

"I'm twelve. Sue me. Later..." she left and waved her hand behind her. The girls were already waiting for her in the lobby.

"Your agents get younger and younger every time I see you." Jiro told Harry. Xander could see the amusement in his eyes.

"She's not an agent, but she should have known better." Xander replied.

"I don't believe we have been introduced, I'm inspector Jiro." Xander shook his hand and stepped back and waived him inside.

"I know who you are inspector, please join us." Xander invited the man once he crossed the threshold.

"Harry it's good to see you again my friend."

"It's good to see you as well Jiro. I see you got promoted."

"Yes I have thank you. It was mostly due to the last mission we ran..." Jiro stopped talking when he noticed Xander was looking at him.

"Oh don't mind me. I know all about the thing with thing and what's her name the Chinese agent with the blond hair..." Xander smiled.

"I was right. You're agent are much younger."

"Xander's not an agent Jiro." Harry explained.

"Harry only a high level agent would have known these details as vague as he explained them."

"That's because he, we-I..." Harry turned to Xander and asked, "How do you explain us?"

"Mind transfer." Xander smirked.

"Mind transfer?" Jiro wasn't buying.

"How would you explain it Harry?" Xander asked.

"I guess mind transfer and mind meld would come closest." Harry shrugged. It did in a way.

"You have that technology that far developed?" Jiro asked Harry.

"What developed? It was an accident." Xander snorted. "It even had side effects."

"Such as?"

Xander looked at Harry; who shrugged and nodded his head to let Xander explain it his way, "Someone ho their hands on one of those black crystal and decided to use it as a power source, I was a janitorial engineer and Harry had come down to get something for a mission and the doc, who was blown up by his own experiment hit something and it jarred the beam of energy he was shooting at the crystal and instead of being absorbed like the rest; it refracted and hit Harry and passed through him to me. The beam hit something behind me and got bounced back through me to Harry and into the crystal, which blew up. The Doc was killed me and Harry had a moment that lasted a life time and we both became as one person. It combined everything, both the physical and the mental. The first pass through doubled our strength and the second quadrupled it. Harry's stronger 'cause he's bigger, but I'm not that far behind."

Jiro looked at Harry and said, "You expect me to believe that?"

Harry shrugged, picked up a crowbar and turned it into a pretzel. He passed it to Xander who with a lot more effort returned it to it's original shape.

"..." Jiro had nothing to say. Harry was strong, but was inhumanly strong. The kid was slightly weaker, like he admitted, but that was only compared to Harry.

"Yeah I had that same look too." Gibs grinned at Jiro.

"It's hard to take," Jiro had a thought, "Could you kill one of those Yuma things?"

"With the right weapon yes." Harry pulled out the K-bar Xander gave him.

"That's a combat knife." Jiro observed.

"It is, with a little extra..." the k-bar a faint energy field that was barely noticeable in the bright room.

"I see..." Jiro saw the energy field when Harry held it up against a dark background. "You said that you had a prisoner?"

"Yes we captured one of the leaders. We've been trying to get him to talk, but he's tough..." Harry told him while he slid the K-bar back into its sheath, and put it back at the small of his back.
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