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Adventures in the Marvel Universe: Dawn and Xander

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The early years in Sunnydale before they grew up and became Avengers.

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RafMereCFR153353,2741114796,79328 Oct 1210 Jan 13No

Chapter 29



I would like to thank CastorandPollux for the Recommendation.


I took a break from studying and this was the result.

Tokyo, Japan.
Tokyo Hilton.

Zoisite was spilling his guts. He told the intelligence officers everything; so much so that the implications were staggering.

"They-they-they want to eat the world Harry, and not in a fun way eat you, but in a I’m not even leaving leftovers way." Gibs as far as Xander could tell, was at the edge of panic.

"You know a good way to eat the world uncle Gibs?" Dana had a smirk on her face that matched the one Faith sprouted.

Gibs gave that idea a bit of thought, "NO! There's no good way you can eat the world...unless you're Mars and you're dating Venus..."

Minako snorted, "Nope I can't see that happening; she's too straight laced..."

Xander and Faith snorted, but no one else seemed to notice. They were busy with Gibs the drama queen and his panic attack.

"...Forget I said that." Gibs added hurriedly.

"What's his problem?" Joyce asked Xander.

"It's his first Apocalypse..." he faced Joyce, "He's handling it pretty good."

"You call that good?"

"You threw Buffy out of the house for your first." Xander used his patent pending deadpan delivery.

Joyce hesitated only slightly, "You're right, he's doing pretty good."

Xander chuckled, he noticed that the Sailor Scouts had gathered into a huddle, they were whispering amongst themselves about the upcoming Apocalypse and trying to make plans to rescue Tuxedo Mask.

Xander snuck up on them with realizing he was sneaking. It was a habit he had developed in Sunnydale when he was on his own. "It would be easier if you included us in the plans, it's our planet too, unless you're sticking to this princess nonsense. You're kingdom has what? Six, maybe seven people in it without counting Help me out here, is it one cat, two? More?"

No one volunteered an answer; after the Sailor Scouts settled down from being snuck on surprisingly sneaky guy, they looked at each other and then looked to Usagi.

"What? Why are you all looking at me like that?"

"You are the moon princess." Rei told her snidely.

Xander laughed at them. He saw Dawn had snuck up behind them and was listening in.

"What are you laughing about?" Rei demanded.

"According to Zoiberg..."

"Zoisite." Usagi said firmly.

"Excuse me?"

"His name is Zoisite. Not Zoiberg, please remember that." Usagi explained again politely, but firmly. Zoisite had pledged his undying support and loyalty to her personally. It was the least she could do.

'She's got potential. Good.' Xander gave her his best I'm your harmless friend smile, "You're right. I no longer have the right to call him that behind his back, and he didn't do anything to deserve the wrath of the silly name calling technique."

"Seriously you gotta shorten that." Dawn spoke up from behind the Scouts.

"Again with the surprised screaming, you girls need some serious training..." Dawn rolled her eyes.

"L-Lady Dawn...We-we didn't see you..."

Dawn rolled her eyes again. She filed away the Lady Dawn reference and saw Xander do the same, "Too busy plotting to notice, I get that, but my Xander's right. You have to try and be aware of your environment at all times. It's such a small price to pay for you know..." when the scouts didn't interrupt her, she kept going, "...not dying."


“Say Dawn?”

“Yes Dana?”

“How come you rate this Lady Dawn treatment from princesses no less?”

Dawn shrugged her shoulders; she didn’t know. It was nice, but why? She looked at the Sailor Scouts, but they didn’t volunteer any answers. ‘That’s how they wanna play it?’ she decided to get it out of them the sneaky way, when that didn’t work, she could always throw a temper tantrum.

“Do you girls have a hidden agenda you wanna share?” Xander wiggled his eyebrows. ‘Nothing. These girls are tough.’ He felt a slap, when he looked Dawn was giving him the evil eye. “What?”

“Clueless. Go play with Harry, and leave the serious negotiation to those who don’t blow things up for fun.” Dawn pointed at Harry, Gibs and Jiro.

“Like you don’t like to blow things up.” Xander sniffed.

“Not only. I have hidden depth.”

“Since when?” he challenged her.

“You-you-you big meanie. Leave...” she pointed at the men again.

“I’m on t you missy. I know all your ways. You don’t fool me....”

“As if.” She scoffed

Xander wasn’t buying her act, but he wasn’t about to get into a shouting match with here in front of everyone; no matter how much fun it could be. Instead he huffed and raised his chin into the air and went to join the guys.

“You got told by a twelve year old...” Xander looked at Gibs and snarled.

Gibs took the hint and backed off. There would other opportunities. He smirked and raised his hands in surrender.

Harry wasn't fooled. His eyes narrowed and Xander saw the signs. He shook his head and signed that he would tell him later.

The battle signs weren't lost on either Jiro or Gibs.

The men looked at the huddled girls who were joined by Faith. Xander got Harry's attention and pointed at the balcony with his head.

Harry nodded and led the way.

Gibs looked at Inspector Jiro and shrugged.

Inspector Jiro was torn. He wanted to keep an eye on the girls, but the decision making for the group looked to be centered on Harry and the kid, Xander. One look at the huddled girls and he knew there was no way in hell he was going to be allowed within earshot of what they were talking about. Reluctantly he turned and followed agent Gibs and Harry Tasker out of the room.

"Finally the adults are out of the room." Usagi sighed.

Faith laughed at her, "Believe me if Xander's with them, then they're short an adult."

Dawn would have defended her man's honor, if Faith wasn't telling it like it is.
Xander was very capable, but one of the main reasons she liked him was that he was more like her and less than the adult he pretended to be.
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