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Adventures in the Marvel Universe: Dawn and Xander

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The early years in Sunnydale before they grew up and became Avengers.

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RafMereCFR153353,2741114796,79328 Oct 1210 Jan 13No

Chapter 30

Disclaimer: See previous.


I want to thank grd for the Recommendation.

Tokyo, Japan.
A Government Building.

Takashi Hino looked at the General in charge of Japan's Self Defense Force. "I am not looking forward to this meeting Ryu."

"Takashi we do not have a choice. The Americans made contact first, but the British, French, Russian and Israelis are not far behind them."

"Just because it's true doesn't mean I have to like it. This new shadow war is being fought on Japanese soil..." Takashi's rant was interrupted with a loud beep.

The big screen monitor came to life with an image split four ways. "Mr. Trilby, Secretary Milner and Inspector Jiro." he did not greet them. He just identified them.

Spenser Trilby could tell that the Japanese Defense Minister was not a happy man. "Minister Hino." Trilby nodded his chin in acknowledgment only. If the man was going to be an ass Trilby was ready to return the favor.

"Gentlemen I have a crisis brewing in the Gulf as we speak, by all means let's get to it."

Spenser saw Ryu in the background, he gave him a nod; which General Ruy Ogansaki returned.

Harry joined Jiro in front of the camera, "The Gulf can wait Mr. Secretary, and this can't."

"Who are you to tell me my business Agent...?” Secretary Milner looked at the papers in the file in front of him. It had a list of names and pictures identifying today's players, "...Agent Tasker?" Milner guessed that this would be the American Agent in charge on site. Milner heard someone snort in the background. This raised his hackles. Already this meeting looked like it was heading straight to the crapper, and it hadn't even started yet.

"Never thought I'd meet someone who thought that an incident in the Gulf of trouble took precedence over an Apocalypse..."

"Knock off the Apocalypse talk Alex." Harry growled.

"Ah her let me think about this for a minute Harry...No. We're looking at an Apocalypse in less than a month time and this guy is worried about a lunch appointment..."

"Alex..." Joyce put her hand on Xander's shoulder calming him down.

Milner stopped looking at his papers and looked at the young agent on the screen. His stormy face was ready to rip this agent a new hole when Trilby interrupted cut him off.

"Why don't you let Harry talk Alex? Let him give his assessment of the situation first, so we're all on the same page." Spenser had already looked through Harry's report and he knew how serious this cluster fuck was shaping up to be.

Secretary Milner held on to his wrath, but only until this meeting was over. He was sending this young whipper snapper to Antarctica when this video conference was over.

"We have,” Harry nodded his head toward Xander, “…thanks to Alex's efforts managed to turn two enemy agents of extra-terrestrial origins. The information we've mined from the higher level officer a General Zoisite; who gave us a deadline of less than a month. Forces hidden behind energy barriers in Antarctic bases will be unleashing a wave of energy that will end all life on this planet..."

"You can't seriously expect me to believe this crap..." before Secretary Milner could get going he was interrupted by Minister Hino.

"Our information supports his assessment." Takashi's words stopped Milner before his rant could start. "Inspector Jiro..." Takashi gave Inspector Jiro permission to begin his report.

Jiro bowed slightly and began, “Seven month ago the Dark Kingdom launched several attacks in the Juban district of Tokyo. Their objectives were to gather energy to fuel further incursions into our dimension. Their main agent at the time was General Jadeite. He used energy constructs as agents to gather fuel from the unsuspecting population of Tokyo.”

Milner was following the report and occasionally glancing down to confirm the dates in the folder. He barely had time to look at the information he was given by his assistant before the meeting started. He was unprepared and having a problem believing most of this crap. The only reason he stayed was because the Japanese Defense Minister and their top general were taking this seriously. He didn’t want to create an incident with their closest ally in the Far East. Trilby and his people were cowboys as far as he was concerned, but this didn’t start with Omega Sector. This was a Japanese operation that the Omega agents stumbled on by accident.

“After the first incident an independent group began to oppose the Dark Kingdom General. It started with a teenaged girl called Sailor Moon. The frequency and intensity of the attacks began to escalate, and Sailor Moon was soon joined by other girls like her. Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter…”

“Do we have any names beside these ridiculous code names?” Milner interrupted Jiro’s report.

“We do now. May I continue?” he asked politely with a hint of steel in his voice.

‘Fuck you too buddy.’ Milner stayed quiet and waved the Inspector to go on.

“The intensity and frequency of the attacks were centered in the Juban district. Other districts were hit, like Nerima, but the majority was in Juban. The Sailor Scouts have been able to stop two offensives. Each offensive wave was led by an enemy general. General Jadeite we have learned has been removed by the ruler of the Dark Kingdom for his failure to achieve his objective. His replacement General Nephrite was also killed when the Sailor Scouts stopped his offensive as well. By this time the general population became aware of the problem as more bizarre creatures were caught by media crews and the news broadcast to the general population. Not many believed the reports because the government has kept quiet. The third wave lead by General Zoisite was beginning to be felt by the general public as he began to cast a wider net of operations than just Tokyo, where most of the effective opposition was located. Police and Army units have been ineffective against these energy constructs. They were immune to normal weapons and were able to operate quite effectively without the Sailor Scouts to oppose them. That’s when agent Alex Harris and his family got caught in the middle of an attack while they were on vacation. It was due to his efforts and later when joined by agent Tasker’s unit, they were able to capture and turn two of the enemy agents, one of whom was General Zoisite…”

“Do we have a clue as to where this Dark Kingdom is located, and I don’t mean their Antarctic bases?” Milner cut Jiro off again.

“We have been told that they began on this planet over Millennium ago. According to the debrief he was originally a General under the command of the Prince of Earth. Earth was a member planet of the solar system Empire and part of a confederation of planets ruled from the capital located on the Moon. The Sailor Scouts are reincarnated agents of that long lost kingdom. I’m told that there may yet; still be hidden bases with working space ships and the support technology ready for salvage on the moon. The Solarian were part of a galactic community and it may be a good idea to get some assets on the moon to look for those bases, before we are visited by those galactic civilizations. We are not sure why they have stayed away, but we think that the main force behind the enemy might be the reason we have been left alone.”

“Is there a way to contact and control these Sailor Scouts?” Minister Takashi asked.

“Two of the Sailor Scouts are your daughters Minister.” Jiro said quietly with a bowed head.

“I only have one daughter Inspector, and she’s much too young to be part of…”

“Rei Hino is Sailor Mars.” Inspector Jiro replied.


“Inspector are you sure of your information? Rei is barley a fourteen years old girl…” General Ryu Ogansaki asked.

“Yes General Ogansaki. There is no mistake. She and her sister Ami Mizuno ‘Sailor Mercury’ are part of the Sailor Scouts.”

“Ami…” Takashi’s quiet whisper was not overlooked.

“Takashi?” General Ogansaki went to his friend and put a hand on his shoulder to show his support.

“Does…Does Saeko…Dr. Mizuno know?” Takashi asked.

“No. None of the parents know. The girls have been quite successful in protecting their identities, until agent Harris and his family stumbled into a battle between the Dark Kingdom and the Sailor Scouts. As a result agent Harris and his family gained abilities that gave them the edge they needed to stand against the Dark Kingdom when General Zoisite went after them.” Jiro lied. He owed Harry and it wasn’t a complete lie.

“It looks like we don’t have to worry too much about a rouge unit of super powered teen aged girls running around. I take it that you have already taken charge Inspector?” Secretary Milner asked.

“No I have not Mr. Secretary. I and agents Harris and Tasker agree that to do so would cripple the effectiveness of the Sailors against the Dark Kingdom. What we have done was pledge support in this fight, and they have agreed to work with us. The fact that they have blood ties to the government means we can work through the parents. They are still young Japanese girls and it wouldn’t take much to get them to cooperate with us. Minister I suggest you contact Dr. Mizuno and agent Harris would contact Sailor Moon’s parents. I will contact the parents of Sailor Venus. Sailor Jupiter’s parents are deceased she lives on her own, but she will follow the other girls and Sailor Moon who’s the acknowledged leader of the group.”

“It’s a good plan Inspector. The girls will do as they’re told if we can get the parents on board.” General Ogansaki agreed with this course of action.

“What about the technology they’re using? Where did they get it?” Spenser asked. There a lot of holes in this report, and he had yet to talk with Harry; to get to the bottom of this farce.

“The girls can still access a few hidden pockets of technology. It’s stored in some kind of subspace pockets; we haven’t been able to get that far into their story. We had to get your approval before we could go on any further. A decision has to be made by the government Leaders. Other powers are aware of what has been going on in Tokyo and the intelligence services of the major nations are close to finding out what we know. This is not a decision we can make and other governments have the right to know what’s going on. It’s their planet too; it would be a mistake to leave them out of it. The Chinese would not react well if we do not let them know, and if we have to face an alien incursion it would be best if we had a global consensus.”

“Are you seriously suggesting we share this information and technology with the communists?” Secretary Milner was chomping at the bit. Just in case this turned out to be real, there was no way he wanted the Chinese Commies to get their hands on the hidden space ships and weapons.

“We really don’t have a choice. The technology isn’t accessible to us, only to the Sailor Scouts and they believe in a united world. They do not want to leave anyone behind. It would be a mistake to force them. Their technology is sentient and intent plays a large role in how it’s used.” Harry told the red faced man.

“That’s a bunch of crap…”

“Mr. Secretary I think we should let the President make that decision sir.” Trilby derailed the Secretary’s rant before he pissed off the people holding most of the cards. The way he saw it the Japanese and the Defense Minister in particular held a pair of aces. Harry and his family were good, but from what he had read so far they were infantry while the Sailors were tactical and strategic weapons on the same level as the US Nuclear inventory.

“This isn’t over Trilby…” Secretary Milner’s picture disappeared. Harry had no doubt that Spenser was behind it. He wasn’t in charge of Omega Sector for nothing.

“Ryu I’ll talk to you later. Harry I want a full report by the end of the day. Minister I wish you good luck with your daughters.” Spenser’s picture disappeared as well.

“Do you have any orders at this time Minister Hino?”

“No Inspector Jiro.” Takashi replied.

“Continue with what you were doing Jiro. For now this is a joint operation. Harry you and your family are invited to the house when this is over. I understand that your wife and daughter are with you?” General Ogansaki asked Harry.

“They are Ryu. When this is over we’ll make the time for that visit, but for now it looks like we have an Apocalypse on our hands.”

“I agree, but I have all the confidence in both you and in Inspector Jiro. You have never disappointed me in the past and I doubt you will now. Good luck Harry, Inspector.” Harry and Jiro disappear from the screen and picture turns black before Ryu turns off the power.

“You and Saeko?”

“It was a long time ago. Risa was not well and Saeko was a caring beautiful young doctor. I even introduced her to her husband. Ken’s my cousin. I didn’t know…”

General Ryu Ogansaki understood the follies of youth too well. He sighed and went to the hidden bar. He poured a couple of fingers of Whiskey into two glasses and gave one to Takashi, “Congratulations it’s a daughter.” He knocked the glass back slammed it on the desk. Takashi did the same.

“I wonder if Saeko knows the truth.” Takashi passed the glass back to his friend, “another. One is just not enough today.”

Ryu laughed and agreed. He refilled the glasses and this time he savored the taste as the whiskey went down smoothly with a barely felt burn on its way down to his stomach.

End of Chapter.
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