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Adventures in the Marvel Universe: Dawn and Xander

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The early years in Sunnydale before they grew up and became Avengers.

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RafMereCFR153353,2741114796,80228 Oct 1210 Jan 13No

Chapter 32

Disclaimer: See previous.


Washington D.C.

"I've had one of the shielded rooms prepped ahead of time Mr. President, please limit your security detail to just two agents. I've already made the arrangement with George."

"I'm surprised that Director Harmon was willing to compromise?"

"George served under me in the past. He knows that your safety will be taken care of properly by Omega Sector. This way sir." Spenser gestured for the President to lead the way. The closest secured room would be used and President Clinton knew the way.

"As the group walked into the room, "I still don't understand why you're putting so much faith in this agents report?" Milner complained loudly, not caring who heard.

"It helps Mr. Milner that agent Tasker already has previous experience with this kind of thing." Spenser stopped pretending to be polite to this man. He had even stopped calling him by his title. It didn't look as it made any difference. Either the man had no clue, didn't care...or... Spenser looked at the man and realized that he knew exactly what he was doing and he knew how he was acting. This was an obvious attempt to embarrass the President.

Then and there he decided to have Mr. Milner's backers checked. They were attempting to usurp the presidency, 'Not on my watch you bastard!'

"How the hell does he have previous experience? He worked as an extra on Star Wars?" Milner laughed a nasty laugh.

"No David." President Clinton replied. 'Lord I'm getting tired if this man.' he looked around the room and saw four people in black suits and two closed boxes. "Agent Tasker has experience with the real deal. That's why we're taking these rumours of 'Space Ships' seriously. When someone who went up against ET's nastier cousin and lived through a nuclear explosion says there's 'Space Ships' involved we take him seriously."

"..." Milner's mouth opened and then closed. 'How the hell do I make a snide remark out of that. ET exists and he's packing nukes. Shit!'

"This way please gentlemen. Behind the shields." Spenser waived the President and Secretary Milner over.

The two men joined him, "Agent Tasker sent a sample of what the Japanese are facing..." Spenser signalled for one of the men to open the first black box.

A panel slid open and a tray slid out. On the tray was a black crystal.

"Doesn't look like much?" Milner observed.

Spenser and President Clinton ignored him.

Milner huffed but stayed silent. He could only go so far, before the President's own security reacted.

The second box slid open and a pigeon flew out. If fluttered a out for a few seconds and dropped to the ground. It landed awkwardly and then fell down, dead before it's head hit the ground. The men saw the black crystal glow for a second and then dim. The glow didn't dissipate entirely. A tiny glow lingered.

"What just happened?" asked President Clinton.

"The crystal sucked out all the pigeon bio electricity until there was nothing left." Spenser explained.

"Are we safe?" Milner asked looking for a way out.

'Man's an obnoxious coward. His days are numbered.' Spenser decided that he had enough of Mr. Milner. He would find out all there was to know about the man and his backers before nightfall.

"For now. The barrier will block out everything. Keep in mind gentlemen that that was just a small sample. The enemy has been using these things for month and we're just now catching up."

"Director Spenser do what you have to to resolve and remove all threats to the country." Clinton was firm in his orders.

"Consider them removed Mr. President." Spenser looked at Milner's reflection when he said that. 'Consider all threats removed.'

Tokyo, Japan.
Juban District.

Dawn went back to the shop. She had forgotten her bag. She told the girls she'd meet them at the Crown Arcade. She ran back into the shop and to get her bag and was met at the door by the sales girl.

Dawn thanked the girl and left with a smile. On the way out she heard a scuffle in the alleyway. She peeked in and saw a couple of boys beating on a small girl. Her blood boiled. 'Those Bastards.' She ran in and grabbed the first boy's hand before the punch landed.

"Leave her alone." she growled.

The boy towered over Dawn and when he looked at her he sneered, "Mind your own business gaigin trash." He tried to push her off and frowned when he couldn't.

The other two boys continued to kick the girl on the ground.

"I said enough..." Dawn used the first boy like a large club to hit the boy on the left and again to get the one on the right.

"Let's get out of here. There's nothing here but street trash and gaigin." the other boys ran behind him out of the alley.

"Are you alright?" Dawn knelt beside the girl on the ground and examined her wounds. She saw that they were mostly bruses.

"Sorry about this. I don't want to be any trouble." the small girl replied timidly.

"You're not the one that should be worried about trouble. It's those idiots. Hi I'm Dawn Summers." Dawn gave her, her brightest smile.

"Hotaru Tomoe. Sorry about this."

"C'mon." Dawn gave her a hug. Hotaru didn't know why? But she felt safe for the first time since her mother died.
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