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Adventures in the Marvel Universe: Dawn and Xander

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Avengers and Slayers". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The early years in Sunnydale before they grew up and became Avengers.

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I own the stories that are not told. And not the previously published characters or the concepts.

Part I

The Pack

Sunnydale, CA.
Elementary School Bus.

Dawn was bouncing in her seat. They were going to the Zoo to watch the animals and stuff.

"Would you calm down. You really should lay off the candy when we go out. That or share, so I could keep up." Janice elbowed Dawn gently.

Dawn took a deep breath and tried to calm down. She managed for about nine seconds before she started to bounce again. "Sorry, can't do it. Next time I'll make sure to smuggle some more for you. I keep forgetting that your mom is so ultra strict. What does she have against sugar anyway?"

Janice gave a heavy sigh and pouted. She gave up trying to get Dawn to stop with the bouncing, "I don't know. She says it has something to do with blah, blah, blobity-blah."

"What does that even mean?"

"Goddd! I don't know. I tune her out as soon as she starts with sugar's bad. Um-Kay." She put her hand on Dawn's shoulder and held her down for the rest of the trip.

Sunnydale, CA.
The Zoo.

Dawn dragged Janice behind her from one enclosure to the next. Dawn's energy had yet to subside, while Janice's energy reserves dwindled trying to keep up.

"Hey, isn't that your sister?" She asked. Janice was desperate for any excuse that would slow her friend down. 'Darn it. She'd better have some sugar for me the next time she overdoses on he stuff.'

"Yeah it is. Let's hide before she sees us."

Janice looked left, at the Zebra habitat to the left and the closed Hyena enclose up ahead. "Where?" She asked.

Dawn made an instant decision and ran for the closed Hyena house. She forgot to drag Janice in her haste to hide. 'Buffy at the Zoo would ruin her day. She quickly found a place and his inside. "Shhhh." She didn't see Janice anywhere, "Janice? Where are you?" she was alone. Janice was nowhere in sight. She heard noise and went back to her hiding spot.

She saw some kids from Buffy's school. Four of them were teasing this geek they dragged along with them.

She slinked further back into the darkness. After a minute with the older kids teasing the geekoid, Xander came in to save the day. She had a secret crush on Xander for a while now. He even preferred her to Buffy, but that was a secret. 'It's four against one, and the geek so don't count. He's gonna need backup." She gathered her courage and went to help. She saw one of the bigger boys threaten her secret friend, "Hey! Pick on someone your own size." She said hoping to confuse the teen.

She heard a growl and turned to see where it came from.

Glowing green eyes. That all she saw at first. Then something went through her and she was pulled into this great big endless green ocean. Whatever went inside her drowned in the ocean. "Xander!" She reached out to touch her friend, and another green jolt went through her.

Xander looked at Dawn and felt a connection form with he young girl. "Huh, what, what are you doing here Dawn?" He growled.

"I'm your backup." She said bravely. She held on tight to his hand.

Xander didn't let go. He felt through the link and knew that deep down she was pack. The small one was his. She was his cub to protect.

"Get rid of her." One of the bigger girls said.

"Just try it you meanie!" She growled.

"I'm Alpha! She's 'Pack'!" Xander declared.

Heidi frowned. 'Pack' she touched Dawn and felt a feint connection. "Pack." She conceded.

The others frowned and followed Heidi's lead. They touched and sniffed the young one. After a minute or so Dawn got fed up and pushed them off." Rude much!" She growled. A bit of the drowning spirits inside her snapped back.

Xander once again moved in to the rescue. "Mine!" He growled at them.

Dawn felt a warm shiver go through her entire body. 'I knew it! He prefers me over Buffy!'

The rest of the Pack backed off. The pup belonged to the Alpha.

The Pack left the Hyena house and went out into the sunshine. Xander led them around the Zoo.

"There's Janice! Gotta go. She'll be worried. Bye Xander!" in a bold move she kissed him on the cheek and ran to catch up with her friend.

Xander put his hand on the wet spot on his cheek and smiled. "Come on." he growled at the rest.

The Pack followed.

"Where have you been? And, and did you just openly kiss that older boy?" She asked.

"He's my Xander." she replied sternly, she giggled and hugged her best friend, "He told the other kids that I was his. I'm so going to be Mrs. Xander Harris when I grow up!" She declared.

"You're hopeless." she giggled with her friend anyway, "C'mon dish. What was it like to kiss an older boy?"

The two giggled some more. Dawn ran and skipped away, and Janice was forced to do the same to keep up with her.

Sunnydale, CA.
1630 Revello Drive

Dawn was clipping out wedding dresses from a magazine while humming he wedding march.

"What are you so happy about?" Joyce asked with an amused smile on her face.

"Xander said I was his!" she squealed.

"He did did he?" Joyce asked with narrowed eyes.

"He so did. I'm so marrying him." She told her mother.

"When did this happen?" She asked her giddy daughter.

"At the Zoo. There were these mean kids, and they were doing mean stuff to this kid, and then Xander came in and saved the day. I helped of course and when one of the bigger, and meaner skanks tried to hurt me, Xander went like uh. She mine." she squealed and giggled again as she recalled the moment, "And then the rest of them got all weird and stuff but Xander stood his ground and they backed off."

"Xander was your White Knight I take it?" Joyce calmed down a bit after her youngest daughter explained what happened. She was glad it was something like that. It also proved that her judgement about Xander was spot on. He may have been interested in Buffy, but he also went out of his way to protect her other child when he didn't have to. Her eyes narrowed as another thought popped into her head. "Does Buffy know about Xander protecting you?"

"No she doesn't. Please mom don't tell her. He's mine, and not hers. He said so, please."

"Okay. Mums the word." she zipped her mouth promising not to tell Buffy.

"Thanks mom." She jumped off the bed and gave her mom a huge hug.

"Whoa. Where did that come from? And since when could you jump that far?" She asked. Dawn had jumped all the way from the bed to the door.

"It's the springs. I love my bed." she laughed as her mom hugged her.

"Does that mean you' e tested the springs before? Like when you're supposed to be sleeping?"

"What! No! How could you think that..."

Joyce gave her the mom look and Dawn cracked under the pressure.

"Okay, maybe just a little..." She held her thumb and index about half an inch apart.

"I see..."


Joyce smiled and picked Dawn up and put her to bed she started to tickle her and Dawn gave up in a fit of giggles.

After Dawn had finally caught her breath Joyce said, "You can put all that stuff away. You have a bit of growing up to do before you can start planing your wedding."

"But mom..."

"No more buts young lady. Now go to sleep, like you're supposed to."

"Kay. But someday I will be Mrs. Harris." She promised.

"When the day comes and you're old enough, then we'll see. Okay."

For Dawn that might as well be a promise set in concrete. "Okay mommy. Goodnight."

"Goodnight sweet pea." She gave her a hug and tucked her in. She couldn't help herself as she saw the bye smile on her daughter's face. 'I'm going to have to keep a close watch on that..." She sighed as she walked out of the room. She turned off he lights and closed the door behind her.

Sunnydale, CA.
Sunnydale High School

The next day was a weird one for Xander. He found himself doing things he never though he'd ever do. He wasn't in total control, but he wasn't shoved to the side either. He was also able to feel Dawn through the connection. She was a distraction and when he concentrated on her the other side of him took over. It did things like eat a young piglet. It was okay, but ugh. Raw meat. Then the rest of the day would go by and Then he was with Willow. She was trying to tutor him in math again, the other fled to the back of his mind. The coward. He was stuck learning math with his Willow for a long, looooong time. At least thirty minutes.

He now found himself wrestling with Buffy in an empty classroom. The other was trying to force itself on his girl. 'No way!' he growled and took back control. The green glow in his eyes recessed and he looked down at Buffy. "Sorry..." He said as Buffy took the opening to clobber him on the head with a table.

"So am I." Buffy said as she dragged him back to the library and locked him I the cage.

When he woke up in the cage as his friends were getting ready to cast something on him.

At the end of the ritual he felt like a part of him was getting caged up and other fled through the link. On the other end of the connection Dawn felt something enter her body again. She looked around and found that she was alone. She shrugged and went back changing her clothes for gym class. She was the last one as usual.

It was all a blur after that as the library was attacked by the rest of the Pack.

The next day after the whole thing with the ex-zoo keeper and the rest of the pack taken care of Xander was telling his friends that he remembered nothing of the ordeal.

The girls left for class and Xander was walking beside Giles.

"Funny thing. It never mentioned memory loss anywhere in the book..."

Xander saw that the watcher had guessed his secret. "Mount me, stuff me..." Xander zipped his mouth and Giles smiled.

'At least he learned something. I think a closer eye should be kept on young Mr. Harris. There's usually a few physical changes involved. It's best to keep an eye...' Xander had left for his class and the watcher let him go.

Part II

Summer time.
Sunnydale, CA.


"Dawn, what did I tell you about shouting in the house?" Joyce asked.

"Not to do it."


Dawn gave her mother a put upon melodramatic sigh and said, "and to apologize after I do it."



"Al right. What did you want?"

"When's Xander coming over?" she asked.

"He should be here in a minute. Was this why you ditched your father early? You wanted to get back to Xander, and not your old mother." Joyce guessed. Hank has told her that Dawn wanted to go back to her mommy in Sunnydale, but Joyce thought that coming back to Xander had more to do with her behaviour than her wanting her mother.

So far Xander had been the perfect gentleman with both her daughters. She wouldn't mind I he dated Buffy, instead if that older boy who was tutoring her in History. At least he was Buffy's age and she could trust him with Dawn. He was a wonderful babysitter and Dawn did whatever he asked. She knew why Dawn was well behaved with the older boy and she was taking advantage of the situation. Trusting her child with someone she knew would do his all to protect her was a load off her mind. Dawn took terrible advantage of the boy, but he never complained. In fact he looked like he enjoyed being with Dawn as much as her daughter enjoyed being with him.

She didn't know how it was going to play out as she got older, but for now the puppy love stage was just fine.

Ding! Dong!

"HE"S HERE!" Dawn took off like a rocket to answer the door.

"XANDER!" Dawn squealed and jumped the love of her young life.

Xander caught her easily and swung her around. He felt the connection with Dawn strengthen as soon as there was contact. A surge of energy went through his body. He felt her excitement through the link. "Hi Dawn Patrol. Did you miss me?"

"Xander...." Dawn squealed again and hugged him tighter. She felt the warm all over as she felt his love for her.

"Hello Mizz Summers did you do something new with your hair? Dawn. You didn't tell me that you had a sister older than Buffy."

Joyce laughed as the young man openly flirted with her with Dawn hanging from his neck. He held her up easily in one arm. With he other he shook her hand.

"Ha ha ha. Xander you're terrible." Joyce giggled. She didn't mind the flirting at all. She knew his heart was Buffy's for the asking. If she would only just ask already.

"Xander stop flirting with my mom. You're only supposed to flirt with me." Dawn pouted and Xander gave her a tighter hug and a quick tickle. She squealed and giggled. She also wiggled in his arms.

"Sorry. Won't happen again today. Sorry Mizz S. but my heart belongs to another. Although you're my go to if I get shot down tonight." he wiggled his eyebrows.

Joyce laughed as her daughter protested. It felt good to laugh, and the only time she laughed lately had been when Xander was around. The attention was faltering, but she hadn't been into High School boys when she was in High School. Although the attention was extremely faltering. "So what's on for tonight?"

"I'm thinking dinner and a movie. That good for you My Dawnie?"

Dawn squealed again when he called her his, "sounds good." She added when she removed her head from his shoulder.

"Cool. Willow's meeting us at the mall. We'll hit the food court before the movie start. That way we won't have to glut on the expensive theatre food."

"Sounds good to me. Make sure you at least slip her something healthy in between all that junk binge."

"Will do ma'am." He saluted.

Joyce slipped him enough money to cover all expenses for the both of them with the rest going to cover his duties as a babysitter.

"C'mon Dawnie. We don't want to be late. Otherwise Willow will track us down and hunt us like dogs." He shivered theatrically to let her know he was being serious.

"You'd better go then. We don't want Willow to become a criminal and sent to jail for murder. Have fun." Joyce called after them as Xander put Dawn on his shoulders and ran with her making airplane noises.

Joyce was ready for that and snapped a few pictures for later. She smiled as she heard her little girl's laughter ring out all over he neighbourhood. 'If Buffy doesn't snatch that boy up soon he's going to be off the market.' She snapped a few more pictures before they disappeared around the corner.

Part III


Sunnydale, CA.

Dawn saw Xander grab a gun from the bargain bin at Ethan's costume shop. "What are you going as Xander?" Dawn pounced like a panther at her future husband.

"Hey Dawnie." Xander got the usual boost whenever Dawn Summers clamped n to him. He knew that they had this connection ever since the 'Pack' thing. He wasn't sure why she wasn't possessed like he and the others were. 'Maybe being the slayers sister gave her some kind of immunity.' He said, "I'm thinking Arnold from the predator movie."

"That was a cool one. Thanks again for taking me."

"You're welcome Dawnmeister. Your my favourite movie partner." his smile made Dawn's day.

"That's cause we boy make the same action sounds as they do on he screen." She said knowingly.

"True. Buffy and Willow just don't get it like we do." he sighed in sadness.

"C'mon. I wanna show you my costume." She dragged him to the racks. After she picked up her choice, Xander frowned.

"You're going as a hooker. Gee Dawn. I don't think your mom will let you out of the house looking like that."

"No. I'm going as Arnold's wife from true lies."

Xander frowned, but before he could say anything Willow and Buffy came over.

"The Butt pain bothering you Xander." Buffy asked.

"I'm on strike from talking to Buffy. Dawn could you please tell her that I don't mind hanging with the prettiest Summers girl in Sunnydale."

'YES! TAKE THAT BUFFY!' Dawn laughed and turned to her sister. "Xander said you stink, so you should go away and take a shower before you stink up the place." Dawn repeated Xander's message in her own words.

"Ugh. He so did not. I'm standing right here." Buffy threatened to pinch her, but Dawn his behind Xander before she could do so. She was a lot faster than she used to be. Buffy still haven't learned to compensate for her speed properly.

Buffy let Dawn get away with the name calling for now. She'd deal with her later. "Please Xander. I already said I'm sorry. The next time Larry tries to pound you to a pulp I'll so stay out of it."

"See. That's all I'm saying." Xander smiled at her.

Buffy smiled and gave Xander a quick hug now that she was forgiven."this man code is so complicated."

"What did you get Xander?" Willow asked. She has a ghost bag with her.

Xander saw the bag and guessed what she would go out as. "Another Boo Will?"

"Uh huh. You?"

"Still the two dollars costume king. He showed her the toy gun.

"Mafia hood?" Buffy guessed.

"Nope Arnold from Predator." He replied.

"Oh. I think you should a few other things then."

"Oh like what?" He asked her.

Now that her advice was sought. Buffy took Xander by the hand and added a few other things to his costume. Camouflage paint, shoulder padding, 'cause hello 'Arnold', when she was done they wound up at a display for a Victorian era dress. She sighed when she looked up at it.

The shop owner popped up from behind Xander making him jump. "Jezz. Don't do that man." He complained.

Ethan ignored the hanger on and concentrated on getting the slayer into the dress. Turning her into a helpless victim was the height of irony.

"C'mon. You can help me with my costume while the creepy stalker talks to Buffy." Dawn pulled him away as he heard the stalker talk about something, something hidden princess something. Xander knew why Buffy was looking at the dress like that. Probably to impress the dead pedophile.

He let the thought drop and helped Dawn with her costume. There was a lot less bile in that activity than there would if he stuck around.

Part IV

Sunnydale, CA.

Dawn was in her Sunday dress. It was Easter and they were getting ready to go to church. Xander has promised that he would be with her.

Things had been tense lately. Ever since Buffy's boyfriend had turned into Stalker Guy. He was okay at first but something really bad must have happened between him and Buffy to make him act like that. He had almost had her while she was coming home from Janice's house But Xander had shown up out of nowhere and drove him off.

While he making threats to Xander she used the taser he gave her a few weeks ago to tag him in the leg. That's when she saw Angel's face change.

Xander had kicked him with the steel toed shoes he was wearing lately. She grabbed Xander's hand at that point and dragged him off screaming.

She thought that Xander's eyes might have glowed green at one point while they were holding her hands as they ran.

Later when they were safe he told her all about the hidden world that threatened them. He also told her what a hero her sister was. That she risked her life on a nightly bases keeping the world safe from vampires and demons. He had promised to keep her safe from everything, and she believed him.

Xander was like the best boyfriend ever. Too bad he was dating that skank Cordelia Chase. She knew it was a phase, and probably had something to do with her enormous chest. She couldn't wait until she had an enormous so she could fight back. He still hanged with her, but he brought Cordelia with him when he did.

She tried to make nice with her by trying to teach her all about make up and fashion. So she was a little better than Buffy in that regard.
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