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High Guards of the Multi-verse: Foundation

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Summary: Dressing as Doctor Strange has far reaching consequences for Xander. Especially when Doctor Strange decided to help Xander in his battle against demons.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: HalloweenwraithruneFR18832,543118439,6411 Nov 122 Mar 13No

Chapter 2: X-man power?

High Guards of the Multi-verse: Foundation

Disclaimer: I do not own characters or storylines from Buffy the Vampire slayer and (animated marvel feature) Doctor Strange, X-men and Andromeda TV series

Summary: Dressing as Doctor Strange has far reaching consequences for Xander. Especially when Doctor Strange decided to help Xander in his battle against demons.

Crossover: Btvs/Marvel Comics/ Andromeda

Chapter 2: X-man power?

Reality 0 – Buffy the Vampire Slayer Alternate Verse

Willlow poked Buffy in the ribs, nearly causing the Slayer to jerk out of her seat.

"Hey Willow! I'm sensitive there!" Buffy exclaimed turning to her best friend. They were in the library doing some research for Giles. No demons needed slaying and no one wanted to open the Hellmouth for the past week. In short it was one of those rare demon free holidays in Sunnydale. Giles had handed them some books, getting them to research one of his pet project in order to keep them out of trouble. It was brain dead work and boring... for Buffy anyway.

"Sorry Buffy." Willow said in a whisper. Then fugitively, she pointed at Xander who was sitting at the other table. "Don't you think something is weird with Xander since Halloween?"

"What kind of weird are you talking about?" Buffy asked, instantly worriedly, memories of Hyena Xander instantly popping up in her mind. After seeing Xander being possessed, she began to have a healthy respect for the boy. She never knew goofy Xander could be so intimidating until the Hyena spirit had taken over his body.

"Well he keeps muttering to himself." Willow got up quietly and motioned Buffy to do the same as they creep up behind Xander.

"Well it's not fire." Xander muttered after flinging out his hands in a sweeping motion. "Not ice either. I didn't turn into a monster so I can't really tell if the x-gene is working or not. Grr..."

"Xander, what are you talking about." Buffy called out, worry creeping across her face.

"Gah!!" Xander cried out as he jerked back in fright. His chair tilted too far and it fell down, carrying Xander with it, until Buffy grabbed hold of it.

"Xander! What's wrong with you?" Bufy said in exasperation as she straightened the chair.

"Oh nothing." Xander said quickly as he got out of the chair. He grinned brightly at the two girls as he scratched his head uncomfortably. "I was just erm... roleplaying, you know one of those Dungeon and Dragons thing."

"Roleplaying?" Willow asked with a frown, giving her best childhood friend an accusing look. "Xander, you've gone all weird since Halloween, are you sure that there's nothing you're not telling us?"

"Not... Not tell you guys? Of… of course not!" Xander said with false cheer. "Come on, I tell you guys everything! We're like best buddies!"

Buffy raised an eyebrow and stared at him silently. Even she could tell that Xander seemed skittish around the two girls right now. Xander deflated at her steely look.

"Oh alright... I am suffering withdrawal symptoms." Xander said looking down with a grimace.

"Withdrawal symptoms?" Willow asked, sounding shocked. "Are you doing drugs?"

"No not drugs!" Xander said with a laugh. "You know I told you I was Doctor Strange during Halloween night? Well... he was so powerful with all his knowledge of magic and stuff. And now that he's gone and I can't sense the magic anymore, I feel a bit empty."

"Oh! You should have told us earlier silly!" Willow said looking relieved now that she understood what was going on.

"Yeah, Willow was afraid you have gone all psycho." Buffy said rolling her eyes. She stretched her stiff shoulder now that the mystery of what was happening with Xander was solved. "Well, I guess we have better go back to the books, Giles' going to come out of his office anytime now."

"I'll go get some donuts! We're going to need some munchies for long research session." Xander said as he quickly made his way out of the library. "Be back soon."


Reality 0 – Buffy the Vampire Slayer Alternate Verse

As Xander made his way out of the library, he looked back to see if Buffy and Willow were following and gave a sigh of relief when they remained at their seats. It had been a close shave. Buffy and Willow had nearly found out that he was hiding something from them. Memories of Halloween night still remained strong in his mind and foremost had been Stephen Strange's alteration of his physical body.

He had not told the girls or Giles about the mystical genetic alteration because this was his one chance of getting comic book superpowers. Whatever powers he would get, he was certain it would give him the much needed edge in the fight against the supernatural forces in Sunnydale. But he was quite sure that if the girls or Giles knew of the magical “boost” Stephen had left him, Giles might try to find a counter spell of some sort to restore him to “normal”.

Not that Xander really think Giles would be able to counter whatever the Sorcerer Supreme had done to his body. Stephen had been one of the Master of Magic in his world. Giles did have incredible book knowledge, but so far Xander had not seen the librarian do anything really magical in nature.

According to Stephen's memories, the x-gene reacts differently in each individual. Some mutants were changed physically to monster like shapes while others were granted access to powers while remaining in their human form. Heck, he knew that much from the comic books!

Apparently Xander belonged to the later, for which he was ever grateful. Becoming a monstrous looking human would freak everyone out, even at the cost of gaining special powers. It had been a gamble, but then he had known that when he had accepted Stephen's offer which had granted him the x-gene. Unfortunately, even after so many days, his powers had not yet seemed to manifest.

Xander was so deep in thought that he was already half way onto the road before he noticed a car speeding towards him.

The driver blare the car horn loudly but it was already too late for Xander to move. His last thoughts were Shit! before primeval instincts of fleeing took over his body. A surge of energy surrounded him, propelling him through a sea of dazzling colours, as he vanished from sight.


Reality 1 – Andromeda Alternate Verse

"Argh!" Xander cried out in fright as he appeared in mid-air. For a second he saw a dark blue sky before immediately plunging down. He got a view of dead yellow grass and several ruins before he crashed onto hard reddish soil.

Pain stabbed through his head and he slumped onto the ground unconscious.


Reality 1 – Andromeda Alternate Verse

There was a cool feeling on his chest, arms and legs when he woke up. Xander looked around in a daze. He seemed to be in some kind of medical room. Pieces of square paper like pads were stuck to various parts of his body. The pad things were giving him a sensation of chill which was spreading throughout his body.

"I see you're awake." A strong feminine voice said from his right.

Xander turned around and felt his heart skipped a beat at the sight of a beautiful brown haired woman walking into the room.

"H..Hi!" Xander croaked through dry lips, suddenly realizing that he was very thirsty.

"Hi yourself." The woman said with a smile. “You fell from a long way up, I’ve to stick some nano pads on your wounds to heal you and repair your bones.”

She took a cup from a tray and placed it under some kind of dispenser which poured water into the cup. Once it was full, she gave it to Xander who sipped the cool water thankfully.

“Where am I? Who are you? And what do you mean by nano pads?” Xander asked after he had some water down his throat.

“I am Rommie and you’re on the starship Andromeda. Nano pads are well, equipment to repair an organic body.” The woman said, and as if Xander's question had opened a floodgate, her next words came out in a rush. “You’re the first human I’ve seen in two hundred years! How did you came about on Earth and where did you came from?”

“Whoa! Wait a minute. What do you mean we’re on a starship? And two hundred years? Are you telling me you’re two hundred years old?” Xander said, trying to make sense of the woman's words. 

He gulped and looked at Rommie apprehensively. “Are you a demon or something?”

“A demon?” Rommie asked with a frown. “Well no, I am an android. And by starships I mean the ships that travel in space. How did you get on Earth anyway? All the humans on Earth have perished since the Great War 250 years ago. In fact there was no sentient life left… after the end…”

“Everyone died?” Xander croaked as fear creep down his back. “You’re an android and I am on a starship… Rommie, what year is this?”

“It’s 3002 SC” Rommie said simply, not realizing that she was increasing the dread Xander was feeling. “Not that there are any intelligent races keeping track of the date anymore.”

“SC?” Xander asked weakly.

“Space Civilization.” Rommie supplied. “What’s wrong? You look a bit pale.”

“Oh my God!” Xander exclaimed. “I’ve travelled to the future!”


Reality 1 – Andromeda Alternate Verse

"So who’s the president of United States during your time?" Rommie asked. Beside her, there was a hologram that looked exactly like the young woman except that the hologram was wearing different clothes.

The hologram was actually a projection of the starship Andromeda herself, since Xander was actually on an honest to god ship that could travel into space. For the past hour, Rommie and Andromeda had been grilling him about the history of his world. They had also seemed particularly interested in his own personal history.

"Erm, George Winters." Xander said, growing more and more nervous about the situation he was now in. "The two of you seemed to be taking what I said remarkably well. About my traveling to the future I mean, most people would be freaking out by now or locking me in an asylum somewhere."

"That's because we're not people." The hologram, Andromeda replied. "We're complex A.I. and although Rommie was programmed to be capable of feeling human like emotions, she's able to overwrite them when the situations call for it."

"Ah yeah right, sorry I keep forgetting." Xander said with a grimace. He looked around him. They were in what Rommie had called the command room where the ship's main control panels were located. There was a wide stretch of glass like material in front of the room that showed the outside of the ship. The view of large barren grass lands and giant craters was enough to raise Xander's creep factor and the feeling of doom for the future of his world.

"It's hard to believe Earth would be destroyed by these Magog you were talking about." Xander said shaking his head sadly.

"Not just Earth but many other planets with intelligent life forms." Rommie said with a frown. She then turned to address the hologram beside her. "So Andromeda, what's your verdict?"

"He's not from our Earth." Andromeda said with a tone of finality. "I've checked the database. The U.S president for 1999 AD was a woman by name of Martha Wood. There were no records of this Watcher's Council or demonic creatures anywhere except in myths. And there was no town called Sunnydale in old Earth."

"What? But how could that be?" Xander asked in shock. "I am telling the truth!"

"And you are. We do not doubt you. But this means that you're not a time traveller. You're instead a reality traveller." Andromeda replied in a calm voice. "We've encountered a few such cases before. There was one time when we, Rommie, and the old crew of Andromeda were sent to multiple alternate realities. Xander, do you know what an alternate reality is?"

"Well, yeah, I'm a comic book geek and I've read all about it. Alternate realities are realities that are similar and yet not the same." Xander supplied and then gave a relieved sigh. "Thank God, so my world isn't destroyed in the future."

"Unless you can jump to the future of your world, we can never tell for sure." Andromeda pointed out, before continuing with a smile. "But your powers present an interesting situation for us. Rommie and I might be the last of the sentient beings in our world, though we are artificially created. Our old mission was to protect all life from the Spirit of the Abyss and the Magog. We had failed, in that mission. But now you've given us something new to explore and think about."

"Erm... you're welcome?" Xander said with an uncomfortable grin.

"If you're so inclined, Rommie and I would like to help you understand your new powers." Andromeda said sharing a look with Rommie. "It'll give us something new to think about in this dead world."

"What Andromeda meant is that involving ourselves to help you may prevent our logical drives from becoming not so logical." Rommie said with a hint of sadness in her voice. "There had been cases of A.I.s who went crazy due to long periods of time in seclusion. Interaction with other life forms, especially an intelligent race would hopefully prevent that."

"Oh yeah, well I would really appreciate your help." Xander said with a grin. "I don't really understand my powers much anyway. And you guys seemed like nice people... erm A.I.s."

"Very well, Rommie, let's begin the tests." Andromeda said.


Reality 1 – Andromeda Alternate Verse

"You do have a unique gene in your DNA that sets you apart from the normal human gene sequence in our databases. That gene in particular is fluid and constantly changing. It is truly incredible, I’ve never seen anything like it in a human cell before, not even on other non-human races in the old Commonwealth." Rommie said analysing the results. "The tests have shown that you can't teleport, so one of my theories is that you can only slip through dimensions. That is an ability which we will be testing out now."

"Alright." Xander said sipping on a packet of juice. "Where did you get this anyway? It tastes nice."

"Andromeda sent some of the worker droids to harvest some of the fruit trees in our greenhouse. You needed some carbohydrates to function." Rommie answered.

"You've a greenhouse on this ship?" Xander asked impressed. This was after all his first time in a real starship. "How big is this ship anyway?"

"About 1000 yards long. And 2000 yards high." Rommie said in a preoccupied voice as she fiddled with some equipment. "It is unfortunately too large a space for only Andromeda and myself. After everyone died, I tried to spend my time taking care of the plants and animals I could find and shelter them in this ship. I have converted many of the old existing rooms into habitats filled with life."

"That's really good of you. This ship is just like a Noah's Ark." Xander paused to absorb what Rommie said and then gave a whistle. "I'll like to have a look around when I have time."

"It will take you days to see everything inboard the ship. Alright, the sensor is done." Rommie said putting a belt around his waist. "This will show how much bio-energy it'll take you to jump realities. Now we'll just have to hope that you can find your way back your home dimension."

There was a strained silence as Xander gave her a sickly grin. It was something Andromeda had pointed out, that due to the abundance of realities, Xander might never get back home. It was one of the reasons Rommie was going with him on this jump, in case he met any trouble he could not handle in a new reality.

"Hey thanks for offering to go with me as my bodyguard." Xander said to Rommie. "Especially since we have no idea if we can ever return back here."

Rommie looked at the hologram of Andromeda and turned back to Xander, a serious look on her face. "We're not helping you out of pure good will, we've our reasons as well."

"Reasons?" Xander asked suddenly apprehensive.

"We've no bad intentions to you or your world, but your powers might help us if you can control it." Rommie said. "Do you still want to continue?"
Xander looked into Rommie's eyes as she stared back with frank honesty.

"Well, if I can't trust you, who can I trust? You did save my life." Xander answered with a grin. "Hand on tight lady. Flight Xander is taking off."

Andromeda observed as Rommie put her arms around Xander’s back and they both disappeared, leaving a slight shimmer in the air.

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