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High Guards of the Multi-verse: Foundation

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Summary: Dressing as Doctor Strange has far reaching consequences for Xander. Especially when Doctor Strange decided to help Xander in his battle against demons.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: HalloweenwraithruneFR18832,543118439,5811 Nov 122 Mar 13No

Chapter 1: From Strange to X-man

High Guards of the Multi-verse: Foundation

Disclaimer: I do not own characters or storylines from Buffy the Vampire slayer and (animated marvel feature) Doctor Strange and X-men

Author's Notes: My knowledge of Doctor Strange is only limited to what is shown in the Animated Marvel Feature DVD. I've never read the comics, so I apologize if anything seems out of canon.

Summary: Dressing as Doctor Strange has far reaching consequences for Xander. Especially when Doctor Strange decided to help Xander in his battle against demons.

Crossover: Btvs/multiple

Chapter 1: From Strange to X-man

Reality 0 – Buffy the Vampire Slayer Alternate Verse

"Now this is... abnormal." Stephen Strange muttered to himself as he observed the various demonic species that were having a field day around him. Occasionally there would be pirates and fairies racing passed him and a few frightened humans dressed in costumes running past screaming.

"Wait... Humans dressed in costumes?" Stephen gaped looking at the fleeing teenagers who were being chased by a group of small demons.

Green light flashed from his hands as Stephen summoned his mystical energies into a stunning spell which he sent slamming into the demons. The little demons collapsed onto the ground paralyzed. The teenagers who were being chased took one look at him and ran screaming in the opposite direction.

So much for gratefulness… Stephen thought as rolled his eyes. "What is going on here?" He said in exasperation as he stared at the chaos around him. "Demons and mystical creatures, it's like a mad house here..."

Stephen paused as something prodded in the back of his mind. He sent a trickle of power to investigate the anomaly and blinked in shock at what he found. Memories filled him, memories of someone else, of a young teenager called Alexander Lavelle Harris. Stephen saw the child's life, from the time he was born to this very moment in time.

Stephen saw Alexander being best buddies with a girl named Willow and a boy named Jesse. He saw Buffy the Vampire Slayer's appearance, followed by Jesse's death. He saw how Alexander had struggled against the demons as he fought side by side with Buffy, the mystical warrior. Stephen winced at the memories of how the young man went back home with cuts and bruises from each night's patrol. The teenage had known that he lacked the power to fight dark creatures stronger and faster than him, yet the young man still stayed by the Slayer's side, because the urge to protect his friends was stronger than reason.

Then Stephen had come to the memory of how young Xander had dressed as Doctor Strange for Halloween, and how suddenly, the teenager had been pushed to the backseat of his mind as Stephen Strange, Sorcerer Supreme took over his body.

Accessing all of those memories took but mere minutes for Stephen. Armed with the knowledge in those memories, Stephen now knew what he was dealing with. A pulse of magical energies and he was able to scan his surroundings, detecting the thick stench of chaotic foreign magic lingering around children and teenagers that had been changed into their costumes. Stephen now knew that they were indeed children turned to demons and was grateful that he had only stunned the previous group of demons.

Something fluttered nervously in the line of his vision and he found himself looking at the ghost of a very familiar young girl. His heart skipped a bit before he realized she was not dead, just turned into her costume.

"Xander! Something terrible has happened!" The girl he identified as Willow from Alexander's memories cried out. "Everyone has turned into their costumes! We have to find Buffy and figure out what is going on!"

"Buffy can't help with this." Stephen said, knowing from Alexander's memories that Buffy was only mystically enhanced physically with the occasional power of foresight. She was not up to tackling a sorcerer of unknown powers. "Willow, I want you to find Buffy and stay by her side."

"But!" Willow cried out only pausing as Stephen raised a hand.

"Don't worry, Willow do you trust me?" Stephen asked. It would take too long to explain to the girl turned ghost that Alexander was currently not in, better to let her assume he was still her friend.

"Well I do but..." Willow began before Stephen cut her off.

"Then trust me, I'll take care of this." Stephen said firmly, staring at the girl. "Go and find Buffy. If what I suspect is true, she would have turned into her costume and will need your help."

Willow nodded and then gave a gasp as Stephen disappeared in a flare of blue flames. Stephen however paid it no mind, he had a rogue sorcerer to hunt down.

Stephen felt a lurching in his stomach as he teleported to the heart of the spell that had transformed almost all of the children out on the streets tonight. His masterful control over his own abilities should have prevented such an unstable teleportation, apparently something was seriously interfering with his powers here. He had felt a sense of evil which quickly disappeared as he stretch out his senses. It could be anything, but based on Alexander's memories, Stephen would bet his money on the Hellmouth, which was apparently a portal to one of the hell dimensions in this reality.

Taking a careful look around him as he walked into the store, Stephen cut through the shop front and walked into the backroom. He found himself in a room cluttered with costumes, with a man sitting in front of a statue which was the source of the chaotic spell. Before the man could do anything, Stephen knocked him out with a spell. For good measure, Stephen also binds away his powers so that the rogue sorcerer could not use any more magic to terrorize innocents any longer.

As Stephen moved to end the spell, he thought back on the memories of the boy he was currently possessing and had absorbed. Going through those memories, the dangers of this world, and this small town in particular, was very apparent. Alexander had been possessed by a hyena primal spirit a few months back because a rogue magic user was meddling into magic he should not have accessed. Alexander and his small group had gone up against vampires and demons on a regular basis, and it was all in a day's work for the town's demon hunters.

Stephen shook his head, a group of children protecting this town from demons and magic users. They were the only ones guarding the Hellmouth, preventing the world from going to hell. Where were the sorceresses or the sorcerers supreme assigned to protect this dimension? In fact according to the boy's memories, the sorcerer supreme, Stephen Strange himself was a character from an animated cartoon movie with a long line of comic book series published by some Marvel company.

Stephen chuckled to himself in amusement at the boy's memories of the comics. It certainly gave him a fresh insight to his life... and future. It was also probable that this dimension might not have a sorcerer supreme but something equivalent in power to protect it. But still, whoever was in charge was most probably incompetent, especially in light of the fact that they were letting a group of children, with only one girl who was an enhanced human, to battle demons. It was a sure way for these children to die young. He could not in good conscience let this continue on.

Stephen observed the Halloween spell that was cast. If he broke the statue, everyone would return back to normal. The Halloween spell was so chaotic in nature that he did not dare to meddle with it. If only the boy had some sorcerer talent, maybe Stephen could have brought his talent out. Unfortunately, after a quick magical scan, Stephen realized that the mystical energies Alexander possessed was faint as to be nil.

Stephen closed his eyes in thought. He could enchant something that would transfer powers to Alexander. But an enchanted object could only last so long. He could physically enhanced young Alexander's body like what have happened to his friend Buffy, but Stephen felt that it could only be used as a last resort. Mystical enhancement to the physical body was tricky at best, there would be no guarantee that the enchantment would not backfire and inflict unpleasant side effects on the boy. Such enhancements also act as a beacon to those of the magical and supernatural world, creating more trouble for the boy than it would be worth.

If only Alexander himself had some talent that is uniquely his, something that he already possessed which Stephen just needed to bring out. The risk would have been so much smaller...
Stephen's sighed as his magic finished searching through the boy's body. Alexander really was ordinary in every human sense of the word. In fact the only thing extraordinary about the boy had been his sense of loyalty to his friends. His ability to see his friends for what they truly were, especially Buffy, spoke much about his insightful nature. While most would view her as a girl who had everything, superpowers included, Stephen knew from Xander's memories that Buffy was a girl hurting under the burden of destiny.

"Well friend, the only way for me to help you is to enhance your body. But I wouldn't be able to control the results, do you still want it?" Stephen asked. He knew that even though young Alexander could not control his own body right now, the boy was aware of everything Stephen was doing or had said.

Alexander's consciousness stirred at the back of his mind, providing Stephen with an answer.

Yes... The reply came with no hint of hesitation.

"Very well, I'll implant the X-gene in your body. It is the safest out of all the choices. At the very least, you would not become a beacon of mystical source that would attract the dark. But the risks will still be great." Stephen said as he gathered his powers around him. "I hope luck is with you Alexander."

Power swelled around Alexander's body. Moments passed before the glow faded away. Stephen forced the gradually weakening body to move as he poured the last drop of magic out of him, sending an energy blast to shatter the statue.

As the spell broke, everyone returned to normal, all except one.

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