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United We Stand: The Smallville Chronicles

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Summary: Believeing the chaos of Dark Thursday to be supernatural Buffy and the others come to Smallville

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Smallville > Multiple Pairings
Smallville > Dawn-Centered
ChunkmanFR18932,1790217,7091 Nov 1223 Apr 13No

Sneeze Part 1

"Clark, was that the first time you ever sneezed?" Martha asked

"Mm-hmm, and the first time I've had a scratchy throat with my ears all plugged up." Clark answered smeeling the steam tring to clear his senses. "Whatever it is, I'm not really that sick."

"Clark. I don't remember you ever even having the sniffles." Martha said.

Clark though back on it and realized she was right he was never even clumsy except for kryptonite. "I never pushed myself so hard before. Clearing out Metropolis, Dealing with... rioters I pushed myself to exhaustion. I just need a day's rest mom."

Before their conversation can continue there was a knock on the door. After being invited in two women entered a short brunette and an even shorter blond.

"Hello" Buffy asked looking around the house. It was quiet and peaceful and she missed it since the last real house she had fell into a ditch with the rest of Sunnydale. Seeing a tall sick man and red haired woman she knew to be Martha Kent she made the introductions.

"Hi I'm Buffy Summers and this is my sister Dawn." Buffy said.

"I'm Martha Kent and this is my son Clark" Martha responded. "Why are you here Ms. Summers?"

"Don't you have a job for me?" Buffy asked surprised.

In all the confusion of the sneeze Martha forgot that today was the day she was meeting her temporary chief of staff. It was Lois but whatever has been bothering her has taken a number on her and was affecting her to the point of showing up to work drunk. Martha had no choice but to give her a leave of absence so she can get her head on straight.

"Oh I forgot that was today it's nice to meet you Buffy but can we push this back to"

"Mom it was a sneeze I'm fine go to work." Clark replies knowing what she is trying to do.

"Fine but no chores." Martha said having a bad feeling about this. The last thing she needs is Clark sending the tractor flying through Smallville again.

"Buffy needs to call AAA before you two go." Dawn said in teasing matter before explaining. "She crashed our car into a field and I was planning to use that to drive back to the motel."

Buffy sighed rubbing her head fighting off a migraine walking into the kitchen to fill a glass of water for aspirin. "OK Dawn I did not crash the car I slid into a field trying to avoid smashing the car into a barn door." Buffy looks out the window and sees the Kent Barn sans door. "Your door apparently" As she takes the aspirin and calls AAA.

"Look at that our door is gone." Clark said

"Ok I've never been a farm girl but how does a barn door get blown off its hinges and knocked across miles." Dawn asks.

"A microburst" Clark replies.

"A micro what?" Dawn asks.

"It's like a mini tornado not uncommon for Smallville." Clark answers.

"Oh, and there goes my last $10." Dawn mutters under her breath.

"Well we have to go. Remember Clark no chores." His mother said as she heads for the door.

"Lie down, watch movies, don't do anything, act like an invalid got it." Clark says with Dawn holding her hand over her mouth trying not to laugh.

"Great another pain in the" Buffy sees Martha looking at her "butt, so AAA is supposedly on the way and I'll see you when I get home bye Dawn." Buffy leaves in a hurry following Martha out the door.

"So Clark any brothers or sisters?" Dawn asks.


"Lucky you" Dawn said.

"Yeah lucky me." Clark said in a somber voice leaving Dawn where she is.

'What did I say wrong I was only kidding? Oh this is going to be a fun couple hours.' Dawn thinks to herself.

"In this morning's broadcast we have a bit of sad news for all the all you gambler's out there. The Roulette Royal Hotel & Casino in Vegas has been added to the list of destroyed buildings from Dark Thursday. The police are still looking for the four women believed to have burned down this treasured site. One is described as petite with blond hair, another brunette, while the other two are described as having red hair one with orange eyes and a green swirl. Police are vigilant but with sketchy witness reports and no surveillance because of Dark Thursday it seems doubtful that these women will not be brought to justice. This is Toby Raines for MNN."

"Can we please find something on the TV that doesn't have to do with death, violence, or Dark Thursday?" Lois asks.

"Sorry Ms. Lane but have you watched the TV lately" Bibbo asks.

Of course Lois can't get an escape from violence. Dark Thursday is still fresh on everyone's mind that she speaks to. TV won't let it die down because of the great ratings it brings in. And now to kick her while she's down she can't even get away from death and destruction in her dreams. Last night she dreamed of an ebony woman getting her head nearly twisted off after fighting someone who looked a lot like Billy Idol, and that one was nothing compared to the one she had right before Dark Thursday where Lex repeatedly smashed Clark's head into a rock . Lois has resorted to practically living at the Ace of Clubs and drinking so much that she blacks out to avoid the nightmares. Sadly the drinking messed up her career so she's back to being a college dropout muffin peddler. She wonders what the guy's next to her story is eye patch and Hawaiian shirt are bizarre combination.

"Coffee for me and the lady." A man in an eye patch ordered.

"Make mine Irish Bibbo." Lois said.

"Sorry Ms. Lane but you can stand to sober up." Bibbo tells her.

"What happened to the customer is always right?" Lois asks confused. She looks over the man with the eye patch he is cute and not much older than she is and anything that might keep her mind off the nightmares will be a blessing at this point.

"So what happened to you run with a stick as a child?" Lois jests.

"No I was in Vegas when the lights went out, too much fun and games." The one eyed man can mention the homicidal preacher but its best not to scare the girl. She has enough on her plate as is.

After the exchange Lois gets a smile on her face the first one she has in weeks at least one she remembers.

"Lois Lane" She introduces herself.

"Xander Harris" He introduces himself.

"So is there a reason your in a bar at 10 in the morning Mr. Harris."

"Yes I was looking for you." Xander replied more honestly than he probably should have.

"That was kind of blunt wasn't it? A girl might take that the wrong way and mace you in the…eye."

"Well I suck at undercover, also considering everything you can do now honesty is probably the best way." Xander said.

"And what exactly is it that you think I can do." Lois asks.

"Well wild guess, you're having regular nightmares about girls fighting monsters to the death, your running faster than you ever have before, your losing serious money buying all these booze because of how hard it is to get drunk now, you haven't had any trouble opening anything for a while, and if your really lucky your seeing stuff before it even happens." Xander whispers into her ear to avoid attention from Bibbo.

"H-how did you know all that?" Lois asks.

"It would be better if you talk to my friend about this. If you come back tonight the 3 of us will discuss everything."

With that Xander gave Bibbo a $20 and left.

"So will you be here tonight Ms. Lane?" Bibbo asks.

"Might as well I have no where else to be." Lois replies. "But I need to talk to someone first."

'How do people do this?' Clark thinks to himself how do they just sit back and watch TV. He' been on the couch for an hour and is already losing his mind. 'Alright I'm using superspeed and fixing the irrigation ditch and come back before Dawn moves from her laptop and realizes I'm gone. And maybe I'll make myself a sandwich.' Clark looks at the peanut butter sandwich that is suddenly in front of him. 'Well at least I got a sandwich.'

"Peace offering" Dawn says before returning to work on her laptop.

"Thanks" Clark says taking a bite out of the sandwich and getting a unique taste from the sandwich it was good though. "Salami?"

"If I told you what was in it. Would you have tried it?" Dawn asked not even Faith was willing to try this one.

"Probably not." Clark responded. "So what are you doing?"

"Trying to figure out what can burn something to death without gasoline or flammable liquid." Dawn notices Clark's what face? "Hey you asked."

"A dragon" Clark answers.

'Well there is a dragon out there from when Doc bled me and he could be biting demon heads off but that wouldn't explain the punched out hearts.'

"Dragons aren't real Clark" Dawn says. At least as far as he knows.

"Most things are true, very little are accurate" Clark replies.

"Where did you learn something like that?" Dawn asks.

"My history professor from last year taught me it." And after spending the last two years fighting witches, ghosts, wraiths, aliens, and a kryptonian android that was the professor Clark is a firm believer.

'He sounds like an interesting man or he is just nuts'. "Can I meet him?" Dawn asked.

"No, he died on Dark Thursday." Clark tells her which is technically true.

"Oh, I'm sorry." Dawn said "So where were you when the lights went out."

"I was in Metropolis at the Daily Planet. I have a friend that works there wanted to make sure she was OK. Where were you?" Clark can't say anymore without revealing his secret.

"I was in Vegas and that's all I want to say." Dawn can't say anymore then that without revealing her secret.

"Fair enough" Clark gets up going for a drink to go with his very 'unique' sandwich.

"What happened to taking it easy?" Dawn asks.

"I'm getting juice not lifting the trac- Oh no" Clark accidentally says the last part out loud which brings Dawn over just in time to see him sneeze. He gets one hand over his mouth but that still doesn't save the front door from being blown off its hinges.

Before Dawn can even act Clark is a 100 feet away broken door in hand and talking to an older man in a suit that looks like it might very well cost more than the farm. Looking on Dawn can only think whoever the old man is must be Clark's Giles due to no surprise at what just happened.

"Lionel are you alright."

"Its still shocking seeing what you can do Clark." Lionel said.

"Getting more by the day I have a new power." Clark starts moving the door up and down. "Still trying to work out the kinks. So why are you here?"

Lionel's smile disappears with what he has to say. "Lex he's gone I think he was abducted."

Clark's smile disappears. "Who do you think is behind it?"

"Considering what he stole from the Pentagon, my initial reaction was the, uh...government, but after I spoke to my contacts in Washington, I don't think so. You have to find him, Clark." Lionel said.

"Why" Clark asked. "The one good thing about Dark Thursday was I saw who Lex really was. Lex and I have nothing to do with each other anymore."

"But you and Zod do." Lionel countered knowing Clark is doen helping Lex. "Lex insists he can't remember anything that happened when he was possessed by Zod, but he might not be honest about it. He might remember it all. Whoever his captors are, if they put enough pressure on him, he could tell the truth... about you."

With that Lionel takes his leave and Clark is alone in his thoughts. 'Save the world and your reward is save your former friend current enemy while fighting a head cold. Dammit.' Clark looks at where his front door used to be and sees Dawn. Someone he's known for less then an hour already knows part of his secret. 'Double dammit.'
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