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United We Stand: The Smallville Chronicles

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Summary: Believeing the chaos of Dark Thursday to be supernatural Buffy and the others come to Smallville

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Smallville > Multiple Pairings
Smallville > Dawn-Centered
ChunkmanFR18932,1790217,7091 Nov 1223 Apr 13No

Fight at the Motel

It was night on the Kent farm and Clark was in the loft with present in hand for Dawn's birthday. What confused Clark at first was the conversation he had with Buffy. She said she said Dawn's birthday wasn't till March. It didn't take for long Clark to figure out what this really was about. He just hopes Dawn's lighter side wins out with what he has on his mind. Other wards Clark might get smacked across the face with a piece of meteor rock.

"Hey Superboy." Dawn announced making her presence known.

"Hey Dawn." Clark replied as she came up the barn.

"Is that for me?" She asked spotting the present in his hand.

"Well it's been two weeks." Clark replied.

Dawn takes the present from Clark, and all she can do is laugh when she opens it and sees what it is.

"You know I don't know if I should hurt you or hug you because of this." She said lifting out a Chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting on it and a candle shaped with a big 5 as on little kid's birthday cakes."

Dawn also sees a piece of paper that says 'Good for one anything I can do.' "So, how did you know this wasn't my real birthday?" Dawn asked.

"Buffy told me it was in March." Clark replied. "I'm guessing today is the day the monks-"

"Pushed me into a human, yeah." Dawn answered. "I know its twisted but-"

"You're thankful for your family but you want to celebrate your actual birthday." Clark finished.

"You're speaking from experience aren't you Clark?" Dawn asked face full of frosting.

"Yeah, I have no idea when my actual birthday is. My parents just picked a date for the adoption papers." Clark explained. "Anyway what do you say we get off this depressing subject and figure out something good to use that piece of paper for?"

"I already know what I'm going to use it for but not today." Dawn had seen Buffy coming and knew she'd have to take her back home. She ran up and hugged Clark. "Thanks for the birthday Superboy." Dawn cut Buffy off at the door and both Summers women left.

Willow had spent the past week looking for information on Lex but kept coming up short. "Damn this is flat out ridiculous, not even Tara was this clean." Willow griped another night going on nothing. And to add to the misery all the information she stole from Lex's computer was encrypted by Molly Griggs who made the initiative encryptions look like child's play. Willow easily stole the data but reading it was another story.

"Hey Red didn't Lo say to focus on the encrypted files because cue ball sleeps with the key to his skeleton filled closet around his neck." Faith asked

"Yes and with a double barrel in each arm." Willow added. "I was just hoping to find something on him before I have to brainwash the next batch of goons he sends our way. Because even with magic these encryptions aren't getting any easier to crack."

"We could always ask Angel. With how evil this guy is there's a good chance he might be a client." Faith quipped.

Willow's face darkens. "Between Dana and…Fred, I think we should just leave him be."

Faith had walked right into it and didn't know what to say. "Red I didn't mean to...

Buffy entered catching the last part of the conversation. "You did everything you could Will." She knew Fred was Willow's friend and her death was bothering her. When Willow sensed Fred was infected by something she did everything she could to stop it. She even went to the astral plane to even learn how to teleport to take Fred to the deeper well. Willow had done everything she could to help even mastering the ability to teleport it was just two hours too late.

"B's right Red. At least you tried to save her and didn't act like a ponce with a horn up your ass like Giles did." Faith said. She can't help but think Angel will rip Giles' head off if he ever sees him again.

"Ponce?" Buffy asked.

"I gotta get away from Giles. I'm starting to sound like him." Faith whined.

All 3 girls shared a much needed laugh at Faith's expense.

Back at the Kent Farm Clark was waiting for Dawn to show up since he knew she was cashing in her present. Clark saw Dawn enter the barn with a package in her arms that she gave to Clark.

"California must have very different customs for birthdays than Kansas." Clark said looking at the box.

Dawn rolled her eyes and passed it to Clark. "Just open it."

Clark opened the box and in it there was a black T-Shirt with the crest from Raya's crystal in the very middle of it in red. Clark only stood there confused half about what his new friend had gotten him, or gotten him into.

"You took my crystal to a shop?" Clark asked.

"No I took a drawing of an s in a nice shape to a shop." Dawn replied.

"And what am I doing with this shirt." Clark asked he's going to like what she has to say next.

Dawn just smiled. "Your missions if you choose to accept it as my birthday present. Go to Metropolis incinerate any vampire you see, while you use that super hearing of yours to help people that need it all night long."

"So you want me to do that patrol thong Buffy did in Sunnydale while wearing this." Clark asked for clarification.

"Pretty much." Dawn admitted. "You need a night out I'm starting to think your going to turn into one of those old farmers children start monster stories about."

"I will not." Clark objected.

"Yes you will" Dawn countered she's already writing her own crazy story. "And since you only go out to help people I figured why fight it."

Clark disappeared in a blur. He agreed to go out to get away from Dawn for the night. Not that he hated her he just needed to try to clear his head after the bomb Lois dropped on him last week. Sure he likes Dawn and might even have a crush on her like Lois said but he still has feelings for Lana.

"So how do I look?" Clark asked.

Dawn turned around and looked over Clark. He still had jeans and black shoes on with the black t. Clark had brushed his hair to the side and soaked down making him look more like Jor-El from 1961 than himself.

"Not bad but I'd wear some sunglasses or something for your face just in case someone sees you." Dawn answered.

"With how fast I run Dawn no one's going to see me. Night Dawn" And with another blur Clark is gone. Dawn was set to leave the barn but she got a message from Buffy on her cell phone. "3-12" Dawn's eyes lit up in horror.

"If you and your billionaire boyfriend do it on my bed I will curse you until Judgment Day." Dawn texts back.

2 minutes later Dawn gets another reply form Buffy. "Need new code, Motel under attack, Stay put B."

10 minutes earlier.

"Really" Xander asked ear to ear smile. All this time Giles spent looking into the cause of Dark Thursday and Xander had discovered it playing off a hunch from soldier guy's pseudo memory. He can not wait until he finds G-man to rub it in his face, and see how many times he can get him to clean his glasses by calling him G-man repeatedly. "Alright not a word thanks Riley. " Xander hangs up the phone and turns off the encrypting machine. "I just found out what caused Dark Thursday."

Giles looked at him dumbfounded. He had been looking for weeks while he and Faith took one night off from looking for slayers and Xander of all people had already figured it out.

"Of course you have and what caused worldwide earthquakes might I ask?" Giles said expecting something rubbish.

"A weapon stole from the Pentagon. Sorry G-man but nothing paranormal about it" Xander responded.

"Right, bloody priceless" Giles with glasses in hand scrubbing them. "A month of research and it was all man made."

"The weapon was man made." Xander said before moving onto the supernatural side. "But according to Riley whoever stole it fought and moved like Glory did."

At this point Giles is now stressed out getting more questions than answers. He goes to the bookshelf for more research hoping this hell god won't cost Buffy her life. And to top it off he can't see a thing.

"Xander can you do something about the lights in here 2 of the bulbs are blown out." Giles said.

"I can give you a light."

Xander would recognize that voice anywhere after the Vegas Riot.

"Giles down" Xander yelled pushing down the watcher as the book shelf is set ablaze.

"Hello Xander long time no see"

Xander looked over the redhead with neck length red hair and orange eyes. He responded with two words. "Hi Claire."

Meanwhile Lois and Faith have taken to fighting Lex's security team on the main floor.

"You know it's a good thing no one actually stays here besides us." Lois says before shooting another guard in the neck with a tranquilizer gun she took from an unconscious guard.

"I know this night might seem pretty strange." Faith added spinning around and punching a rushing grunt's lights out.

Both looked over to the room they had set up so Giles could research and they saw it on fire.

"Go I can handle the rent a cops." Faith ordered as Lois was going to the other room Faith jumped onto an incoming guard's knees and delivered three punches to his face before using his gut as a launch pad as she jump kicked the next person foolish enough to get near her.

Tess used the bulk of the guards and Claire as a distraction. She had one mission only and that was to bring Willow to Lex. She had known first hand how dangerous the meteor infected are when one blew up the boat she was on in the South Pacific if Lex didn't find her and foot the bill when he did she'd be dead.

Tess made it up to where Willow had stayed according to a week's worth of sketchy security reports. When Tess entered the room to her shock there was Willow picking up members of her team floating them ten feet in the air and dropping them to the floor leaving them unconscious in a heap. Right next to her was a blond beating the guards senseless using some of the same moves Tess herself had learned over the last few weeks. She pulled out a stun gun but Buffy spun around kicked it out of her hands.

Xander looked around as the room he's in as it continues to burn. Xander mutters a few words under breath about being held hostage again and shoots up. "Excuse me for asking Claire but didn't we fight on the same side to destroy Roulette's little fight club?" Xander asked remembering what he could of Vegas.

Claire smirked "We did and I'm glad to see it go but after you stopped me from killing her and ended things with me I got taken to somewhere even worse by the 'medics'." Claire's eyes develop a green swirl and Xander knowing what is about to happen dives out of the way before he becomes a human torch from the incoming fireball. "Nothing personal Xander, but in 33.1 if you're not a hunter you're a guinea pig." Claire's eyes develop the green swirl again but before she lets out a flame she feels a pinch on the back of her neck.

"Nice try girl." Claire said taking the dart out of her neck. "But my body is a living fireplace" Claire tells Lois as her hands light up. "Drugs are burned up before they do any damage. Tess went through 10 guards before we figured that one out."

"Oh sh" Lois said before jumping out of the way of a fireball.

Buffy was the world's oldest slayer but this new redhead had the skill to match. 'She must have been a great fighter even before Willow activated her. Guess I just found slayer number 2.' Buffy thought to herself while dodging Tess' assault.

"You're good." Buffy said.

"You're incredible. Who are you" Tess said

"I'm Buffy th..." Before she can get the rest out she's met with a fist from Tess.

Faith was still holding the guards down but at 30 to 1 it was only a matter of time before it got pointless. The guards surrounded her each one set to fire until she was down.

"Hold still so I can fry you!" Claire screamed tossing fireballs at Lois.

Claire went to create another wave of fireballs but before she could gather the fire she was covered in a white spray and couldn't create any more.

"What did you do?" Claire asked around before seeing a middle aged British man with a fire extinguisher in hand. Giles shoved the bottom of the extinguisher right in her face knocking her out.

"What did you do?" Lois asked.

"She called herself a walking fireplace." Giles said. "Cool her down"

"And the fire goes out. You can also use a fire hose." Xander added from previous experience.

"Way to go English" Lois said.

"Yeah good job G-man." Xander added.

"Yes well Pyrrhic victory Xander." Giles said looking around the room they stopped Claire but every way out had been destroyed or is up in flames. However if any of them believed in any deities they'd be praying their thanks as a strong wind blew through the room that was so powerful it had knocked the three down and wiped out every trace of fire.

Faith stood ready to make her last stand. She always knew that she would likely go down swinging but she figured it would be against some sort of demon on the road to redemption not against a rich guy's personal hit squad. Before the guards could fire a wind blew by her and every single guard was sent flying out windows and into walls. All Faith could do was wonder what the hell just happened.

Upstairs Buffy had laid out Tess. No one interrupts the puns. Buffy swears she felt a breeze of wind but blows it off until she looks over to Willow and sees that she's green around the gills.

"Will are you alright?" Buffy asked. No way could a bunch of grunts and a slayer could put so much fear in her.

"I don't know." Willow answered honestly. "Something was in here Buff something powerful, Maybe even stronger than Glory."

Terror instantly filled Buffy's face. She had to die last time to clean up the mess. And now there might be something stronger out there, in here, in the motel. Buffy quickly bolted down stairs and saw Faith looking like a deer in the headlights looking at the piles of laid out bodies.

"Faith, are you alright" Seeing that wasn't working Buffy shouted. "Faith"

"Five by five B" Faith got out finally coming to.

"What happened?" Buffy asked

"I have no clue." Faith answered honestly. "I was done B, about to be shot and then there was this breeze of wind, and then everyone just went flying into walls, and out the windows."

Before Buffy can ask any more questions a woman's fist comes through a wall next to a pile of burned debris. "Little help?" Lois asked through the hole she made.

Within a minute Buffy and Faith knocked down the wall and Giles, Lois, and Xander were free.

"What the hell is she doing here?" Faith asked looking at Claire.

"Oh she tried to kill us. Nearly did if it wasn't for that freak wind." Xander said.

"Freak wind?" Buffy asked.

"There was a little hole in the back wall a gust of wind blew in that was so powerful it blew out the fire." Giles said.

"And knocked us all on our butts." Lois added.

"We figured Willow did it." Xander said rationalizing magic since no one is that lucky.

"No, not me." Willow said.

At the time Dawn came in through the front door and acts shocked at the destruction. She knew exactly what happened. She called Clark for help and got the details from him, as to what's happening now. If they were paying attention they would have noticed a ticked off redheaded slayer had recovered and made a break for the mansion.

"So did I miss anything interesting?" Dawn asked in an innocent face.

Xander, and Giles told the gang of what really happened on Dark Thursday. Willow added on what she sensed in her room. Dawn made a note to ask Clark about this as she has a hunch that he knows and maybe even fought what caused Dark Thursday. After catching the gang up they call Riley about their visitors since according to a tied up Claire they were sent by Luthor, and Luthor owns Smallville. In 45 minutes Graham showed up with 60 men to take everyone into custody. With everything wrapped up Willow says a spell that sends Claire to an island with food and water where she can do wherever she chooses. Between being forced to fight to near death by Roulette, and being used as Luthor's lapdog in 33.1 the last thing she needed was another cage.

"Wagner what am I looking at?" Oliver asked on the roof of his Penthouse. When Wagner said he had news about whom saved Lex from the warehouse Oliver was expecting a video, or a person, not a blurry picture.

"The picture." Wagner responded.

"It's a blurry picture, I can't wait to show my friends, I bet they don't have a picture this blurry." Oliver deadpans.

"Look at the whole picture Mr. Queen." Wagner said.

Oliver looked and the blur was the only thing out of focus in the traffic cam picture.

"He's moving like Lex." Oliver realized.

"Are you sure it's not Lex?" Wagner asked.

"This one has black hair." Oliver points at the top of the blur. "In satellite footage Lex was pure flesh because of well... no hair."

"Should we set a trap?" Wagner asked.

"Good night Mr. Wagner." Oliver ordered more than said.

"Good night Mr. Queen." Still in trouble for having a hand in torturing Lex Wagner just left.

The next day Clark was out in the barn once again trying to fix the tractor. If he didn't have so many good memories with his dad fixing it this would have been the first thing to go. He can't even use heat vision welding on it as it will probably explode. He calmed down seeing Dawn coming to the barn. And his stress went right back up as she was sporting a face he'd often seen Chloe wear 'Journalistic bloodhound'.

"Hey." Dawn said

"Yeah hi." Clark said back.

"Clark I need to ask you something." Dawn told him.

"Ok I think I got the big questions out of the way." Clark joked.

Dawn looked at him and decided to just blurt it out. "I need to know what happened to you on Dark Thursday. I know…"

Whatever Dawn was going to say was interrupted as Clark as inadvertently crushed whatever it was he was using on the tractor.

Clark saw the look on Dawn's face and he knew it was important. "We should go up to the loft this will take a while."

Clark went on to explain how his great history professor was a kryptonian super computer. How Lex was just using him ever since freshman year trying to get everything he had. How Clark refused to kill him which let the brain interactive construct free Zod. How Zod had locked him in the Phantom Zone, and nearly destroyed the planet. How Clark had to lose Raya and go save the world. Dawn just sits there and lets the story sink in. At the end she just lets out a smile.

"What?" Clark asked.

"I knew you were a hero." Dawn said.

Clark's face darkens. "Heroes don't get people killed Dawn."

"You're right." Dawn said in complete agreement. "Big Bads like Zod and Brainiac do.

"Brainiac" Clark repeated her.

"Brain Interactive Construct is a mouthful." Dawn said.

Dawn panics as a revelation hits her. "Clark you said you and Gloria were in the Phantom Zone wouldn't that mean there is a good chance"

"Others followed me out besides her." Clark finished for Dawn. "Yes but between lack of satellite codes and lack of technology from Dark Thursday I have no way of knowing them until they show up on my doorstep like Gloria."

Dawn gives a somber look not knowing what to do she decides to draw Clark's attention somewhere else. "So how was last night?" She asked.

"Incredible and painful at the same time." Clark answered.

"What do you mean?" Dawn asked.

"I can hear everything with my hearing Dawn. Every cry for help, every accident as it happens, every person begging for just one more second. And it felt incredible when I was able to help them, give them hope, save them." Clark said.

Dawn just smiled. "You're going out again tonight aren't you?"

"Probably." Clark said. "So what are you going to tell your friends about Dark Thursday?"

"The truth Lex Luthor was possessed by a wraith and it was exercised." Dawn said. "See you later Superboy." She left the loft to dutifully report to Buffy... maybe this one might be hard to explain.

At the Luthor mansion Lex is watching the events that transpired the previous night through the camera he has had implanted in Tess' eyes and on the phone with someone.

"As for our latest subjects…keep an eye on them." Lex ordered watching Willow float and Buffy going one on one with Tess unharmed.
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