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United We Stand: The Smallville Chronicles

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Summary: Believeing the chaos of Dark Thursday to be supernatural Buffy and the others come to Smallville

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Smallville > Multiple Pairings
Smallville > Dawn-Centered
ChunkmanFR18932,1790217,7101 Nov 1223 Apr 13No


"So that's all of them how many phantoms." Dawn asked looking at the computer.

When Buffy had told Dawn that Queen Industries had functioning satellites on Dark Thursday, Dawn had asked Willow to get the access codes to their satellite grid under the impression she would use it to look for the thing that's killing demons. Once she had the access codes she met with Clark and Chloe to see if it could help find escapees from the Phantom Zone. Clark had said to look for craters in the ground and described the one he made on Dark Thursday and that cracked it wide open.

"Well there were 7 craters." Chloe said.

"This means 7 people escaped from the Phantom Zone. Take away me and Raya" Clark was happy she escaped the zone and decided to just leave her be. "That leaves 5."

"4 we fried Gloria." Dawn added.

Before the conversation can continue Clark got a call on his cell from his mother in a panicked state. "I'll figure it out mom last thing we need is you in debt to a Luthor. Bye"

"New problem?" Chloe asked.

"New mystery." Clark replied.

Dawn rolled her eyes these people might get more in trouble then she does. "Because we don't have enough on our plate now."

Clark nodded in agreement. "Some guy in green tights stole a necklace from my mom."

"That's bad." Dawn said.

Clark smiled wryly. "Gets better the necklace belonged to Lionel Luthor."

"That's really bad." Chloe added.

Clark got his jacket on. "I have to go to Metropolis, Find your sister maybe she got a better look at this guy."

"So are you going to wear the Blur costume your mom made you?" Dawn asked in a teasing fashion.

Yeah that costume. Ever since a picture showed up from his first night out in the Daily Planet Clark had been given the nickname the Blur by the people of Metropolis. When his mom found out she was proud of him as always. She even made him a new suit blue and red, skintight so it wouldn't be destroyed like the black T shirts Clark's going through, and a cape of all things. Lucky for Clark he was able to make the argument that since he works at night the red and blue would be too bright and might even lead back to Clark with his obsession with blue T shirts and his red jacket. But he did compromise that if he did go public he'd start wearing that suit and his mom would add the symbol to his black shirts when she could.

"That suit is still in the fortress and will be there for a long time." Clark answered before disappearing in a blur.

Late at night in Oliver's penthouse Buffy wasn't in the best mood. Her boss got robbed and she missed it. Sure she doesn't regret saving the girl from three vampires but while she was doing that her boss was robbed by a man in green leather for god's sake. Buffy vowed to go out at night starting tomorrow to catch him.

"My mom told me you were here." Clark said entering the room.

"Clark, it's almost midnight what are you doing here?" Buffy asked.

"Can't I just be out?" Clark replied.

"You don't exactly jump the velvet ropes at nightclubs." Buffy said meaner than she meant to.

Clark not being in a much of a better mood turns to Oliver. "It's really nice to see that Buffy has found someone who can overlook her personality."

Oliver decided the best way to play peace keeper was to freak them both out. "Oh, don't worry about it, Clark. If I had to see such a beautiful woman everyday, I would probably mask my feelings in sarcasm, too."

"Feelings?" Both said.

'You are so going to pay for that tonight' Buffy thought to herself.

'Right family, wrong girl.' Clark thought to himself.

"Stick with your day job Freud jr." Buffy said.

Clark looked to Oliver. "The only reason I'm here is to get that necklace back. Last thing I want is for my mom to be indebted to Lionel Luthor."

Buffy thought about what she heard. "Edward Westcott was the person closest to her when leather fetish man showed up. Might be a good idea to talk to him."

"That will be plan Z" Clark said. "You got any ideas Oliver"

Oliver thought it through and replied "You mean besides she should've thought of that before she accepted his help with her fundraising. Oh, and if you're really championing the cause of pick-pocketed billionaires, you might want to add a few more to the list."

"What, are you saying that Lionel Luthor's not the only victim?" Clark asked.

"Over a dozen of Metropolis' elite have been hit recently." Oliver replied.

Clark simply nodded. "Good, then there's leads."

"Not if all the victims were as uncooperative as Lionel Luthor. You find it interesting that he never called the police?" Oliver asked.

"Then I'll have to see Lionel myself." Clark said leaving the penthouse.

The next day Buffy had returned to the tattered remains of the motel, cursing under her breath, and smiling at the same time. She went to the kitchen and seen Lois and Faith stuffing their faces feeding their slayer metabolisms.

"Lois you know Clark Kent, right?" Buffy asked.

"Yeah, I've known Smallville for two years now." Lois answered between waffles.

"Has he always been so teutonic?" Buffy asked.

Lois nearly choked on the waffle in her mouth but a good smack from Faith stopped it.

Lois Looked to Faith "Thanks" Before turning to Buffy "What did he do?"

Buffy explained everything about the necklace, and how Clark instantly put her idea down to plan Z and listened to every word Oliver said.

"That doesn't sound like Smallivlle." Lois said. "Unless the witness was Lex Luthor."

"No it was Edward Westcott." Buffy said

"Oh" Lois muttered. Buffy didn't notice the sadness on Lois' face but Faith did.

"What happened Lo?" Faith asked. Buffy turned around and caught the look on Lois' face.

Lois will never forget that night it was one of the worst of her life. Clark was in so much pain from losing Alicia he almost killed Alicia's killer Tim Westcott in a grief stricken rage. If Lois was a minute later she thinks he might have.

"Is Clark in trouble?" Lois asked.

"No, just a jerk." Buffy answered.

"He's not a jerk it's just a Westcott thing." Lois said.

"Does he hate all rich people?" Buffy asked.

"Maybe." Lois answered.

"So how are things with your billionaire?" Faith asked to change the subject for Lois. Whatever happened was upsetting her and she can tell Lois wasn't up to sharing.

"They're great." Buffy answered.

Faith saw the look in Buffy's eyes and knew what great meant. "Why do I always get the hungry part?"

"Faith!" Buffy shouted.

"Hungry part?" Lois asked in confusion.

"Being a slayer makes you hungry and horny." Faith said bluntly as Lois' face turned red.

Faith turned to Buffy. "So did you tell him who you are yet?"

"No, considering the temper tantrum he threw at Giles I want him to know girl Buffy before he meets slayer Buffy." Buffy replied as she got up to make herself a snack.

"It does not make me horny?" Lois said offended.

"Then explain the looks you give Xander." Faith replied with a smile.

Clark had found Lionel in Metropolis and started his investigation to find his mom's necklace.

"And why is that?" Lionel laughs over the phone. "Oh, I understand. Thank you." As he hangs up Lionel spots Clark. "Clark. What a good surprise. What brings you up here?"

"My mom was pretty shaken up after the party." Clark said.

"Oh, yeah, I know. But in spite of the impromptu entertainment, your mother made a terrific impression on some very influential people." Lionel said.

"She wasn't the only one." Clark said referring to their green friend.

"Walk me to my car, will you?" The two walked as Lionel continued. "Don't worry, Clark. My security team is making a very thorough investigation."

"Unlike the police?" Clark said with frustration. "Tell me, why wouldn't you report something that valuable if it was stolen?"

"Well, I'd rather not let the entire city know that I'm a sitting duck for some acrobatic archer. It's not wise to advertise our vulnerabilities, is it, Clark?" Lionel replied for his justification you don't exactly see Clark going around saying I love meteor rocks.

Clark pulls out a list and gives it Lionel "You're talking about some very expensive vulnerabilities."

Lionel reads off the list. "Ooh, Faberge Egg. Bishop's Miter, 14th century. This is big stuff."

"Not the kind of stuff you find in your local pawn-shop window." Clark quipped.

"Here's something that might interest you." Lionel said as he noticed a pattern on the list. "Unless you've noticed this already. There's only one name on the Safetex client list that hasn't been hit already. I don't want to be late. You find it, huh?"

On a rooftop above Metropolis, the Green Arrow/Oliver Queen fires an arrow across to a second building, then uses the cable between the buildings to repel across. Once inside the secure building, he uses an arrow to release an EMP to dispense with the laser security and calmly retrieves the necklace he is after.

"Who are you"

The Green Arrow turns around and sees a man in a black T-shirt and jeans with a Red S in the middle. "Haven't you heard I'm the Green Arrow."

Clark looked at the man in Black and Green Leather, sunglasses on his face and a G on his belt.

"Well... I hope you enjoyed your cult status while it lasted." Clark said.

"I think you're taking the whole neighborhood-watch thing a bit too seriously." Oliver answered.

Oliver throws a quick punch that Clark blocks and Clark throws him through an antique setting off the security system.

'Crap' is all Oliver can think to himself realizing he just picked a fight with the Blur.

"That was fun." Oliver says as he picks himself up. "Looks like I'm not the only one with a secret. I hate to break it to you, tough guy, but you're on the wrong side."

"I'm not sure the police would agree." Clark replied.

Oliver looks at his opponent frustrated. "Look around you, Beav. The days of the good guy running the show are over."

The Green Arrow fires an arrow meant to disable the Blur, but the Blur easily catches it. When a security guard enters, the Green Arrows fires a second stun arrow, dropping the man. While the Blur attends to the security guard, the Green Arrow escapes.

Clark goes back to Chloe and Dawn to figure out what to do next.

"So, how'd you let this guy slip through your fingers?" Chloe asked.

"This Green Arrow's got a lot of gadgets." Clark answered somewhat embarrassed

"Gadgets? Against the Man of Steel?" Chloe asked.

"He got away from you. You who stopped a hundred mile an hour runaway train. Because he had gadgets." Dawn added she's going to have lots of fun with this.

Clark put his arms up in frustration. "He's good, all right?"

"Fine - backing off." Chloe said.

"Did you get the report on the arrows from last night?" Dawn asked out of curiosity.

"I got the Safetex report on the arrows." Chloe answered. "They're made from an advanced titanium alloy that is untraceable."

"So we have nothing." Dawn said in frustration.

At this Clark started spinning around a ring on a chain he had in his pocket.

"Unless Superboy managed to rob Robin Hood." Dawn said taking the ring from Clark.

"Guys there is something here." Dawn said looking inside the ring.

Chloe takes a couple pictures; Clark looks at the ring and recognizes the symbol. He quickly identifies the Green Arrow.

The Green Arrow had spent the night hopping on rooftops looking for the Blur which is pretty much like looking for a needle in Kansas instead of a hay stack. If he only knew a couple rooftops over a certain blond laid waiting for him. Oliver knows this is a lost cause but the ring is a memento from his parents that they gave to him right before the plane crash that killed them. Oliver was so lost in thought he didn't see the blond with a crossbow sneak up on him and knock him down. It was even worse when said blond turned out to be Buffy.

"Give me the necklace you took from Martha Kent." Buffy ordered.

"Take a number princess." Oliver said trying to figure out a way out of this.

"Oh so I'm not the only one with a "v" for vendetta on your little leather ass." Buffy quipped.

"Little? I've been really working the glutes lately, too." Oliver quipped.

"Did the humor come with the costume?" Buffy asked.

"Did the 'tomb raider' routine come from wanting daddy's attention?" Oliver asked.

Alright that's it between Clark, princess, and bringing up her deadbeat dad. Buffy took a shot to spook the archer shooting an arrow through his hood missing his face by millimeters and quickly snatched one of his crossbows.

"Oops." Buffy quipped. "Guess my aim's a little rusty. Now... let's take off those glasses and unveil our prince of thieves, shall we?"

As Buffy reaches for his hood, Clark arrives and uses his heat vision to cause a distraction for the Green Arrow to escape, Clark is amazed when Buffy takes a shot and hits him in the heart at such a far distance. The distraction having been a success he races down to confront Oliver Queen who is riding away on his motorcycle.

"Oliver Queen, you owe me one." The Blur said.

Oliver grabbed his crossbow and took a shot at the Blur but the arrow shattered to pieces on impact. Oliver just shrugs. "That was you on the roof? Why'd you let me get away?" Oliver asked.

In a second Clark throws Oliver the ring and disappears in a blur.

Back at the barn Clark had gotten changed into a white shirt and new set of jeans. He and Dawn are taking chunks of Oliver's arrow out of the black t shirt.

"I can't believe you let him shoot you." Dawn said.

"I didn't let him. He surprised me." Clark defended himself taking a piece out.

"Yeah yeah." Dawn said picking another piece out of the shirt. "I doubt anyone will be able to save this."

Frustrated Clark just grabs the shirt and throws it in the trash. He has 3 more ready at any given notice anyway.

Dawn looks over at the chunks of the arrow. They're all blinking red. Now what did Xander teach her about bullets with blinking red lights. Uh Oh.

"Clark." Dawn whimpered out.

"Dawn are you alright?" Clark asked at his now panicked friend.

"I don't think the arrow shattered from hitting you." Dawn said nervously. "I think Green Arrow shot you with a tracer."

Clark grabbed the shirt and the chunks of arrow to make a power throw to China. But at the top of the steps he saw the last thing he wanted to see coming into the barn Buffy Summers and Oliver Queen with an ear to ear grin on his face that's just telling him I know. He quickly puts the shirt back in the trash and greets his guests.

"Buffy, Oliver." Clark said. "Dawn your sister's here."

"Any leads on your mom's necklace?" Buffy asked just to be civil.

"No you think a guy who walks around in little green tights and booties would be easier to find." Clark joked.

Buffy laughs at the joke Oliver just shoots him a dude not funny look behind her that disappears as Dawn comes down the steps.

"Oliver's driving us home?" Dawn asked.

"No I am." Buffy said. "Oliver has information about the necklace Green Arrow stole from Mrs. Kent."

Dawn jumps up and hugs Clark. "Keep an ear out for my screams." Dawn whispered and the Slayer and her sister leave the barn to the revealed superheroes.

Once the girls are out of sight the boys are having their own conversation.

"They are not tights." Oliver said. "They're specialty made clothes so no one goes hey look at the rich boy with the compound bow."

"Fair enough." Clark replied.

Oliver looked at him. "For the record boyscout, you might want to wear sunglasses when you go out. Once the signal stopped at the farm it became real clear who you were."

"Dawn said the same thing." Clark said in agreement. "I actually tried it but I keep breaking them when I use heat vision, or losing them because of how quick i was running."

"Dawn knows?" Oliver asked.

"Yeah she actually got me started as the Blur, but with everything I hear when I go to Metropolis I probably would have started at some point anyway." Clark answered.

"Hearing?" Oliver questioned.

"Whisper anything, anywhere on the farm I'll hear it." Clark said.

Oliver goes to the other side of the barn and whispers under his breath.

Clark's face darkened. "Say anything like that about my mother again and I will throw you back to Star City."

"Noted." Oliver said coming back.

"So you gonna tell Buffy?" Clark asked.

"I don't know, Clark. You know, you seem to be doing a pretty good job skating by with this farm-boy charade." Oliver said.

"You can't be with someone unless they know who you really are. Trust me, I've tried." Clark said.

"You lost her to Lex." Oliver realized what the staredown at the party was about. "Is that why you hate me, Clark? Cause I'm just another silver-spoon-fed rich boy, is that it? Or is it because I'm not willing to play the martyr like you?"

"You can play this game as long as you want. But sooner or later, you're gonna hurt her. You know that." Clark warned.

"Well, you seem to have all the answers. So I guess it's a good thing I've decided to put this into safer hands." Oliver gave Clark his mother's necklace. "For the record, Lionel bought that off a notorious Bosnian warlord, used it to launder Luthorcorp money."

"So why give it to me?" Clark asked.

"Well, you seem to have a crystal-clear idea of what's right and what's wrong. You decide who it belongs to." Oliver said.

"It's not as clear as it used to be. You really think it's right to steal, as long as it goes to a good cause?" Clark asked.

"That the end justifies the means? Absolutely, yes." Oliver said.

"I'll never think like that." Clark replied but Oliver has couriers to deliver things like this. "So why are you really here?"

"Clark, you have abilities I couldn't even dream of." Oliver said. "I admire that you use them to save the people you're close to, and I respect what you've started as the Blur."

"But?" Clark interrupted.

"But there's a whole world of people out there, Clark." Oliver started. "And even with you're your powers you can't carry the entire weight of the world on you shoulders. I'm starting a team that will do the things we do."

"What like a joint superhero alliance?" Clark asked.

"I think we'll come up with something better than the JSA but something like that." Oliver said. "You ever want to join, you let me know."
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