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United We Stand: The Smallville Chronicles

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Summary: Believeing the chaos of Dark Thursday to be supernatural Buffy and the others come to Smallville

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Fangs in the Light Part 1

A/N I'm referencing later seasons because it always felt like to me that the blur should have happened in season 6 instead we had him reverting to a lovesick Lana puppy after Justice that nearly killed the show for me.

It has been a month since Clark shot down Oliver's offer about joining a team. Buffy and Oliver have gotten closer. Buffy has spent the little time away from her job and Oliver teaching Lois how to be a slayer and patrolling. Oliver occasionally works with Clark and two weeks ago they had to deal with an astral projection from Oliver's past. Clark and Dawn are still friends and working together. Last week they defeated a meteor freak that could be considered a mixture of a graboid from Tremors and Old McDonald. Clark still has a crush on the girl and isn't really thinking of Lana all that much lately thanks to spending his days with Dawn and nights in Metropolis. Chloe and Dawn worked together to figure out that Oliver was the Green Arrow. Clark could have deleted the pictures of the ring but after finding out it was Oliver that got the Planet the Blur picture Clark left him to hang. Giles is still researching spells for worldwide blackouts but hasn't been able to find a thing. Willow is looking for a mystical route to the blackout which resulted in a power outage that left Smallville in the dark for six hours. Faith has joined a female fight club, trying to find the last slayer. Xander not wanting to be pummeled by Faith for interrupting is looking into information on Lex Luthor but still finding nothing. Lois has spent the time training, talking superhero shop with Xander, and setting aside at least one day a week for a movie day to catch up with Clark and Chloe.

Chloe looked at the movies and didn't know what to say. "Wow all 3 X-men movies."

"People with mutant powers. Can't we just look out the door for that?" Clark added.

Lois rolled her eyes "Mock me now Smallville but you will enjoy these movies by the end of the day... Well at least 1 and 2."

With that Clark and Chloe went out to the kitchen. Since Lois brought the movies it was on them for food and drink. Which Chloe really doesn't enjoy because lately Lois eats nearly as much as Clark does. Clark has also noticed that Lois has taken a page out of his book and is controlling her strength as to not crush the glasses holding her drinks. But that's her secret to tell when she's ready.

"Lois has a secret doesn't she?" Chloe asked looking at Clark staring at her cousin.

"Can't I just be x-raying her?" Clark joked.

Chloe smiled she's going to enjoy this even more. "Not unless she's a brunette tourist."

Clark's face turned red at the comment. "How long have you known?"

"Investigative reporter Clark it's my job to know." Chloe said. "But to answer your question, a couple days after she came in to town, ever since you two have been joined at the hip."

"We're not joined at the hip." Clark said listening to something far away shout his name.


"I call them as I see them." Chloe said at Clark who doesn't even look like he's there. "Also me, Lois, Buffy, Dawn and Lana are getting together for a game of strip poker if you're interested."

"Clark, please help m-."

"Dawn." Clark said and blurred right out the door.

"Where'd Smallville go?" Lois asked entering the kitchen.

Chloe said the first thing in her head despite how lame it was. "He forgot to get ice."

Clark raced as fast as he could to downtown Metropolis and saw why Dawn was so scared and in a panic with two vampires sinking their teeth into her neck. In a Blur he knocked them into the far wall.

"You don't want to be here Jethro." A leather clad green eyed vampire said facing down Clark in his plaid clothes.

"Don't be a hero darlin or you'll be desert." A female green eyed vampire said.

Clark is now thinking back to everything Dawn has told him about vampires. Soulless demons, already dead just destroy them, stake, holy water, Fire.

The vampires stand hypnotized as Clark's eyes glow orange. It was the last thing they would ever see. In a blur Clark was over to Dawn, she was unconscious but still on her feet like her entire body had been paralyzed. Clark picked her up and ran to Smallville general as fast as he could. He wondered many things will Dawn be a vampire, how long vampires had been in Smallville, why their eyes were green when Dawn said they would be yellow, how vampires were able to attack at 1 in the afternoon. If he hadn't been so caught up in his thoughts he might have seen the person in the shadows.

"Well now wasn't that interesting."

At Smallville General Chloe had surprised Davis with a visit. After an hour it became apparent Clark wasn't coming back, and Lois had also gotten called off to do something for her new job.

"Davis that was a great lunch but you didn't have to do all that." Chloe said.

"You can't have 3 cups of coffee and call it 3 meals Chloe." Davis replied.

"I don't do that. Sometimes I have pizza." Chloe defended herself.

Davis just threw his arms up in defeat and acceptance getting a laugh out of Chloe.

"Look how about after your shift you come over tonight and I'll make a nice home cooked dinner for... Clark." Chloe said confused.

"Did you just call me Clark?" Davis asked in confusion.

Chloe pointed to Clark at the side of the room. "No, Davis that is Clark." Chloe points him out and goes over to him. "What happened?"

"Dawn got bit by something and she lost a lot of blood." Clark said clearly frustrated about to blow.

"Is that all you know." Chloe asked assuming this is why Clark left when he did.

"I'm not family Chloe so they won't tell me anything." Clark said he was so frustrated that he accidentally pulled the steel bar he was leaning on clean off.

Davis watched Clark rip off the steel bar which should not be an easy task and can't help but ask. "Did she really get bit Clark? Because if it was something else the doctors need to know what happened to save her."

"She's clean." Clark looked up at the complete stranger. "Who are you?"

Chloe decides to make the introductions at least it might distract Clark. "Clark Kent meet Davis Bloom my boyfriend."

"It's nice to finally meet you Clark, Chloe says good things." Davis said remembering how Chloe went on about him and how he is always there to help people.

"It's nice to know Chloe's dating a paramedic she has an act for getting into trouble." Clark joked which got him hit it in the arm by Chloe. "So how did you two meet?"

"Jimmy called an ambulance for my ankle on Dark Thursday and Davis was the driver. We just sort of hit it off from there." Chloe explained.

The elevator doors opened as Buffy, Xander, Lois, Giles and Faith poured out.

"Hey Smallville any word?" Lois asked.

"No because I'm not family so they won't tell me anything." Clark answered and Buffy went up to the nurse's station.

"Did you see what did this?" Faith asked itching to kill anything she hates feeling helpless.

Clark figured this would be a conversation for another day so he lied. "No, I just found Dawn on the sidewalk."

"Dam well I'm Faith if you don't remember me."

Clark nodded. "I remember you Ms. Lehane"

"You do not say the surname Clark." Faith protested. "And this is Alexander Harris, and Rupert Giles."

"You'd be Xander right." Clark asked remembering the tales from Dawn.

"That would be me." Xander said.

"Mr. Giles it's nice to meet you." Clark rolled his eyes. "Not under these circumstances but you know."

"Yes quite." Giles replied now seeing why Dawn spends so much time with each other. He cares for Dawn just as much as she cares for him.

While everyone was talking Buffy had returned from the nurse's station with news about Dawn.

Buffy forwarded the message to everyone. "Good news is she's not going to die."

Xander catches on with what she said. "And the bad news Buff?"

Buffy frowned feeling like she frowned big time. "She's in a coma. It's like when Will was in a coma. She can wake up at any time, but the longer she's under the less likely she's going to."

Clark gets up to leave seeing he's not family but he's stopped by Lois. "Nuh Uh no disappearing act today Smallville you're needed here."

"How… How does someone go into a coma from blood loss?" Xander asked feeling weak.

"It's rare but it happens if you lose a lot of blood." Giles said.

Clark gets up earning him an angry glare from Lois. "I'm just taking a walk to clear my head. I won't leave the hospital."

When Clark is out of sight Willow exits the elevator she was in the astral plane when they got Clark's call. Since they couldn't wake Willow with her spirit in the astral realm Xander wrote everything down on post its and put them on her forehead. Funny delivery sad letter, Willow ran up and hugged Buffy.

"Hey if I came through this she will too Buffy don't worry." Willow says trying to comfort her friend.

"You're getting good at the mind games." Buffy whispered.

"Astral lessons my floating will be flying in a week." Willow whispered back.

Clark had gone away and tried to sneak in a visit to Dawn. It was a big mistake looking at her. Sure she wasn't going to be a vampire as the squiggly lines proved, but she looked so frail hooked up to those machines. Clark can't help but wonder where the strong girl was that saw his secret and shared her own. The girl who stood right by his side as he fought one of the most dangerous women in the universe. The girl who helped lure Old McDonald right into a steel wall leaving him comatose. Oh why did he think of that word? Clark lets out a sigh as he enters the room and takes Dawn by the hand.

"First time since we've met you don't have a thing to say." Clark tried to joke to hang on. "You know your not alone, your family is here, and they need you to wake up... I need you to wake up. I already miss you Dawn and I'm terrified that I won't get to see you do things again. Your smile, your laugh, your jokes, that stupid little dance you do when you figure it out before anyone else does, despite how much I don't like the nickname I even miss you calling me Superboy. Just wake up Dawn if not for me then for your family, just please wake up."

He gave Dawn a quick kiss on her forehead.

"Well now tender moments like that just touch the heart don't they?"

Clark turns around and is hit hard and sent into the wall. He sees of all things it was a priest that did it.

Caleb has to say he's enjoying his little return from the dead. It gives him another chance at that whore slayer who gutted him. "You know I sent two of my best after that whore's runt sister. You ruined two perfectly good daybreakers."

"You did this." Clark said getting back to his feet. "You're not even a human are you?"

"Oh I am very much his loyal servant." Caleb pulls out a knife and holds it over Dawn. "I'm also his messenger." Caleb brings the knife down but it shatters on Clark's hands.

"You'll never hurt her again." Clark says punching Caleb through the observation window.

Caleb recovers as Clark comes through the door after him. Caleb punches Clark in the face but this time Clark's ready for it and doesn't even flinch before delivering his own knocking Caleb back and delivering another punch this time to his solar plexus, and following up with another punch to the face knocking the preacher to the ground.

"So the girl has a savior that's ok keeps things interesting."

Trying to recover Caleb stands up and stretches his arms out. As Clark walks to Caleb a monstrous creature surges forward and towers over Caleb, wreathed in flame. The beast hovers for a moment, and then collapses into a brilliant sphere of energy which slams into Caleb, filling him. Caleb staggers and falls to the ground needing the recharge since he's essentially a zombie . When Caleb stands back up his eyes are demonic black and thinking back on the fights with Isobel Clark knows this isn't good.

"What are you?" Clark asked.

"I already told you I am thy humble servant." Caleb punches Clark in the solar plexus and pulls his head down and slams it into his knee. Caleb then grabbed Clark by the throat, slammed him into the wall, and unloaded on the teenage kryptonian with his other hand turning him into a bloody mess. Caleb looked at his bloodied opponent with a slasher smile. "Don't worry this is mercy compared to what I'll do to her." Caleb took out a knife that had a mystical glow to it and bought it down but Clark caught it with one hand and elbowed Caleb's outstretched arm with the other freeing himself. Thanks to the mystical beating he has no problem holding nothing back now. He punches Caleb in combinations, lefts and rights along with the occasional head butt making Caleb just as much of a mess as he is.

"You fail to understand boy no matter how badly you hurt me I can just keep going back." Caleb rushes at Clark which is just idiotic as Clark sees a wide open point of attack. Clark grabs both of Caleb's arms and delivers a stiff head butt to his face. With Caleb holding his head Clark grabbed him by the shirt and buried his knee as hard as he could into Caleb's gut sending him down the hall and to his shock Buffy came out of him.

"What the hell are you?" 'Buffy' asked before disappearing in a light.

Clark looked around and noticed some things. The priest was gone, Dawn was Ok but still out of it, the priest had dropped a tiny green medicine vial, and no one ever pays attention to what happens at Smallville general. What Clark doesn't know is that someone was paying attention. Someone got the people out while Clark and Caleb fought, someone was about to bust in with a fire ax until Clark recovered. Someone else had the idea to sneak in to see Dawn. Xander Harris had seen everything.

Xander saw the deserted and just had a face of confusion. "What the..."

"Where the hell is Smallville?" Lois asked.

"He went out for a walk he'll be back." Chloe answered. "When did you become so worried about him anyway?"

"I'm not worried about him." Lois insisted. "I'm worried about what he'll do. That's why I'm trying to keep him here."

"What do you mean?" Both girls jumped from their seats unaware that Faith had been listening in.

Lois looked up and realized that it wasn't just Faith everyone was listening except Davis who went back to work. Guess there's not much else to do in Smallville General's waiting room. The inquisition was on hold as Chloe received a text message on the phone. "Crap" is all Chloe can get out as she shows the message to Lois.

:CKent Dawn was attacked have to find the guy before he tries again.:

"He's gone isn't he?" Lois asks trying not to blow a fuse.

"Looks like." Chloe said.

Lois just starts pacing the floor. "Dammit Clark."

"Can he really do that much damage?" Buffy protested. "I mean he's just a farmboy."

"Yes he can do that much damage especially with Dawn hurt." Lois answered bluntly from past experience.

Giles quickly realized it. "This isn't the first time something like this has happened."

Lois nodded and went through one of the worst nights of her life. "No, it isn't in his senior year Clark was with a girl Alicia he might have denied it to suck up to Lana but I know he loved her. But she was murdered and he was in so much pain he..."

"He killed Alicia's killer." Willow finishes thinking back on her own experience with Warren.

"No, but If I got there 30 seconds later he might have." Lois answered.

"He never told me that." Chloe said. "He just said he knocked Tim out."

"Tim?" Giles asked.

"Tim Westcott the guy who did it." Chloe answered.

"Oh" Buffy hits a revelation that last month was nothing to do with Clark being teutonic or sexist he was just avoiding old wounds. And then a bigger one hits Lois is scared because if Clark finds the people that did this he's going in blind against vampires. Buffy looks over to Willow and the two start their own mental conversation.

'You want a locater spell don't you?' Willow asked.

'If it's not too much trouble.' Buffy quipped. 'Dawn won't be too happy if she wakes up and finds out her boyfriend got eaten.'

'She does get cranky with things like that.' Willow quipped. 'I'll get right on it.'

"Buffy did you hear me?" Lois asked. The downside to telepathic conversation normal conversation is easy to tune out.

"No, Can you say it again?" Buffy asked.

"I said me and Chloe are going to Metropolis. We're going to find Clark before he does something stupid." Lois said.

Both girls quickly leave and while they left in came an energetic Xander trying to say everything he saw but it doesn't do any good when you ran a couple floors down because the elevator is broke.

"Ok Xan you either need to catch your breath or relearn English." Faith said at the gibberish coming out of her friend's mouth.

A minute later Xander had caught his breath. "We need a meeting right now. Where's Will?" He sees his friend's body but no one's home.

Willow comes out frustrated that she blew a simple locater spell. The spell that was supposed to locate Clark had said he was at the hospital, then his barn, then back to the hospital, and then Oliver's penthouse in 30 seconds. She swears that whatever she conjured was just screwing with her.

"No joy. So what did I miss?" Willow asked.

"Lois and the blond girl are looking for the farmboy and Xander ran down and started to speak in tongues." Faith fills her in.

"Ok" Xander said. "I got bad, worse and interesting news. What do you want to hear first? Any requests G-Man."

"Xander just get on with it." Giles says as he is cleaning his glasses stressed out form another threat he's convinced Smallville is on a hellmouth it has to be.

"Ok so first bad news." Xander says as his childish smile from annoying Giles disappears. "Caleb is still alive."

All 4 stare at him with equal shock.

"Xander are you certain?" Giles asked

"Not going to forget the man that took my eye G-man."

"Guy has to be some sort of cat demon." Buffy said in frustration remembering what it took to put him down last time. "He just keeps coming back. Worse news"

"It was Caleb that had the vampires attack Dawn." Xander said.

"Good lord if he tries to get her again." Giles said in terror according to Buffy Caleb was a force of nature rather a demon.

"He's already tried part of the interesting news." Xander said as he immediately had to try to stop Buffy. "Buffy, Dawn is fine they're just moving her to a different floor. So can anyone tell me about Dawn's friend she's always hanging out with?"

"He's a sexist farmboy." Three heads turn to look at Faith, "Don't look at me like that B said it first."

Xander, Willow and Giles turn to look at Buffy who lowers her head. "I might have said something like that when I was having bad day and as it ends up he was having a worse one."

"Did she mention anything about him being a demon?" Xander asked.

"N-wait Clark beat Caleb." Buffy asked almost in shock at the revelation.

"Well Lois did say he could do some damage." Willow added.

"Yeah, but I figured against normal people. How the hell did he smack around Caleb." Buffy wondered.

"He didn't just smack around Caleb. He also smacked the first around while it was in Caleb's body; also I think the first is afraid of him." Xander said.

"You wanta run that one by us again Xan?" Faith asked shocked.

"I snuck up to see Dawn and when I got to her room Clark threw Caleb through the window. Then he came out the door and knocked Caleb senseless in 3 punches. Then the first showed up." Xander started to explain.

"Wait why weren't you getting us during this." Willow asked.

"I was getting innocent people away from the kill happy preacher." Xander said. "Now where was I?"

"The first just showed up." Buffy filled in.

"Right well when everyone was gone the first showed up and did his scary mojo thing and possessed Caleb or whatever it does. You could pretty much read Clark's thoughts as Oh Crap as it looked like Caleb was about to cave in his skull with how hard he was hitting him I think he's stronger then he was before."

"And again why weren't you getting us during this?" Willow said.

"No time I was looking for a weapon." Xander defended himself. "Also by the time I got back Clark had regained control and was caving in Caleb's skull until he hit him with a head butt and a knee that sent Caleb flying back and the first stumbling out wondering what the hell Clark was as it disappeared and then Clark disappeared."

"Wow, and I thought you knew how to pick em B." Faith quipped.

"We'll figure out what Clark is after I stop Caleb." Buffy said. "Can you guys stay here and watch Dawn. Teleport her back to HQ if Caleb comes back."

"Of course" Xander said.

"Willow did your locater spell do anything?" Buffy asked.

"If it's accurate he's at your boyfriend's place." Willow said realizing the spell might have worked after all if Clark can teleport.

Buffy makes a call but finds out she just missed the two. Clark was hunting down Caleb and now had her boyfriend is involved in it too. Frustrated she grabs Willow's keys and sets off for Metropolis to find the two and maybe bash their heads together. Willow just shoots Giles a glare.

"You could have given her your car you know." Willow said.

"As Buffy's watcher I support her in everything she does in the supernatural. As Buffy's friend and mentor I support her in everything she does besides driving."

10 minutes earlier

Oliver is in his apartment, firing arrows at a target across the large room. He aims an arrow, closes his eyes and lets it fly, but does not hear the impact. Opening his eyes, he sees that Clark has entered, and caught the arrow mid-flight.

"Clark. I was wondering if my security system would keep someone like you out." Oliver said.

"Looks like you need an upgrade." Clark said sarcastically.

"Or you need to learn how to knock." Oliver quipped. "It's okay. You know what? You can keep that arrow. I've got a new one. I was thinking about developing a boxing-glove arrow, and then I thought, come up with something a little fancier."

Oliver shoots his radio and all the noise and power comes to complete stop.

"Contained Electromagnetic Pulse - knocks out everything electrical within an 8-foot radius - cameras, laser systems, pacemakers. That last one was a joke, Clark."

"I'm laughing on the inside." Clark said wryly. Having seen the arrow at work already. Joke wasn't even funny the first time

"Maybe we'll get lucky one day, and it'll bubble to the surface." Oliver quipped. "To what do I owe the pleasure?"

"I need to talk to you about Queen Industries scientists." Clark said.

"What about them?" Oliver asked.

Clark pulls out a lead box and hands it to Oliver. "I need to know what's in this besides meteor rock."

Oliver opens the box and sees a glowing green vial and sees Clark backing away.

"So Clark what do you think is in this?" Oliver asked.

"I don't know probably stuff used to toughen skin against sunburn." Clark said.

Oliver flashes back to how freaked Buffy was earlier in the day when she found out her sister was bitten by something. He still can't believe all she asked him to do was wait by the phone fearing a paparazzi attack at the hospital. Wait a minute Dawn was bit by an animal and lost a lot of blood, now Clark is here asking to have something analyzed he believes to be some sort of sunlight resistant.

"Clark I need to ask you something and this is the shocking part I need you to be honest here." Oliver said.

"What is it?" Clark asked.

"Was Dawn attacked by vampires?"

Clark's eyes bug out and Oliver can almost see the gears in Clark's head spinning to make a cover story.

"I'll take that as a yes." Oliver said.

"How do you know about vampires?" Clark asked.

"My mother she was a watcher." Oliver said. "You're going after the person that went after Dawn aren't you." Oliver changed the subject.

"Yes" Clark said with a resolve face to put Oliver's or even Willow's to shame.

"Alright I'll have it analyzed under two conditions." Oliver said.

"And those would be?" Clark wondered.

Oliver took out a PDA and gave it to Clark. "You read everything on that it's like a supernatural encyclopedia."

"The other" Clark asked irritated.

Oliver smirked. "I'm coming with you; demons took a chunk out of my friend too, although I might not like her as much as you."

"Is there anyone who does not know?" Clark raised both hands in frustration.

"Dawn." Oliver quipped. "Ok how about we kill demons now and sort out your love life later."

Oliver pushed a button and his green arrow gear revealed itself. Oliver took the costume and pushed another button as a more basic wooden bow with sharpened ends and wooden arrows came out.

Clark spun around at superseed as his plaid shirt turned into the familiar black T and his hair changed as he dressed into the blur.

"I'll have a courier come for the sample. So where are we going?" Oliver asked.

Clark had just finished reading a couple things off the the PDA.

"You just read thousands of years of history in seconds." Oliver said.

Clark ignores him. "According to all watchers vampires prefer underground, so maintenance tunnels and sewers till sundown."

Clark smirked as Oliver lets out a groan.

"Alright you know what next time we look for vampires I'm flying us to Vegas. Plenty of vampires live in Vegas; we can do some gambling, catch a show, and not part the great sea of rats." Oliver sees that Clark hasn't broken and is still moving forward through the sewer. "You know what I'm getting you a sense of humor for your next birthday."

Clark comes to a sudden stop and punches through the wall. He pulls out a vampire and once he sees it has yellow eyes he incinerates it with heat vision. Clark looked over and seen Oliver look at him in frustration. "What?"

"Do we even have a plan here Clark, or are you just going to torch every vampire you see like the last 5."

"The plan is to find a green eyed vampire all these have been yellow." Clark said. "Feel free to leave anytime."

"No, I'm good as long as there is a method to the madness." Oliver said.

Back at Smallville General Dawn is starting to come around from her paralysis. Not coma, paralysis she heard everything Clark said and now needs to talk to him. But not before talking to Buffy about the first's new plan. But before that she needs to get Xander, Willow, and Giles off before they suffocate her in their group hug.

"Guys can't breathe little help Faith."
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