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United We Stand: The Smallville Chronicles

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Summary: Believeing the chaos of Dark Thursday to be supernatural Buffy and the others come to Smallville

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Smallville > Multiple Pairings
Smallville > Dawn-Centered
ChunkmanFR18932,1790217,7091 Nov 1223 Apr 13No

The Ride to Kansas

Buffy is owned by Joss Whedon

Smallville is owned by the WB

If I owned either I'd be too busy counting my money to write this.

Buffy: Post Chosen

Smallville: Season 6 AU

Faith rolled her eyes to the best of her ability with a shiner on her left eye courtesy of an asshole who's head was a skull on fire. "Next time you guys go to Vegas just leave me out of it."

Looking out the window of the car and back at her traveling companions, Buffy, Dawn, Willow, Xander, and Giles each one covered in black and blues from the events that will forever just simply be known as the Vegas Riot after today. They all decided they needed the trip for one reason or another. Buffy wanted time away from the slayers, and after what her decoy in Rome had done she wanted a break from the supernatural all together. Dawn recently broke up with her thricewise boyfriend Kenny when he just kept becoming more and more possessive of her. Willow came after dumping Kennedy because she was sick of how Kennedy was always complaining about how Willow will always be in love with Tara. Their constant arguments were starting to turn Willow's hair black which is never a good thing. Xander and Faith came because well Vegas who's going to pass that up? Giles showed up at the very end on ground zero gathering the Scoobies up for work in Kansas.

"It wasn't all that bad." Xander said trying to lighten the mood.

"I have third degree burns because of your newest demon ex." Faith replied.

"Hey Claire passed Will's demon test with flying colors the whole tossing fireballs thing was just well I don't know but I made a $150 from Buffy, Willow, and Dawn for not being a demon magnet for once." Xander said. He did not hook up with a demon despite the fact she had hellfire eyes.

Giles is cleaning his glasses trying to hard to bury the memories of some of the things he had seen that day. "Alright let's just focus on what we have to do now and put that whole thing behind us shall we."

"Sounds good to me." Buffy said wanting to change the focus. "So what are we going to be doing in Littleville anyway?"

Giles put his glasses back on. "Smallville Buffy and we'll be doing quite a lot actually. As far as we can tell, Willow's spell activated three slayers in the area so we'll be looking for them. According to the coven the worldwide blackout and earthquakes originated here so we'll look into that in case the earthquakes return. Also the coven has asked us to look into why demons in Metropolis are mysteriously dieing. And Buffy will be working as the new chief of staff for a state senator"

"What? Isn't there someone a little more qualified?" Buffy asked almost terrified turning to Giles. "That's a you job or a Willow job. Buffy jobs are slaying and dieing."

"The senator's last Chief of Staff was younger then you. Buffy I know you can do this but the job is just temporary to make it look like another decoy to throw off the underworld as to where you really are. You can do much more than kill things or flip burgers at the town's fast food restaurant and I want you to see that." Giles said.

"Can't we just put up a mystical bulletin and say I'm in Rome."

"Buffy?" Giles just looked at her confused how the oldest living slayer can be afraid of a regular 9-5 job.

"Alright Alright."

"OK now that that's settled go back to the part about why we care demons are dying in Metropolis." Dawn said with a confused look in her eyes. They fight evil it's what they do.

Everyone in the group look at her in frustration.

"What?" Dawn asked. "If demons are dropping off like flies it's a good thing right?"

"We don't know yet Dawnie." Willow replied. "Whatever is killing demons might switch to humans at any point. So how are the demons dieing?"

"It's different depending on the type of demon it is." Giles started to explain. "Vampires are spontaneously combusting, other demons heads are torn off, and sometimes a hole just appears in their chest and their heart is destroyed."

After the exposition they all went their own way. Faith and Xander were in charge of rounding up the slayers, Giles and Willow were put on Dark Thursday, While Buffy and Dawn were put on the dieing demons. Now came the scary part for Dawn. Everyone went their own separate way which meant Buffy was driving. How could they do this to her? Everyone knows when you get in a car with Buffy you lose at least one year off your life expectancy. Dawn loves her sister but she will be the first one to admit that "Buffy drives like a spaz."

"I do not" Buffy said causing Dawn to realize she said her thoughts out loud.

Before Dawn could come up with a defense for what she said. Buffy had already validated her original statement as the car was in one of the many fields in this small town after a quick sharp turn.

"Yeah ideal driver" Dawn commented with sarcasm.

Buffy glared at her little sister. "That wasn't my fault." Buffy gut of the car and went back onto the road with Dawn following in pursuit.

"Then what happened act of divinity?" Dawn asked.

"No act of b-barn door." Buffy replied looking at the sight.

Both sisters looked at the sight in utter confusion. They know of demons falling from the sky meteors and maybe aliens but a barn door. Did someone try to kill them with a barn door? With this Buffy gives a glare to her sister.

"Hey don't look at me like that it's only Monday."
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