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31 Aftermaths

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Thirty One". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to 31 Never Was

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Ficlet CollectionsLadyAvariceFR153126,01032840,6661 Nov 121 Dec 12Yes

CH 11: Well Done

Original characters from the Inheritance Series

"So what's the plan?"

"Well, I kinda want to kill the dragon."

"You do and your ass is grass."

The 'Fang Gang' turned, startled at who was able to sneak up on two master vampires and a primordial god king. They were rather shocked when a familiar slight figure walked out of the alley, dressed in a snug leather get up complete with what looked like a utility belt around her hips and a sword on her back. By the looks of things she was not happy.


"Don't get me started on you, Spike. Buffy's going to clobber you when she gets here."

"What are you doing here? Giles said you weren't going to help!"

"One, Giles has reason to be leery when Mr. Looses-His-Soul-Every-Thursday joins the most evil corporation on this plane. Two, you asked Giles,of course he's going to say no! Did you not think to call Buffy? And three, we got a vision and were sent here. You're screwed when we're done."

"Just you? Buffy sent you alone!?"

"Pfft of course not. Willow averted a pre-season and tapped out. I can teleport Xander and myself way easier than she can teleport a pencil right now."

"So two more kids, and we're already down two ourselves. How does this improve things?" Gunn looked at the slight girl wondering just what she smoked to get through that portal.

Said girl growled something that sounded vaguely like Sumerian curse words and yanked him down to her level by his ear. When he opened his mouth to yell she stuffed something blue and slimy down his throat.

"What the hell girl!?"

"She has fixed you."

Gunn was amazed to notice his wounds were all but gone and he was feeling back at full strength. The two master vamps were surprised they hadn't thought of using Mohra demon blood themselves. The group was shocked again when Wesley and Connor stepped out of the shadows, flanking the teen. Angel was looking very, very nervous.

"You and me, missy, are going to have a talk later about taking what isn't yours, so don't think you're off the hook."

"And what fleshbag sheep are you to say such things to me? I was God King of the Primordium."

Dawn didn't say anything, merely let a ball of intense green energy float in her palm.

Spike swore he'd never seen Illyria look nervous before.

"Fight now, piddle later. XANDER!"

The Fang Gang jerked in surprise as another roar split the sky. This one seemed even more intimidating than the first given by the black dragon.

Angel's mouth actually dropped open in shock as a heavily armored white dragon swept down and managed to latch its jaws on the back of the black one's neck, shaking it like a bone until the other dragon's neck snapped.

"I told you he was pissed. And it looks like our fun is here."

Demons suddenly seemed to surround them. Gunn and Conner were amazed as she not only seemed to keep pace with the vampires and former god, but at times protected their backs. The dragon was ripping apart anything that was too far away for them to deal with, or too large.

They were being backed towards the alley again as the humans and vamps wore down. Finally it seemed Dawn had enough of flipping and slicing enemies.

"Ok, time to wrap this up. Brisngr!"

The group watched as the mass of demons in front of them suddenly wasn't, ash blowing in the wind.

Another roar overhead and the white dragon finished the rest, roasting them to cinders in white fire.

As Xander neared the alley he noticed a rather familiar look on Connor's face as he watched Dawn tear his father a new one.

-I'm going to have to talk to Connor for a bit.-

-What? I thought he fought well.-

-He did. That's not what the talk is about.-

-Do I want to know?-

-I'll let you know later if need be.-


What was it with the Aurelius vamps and Summers girls?
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