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31 Aftermaths

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Thirty One". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to 31 Never Was

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Ficlet CollectionsLadyAvariceFR153126,01032840,6661 Nov 121 Dec 12Yes

Ch 13: Listen to Teacher

Remus Lupin

"Now, remember everyone, it's not necessarily the biggest bang that will get your results, but the easiest spell or tool used in an unconventional manner. Can anyone think of any examples? Brook?"

"A pencil to stake a fledgling?"

"Good! Exactly what I'm talking about. 'A pencil is harmless, it can't hurt me, why should I be worried about a girl holding a pencil?' Oops, anyone have the Dust Buster?"

The classroom filled with laughter for a few moments following the rather humorous mini-skit from the teacher.

"Any other ideas? Come on, this isn't that hard."


"Pepper? Explain please."

"Certain demons, like the Cyrtar'kth, are either allergic to human saliva or can't sneeze and maintain their… um, form. You sneeze at them, or get them to sneeze and suddenly, no more demon!"

"Inventive and bonus points for an added humiliation factor!"

"High heels!"

"Amanda we're talking about hurting demons, not our feet."

The girl in question giggled and pulled off one of her shoes, showing off a rather pointy high heel.

"The heel of this is wood with a silver pipe, and the pipe has holy water in it. Good for vamps, rogue werewolves, and anything that can be killed by either wood or silver or, in a pinch, holy water."

"Where did you buy those?"

"Custom made. I'll happily give you the number for the guy after class."

"Everyone, please applaud Amanda, she's earned your class a Fun Day on Friday, as well as a potential pair of custom new shoes once we work out logistics with the budget committee."

The class erupted in cheers. Prof. Xander's 'Fun Days' were days spent figuring out how to use ordinary items to kill demons in practical applications. In other words, mayhem with random stuff getting used on magical dummies. Every Slayer loved it.

"Ugh, stupid male."

"What? I thought you liked him, Kennedy?"

"Hell no! It's just better to stay in his good graces so it's easier to stick with Willow."


"Honestly, what would someone like me see in her? The world isn't run by the most powerful people in it, but the people who control those with power. She 'loves' me, and will do what I suggest. Bit by bit I gain more ground, can do more and control more. It's all how you play it."

Kennedy was smirking at the other Slayer, a girl named Miranda. She hadn't been overly warm to the witch, unlike a lot of folks, and Kennedy had taken that to mean that she didn't like the witch at all.

Miranda on the other hand, simply didn't know her well enough to care. What Kennedy was saying had her wondering if she should keep her mouth shut or get one of the Council members.

Neither one realized the Xander was right by the door and had heard everything.

The entire third period class on 'Sneaky Tactics and Inventive Wins' jerked in surprise when their normally happy and calm teacher suddenly shouted something in Latin and blasted someone outside the classroom with a spell.

They watched, stunned as he seemed to pull in on himself, breathing very carefully in an effort to calm himself.

"Another lesson, class, is to always be underestimated. If you look to be too nice, too kind, too unassuming, they enemy will always underestimate you and you can use that to your full advantage."

He stepped out for a moment, coming back in with a divided cage holding two ferrets.

"One of these was a classmate of yours, talking about hurting Willow, not physically, but emotionally. The other is going to be very lucky if Oz doesn't visit this month. Can anyone tell me what this little example also shows?"

"Don't go for family, just get the target. If you go for family, you're fucked."

"I'll let that language slide this time because you're right. Anyone worth anything in this organization knows that you do NOT pick on the Scoobies and what's more you never, EVER talk about hurting one of my girls."

The black ferret in the cage squeaked and backed away as much as it could from the amber eyes trained on it.

"Especially my Willow."
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