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31 Aftermaths

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Thirty One". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to 31 Never Was

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Ficlet CollectionsLadyAvariceFR153126,01032840,6321 Nov 121 Dec 12Yes

CH 14: Kitten Gets Nipped

Micah Callihan from Anita Blake

A large humanoid form prowled through the supposedly abandoned warehouse. Black ears twitched and turned towards the very, very faint sound of a pants leg brushing against the doorframe.


"Ok, that's the 13th vamp dusted, one more to go and then this nest is done. This seems too easy."

"Hello, Kitten."

"Aw shit, challenged Murphy again."

Before he could even think about using one of the talismans around his neck to summon help she blew something in his face that smelled strongly of mint and sent his head spinning just before he blacked out.

The mad seer giggled as she hefted the large supine figure over her shoulder.

"The Rising Sun will so love her present."

He woke up he-didn't-know-how-long later, head blurry and very confused. The over-sized sweatpants that he had been wearing were gone, he could tell that much, but something was wound around him that kept him from moving too much. He wasn't on the floor, thankfully, but something that was soft and warm. This really wasn't making any sense.

Shifting his head a bit he was able to see pale strands of something looped over and around him with no seeming pattern, like he'd rolled himself into a tangle while out, but he knew that wasn't the case. Moving his head alone had taken too much energy. A growl that sounded more like a groan worked out of his throat as he let his head fall back down, twitching his ears a bit to fling a tickling bit of the whatever-it-was off.

Xander hadn't noticed anyone else walk in, but that wasn't too much of surprise given how out of it he was. Words were too hard to understand, but the tone was calm and soothing. Even as a small hand started to ruffle between his ears more of that mint stuff was blown in his face and he was out again.

Dawn rushed through the corridors of the old warehouse.

It had taken her years of wearing Xander down to the idea that she wasn't a little girl anymore and she really did like him 'that way'. It took getting drunk at the annual party for him to finally accept that she really wanted him out of all the available guys out there.

And that was one hell of a happy new year!

It wasn't even two months later and Xander had been nabbed. Xander! Wasn't that her job? And it was Tuesday even! They'd had plans, but put them off for the potential mini-apocalypse brewing with a nest of vamps.

Whoever nabbed him was dust!

Finally she spotted the marked door and pushed it open.

Only to freeze in shock.

What she was staring at was NOT what she'd expected to find.

Looking around for an explanation she spotted an envelope with her name on it, written in fancy cursive, on a table filled with things that Anya would have loved to explain the uses of.

Shaking herself she moved and lifted the flap, shaking out the letter.

For the Rising Sun,

The Kitten needs some encouragement. These should help grandly. Happy Valentine 's Day and enjoy.



Dawn wasn't sure if she wanted to think too hard on that.

Instead her attention turned back to the table. There were plenty of familiar things, but two in particular caught her eye. Lifting the tub of crushed leaves she almost laughed as she read the label.

Enchanted Nip

Works even on Hellcats!

Still stifling a snicker she picked up the spool of what looked like thick yarn.

Be-Spelled Thread

Guaranteed to create a tangle you'll love

Her mind automatically processed the directions even as her brain worked out what Drucilla had done.

Xander still had a few issues, sure she'd reject him if he was too 'fur-apparent' or he'd lose control and hurt her.

He really should know better. Out of all the Scoobies, only she'd squealed in delight seeing his halfling and animal forms, rushing over to hug the stuffing out of him (figuratively speaking) and spent hours just brushing him out after patrols back in Sunny-D.

So here he was, considerably mellowed by the cat nip and tangled rather cutely in the magicked yarn, and her, with a table full of toys, and three days vacation time.

Xander started coming out of the black-out fog again, getting a bit miffed at being put to sleep so often when a familiar scent managed to get past the lingering mint smell.


Huffing a bit and shaking his head to clear it he opened kitty green eyes to look at her.

The smirk she had on her face, as well as the toys in her hands, had him wondering if maybe being kidnapped wouldn't have been the safer option.

Abruptly his head snapped back in surprise, a low growl building in his chest. She had moved while he was still wondering if being kidnapped was a viable option. He moved to grab her, pull her close, and then the threads tangled all around him moved and he no longer could. Her hands were wandering and suddenly the growl was a yowl bouncing off the walls.

Then again, the hell with safe, where the hellmouth did Dawn learn to do that!?

Dru giggled, curling up with her night's entertainment, enjoying her Valentine's on two fronts.

After all, if one was a vampiric Seer, getting R-rated visions was just a bonus.
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