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31 Aftermaths

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Thirty One". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to 31 Never Was

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Ficlet CollectionsLadyAvariceFR153126,01032840,6661 Nov 121 Dec 12Yes

CH 16: Shining Light

Nanaki/Red XIII from FFVII

This was confusing.

And it wasn't.

This was wrong.

And it felt quite right.

He didn't know her from Eve.

And he knew her better than anyone else ever would.

A rather adorable look of confusion grew on his feline features he stared down at the ball of white fluff currently trying to catch the flame on his tail.

The monks had royally screwed up.

I mean REALLY, screwed up.

They intended for the Key to go to the most physically strong and mystically enhanced warrior on the Hellmouth.

Before hell-o-ween that would have been Miss Bimbo-Blonde. Buffy's IQ had really taken a dive and her common sense was just not there.

Still, while Willow may be working the mojo, Buffy had been stronger. While Giles knew tons more, Buffy had more mysticism in her blood.

But now, Xander was a species never seen on this planet with magic, not in his blood, but for blood.

And, well, with the memories he'd kept and how big he was, physically he was as-strong-as if not stronger than the Slayer.

So, the not-researched-enough spell latched on to him something fierce and resulted in….

A white puff ball that would not stop chasing the flame on his tail.

They had meant to give the Slayer a sister for her to protect.

Instead they had given him a sister to rear.

She wasn't exactly real. She had been made, not born.

But what did he care?

He was a formerly-one-of-a-kind creature created by chaos magic who used to be human.

So his new little sister used to be a ball of energy.

He had two sets of memories thanks to his rather unique make up.

One, where he was alone.

And another, where he had this amazing little girl in his life that mimicked her big brother and loved him like family was supposed to.

"Come here squirt."

The cub in question growled and swatted at his nose as he bent down, grabbing her by her ruff and tossing her up in the air, only to land safely on his mane. A few little adjustments and she was safely ensconced, tiny claws clinging just to fur and helping her stay on.

"We goin' ta Joyce's?"

"Yup. Maybe if you're good and don't make me chase you on the way I'll ask her to make some of that cocoa for us to drink. And maybe, just maaaaybeeeeee…"


Xander smirked, just imagining her wide-eyed look of anticipation.

"I'll ask her about that shiny new DVD I saw the other day. What was it again? Something about giant alien robots?'

There was a squeal he would swear could crack concrete and a glomp around his neck. She liked the oddest movies, but at least he usually liked them too. The rest of the trip she stayed remarkably still, if vibrating in excitement. Joyce really did help out with taking care of her when he had to go help with demony things.

He smiled, ruffling up his neck a bit around the cubling.

She was his new light, a bright hope, a reason to keep going.

She was his Dawn, his Dawnie, and he was never going to let her go.

And anyone that tried to take her would be wishing that Meteor had struck them instead.
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