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It was just a Halloween costume!

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Summary: This is my response to Calileane's Challenge 7236: My DNA says I'm Thor's son? it was just a Halloween costume! AU, OOC, and I have not chosen a pairing

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Xander-CenteredmrsKnitewolfFR1847,0471210124,5822 Nov 1221 Jul 14No

ch. 4

An: I own nothing that you might recognize so Marvel owns the Avengers and Joss Whedon owns Buffy the vampire slayer. Sadly if I did, I would not be working. This is my response to Calileane's Challenge 7236: My DNA says I'm Thor's son? It was just a Halloween costume! From tth. AU, OOC, and I have not chosen a pairing.

Summers' home

"You know us?" Willow asked as Xander came through the door, after tucking the monster into some bushes.

"Yeah lucky me. What's with the name game?" Cordelia asked looking around.

"A lot is going on." Willow said with a sigh.

"No kidding. I was just attacked by cousin It on steroids. Look at my costume." Cordelia said shoving her torn sleeve in Willow's face. "Do you really think that Party-town's gonna give me back my deposit. Not likely. And since when did the dweeb get all heroic?" she asked jerking a thumb in Xander's direction. Xander quickly unhooked his cape and wrapped it around Cordelia's shoulders.


"Thanks." Cordelia said blushing slightly. Willow saw this and looked up at Xander with a sad look.

"Willow, seeing as you can go through walls, why don't you go to library and see if Giles is there? Maybe he will know how to change everyone back." Xander said.

"But, Xander then you would go back to normal." Willow said sadly. Xander sighed before squaring his shoulder and standing up even straighter.

"Too many people could get hurt if we allow the spell to continue. Go get Giles, Willow." Xander said giving her his lopsided grin. Willow gave a watery smile and took off out of the door without opening it.

"She's right Xander why do you want to end the spell?" Cordelia asked curiosity burning in her eyes. Xander sighed and picked up the arm the demon had left in the house.

"I am going to toss this out back and then I am checking all the windows upstairs. Cordelia check all the ones down here, alright?" Xander announced before heading to the back door to get rid of the arm.

'I still wonder how I knew that thing was a demon to being with. Lucky for me I did, don't know if I could have lived with myself if I had killed someone.' he thought as he tossed the arm into some bushes before heading back into the house. He quickly dashed back in and up the stairs to start his check of all the windows.

Avenger's tower

"Are you sure you want to do this Thor?" Hogun asked quietly. Thor nodded, looking even more determined to claim the boy as his son.

"Yes, it would be an honor to be his father." Thor said looking a Janus, who smiled in relief. Loki looked amused by both Gods' reaction for a moment before he frowned.

"Janus I thought you only got your champions from one bloodline?" Loki whispered to Janus, who smiled at him and nodded.

"This boy is also of that bloodline then?" Loki asked with a smile. "And therein lays the chaos." Janus grinned at the God of Mischief, tossing him a wink.

"What are you two whispering and grinning about?" Sif asked with narrowed eyes. Both gods looked amused at her question, which only made her more suspicious of them. This made both gods smirk even more, when they both heard Steve huff.

"Stop baiting Sif." Steve said looking them both in the eye. Thor chuckled at this, before placing a reassuring hand on Steve's shoulder.

"Do not worry friend Steve, they have been this way for as long as I can remember. This is really nothing new." Thor said before looking at Loki again. "You should see these two when they get going."

"I'm pretty sure I don't Thor. So, the kids parents, will they fight Thor for him?" Steve asked Janus, who sadly shook his head. "Well, I think Tony should get a Quinjet ready, so we can get to him quickly. Bruce how is that weather pattern holding?"

"Nothing else has shown up, Steve. But, we will keep an eye on it on the trip there. Will, Loki or Janus be coming?" Bruce asked over the intercom. Both gods shook their heads.

"I alas cannot go to the area myself, and I would not recommend Loki going either." Janus said looking hopefully at Loki. "I will keep you company. Game of chess perhaps while we wait for them to return?"

"Yes, I think I would like that." Loki said as he conjured a Star Trek style chess board with Harry Potter chess pieces that moved just like in the movie. Janus grinned and clapped.

"You took my advice about combining the games. Finally, we might have a decent game." he said excitedly. Loki arched a brow at this, before humphing and conjuring a table and chairs for them.

"I will bring him back here first. Will that satisfy SHIELD that my son is not a threat friend Steve?" Thor said looking expectantly, Loki and Janus also looked at Steve. He found this to be very creepy as Janus did not actually turn to look at him.

"Th-that should be fine Thor. Most of us are still not talking to Fury over that whole mess with Phil." Steve finally said as he tried not to stare at the two-faced deity. Loki frowned at the chess board in front of him.

"Your move Loki." Janus said moving his first pawn. Loki grunted as he considered the board more closely, when they heard over the speakers. "Bruce and I got next reindeer games. Ok with you Harvey?"

"Yes, but I am not a villain, like Harvey Dent. Do try to remember that." Janus said with an indulgent smile at both of the overhead cameras. Everyone could hear Bruce chuckling.

"Sure thing Lord Janus." Bruce said over the com, when it became clear that Tony either could not or would not answer the God of doorways and change. Thor chuckled at this, before turning to the warriors three and Sif.

"Well my friends, will you come with me to get my son?" Thor said looking at them and Steve waiting for an answer.

"Of course we will come with you Thor, we are your friends." Steve said with a smile.

"Quinjet is ready, so when you are ready guys." Bruce said over the speakers.

Summers' home

"So noble to sacrifice his connection with his father to help others. I can only hope that my father finds such a noble knight for me to wed." Buffy said wistfully.

"What's that riff?" Cordelia said looking at Buffy like she had three heads.

"Cordy did you check all the windows down here?" Xander asked coming back down the stairs.

"Who died and left you in charge?" Cordelia snapped at him. Xander paused in front of her, looking her right in the eye. She could feel his commanding presence, not that she would admit to anyone out loud, that it made her feel very humble.

"For now Cordelia Chase, I am Alexander Thorson, heir to the throne of Asgard. I have been trained by the Warriors three, the Lady Sif, my father and uncle; I have a good idea of what it takes to keep us alive. Now did you check the windows or not?" Xander asked again. Cordelia sat shocked for a moment before nodding.

"Of course I did dweeb, I don't want to die." Cordelia said.

"Fine, I am going to check the back door I thought I heard something." Xander said as he stomped off. Buffy sighed as he left and shot Cordelia a glare, before she bent to pick up a picture that had fallen.

"This is his friend correct?" Buffy asked turning the picture over to Cordelia, who huffed before answering her.

"Yeah, that's you duh. I swear the bleach has gone to your brain." she snapped as she turned to go sit in the living room.

"But, this can't be me." Buffy whispered, her hands shaking in fright.

Quinjet somewhere over Kentucky?

"So from what JARVIS could get this kid is average in just about every way. Some odd occurrences, some of this does not look good. Suspected abuse." Tony said as he read what was on his screen back at the tower, he had a screen setup in the communications so he could give any updates. All the Avengers and the Asgardians frowned.

"How much longer till we get there?" Steve asked looking toward Clint and Natasha, trying to break the tension in the cabin.

"Couple of hours. Good news is this place is big enough to have its own airport." Natasha tossed over her shoulder.

"Size of a postage stamp, but luckily I am an excellent pilot." Hawkeye said with smirk, to which Natasha raised an eyebrow. He grinned at her in return.

"Thor, why do you want to adopt this kid anyway?" Bruce asked from the terminal. "Not that I think it's a bad idea. But, have you really thought about this?"

"Yes, Doctor I have." Thor said firmly.

"You do know that abused kids have issues right?" Bruce asked as they watched over the cameras. Thor frowned as he thought about this, new information.

"I know this doctor, but he needs me." Thor said

AN: Yes I know I am evil. Till next time folks, please review thanks.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "It was just a Halloween costume!" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 Jul 14.

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