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It's A Strange, Strange World

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Summary: It's a new world out there but Steve just wants to be left alone with his memories, Director Fury however has big plans for the Captain and he thinks he has just found the person to get Steve out of his shell.

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SplitEnzFR151246,06404333,2772 Nov 1222 Apr 14No

Highrise Smackdown

Authors note:
Those hoping for more TMNT they will be coming up soon but this chapter deals with one of the situations I originally had in my head which lead to me writing this story. Nine chapters later I am finally here so I hope you all enjoy.

Oh and if in case anyone is wandering I don’t own anything especially characters from Marvel and Buffy.

Faith made her way down 7th Avenue, hot dog in one hand and the thumb of her other hand in her pocket. Even though technically she had fully recovered from the assassination attempt she had been given the day off as neither Steve nor Natasha where willing to spare with her. She was still trying to rap her head everything that had happened. Not only had she survived being shot but she had woken with a card beside her bed and flowers and people outside who actually seemed to care about her. On the other hand two people where dead and Steve, the real hero of the two, had nearly been killed as well.

Not planning anything heavy she had just gone out with a silver engraved Fairbairn knife and what to an untrained eye would look like a very large letter opener. It was a knife almost purely out of Verawood one of the hardest woods in existence. She had seen it in a store window and had instantly recognized it as a better alternative to carrying a wooden stake with its thin steel edge running along the wooden blade. It had been the first thing of real value she had bought herself since coming to New York.

She saw a large crowd gathering around outside a department store watching something on the news, considering the looks of disbelief on their faces she figured she’d better have a quick peek. Using her elbows and ... other parts of her anatomy to shove people aside she found herself front and center looking at some kind of enormous sandman and something which looked a hell of a lot like a demon. Looking at the scroll to get a location she started to shimmy her way out of the crowd and work her way towards the scene, flipping open her cell as she went hitting Phil on speed dial.

 “This is Coulson”

“Yo C this is Faith, you guys got the 411 on what the fuck is going on? One of those thing looks like a demon.”

“We are pretty sure it’s not, especially as the Sandman is or was human. And I doubt a demon would be trying to call out Spiderman. We even have Tony trying to come up with something. Where are you?”

“Jesus we really must be screwed then if you are thinking of getting him involved. I’m on my way to the site, I don‘t know what the hell is going on but I’m going to be damned if I’m going to sit it out. And we need to get an idea why the hell these guys are interested in Spiderman. Plus I can guarantee these guys are not going to stop with him, this is going to royally bite us in the ass if we do not do something.” Then she remembered something from her GED “Doesn't heat turn sand into glass? Where’s the geek squad? I bet Johnny could create a couple of shards out it, street level obviously don’t want anyone getting cut with flying pieces”

“The Fantastic 4 are dealing with a problem in Japan, apparently someone tried to create Godzilla using Gamma radiation.”

Faith stopped dead in her tracks. “Really? And they didn't invite me?” She had meet the Fantastic 4 her third week out of the joint. She had the feeling that Reed and Susan didn't really approve but Johnny and Ben were pretty cool, she could have sworn she had even made the big guy blush a couple of times.

“They are really in Japan but no Godzilla fortunately”

Faith huffed and kept going. “Says you, any chance of getting someone up in the air and keeping an eye on things? I'm not asking her to get up and close to the thing or anything just get a perspective on high, there may be some reason there duking it out up there apart from Spidey trying to keep civilians out of the way.”

“I take it you did not realize that there is a female hostage. And we’re not letting any aircraft near that thing when it could clog up the engines. I thought you were just going to take a look? You don’t need aerial reconnaissance for that, and Faith as far as this situation is concerned you are just a civilian do you understand?”

“Yes sir! Three bags full sir!”

“Faith...” He didn’t get any further as Faith had shut her phone off and was moving towards where the fighting was taking place, where she knew she belonged.

Coulson closed his phone with a sigh. Calling Faith a civilian had been a mistake but he kept forgetting the fact that she stopped being a civilian when she became a Slayer at 16. Never mind that she now had a badge saying she was a federal agent, even if she wasn’t using her real name. “Agent Sitwell is Agent Barton back from her Quinjet training on the Hellicarrier?”

“No sir.”

“Then I want the Shadow up in the air immediately”. He may have told Faith not to go in but one thing he had learned from working with Tony was to say no but to prepare for them to do it anyway.

“Yes sir.”

Police barricade
Faith looked around at all of the onlookers and couldn't help but shake her head. Whatever you could say about Sunnydale Syndrome there was no denying that it kept the onlookers away. Looking up she could make out Spiderman going toe to toe with that black thing, even from the ground that thing was making her senses go absolutely nuts.

She bit her lip, she knew that she was not suppose to do anything but watch, she couldn't get up there anyway not with all these people and cameras around. Looking around she noticed a bit further back a kiosk selling NY merchandise. Looking around to see if anyone was watching she made her way over grabbing a cap, glasses, and a bandanna. Rummaging through her pockets she pulled out some notes.

She held out the notes to the operator “How much?” But the guy ignored her and continued staring up at the fight. A couple of years ago she would have just shrugged her shoulders and done a runner with the goods but she had calmed down since then, plus she actually had money for a change.

“Yo! How much?” But the guy still kept ignoring her, not wanting to actually rob the guy she slammed some notes on the counter, grabbed him by the collar and gave him a searing kiss. “That’s to make up the difference.” Then with a wink she was heading back into the fray, putting on the sun glasses and baseball cap backwards as she went.

Standing in front of the barricade she found herself straight in front of a wall of cops. She stopped to consider her options as she could not risk just barging through them in case one pulled his gun. Plus she was still not sure how much leeway Fury was giving her so she didn't want to risk another case of assaulting a police officer.

To her right she saw a cop car behind the barricade, moving along till she was right in front of it she looked around then slipped the bandanna over her face, took a deep breath jumped on top of the cop car and leaped down the other side running full bent at the building. By the time the cops had started to move Faith was already at the site making her way towards the scaffolding, her bandanna back around her neck now her face was out of sight.

“What the fuck am I doing, what the fuck am I doing.” Chanted Faith to herself as she made her way to the feet of the building, trying to figure up how she was going to get up.

Suddenly she heard a yell and saw Spiderman barreling out of control towards the ground. She moved to intercept, tackling him in the air just before he was about to hit the ground. Faith groaned and spat sand out of her mouth. “Well that sucked.”

Spiderman slowly got up to his feet trying to figure out where the hot brunette had come from. “Thanks but you shouldn't be here this is dangerous.”

Faith did not have time to retort before the ground beneath her began to move. They moved together as the sand started to grow and take shape into a ...

“Oh shit.” Faith looked at Spiderman. “Get us the fuck out of her.” He grabbed hold of her waist and shot a stream of web upwards. She held on for dear life as they shot up but they were not going fast enough as suddenly they got hit by what felt like a truck made of sand.

They went flinging into the building landing hard on the floor shattering Faith’s glasses. Slowly she took them off making sure no shards got in her eyes and then looked up to see the Sandman towering above them. Suddenly her senses went crazy, she turned around in time to see a pallet come flying towards her. It hit her square in the waist propelling her backwards into the wall and to the ground.

“Well what have we here? Peter you didn't bring your new muse to help you rescue your old one did you?”

She looked up to see what could have past as Spiderman’s very evil twin brother, her senses screaming at her so loud it was almost deafening. “Leave her alone Eddie, she has nothing to do with this.”

Gasping to regain her breath, her body covered in broken wood, Faith looked up at 'Eddie', the colour draining from her face. “Eddie? You’re human?”

“Oh baby I am so much more than human now.” Eddie sneered while raking his eyes over her body, “and once I deal with Peter behind me here I’ll be sure to show you how true that is.”

Spiderman aka “Peter” went to make a move but got stopped when the Sandman wrapped a hand around him and dragged him back outside, slamming Spiderman’s head on a beam as he did so and then planting Spiderman on top of it. Eddie went to help him out sensing a chance to get his revenge but stopped mid stride when he heard a cracking sound. He turned around to see the girl getting to her feet looking very pissed off with a knife in each hand and the remanents of the pallet falling to her feet.

“You want to show me what you have come on and show me.” She snarled, her face almost becoming animalistic in the process.

He looked at her with wonder. “What are you?”

That simple sounding question had Faith stumped so she stuck with the basics “I’m the girl with the knives.” And with that she turned her knifes into reverse grip as Natasha had showed her and charged. The Sandman stopped his pummelling of Spiderman and both watched in astonishment as this unknown addition to the fight started carving Eddie up. Eddie on the other hand did not have the chance to look amazed as he found himself in the fight of his life, his new abilities were great but they did not come with a sudden ability to fight a skilled armed assailant.

Unfortunately for Faith one of his new abilities was almost instantaneous re-healing, she had put half a dozen holes in him that basically healed up as soon as they were made. In some ways it was a good thing, if she had not been sure that he was no longer human she doubted she could have fought him, not after what she had done to the familiars. The two separate and started to circle each other. “What the fuck did you do to yourself?”

“Nothing, let’s just say it was a gift from the heavens.” With that he launched himself at Faith taking them both to the ground, she started to get up only to cry out in pain when he dug his claws into her back. Any smart ass comment he had died on his lips when he heard an explosion behind him.

Turning around he saw his ally cry out in pain with his head gone in burning embers and then Eddie saw who had done it. He flattened himself onto his Faith as an un-masked Green Goblin flew a foot above their bodies before doing a u-turn and heading back towards Spiderman and they now dented beam that he was lying on.

Recognizing an opportunity Faith rolled them over so she was on top with her back to Eddie and then bought her head up and then down violently onto his nose. Pulling up she winced as his claws came out of her back but her adrenaline was enough that it did not slow her down. Going straight into a forward roll she came to a stop in front of some scaffolding. Grabbing a pipe she turned to face this ‘Eddie’ who was getting to his feet.

“Mary Jane!”

Faith turned her head to see Spiderman grabbing onto the Green Goblin’s back and head towards the ground on the hover-board thing he was using.

It was only a split second glance but it was enough for Eddie to spring at Faith. All ready standing side on to Eddie she pivoted to her right, she just have enough time to poke him with the end of the bar as he went pass, sending him careening into some internal scaffolding with enough force for some loose bars to fall down.

The bars hit the ground around Eddie and Faith watched in amazement as he started to scream, holding his hands over his ears like he was listening to someone rake their nails on a blackboard. Realizing that he must have super sensitive hearing she slammed the pipe she was holding onto the ground hard, denting it in the process. The pipe made a sound but nowhere near to the volume as the mini avalanche. Eddie slowly got to his feet, and again she slammed it into the ground causing him to flinch slightly before launching himself at her again.

Faith tried the same trick of swatting him as he went past but he was onto her this time. Grabbing hold of the bar he pivoted shaking Faith loose in the process and sending her skimming across the room.

Stalking towards her his cockiness increased with ever step he took. “You know what? I think I’m going to enjoy killing you, but I’m going to have some fun with you first. Who knows you may even like it.”

Getting to her feet Faith gritted her teeth and stormed towards Eddie. He ran at her swinging wildly, Faith ducked from a right swing and then leaned back from a left causing him to over balance. Taking her opening she bought a bone snapping right hook to his face followed by a left jab to his kidneys automatically causing him to lean forward. Pressure was put on the back of the head and he got a good view of Faith’s knee before it contacted with his nose snapping his head back. He staggered back far enough for Faith to get in a round-house kick forcing him to his knees. With no hesitation Faith was on him grabbing hold of the back of his neck with her left hand while furiously laying into the back of his head with her right.

Catching her breath she tried to tried remove her hand but couldn’t. “What the fuck?” Backing away from Eddie she was horrified to find a thick black thread running from her hand to Eddie’s head almost like he had been covered in tar. What was worse was that she could sense it, the power the pure unadulterated power coming from the substance.

“No! What is happening? Come back!” Eddie scrambled to his feet tugging desperately at the last strands of darkness that had not yet molded to Faith. But it was to no avail as it had found a new host, one with more rage and more power then Eddie could ever hope to immolate.

Faith felt like her insides where being torn apart. For the first time she could really feel the Slayer presence in her as it raged unmitigated warfare against the parasite that was trying to absorb itself into her body.

But Eddie was not willing to give up, clambering onto Faith like she was a pole he yanked for all he was worth but to no avail. Not even really aware of what was going on Faith gave him a shove sending him against the wall. Barley conscious he looked up she staggered towards him. Her body twitching like she was coming down from a high while her face was morphing back and forth from hideous black to normal so quickly he thought he was hallucinating.

She stood above him with the battle for her body raging all across her face. She stared down at his green eyes, the fear she found in them stirring up memories she had been trying hard to suppress. Soon she found herself back in Sunnydale staring at the older bespectacled, blue pair of eyes belonging to the Professor, the tip of her blade pressed against his chest and his last words haunting her memories.

“But why?”
Buffy, Xander, Mrs S. All the jealousy, all the anger, the feelings of unworthiness and failure.

“But why?”
Angel. Wesley. Going to prison content to pay for what she had done only to find out she wasn’t going to get off that easy.

“But why?”
“You know what I didn’t even ask.”

Fury’s proposal. Buffy waiting for her beside the SHIELD helicopter with a tight smile and her knife in her hands.

The people she had met at SHIELD: Natasha, Clint, Ollie. Waking up in the hospital with a card on the table beside her bed and sunshine coming through the window.


“But why? But why? But why?”

“AHhhhhh!” Grabbing hold of her head her hair should be Faith started to pull, her fingers digging into the darkness that was coating her. With a sucking found it started to peel off and she could feel her heart begin to lift as if a truck had been sitting on her soul. Feeling out of breath Faith looked up to see this thing floating in front of her, its natural form misshapen now that it was no longer tethered to a human being.

“Hey.” They both turned to look at Eddie move towards the entity, surprising Faith with just how normal he looked. “It’s okay she’s not good enough for you. I would never push you aside like that, like Peter did.” He pointed his hands inwards, crazed sincerity appearing on his face. “I would never do that to you, you and me were meant for each other. Give me another chance and we could do anything, anything at all.” He reached out but before Faith could leap in to stop him the entity swiped him across the chest sending him bleeding to the ground.

Faith stood her ground, she knew she probably couldn’t do any damage to the thing but she was not going to back down and let this thing infect someone else, God knows how much damage it had done already.

“Well aren’t you an angry looking blob.” Faith turned around to see a rather battered looking Spiderman behind her, with both hands behind his back and his mask torn so badly that he may as well have taken it off.

“If you’ll excuse us miss your kind in the way of my pitch.” His right arm twitched slightly and suddenly a whining sound filled the air. She may have not been any weapon expert but Faith had been around enough to know to get away fast. Leaping forward and to her left she went into a barrel roll, turning around in time to see ‘the angry blob’ disappear in a sphere of flame.

Getting up she turned to eyeball Spiderman, instinctively reaching out with her Slayer senses. What she felt surprised her as he actually felt a little bit like Oz just not as strong, he actually registered about the same level as Steve just more defined.

“So I take it I may as well take of the rest of this mask then.” Joked Peter doing just that, the effects of the fight showing in the bruising on his face. Taking a step forward he held out his hand, a disarming smile on his face. “My name is Peter but you already know that.”

Not really knowing what else to do Faith put on a half smile and clasp his outstretched hand, giving it a good squeeze when she felt him do the same. “Call me Faith, I take it your pals are okay?”

“Yeah, Ha... the Goblin has a couple of busted ribs but he should be okay eventually. MJ is shaken but this isn’t exactly the first time this has happened to her.

The get-to-know-you banter was interrupted by a voice from the ground. “Why... why did you do that?”

They both moved over to stand over Eddie. The blow seemed to have been more paw or hand or whatever it was that thing had instead of the claws so he was going to have some big scares but would survive. Faith wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not but she could see Peter was about to his version of Angel’s redemption routine.

“It wasn’t worth it Eddie, it would just take from you everything you hold dear.”

Eddie snarled and tried to get to his feet only to sit down again hard, obviously still suffering from his head crashing to the floor. “Yeah well you’re an idiot Parker.” He looked up at both of them “So what are you going to do when the cops come, when I yell to the world that Peter Parker is the Mhmmp!” His mockery was ended by a glob of spider web to the mouth followed by more to his arms and legs.

Looking up at Peter Faith could see his eyes go wide, the calculations going through his head. Not wanting him to risk going down the wrong road Faith stood in front of him and gently grabbed him by the shoulders.

“Peter look at me. Way I see it you have three options. The first and second are that you hand big mouth over to the cops and try to either throw them off or pull a Tony Stark and come clean. The third is I call my boss and we get some MIB wannabes to take him away all, even if you pull off option one publicly chances are he is going to keep digging till he finds out the truth anyway about you and H. ”

That last comment played on Peter's mind. “Wait your boss?”

Faith pulled out her badge and gave it to Peter, she could not help but crack up at the look on his face. “Yeah I can hardly believe it myself but it’s real.”

Looking rather pale Peter handed it back. “What would your boss want with me? Hell it wouldn't be just be me he would know about Harry to blame him for what his father did.”

“I overheard him say once that one of the reasons he has survived as long was by surrounding himself with people with different skill sets and you definitely fit the bill and I’m sure Harry does as well.” Faith smiled and clamped a hand onto his shoulder. “And trust me Fury is the not the kind of guy to hold a person's past against him.”

One hour later.

Steve walked over to Faith and a rather red-faced Mary-Jane who looked a bit relieved at his arrival.

“Faith can I borrow you for a second.”

“Yeah sure, but MJ I want more details because you can’t tell me someone with that kind of flexibility...”

“We’ll talk later.” Throwing Steve a quick smile MJ hurried off.

Faith turned to a rather awkward looking Steve. “So what’s up?”

“Fury wants to have a quick word. You did good today, I’ve got the feeling he’s been looking into Spiderman for awhile now.”

Faith’s cheeks went a bit red as they started to head towards the conference room. “It was nothing just your usual dust up. What’s going to happen with Peter and Harry?”

“Harry is going to retire the Green Goblin for now, his father did too much damage wearing it. As for Peter he is going to keep doing what he has been doing but be on on call if needed”

“Sweet, hey do you think I could convince Fury to fork out to fix my jacket? I was kind of on the clock when it happened.”

“You’d have better luck asking him if you could take home that jacket he let you use for the Reaper mission.”

“True that. Do you think there is anyway I could get a one in white sent down to B? I know she doesn’t work for SHIELD but if something happens to her I’ll have to leave to cover the hellmouth, and it’s not like the Council will ever shell out for anything like that. I know I should have asked earlier but with everything going on...” Faith tried to look nonchalant but she was feeling a guilty that she hadn’t done anything to help out the Sunnydale team since joining SHIELD.

And thinking of another bridge she had to mend. “You know, MJ works at a bar in town where like the waitress sing and stuff and she says a lot of the songs are from the 30’s and 40’s. I was wandering if you maybe wanted to head down for a quite drink? It won’t be anything like last time this is a proper cafe type of place not a night club. It would be my shout, you know as a thank you for everything you've done for me. ”

She was about to continue but Steve held up a hand. “Firstly in terms of equipment it may breach the agreement Fury has with the Council. But maybe you should ask Tony if there is any way he can help as a ‘concerned citizen’. Secondly I would very much like to have a drink with you Faith but considering the day you just had it would be best if we did it tomorrow, maybe I could meet you outside your place about 8?”

She looked stun for a second “Yeah, yeah we could do 8 that would be sweet.”

With Steve smiling back at her the two of them entered the conference room and took their seats. The stuff Fury was talking about Faith was sure was important but she wasn’t listening, she was too busy grappling with a rather un-natural thought that she couldn’t get out of her head:

‘What the hell am I going to wear?’

Author’s note:
I know Spiderman has been re-booted but the set up from the first three movies offers more avenues for crossovers.

Way I see it most Marvel characters wouldn’t register well on the ‘Slay-dar’. After all it is attuned to demons/ supernatural rather than people with slightly different genetic coding due to natural (eg X-men) or external (eg Fantastic 4, Spiderman) factors. I’ll develop this as the story goes along.

Agent Sitwell= from the short ‘Item 47’ which apparently is on the Blue-Ray Avengers DVD.
Shadow: A real-world small UAV
Quinjet: The aircraft SHIELD use in the Avengers movie
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