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It's A Strange, Strange World

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Summary: It's a new world out there but Steve just wants to be left alone with his memories, Director Fury however has big plans for the Captain and he thinks he has just found the person to get Steve out of his shell.

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SplitEnzFR151246,06404333,2482 Nov 1222 Apr 14No

Down the Rabbit Hole

I do not own the rights to any movies, TV series, cartoons, comics, graphic novels or books.

Thank you for the reviews and for the checking of my grammar, hopefully this chapter is slightly more up to scratch.

They all crowded around the table as Nyssa started cutting into the Reaper after she had finished examining its head.

The whole thing was putting Faith on edge again, she knew the basics of what happened at the Initiative (Something else she had to find out what Fury knew about.) and seeing Nyssa cut into that thing she couldn’t help but wonder where she got that skill from and how she was so good at all the doctor babble. “You look like you’ve done this before .”

Nyssa looked up, her scalpel still in the Reaper’s chest. “I have been around a long time, some of us need more to do then just feed and fight. If I am to serve at my father’s side then it is important that I learn skills which can progress our race.”

“Progress to what exactly?” Asked Steve quietly, having picked up on Faith’s line of thought, his own trailing back to his confrontations with Red Skull.

Nyssa head swivelled to look at him. “If you are suggesting that these Reapers were made by us then you are mistaken, we would never create something like this that could destroy are race.”

Faith shrugged “No one said anything about you creating Reapers on purpose but it wouldn’t be the first time a science experiment has come back to bite someone in the ass.”

“This isn’t one of them.” With that Nyssa dismissed them and got back to dissecting the Reaper.

Everyone crowded around as she cracked it open and everyone got to see what become of the Reapers innards.

“Ho-lee shit” said Scud

“I've never seen anything like this, the Reapers are as different from us vampires as we are from any of you.” Nyssa said probing the one of the grey blobs that passed a organ. “It's almost as if the virus is re-wiring their bodies, creating new, parasitic organs which consume the old ones.”

“Like cancer but with a purpose.” Stated Blade causing both Faith and Steve to look at him with growing respect, both beginning to realise that he was much more than just muscle.

From the way Nyssa was looking at him she was coming to same conclusion which made Faith feel a twang of jealousy but it quickly passed. Blade was all manners of screw-able but it was pretty obvious who he had eyes for. Besides she thought, flicking a look at Steve, maybe it was time she actually looked for something a bit more than just a rumble in the sheets.

“Exactly, look at the digestive system it's been drastically simplified yet at the same time super charged. And this...” she pulls back the lungs to show the calcium mass surrounding the heart, giving it a tap with her scalpel. “Is the heart completely encased in bone.” She tries to cut into the bony shell and the scalpel snaps.

“It’s not completely encased.” Blurts out Faith causing all eyes to once again divert to her. Seriously this being the center of attention thing was starting to bug her out, it was kind of cool though. “I killed one of them by stabbing its heart though its back, I didn't even use my bayonet with its silver I just used my knife.”

This really got everyone’s attention.

“You’re full of shit if silver has no effect on these things then a normal blade wouldn’t.” Scoffed Reinhardt

“Unless it is not a normal blade.” Nyssa rose to her feet. “Can I see you’re knife please.”

Hesitating slightly Faith pulled out her knife and handed it to Nyssa. “Just don’t think you can run off with it.”

Completely zoned out Nysaa studied the knife then slowly lifted it to her nose and sniffed the blade then blew on it gently. Her eyes opening in surprise. “This blade is made out of vibranium, it is almost impossible to get outside of Wakanda. “ Nyssa kneeled back down beside the Reaper and gently presses it down on one of the organs. The result was instantaneous the body leaped like it had been shot with electricity. It took three of them to hold it down till it stopped jerking.

“Jesus Christ.” Whispered Scud.

Blade thinks for a second before turning to Nyssa. “How quickly can you get hold of this stuff?”

Her mind started to race “It is very rare but I do know where I can get some, it would not be enough to create blades but there will be enough to give everyone a clip of ammo.”

Blade nods. “It’ll have to do as we can’t afford to wait, you have 6 hours to do what you can then we hunt.”

“You gotta be fucking joking!” Exclaimed Chuppa as we figured out what Blade was saying. “No fucking way am I going hunting in daylight, even if we are in tunnels.”

“We have to use every advantage we have” Said Steve, coming to stand beside Blade. “And right now the only ones we have is the vibranium and sunlight. As we are going to be tunnels exposure is going to be minimal anyway. You cannot tell me that a group as organised as you guys have not figured out a way of atleast minimising the damage.”

“I’m not taking orders from my food.” Snarled Reinhardt making his way towards Steve and Blade. Suddenly he lets out a yell of pain, looking down he sees some kind of flashing device sticking out of his chest.

He looks up at a smirking Blade. “I just shoved an explosive charge into your chest full of silver nitrate. I'll be keeping the detonator on me at all times and needless to say it is rigged to blow if anyone tampers with it. You so much as look at me or my people crosswise and we’ll be using your chest as a bowl.”

Nyssa did not raise an objection, there was no point as the damage was done and she didn't particularly like Reinhardt anyway. “I’ll work on the bullets and I think I can also bottle vampire pheromones in order to draw them to us. But we still need an effective way to kill them, I doubt even a vibranium bullet could get though to their heart.”

“I've had this idea about creating kind of UV grenade.” Said Scud, once again in full ego mode. “It won’t be easy but we have enough lying around to create a whole lot of them.”

This earned an appreciative grunt from Whistler. “It’s been tried before kid but it’s worth a shot. If we have enough we could even create a bomb, if enough of them are drawn in using Nyssa’s juice it may be the only way to put a real hole in their numbers.”

"Faith and I will see if we can dig up any plans, get some idea what were walking into." Faith quickly nodded in agreement remembering what happened last time she went down a hole blind.

Blade nodded his head in agreement. “You all know what you need to do. I have a stockpile of tracer rounds in case I ran out of silver ones so we’ll load up on those; I’ll see you all in 6 hours.”

The tunnels.

Steve and Faith moved as silently as possible through the tunnel, guns (and in Steve's case also his shield) in hand. The smell of foul air and dirty, stale, water doing nothing to ease the tension that had been rolling off the pair of them since they had entered the system and split up from the others.

Suddenly Faith got the feeling they were not alone. Continuing to move forward she tried to place what it was, definitely not a vampire or Reaper yet at the same time did not feel like a demon. Just as she sensed whatever it was back off the feeling she got back in the ally before the Reapers attacked came back full bore. Steve paused for a second when he heard the sound of her flipping off the safety and then quickly did the same. Soon they came to a Y intersection and without even looking what was around the corner Faith pulled a frag grenade. The noise from the blast had not even fully dissipated before she turned and let out her first three shot burst.

Steve rushed to flank her, almost bumping into her as she started to back up. He quickly saw 30 Reapers quickly making their way towards them, clambering over the bodies of their injured brethren. Steve quickly started to join Faith in back peddling firing short bursts as they went but it soon became evident that even the tracer rounds where doing little to hold them back.
“Contact, we’ve made contact! Retreating with thirty Reapers on our tail.”

“Follow the plan and don’t let them bite you.” Came the reply over the earpiece.

”No shit Sherlock.” She cocked her head at Steve, “I should have bought a shotgun” she yelled over the din.

“Only thing that might slow these things down is a flamethrower.” Steve yelled back as almost on queue Faith’s gun clicked empty quickly followed by his own. “Fallback now!”

Steve and Faith bolted down the tunnel, frantically changing magazines as they went. Faith shifted her M27 to her left hand as she fired behind her with her pistol which Steve quickly started to emulate.

Up ahead they saw Blade, Nyssa and Reinhard standing in some kind of opening. Dropping their hand guns when they emptied they shifted back to their main guns just as they came to stop beside the others. Finding themselves in the middle of a large juncture point for several tunnels they could all hear the sound of feet and hands scrapping on concrete coming from nearly all sides.

“Fuck this.” Muttered Faith who flipped her gun to full auto and started laying a continues stream of fire into their recently vacated tunnel. As soon as her gun ran dry she shoved in her vibranium clip and started to make her way back towards the storming masses.

“Where’s the bomb?” Yelled Steve over his shoulder he also switched over to his vibranium clip.

“I left it down the a tunnel, had to drop it as those bastards where all over me.“ Reinhardt snarled making Faith want to facepalm herself, what the fuck where they thinking giving it to him in the first place?

“Give me the pheromones.” Nyssa threw over the bottle and Blade started spraying himself with it.

“Rest of you get in that tunnel.” And with that he speed back into the fray heading towards the discarded bomb.

“What are you doing?” Shouted Steve at Blade’s back while Nyssa and Reinhardt quickly did as advised, leaving Faith and Steve out in the open.

“I’m not running and leaving him.” Finishing off her clip Faith turned her gun on its side and threw it like a spear. The blade caught an approaching Reaper though the throat, the force enough to rip it’s head off. Had he made it pass her throw he would have found himself beheaded by her sword she had now drawn. As she backed up towards the tunnel that Blade had gone down she saw the huge number of Reapers still heading their way.

“Faith we have leave him, get over here. “ Automatically she scampered back to stand alongside Steve who had shouldered his gun and drawn the sword on his side. They moved back into the entrance that Nyssa and Reinhardt had run down. Like rocks in a rising tide the Reapers swarmed around them, many heading past them towards the fleeing vampires but still a good number stayed to try and feed on the succulent morsels at hand. Due to the size of Faith’s blade the two of them could not fight side by side so she stood slightly in front of Steve, trusting him to keep them off her back.

Faith was in her element swinging from left to right, almost going in complete circles as she slashed at every limb and head in reach. Steve was not doing too bad (well at least from his view) his shield proving quite useful not only for defense but as a second weapon, managing to use it to decapitate several Reapers. He knew from experience when he was about to get overwhelmed and this was definitely feeling like one of those times.

“Ahh fuck!" Faith kept swinging but Steve could see the large gash on her shoulder blade.

Realizing it was time to get more on the defensive he called out to her. “Faith get here to my left.” Faith plunged her sword through two Reapers and quickly made her way to Steve to his right. Going around his back she grabbed Steve’s second sword he had attached to his back while at the same time drawing out her knife.

Steve moved his shield slightly to his left to give Faith a bit more cover but it proved unnecessary because at that moment a blue wave swept towards them. Instinctively Steve grabbed hold of Faith and took them both to their knees as he raised his shield to protect them as the wave rolled past. He peered over his shield and looked around to find themselves surrounded by bodies made of ash. Suddenly he found himself back in Italy looking at the aftermath of an attack on a Hydra tank plant, looking at the remains of men burnt alive after he blew up the fuel depot.

“If this is your way of trying to cope a feel it’s no wonder your single.” Steve looked down at Faith and slowly removed his arm. As he stood up the remains of a Reaper slid off his shield and scattered onto the floor.

”We never asked if that amount of UV would have any effect on humans.”

She smirked, “keep telling yourself that.” Steve looked over his shoulder as Faith slid his back up sword back into its sheath, his back tensing a bit at the feel of her fingers on it. His eyes continued to follow her as she went in front of him to pick up her sword, eyeing it with a look of self-disgust.

“I should never have bought this down here, it’s way too big to be fighting with in tunnels. It was stupid.”

Part of him wanted to agree but wisely Steve bit his tongue. “In the tunnels yeah but we would have needed it if we had been forced to make a stand like out there.”

Shrugging her shoulders Faith put her sword back in its sheath. “Whatever, guess we better go see and happened to the big fella."

“We're going to need him, if the threat is over then so is this alliance and we are low on ammo.” Steve put his hand to his ear, keeping an eye down the tunnel in case Nyssa and Reinhardt doubled back. “Blade come in this is Steve do you copy over.”

“Save your breath he’s almost here. Though if we are going to go toe to toe with the Fang gang I want to at-least get my machine gun back first.” Steve nodded his head in agreement and both of them headed back to the entrance only to be meet by a running Blade.

“You shouldn't have thrown it away then.” They barely had time to register that he had said anything let alone shoved their hand guns into their chests before he was past them heading down the tunnel. “No time to go for it now we have to find the others.”

By the time they caught up with him he was helping Nyssa back to her feet, Reinhardt nowhere in sight. Faith couldn't help but be slightly glad, for a vamp Nyssa was not too bad and who knew there may even be a chance to get her to swap sides. She was just beginning to wander what would happen if she introduced Nyssa to Angel when Blade’s body arched, his mouth making a slight gurgling sound. Faith only had a second to process this before she felt a quick pinch followed by pain, lots and lots of pain. She sunk to her knees, the last sound she heard before passing out was the faint sound of a machine gun barking beside her.

Steve had almost been standing directly behind Nyssa who had driven to the ground so he had time to bring up his shield and un-sling his gun. He did not even feel the barbs bounce of his shield before he opened up. To conserve ammo Steve switched the gun to single shot, as his opponent’s body armor was not designed to handle tracer rounds. As none of his assailants had proper guns it quickly turned into a slaughter.

All this time Nyssa was lying prone on the floor avoiding the crossfire “Enough! Everyone seize fire.” Despite still being out numbered Steve held his fire, he knew his clip was nearly empty and that his handgun would be about the same. He was still trying to figure out how he was going to extract them from this when he felt a bite on his back and then, after a minute of pain, nothing.

Palm Springs Motel
Los Angeles

The Council wet work team drove into the carpark and gingerly got out of the car. After the deputy warden could not help them they had gone to see Angel Investigations to see what they could find out. As always with these bloody Americans things had gone pear shape, they had only just tied up Wealsey and the annoying Sunnydale tart when out of now where that mousy girl Winifred had popped up and rolled in a pair of stun grenades. As the team leader James Rogers got out his key to his room he could not help but shake his head in self disgust. All of his team where ex-military yet they had been taken out by some local hooligan and a girl who couldn't weigh more the...

His thought process was interrupted when he found a man sitting on the chair with a guard each side. “Mr Rogers I presume.“ James froze for a split second before nodding his head in agreement. Not much else he could do as they obviously had the drop on him, besides he figured he may be able to get some answers himself.

He chucked his keys on the bed.“Take it you’re the one that walked off with our girl. Who squealed that we were here?”

“You know I can’t confirm any information like that, please take a seat."James was about to do so till he heard a crash come from his men’s room next door.”

“ATF! Put your hands up, put your hands up and get against the wall.."

Turning around he stared at his intruders incredulously. “Don’t you realize who we are? You can’t arrest us we have diplomatic immunity!”

“Oh we know exactly who you are and your men will be released, we just want to make it clear that Miss Lehane is now effectively an employee of the US government and is hands off.”

James was so incensed it took a second for words to make it through the splutter. “That psychotic little bitch belongs to the Council not you Yanks. You have no idea what you are dealing with.”

“We are well aware of what she is and has done, in fact we probably no more then you. And last time I checked we are in America which makes both Miss Lehane and Miss Summers ‘Yanks’. I am sure both will be interested to know the Council views them as property rather then human beings.”

The unknown puppet master leaned forward, his bald head glistening slightly in the light and a smug look plastered on his face.”In fact I would say you are very lucky that Miss Summers has not also agreed to be an employee, after all we would just be paying her for the work she is doing. Though she has indicated she may change her mind, after all she does have a teenage sister to support and we would be willing to extend the agreement to include all of her group.”

He got up straightening his jacket and along with his entourage headed towards John and the door. “I would suggest that you arrange for someone to meet with her and her group to discuss your future relationship.”

And with the gauntlet laid down the suits left leaving a rather stunned James to figure out how he was going to explain all this to his boss.
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