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It's A Strange, Strange World

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Summary: It's a new world out there but Steve just wants to be left alone with his memories, Director Fury however has big plans for the Captain and he thinks he has just found the person to get Steve out of his shell.

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SplitEnzFR151246,06404333,2762 Nov 1222 Apr 14No

Hail the King

Disclaimer: As always Marvel and Joss own all the characters (apart from Olivia and Joe in chapter 2 there mine and will be reappearing).
The Blade crossover is going to end this chapter and I am finally going to start going really AU, there will be other movie crossovers but I aim to keep them shorter.

“Uhh .... Fuck me Daisy.” Faith moaned forcing her eye lids open. She looked around to find herself chained to a wall in what looked like a locker room, scratch that a shower block; generic white plastered walls and blue tiled floor. She almost wished she was still unconscious when she saw the drain between her feet. Trawling her eyes along with the floor they came to rest on a pair of feet above another drain.

Faith could not help but chuckle, pleased that she would be the one to wake up first. “Yo Steve, STEVE!” She tried to reach across to but of course the chains where not long enough. Bracing herself she strained against the chains, eyes widening in surprise when they did not budge. Gathering herself she gave it another go, sweat starting to appear on her face. Suddenly she heard a cracking sound and the chains slackened slightly. Looking up she found that instead of the chains breaking two one meter chunks of concrete had moved out of the wall by only three inches!

“You've got to be kidding.” She murmured, resting her head back against the wall.

Eventually Steve started to stir.

“Welcome back to the land of the living. Have a nice beauty sleep?”

“Ehhh I’m fine Peggy thanks for caring.”

At the sound of that name Faith stilled. “I’m sorry your majesty that you had to wake up but this is no time to be having a fucking wet dream.”

His head clearing Steve looked at Faith with guarded eyes, not realizing what he had said he mistook her hostility as an attempt to hide her concern about their situation. “It’s going to be okay Faith where going to get out of this.”

She just looked at him with a sad smile. “You really don’t have a clue do you.”

He was saved from answering when the door slid open and in slithered what Faith guessed was suppose to be the head honcho Eli Damaskinos though he looked more like some loser in a Voldermont costume. On his heels was his pet human Karel Kounen looking like he was on his way to a board meeting rather than in a torture chamber and behind him were two evil looking bastards with a trolley full of needles and cutting tools.

“I’m glad that you two have decided to join us, I cannot thank you enough for your help with our little problem.”

‘God what is it with vampires and theatrics’ thought Faith. “Well if you’re so thankful then what the fuck are we doing chained against the wall? Is this supposed to be one of those tortoise and scorpion things?”

Eli Damaskinos smiled for a second, “An interesting analogy Miss Lehane, I see you learnt a thing or two in prison. However,” he said as he moved towards his captives, “unlike the scorpion we never hid our nature from you. You knew full well that we were going to turning on you, the fact that you where unprepared for it was just poor preparation on your behalf.”

They both could not help but flinch at that because he had been right. They had expected the vampires to make a move as they exited the sewers, not while they were still in them. Seeing this Eli Damaskinos got a smug look on his face and moved till he was within arm reach of the two. “I honestly expected better of you Captain Rogers, but then again your companion is exceptionally...” he raised his shrivelled left hand and caressed Faith’s chin “...distracting”.

She jerked her head hitting her head painfully against the wall. “Get your fucking hand off me or I swear to Christ when I get out of this I’ll ... I’ll cut them off, cover them in glue and shove them up your ass.”

“But then she opens her mouth.” He removed his hand and moved between the two, his eyes darting back and forth between them as he spoke. “Tell me truly how does it feel to work with someone you would not even give the time of day to, someone so beneath you even back when you where a nobody? And then there is her colorful criminal history, the assaults, the murders.” Eli Damaskinos looked to Steve then back to Faith bending so close she could almost see his breath. “Tell me how many is it now Faith? Did they deserve it or where they innocent like that Professor?”

Faith could feel Steve’s shock even as she tried to burn holes in Eli Damaskinos’ head with her eyes. She knew she could not risk turning her head or closing her eyes even for a second in case she broke down in front of them and she would not allow that, the slayer within her would not allow it. After all without her bravado, without her devil may care attitude, what was she?

“Are we going to get with the torture already, getting kind of bored with the Doctor Phil treatment.”

The chuckle she got in response did nothing to set her at ease. “Do not think of it as torture Faith, we are simply going to test your healing capabilities and then we are going to cut you and Captain Rogers apart to see how your bodies work. You may prove even more instrumental in completing our next stage of evolution then Blade.”

Faith realised where this was all going. “You know what I am don't you? My abilities come from magic you idiot. And they've been trying to recreate what they did to Steve for the last 70 years!”

“Oh I am well aware of what you are Slayer, I have been aware of your kind and the Watchers Council for quiet sometime. We do not share our demon counterpart's stupid obsession with starting an apocalypse.”

Eli Damaskinos use of the word completing had gotten Steve’s attention. Going through the various scenarios in his head he came to the obvious conclusion. “You created the Reapers didn't you? The one we saw in the video was a test subject that got loose.”

“Is this true?” Nyssa was in the room with Priest standing behind her. “Did you really create the Reapers? Did you really do that to my brother? Your own son?”

Turning to her Eli Damaskinos and drew upon his sense of regalia. “You’re brother had the chance to lead are people into the future, you should be proud he was given the honor. Even if he was not destroyed in the tunnels the stain he has put on this house with his actions will soon be removed. And with what we learn from these two and Blade we will be able to start again and rule the humans as we rightfully should.”

Before Nyssa could go further the sound of yells and gunfire could be heard from the floor below.

“It seems your brother has arrived, go and see too him and we will speak of your insolence later my daughter.” Turning his back to his daughter he did nothing to hide his malice as he looked at Faith. “Farewell Slayer it is time you went the way of your predecessors and your watcher, I am sure the heir to your abilities will be much more to everyone’s liking. I look forward to hearing about her exploits.”

Turning to scientists he ordered them to start their work.

“I am sorry father.” Eli Damaskinos turned back towards his daughter, his eyes widening as he felt something pierce his skin. “But this madness has to end” And then he was no more.

Everyone looked in astonishment as Nysaa stood frozen in place, the only movement being the shake in her out stretched arm. Slowly she drew her sword level to her face before dropping it to the floor with a look of disgust.

“Mr Rogers and Ms Lehane I apologies for my father’s behavior, you have fought honorable by our side and I will uphold the deal I made on his behest even if he did not intend to.” Turning to the scientists / tortures “ Get them down.”

Karel thought it best to interject. “My lady may I advise that you do not let these two go they are both very dangerous individuals.”

“You are not needed at the moment Mr Kounen. I will contact your office when I am ready to discuss are relationship.”

He looked at her sharply and then nodded his head. “Very well, my condolences on your lost but I must inform you that many of the agreements we had with your father were on a personal level and will need to be re-negotiated.”

Still shocked over what just happened Faith and Steve continued to stare at her, barely registering that Karel had left the room.

Nyssa could not help but look at them with a sad smile. “It may be hard for you to believe but even the vampire world has its rules. To have purposely taken an action which risked exposing are kinds existence or which could lead to our destruction is the worst crime for a vampire to commit. For him to do an experiment like that on another pure blood especially his own son...”

“What about his wish to strengthen your race? You don’t agree with that?” Asked Steve while he rubbed his wrists where the shackles had bitten in. “What about your fathers vision of creating a better vampire?”

“I do not pretend to know if we always only walked in the night. But I know that if we walked during the day now it would only be a matter time before we were caught on camera feeding and are presence made public to the world.” Shaking her head she picked up her sword and put it in her sheath. “My father though he was helping us and we may have even survived but our society, our traditions would have been destroyed. Better to rule from the shadows then stand in full view on a podium.”

Listening to how she talked Faith could not help but here the underlying tone of defeat in her voice. “You know you’re pretty smart for a vampire. Look I know this demon vampire who got his soul back called Angel and he manages to control his thirst with animal blood. There’s no reason you can’t do the same. Hell with all the money you guys have...”

“I accepted what I was a long time ago Miss Lehane, I am not going to change. You are still my enemy and if we meet again then we will most likely fight to the death. Once you leave this building this truce ends, so take your people and go. You’ll find your equipment first door on your left.”

Faith and Steve nodded and took their leave of the vampires only to find it would not be a simple case of walking out the door. They had barely made it to the first corner when two vampires barreled into them. Instinctively Steve and Faith started to go hand to hand with them; Faith threw her attacker off she saw him reaching for a gun. Taking two steps she flew at him feet first sending him crashing into the wall. Not giving him a second she corkscrewed and kicked him in the head, as he attempted to push off the wall Faith grabbed him from behind and using all her slayer strength literally ripped her head off. Hearing a crack behind her she looked to see that Steve had dispatched his vampire in a similar fashion.

Picking up the gun the vampire had dropped she threw it at Steve and headed back towards the corner. He frowned for a second but quickly followed her, checking the gun as he went. Looking around the corner Faith saw the path was clear and could make out the outline of the door on the left. Nodding at Steve she went to the right hand side door, keeping a look out as Steve stood to its left hand side. With his back against the wall he turned the door handle with his left hand, quickly kneeling as he heard the sound of a gun being cocked through the opening door.

The door was not even fully open when he saw his first target standing beside a table with what looked like his and Faith’s equipment on it. Shooting him twice in the head he quickly turned to a second target that had gotten so close to the door Steve could not even see his head. Steve fired and kept firing, getting to his feet and moving forward as his assailant’s body jerked with the impact of the bullets.

Steve knocked the assailant to the ground sending his attacker's gun spinning, he turned to see his first target back on its feet, a fanged snarl on its face. Realizing his mistake Steve quickly dropped his gun and dived for one of the unsheathed knives on the table. He was mid way through the air when he felt a hand grab hold of him from below. He just managed to reach one of the knives before he was dragged off the table. His first target smiled and made his way towards the struggle when he saw a fist followed by a mass of long brown hair come flying towards him.

The vampire fell back down to the ground dazed, feeling hands on his jacket he looked up to see Faith dragging herself into a straddling position to bring her fist back in line with his head. Out of the corner of her eye she saw one of their Berettas on the table. Switching to smashing the vampire’s head into the ground with her left hand she grabbed the gun with her right, took off the safety, and fired point blank into his already damaged face. Ignoring the scream coming from beneath her she put another round through his heart.

Realising the silence from her partner she quickly clambered onto the table and looked over the side to see Steve on the floor grabbing his leg. “Jesus Steve you alright?”

He grunted as he grabbed hold of the side of the table and pulled himself up. “I’m okay the guy just bit me in the leg.”

Her face went white, she remembered Karen telling them how these vampires turned people through the venom in their teeth rather than by their blood. “Oh shit Steve you've been infected.”

He looked at her with horror and then grunted as she started shoving his equipment into his chest. “We have to get you out of here and back to Karen so she can give you the cure.” They quickly got their gear on and headed back out the door.

They got to the staircase before they heard the sound of running feet coming up towards them. Motioning for Steve to get behind her Faith crouched and peered over the railing. As soon as she saw the three come into view she bought up her gun and started firing, rising to her feet and moving down the stairs as she did so. Steve kept his position covering their backs until he heard the firing stop. Gingerly he made his way down the stairs to join Faith on the landing, startled by the look of absolute horror on her face.

Puzzled he followed her gaze to rest his eyes on the three bodies sprawled across the stairs. “I ... I didn't know. I thought that ... I thought...”

Steve placed his hand on her shoulder, there was a lot he did not know about Faith but the look on her face assured him of one thing, she wasn't was a cold blooded murderer. “I know Faith but you had no choice they would have killed both of us without a thought. Come on we need to keep moving before more of them come, we will talk about it later OK?”

Feeling numb Faith slowly followed him, her body shaking as she stepped over the bodies of the humans she had just killed. Making their way down to the next level they carefully exited the stair, trying to adjust their eyes to the flickering light. It was obvious that there had already been a fight on this level, due to the bullet holes in the wall and the piles of ash onto the floor.

Hearing something Steve made a motion for them to stop. Pausing for a second he twirled around the corner, gun at his shoulder only to find himself so close to an arrowhead for a second he thought it was going to pierce his eye.

He felt Faith breeze past his back and take up a position on his left. “Drop the bow bitch or I’ll put you down.”

“Now now there is no need for name calling.” Came a mocking voice to their left.

Faith turned to point her gun at the new player, a rather attractive guy a bit older then her. Noticing that his vest had a name tag with ‘Fuck you’ written on it Faith made a big assumption and lowered her rifle. “I take it you guys are the ones responsible for the redecorating, Nightstalkers right?”

The goofy grin on his face reminded her for a second of Xander. “That would be us sweet cheeks. Word got to us that you guys where having a bit of a party so we thought we would drop in say hello.”

“This is not the time Hannibal.” Said the female Robin Hood while relaxing the bowstring and dropping her arms. “I’m Abigail, Fury told us where to find you, I guess he put a tracking device on you guys somewhere.”

Faith and Steve looked at each other, it was not a total surprise to either of them that Fury would do something like that but still it was not something they had been told about. Taking stock of the situation Steve cleared his throat, “We’re thankful for the assist but we're no the only friendlies in the building. There could be as many as three others going by Blade, Spud and ... your dad Have you come across anyone else?”

The pair shook their heads. “The main party is probably going on at the top floor.” Commented Hannibal while checking they where still clear.

“We're not leaving here without the others.” Stated Faith, pulling out her mag and putting in a full one. “Are we going to take the stairs or go up in the elevator?”

Steve thought about it, he knew it could be suicide to take the elevator when they didn't know what was waiting for them. “I say the stairs, what floor are we on?”

Before Abigail or Hannibal could answer they heard the feint ping of an elevator opening up. As one they drew up their weapons and headed towards the sound. Faith and Steve in front while Abigail and Hannibal tried to match their pace, not knowing how the two liked to manoeuvre.

Coming around the corner they saw a battered Whistler and Blade checking out their surroundings. The four made their way towards the two arrivals.

“Abby what the hell are you doing here?” Grunted Whistler, sporting what looked like a broken nose.

That just earned him a look and a deadpanned response. “Great to see you too dad.”

Blade sniffed the air. “Which one of you has been bitten?”

“That would be Steve, Karen has the cure back at HQ so we need to get out of her.” Faith tried to sound neutral but the concern in her voice was obvious.

That got a chuckle from Whistler “Karen Jensen? Hmm I wandered where she had run off to.”

“Well this is fun but can we leave the building of death already? I have to catch up on my cartoons.” Quipped Hannibal, resulting in a groan from everyone else present. “What?”

Shaking his head Whistler made a not to himself to find out what his daughter had gotten herself involved with.“The overgrown kid here has a point let’s get moving.’

They had only gotten a few paces when Faith stopped having realized they where one down. “Wait, where’s Spud?”

Blade stopped and looked over his shoulder. “Spud was a familiar, he got what was coming to him.”

“But couldn't you just have talked to him, I mean maybe he just made...”

“He made his choice and now he’s dead, end of story.” Snapped Blade dragging Whistler on his right shoulder, quickly followed by everyone including a very shaken Faith.


Faith and Steve where back in the conference room along with Fury, Karen, Natasha and Clint having headed back as soon as Steve had gotten the injection at Blade’s hide out and picked up their car. Having debriefed Fury on what had happened Faith’s frayed nerves were starting to show.

“How the fuck did they know my real name? And how did they get access to my records?” She started to run her hands frantically through her hair and to pace back and forth at a rate of knots. “The guy said he looked forward to hearing about my successors exploits, he knew about Diana. How the fuck could he do that if he didn't have a spy in the Council? ”

Everyone sat there in silence which was only broken by a loud exclamation by Faith followed by her grabbing her jacket and heading for the door. “Fuck this shit I’m going for a drink, any you guys want to come get your asses into gear.” Natasha and Clint where the first out the door followed quickly by Steve who couldn't help but think that this was not going to end well.

Nyssa looked at the monitors replaying the fight between her people and Blade and his. She had been serious when she said that they were still her enemy otherwise she would have given the word to let them go peacefully. The fact she hadn't and they still walked out let her see just how incompetent her father had allowed their forces to become.

Closing her eyes and rubbing her nose she started to prioritize her next moves. “Spread the word that the House of Pain is closed for business and get the place evacuated before Blade or his friends attack. I will go through my father’s records see what I can find about this Slayer, the Watchers Council and the demon vampire Angel.”

“What of Wolfram and Hart?” Asked Priest who had appointed himself as Nyssa’s right hand man / bodyguard. He had never hidden his mistrust of that organisation or Karel Kounen.

“We will keep them on board at the moment till we find out more about their motives, I fear they have may become to entangled in our affairs to end our relationship. And get hold of the houses, we need to bring them up to speed and to make sure there is no dissidence. It must be made clear that I am now in charge.”

“Yes my lady.”

“I’ll run out through the back,
tell the law to kiss my Aassss.
Boil the land and burn the sea
Just don’t take my Jack from MEEEEEEE”

“Hey Miss Masterton how’s it hanging? Mr J in apartment 6 was asking after you, I think he wants to pat your pussy again.”

Wincing at Faith’s double entente Steve made a mental note to apologise on her behalf before he left. Steve took out the keys to her apartment from his left hand while jostling Faith’s squirming body on his right shoulder.

Steve put her down and she stumbled towards her bedroom throwing her jacket onto the floor. Shaking his head he headed into the kitchen looking for a cup so he could get himself a glass of water before heading home, maybe pour Faith one as well and leave it by her bed with some aspirin. Accept there was no glasses, or plates, or food as the cupboards where quite literally bear. Bending over he went to the draws and bottom cupboards but again bare. Raising his head in disbelief he looked at the bench covered in empty takeaway containers and throwaway cups.

Hearing a thump he got up to his feet in time to see Faith take off her pants and walk to her room, her bare ass swinging from side to side seductively despite her drunkenness. Steve just stood and stared. Being on the road with the USO girls there had of course been the odd occasions when he had accidentally come across one of the girls in a state of undress, heck there had been occasions when he had found one of the girls waiting for him in a state of undress. But he had never caught such an eyeful as the one that strolled away from him now.

Faith stopped at the bedroom door, turning side on Faith looked at him and purred “Are you coming big fella or you waiting for me to come back there and drag you in.”

Steve was still struck dumb, with a confused look on her face Faith made her way back towards him coming to a halt in the middle of the room with her hands on her hips. “Well what’s wrong, don’t tell me you do not like what you see?”

His mouth dry Steve finally managed to come up with a reply. “Faith you’re very beautiful but I think you have had too much to drink to make any decisions at the moment.”

“What is there to decide? I’m naked ready for some action so get the clothes off and let’s get this party started.”

“I...I don’t think it would be appropriate.”

Her eyes narrowed in anger, nobody had ever objected to what she had offered before. “What’s wrong with you, gay or something?” Then her eyes widened in realization. “It’s her isn't it? Your perfect little hussy from back in the day. You do realise she is probably dead right? If not she would be so old and bent over she probably wouldn't recognise you!”

Even through her intoxicated eyes she could see that she had crossed a line by the look that flickered across Steve’s face.

“Good night Faith I’ll see you on Monday.”

“No Steve please I didn't ... Steve ...”

But it was too late and Faith found herself once again alone in a bare room.

Hearing the sound of Faith destroying what little she had to destroy Steve tuned his head for a second then continued heading down the hallway, suppressing the fact that there was little waiting for him at his destination.

Authors Note:
This turned out a bit bleaker than I originally planned but there is a purpose for it. As for Nyssa killing her dad, she does actually show some doubt in the movie, I just upped things a bit. She will be a returning character, there was Blade TV series that lasted a season so I’ll try and incorporate some of that as well.

Anyway please review, I’m really curious if my action sequences are coherent enough to follow.
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