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Atypical Romance

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Summary: Theirs is not a normal courtship.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Connor/DawntootsFR1553,620034,0042 Nov 122 Nov 12Yes

Knight and Day

Surviving apocalypses had become old hat for Dawn. Surviving the attention that came with being the lynch pin of the Council’s plan to end the apocalypse was a little bit harder to bear, especially since Angel’s crew had taken up residence to recover from the battle. Dawn spent what was probably an inordinate amount of time ducking into corners and out of the way rooms to avoid people. Well, one specific person, anyway.

Connor Angel, not really a Reilly, was as dogged as he was damnably sexy and he had the super senses to ferret her out whenever he wanted to. Not that he ever found her for long. Her magical muscles were getting quite the work out as she popped from one side of the building to the other. She wasn’t in the mood to talk about their little indiscretion before the battle. She certainly wasn’t looking to take up where they left off. She wasn’t going to repeat Buffy’s mistakes with Angel by falling for Angel’s son.

And she wouldn’t even have really been contemplating the whole ordeal, except for the missive that had appeared beside her tray this morning.

“But I don’t wanna work with him,” Dawn whined. One of the few good things about being the youngest was that she knew how to push everyone’s buttons. “He’s-”

“Broken, damaged, crazy, yes, I know,” Xander winced, not looking away from his requisition forms. “Honest to God, Dawn, he fits right in.”

“I was going to say broody, cranky, and extremely fatalistic,” Dawn snapped, forgetting for a second that she was supposed to be whining. “Which is why I don’t want to work with him. Is this a punishment for some unknown crime or something?”

“Yes,” he said immediately. “For the crime of being both the youngest and the most easy going, you get to work with Sir Crankitude. You’ll just have to try to undermine his cranky broodiness with your overt perkiness.”

“That’s not fair!” she yelled, feeling notably less easy going than usual.

“Hey, if you can use your younger sister tactics to get out of a situation, I can use your age as an excuse to get you into them,” he said, finally looking up at her. “Now, please, go away so I can finish my paperwork. I really need some new tools because the girls used my old ones to carve up an armor plated demon and they just haven’t been the same.”

Dawn winced minutely, suddenly remembering that that had been her idea. Then anger washed over her again and she spun towards the door. “I’m taking this up with Giles.”

She sincerely hoped she’d misheard his muttered, “Who do you think put me up to it?”

Giles wasn’t in his office. He wasn’t in the cafeteria, the library, or his rooms. Giles, in fact, wasn’t even in the country, anymore. And that wouldn’t necessarily have been suspicious except, well, except she was pretty sure he was up to something.

She huffed, stomping her foot, then spinning to leave his outer office, where she’d been having a minor argument with his secretary. She just wanted to know where he was at. It wasn’t like she was going to follow him, or anything. Probably.

She slammed into Connor and bounced off. He caught her arms before she could tumble all the way to the floor, pulling her out into the hallway as some harried Slayer rushed past to try to find Giles.

“So, are we going to talk about our new…partnership?” he said, then his eyes slid down to her lips and she felt her ovaries clench, then explode.

“I’m a research assistant!” she squeaked, shoving at his chest a bit. His fingers clenched around her arms, then he loosened them, thumbs sliding down the soft insides of her arms as he let go. Her breathing hitched. “I’m not supposed to be part of a partnership.”

That word was never not going to sound dirty to her from now on.

He shifted into her until she’d backed herself into a wall and she felt a little ridiculous because he had his hands tucked in his front pockets.

“Maybe that’s what I need,” he murmured, eyes searching her face. “Someone to be the brains of the operation.”

“Oh, that-that’s just not fair,” she said, forgetting herself and thumping a fist off his chest. Then she flushed, remembering the first time she’d done that. The way his eyes dilated told her that he remembered, too. “A-appealing to my-my-my intellect,” she stuttered out as her heart beat irregularly in her chest. She took a deep, calming breath, ignoring the fact that it filled her nose with Connor’s scent, and said, “That’s just not fair.”

He shrugged, one of his hands coming up to smooth a lock of hair out of her face. “I don’t care for fair,” he said quietly, watching as fingers trailed over the skin of her cheek. “As long as I win.”

“Oh,” she said faintly, swaying into him a bit.

He stepped back, though, tapping her nose as he said, “See you at patrol.”

He disappeared down the hallway and Giles’s secretary said from the doorway, “Oh, dear. You’re a bit screwed, aren’t you?”

“Yeah,” Dawn said with a sigh, slumping back against the wall.

Connor Angel was going to be the death of her.

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