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Atypical Romance

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Summary: Theirs is not a normal courtship.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Connor/DawntootsFR1553,620033,9992 Nov 122 Nov 12Yes

Make Believe

Connor’s idea of dinner and a movie wasn’t exactly normal. He popped a DVD into the player, then joined her on the couch, twisting until he could pull her to sit between his legs. Dawn leaned her head against him, belly full of the best takeout pizza the Council could afford, and relaxed as the opening music started and Connor’s fingers began winding through her hair.

Five minutes of exposition later, she was bored and Connor’s hand had meandered down until he was toying with the hem of her shirt. His fingers slid under and she twisted to smile into his chest.

“You’re not watching the movie,” she whispered, though she couldn’t have said why. Connor had his own apartment well away from pretty much everything in the building.

He shrugged, hand sliding firmly up the skin of her back until he met her bra, then back down to the waist of her jeans. “You’re more interesting.”

Dawn sighed, twisting and lifting herself until she was straddling him, her hair haloing around them as she stared down into his face. “If you’d have just picked a movie with explosions or epic quests, they’d actually hold our attention.”

He smiled up at, wriggling down until he was laid out underneath her, a quick yank to her hips causing her to be stretched out along the length of him. “You picked Captain America last week and we still ended up spending the whole time making out.”

Well, that was true. Mostly. She’d made him stop for the whole ‘shirtless Chris Evans’ part, but the rest of the time, they’d been firmly attached at the lips. Dawn pursed her lips, then sat up, ignoring his protests, and pulled her shirt over her head. When she’d finally managed to get her hair out of her face, he was still staring at her like a slapped fish.

She rolled her eyes as she said, “If we’re not actually going to watch movies, then we’re going to have sex. Naked sex.”

She swallowed and his eyes darkened as he watched her breasts shift with the motion. She reached for the clasp on her bra and his hands on her thighs clenched as his breathing hitched.

Her bra fell away and she leaned over him until she could breathe against his lips, “So get naked.”

He was still, completely still, for a moment, then he crushed her to him for a kiss, flipping them on the couch so he could rear away and yank his shirts over his head. And she honestly wasn’t sure either of them had the most experience with this sort of thing, but she was positive as he dipped back in for a kiss that they would figure it out as they went. That was just sort of what they did.

The End

You have reached the end of "Atypical Romance". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking