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Four Score

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This story is No. 6 in the series "A Watcher Most Charmed". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Like the Parent Trap, only weirder. Coda to the A Watcher Most Charmed series.

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John and Rodney’s children were up to something. Teyla accepted the friendly arm around her shoulder with a tiny smile, comfortable in the knowledge that she was on to them.

“Aw, hell,” Seth said, then blushed when she raised an eyebrow at him at his language. “She’s on to us,” he murmured, scuffing his toe into the ground.

She looked at each of them, took in their sheepish expressing then admitted, “I do not know precisely what, but I know that you are definitely up to something.”

“We’re on your side if that helps,” Syl said, offering a hopeful smile.

Teyla pursed her lips, then said, “Is this something I should be aware of or do I need plausible deniability?”

A quick glance passed between the children, then Eva said, arm tightening lightly around her shoulder, “We’re working on widening the dads’ romantic horizons.”

Teyla’s heart leaped and she ran her hand along Penelope’s head. “Well. Please remember that your fathers were raised in their beliefs. It will be difficult for them to accept change.”

Vada shrugged. “I don’t think it’ll be as hard as you think it’ll be. We’re pretty sure they just need a little push.”

“Or some indication that it’ll be approved,” Eva said, nodding.

Teyla heard a commotion and turned toward the doorway.

“Where are they?” Rodney said, bursting through the door.

Teyla bit the inside of her lip to keep from laughing when she saw him. John didn’t have the same consideration, almost falling off his bench as he rocked and pointed, laughing. Rodney was a particularly vibrant shade of blue.

“Where are they?” Rodney demanded again, rage in every nuance of his tone, and she looked around, realizing the children had disappeared.

“They seem to have left,” she managed when John didn’t seem inclined to answer. Honestly, he seemed a bit out of breath.

“I’m going to kill them,” he stated and Teyla rolled her eyes.

“Of course, Rodney. After you went to the trouble of buying them a baby grand piano, you are going to kill them,” Teyla said, allowing a small smirk to curve her lips.

“That’s beside the point,” he said, stabbing a finger at her and she hid her smile in Penelope’s wispy hair. “They turned me blue. Those genetically superior, maladjusted heathens turned me blue.”

“Which ones?” John asked, finally calm enough to smirk at Rodney, ankles crossed as he settled in to pick at him.

Rodney’s mouth opened and closed until he finally slumped and said, “I’m not sure. But I know it was one of them.”

Teyla raised an eyebrow at him. “And how do you know that?”

His jaw jutted out as he said, “The one with the hair asked me the best way to stain skin.”

He held his hand on top of his hand, fingers standing straight up, and John smirked as he said just a little smugly, “That one’s mine. Vada.”

Rodney pursed his lips. “Well, I’d blame that one but both of mine were loitering just outside the room and we all know how good their hearing is.”

“And why did you believe it was a good idea to teach them something like that?” Teyla asked, shaking her head.

He shuffled a bit, finally saying, “Science, Teyla. They already know my weakness.”

“Not that hard to figure out,” Ronon pointed out as he shouldered past Rodney and flopped down beside John, sprawling out to take up all the extra room. “You’ve reminded all of them at least once that you’re a real scientist, not a medical doctor.”

Rodney opened his mouth to argue, but Teyla cut him off. “I think it is sweet that he does not want his children to be afraid of him.” She winked at him and his cheeks turned red. “That shows he is making a conscious effort to be a good father.”

Ronon snorted derisively even as Rodney lifted his chin. “Exactly. I’m just-,” he waved a hand around, “Setting them at ease.” Penelope made a gurgling sound and Rodney spun to stare at her. “Where did you get that?”

“Amy is busy with Janet,” Teyla said, swaying a bit and making a face to make Penelope giggle. “And I would like to practice.”

“Practice what?” Rodney said a little shrilly as John’s smirk fell away and he sat up straight.

“I would like to have children,” she said defensively, leaving off the ‘someday’. She was willing to help the children along in their plotting. “And the children of the Council are very good to practice with.”

Ronon gave her a slow glance, arm stretching along the back of the bench as he said roughly, “It’s a good look on her.”

Rodney squawked, startling Penelope , “Sexual harassment!”

Teyla blinked at him, then said, “You do not think I look good with a baby?”

Rodney’s mouth dropped, then he said judiciously, “This isn’t about you. This is about,” he pointed at Penelope, “that.”

You have children,” she pointed out, shifting the baby until her face was tucked into Teyla’s neck and patted her back to sooth her. “And I have agreed to help with them. Obviously, you think I am good with children. Why would I not want my own?”

“Mine came as teenagers!” he yelped, mind obviously reeling. “And the team! Infants take time! And fieldwork!”

“The Council allows mothers in the field, just not pregnant women,” Teyla snapped. Of all the things about Earth that Teyla did not understand, their preoccupation with sidelining and shielding women was probably the most annoying to her. “And there are several people who would agree to care for my child while I was away.”

Rodney’s mouth pulled down at the corner, an obvious concession. “Teyla…”

“You’re focusing on the wrong thing,” Ronon offered before Teyla could firmly remind Rodney that she could do what she wanted. Rodney scowled at him. “It’s not that she wants a baby. It’s who she wants to have a baby with.”

Rodney turned to stare at her, eyes wide. She stared back at him steadily. Finally, when it became apparent that he wasn’t going to broach that subject, she told him calmly, “We all make a very good team.”

“Oh,” he said faintly and she noticed John slumping back into the bench like his strings had been cut.

She decided then that it was not just that Rodney and John needed to know that their children approved, but that she would be open to such a relationship. She patted his arm as she passed and when she glanced back at the door, she saw that Ronon had his hand resting on John’s shoulder. She smiled when Ronon winked at her. Apparently, he was plotting, too.

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