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This story is No. 6 in the series "A Watcher Most Charmed". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Like the Parent Trap, only weirder. Coda to the A Watcher Most Charmed series.

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Disclaimer: I don’t own the Stargate Universe, Buffy, or Dark Angel. That’s MGM, Joss Whedon, or James Cameron.
Author’s Note: Takes place a year or so after the end of A Watcher’s Charming Adventure.

There were things possible now that hadn’t been possible before the Pulse. The entirety of Stargate Command, from military to scientist, fell under the Council’s command, at the request of the President and the UN. And the Council was full of heroes, renegades, and family men who didn’t have time to nitpick the details of what was proper for military personnel, which mostly meant that they didn’t care who slept with who or who wore what as long as it was all consensual and they did their jobs. That left John in an odd position.

He shifted, watching Teyla do the rock and sway with a teeny tiny baby. He wasn’t sure whose it was but Teyla was enamored.

Eva plopped down beside him as she asked, “Is Teyla gonna be our new mommy?”

John choked on his drink, absently wishing it was alcoholic. “What?”

“It’s her or McKay,” Vada said as she folded down beside him. “And his first name might be Meredith but I don’t get the warm and fuzzy vibe from him.”

John choked on air this time as Eva nodded and said, “And Ronon’s definitely Pop’s material. Which leaves Teyla.”

John stared at one, then the other. They had his lanky grace and unfortunate ears and his mother’s beautiful face. That wary vulnerability in their eyes and clinical way they broke down human relationships, even if it was buried under the guise of good humor, they inherited from Manticore and he wished he’d been around when the Council laid siege to the place.

Watching it burn might have eased the onslaught of hatred he felt for the place. Then again, he’d blown up Wraith ships and flushed out Genii and wouldn’t hesitate to do the same again, so probably not.

“I mean, you’re our Dad, right?” Vada asked, guarded heart on her sleeve.

He ran his hand over dark hair that she kept pixie short despite its propensity to stick up like a cockatoo and looped his other arm around Eva’s shoulder. “Yeah, I’m your Dad.”

Admitting it in such an informal yet formal way took the breath from him. He’d told people he had children, been called a father, but being a Dad was something unto itself.

Eva nodded. “Well, you’re our Dad and they’re your partners. So we’re just trying to figure out what they are to us.”

“We’re not- It’s not like that,” John said, the tips of his ears burning.

Teyla looked over at that time, read something in his expression, and started his way, frowning. He minutely shook his head and she stilled, mouth pursed.

Eva twisted in his hold until she was straddling the bench and looking at him dead on. “Dad, you can lie to yourself but you can’t lie to us.”

His insides went gooey at being called Dad even though he knew he was being manipulated. Of course, that was part and parcel with fatherhood so he couldn’t really complain.

“You look at Teyla and Ronon and McKay like Mr. Summers-Giles looks at Mrs. Summers-Giles and she looks at him. Like how Xan looks at Faith and Oz and they look at him,” Vada said quietly. “It might be kind of new to us, but we recognize that kind of love when we see it.”

“I...” John said, trailing off. He thought he’d hidden those feelings but here was his darling duo telling him he was wrong. “I’ll work on that,” he finally promised solemnly.

Eva rose a little and kissed him on the cheek, shocking the hell out of him, as Vada threw her arm around his neck and squeezed. He got an arm around both of them for a quick, slightly awkward hug before they were off and gone, huddled around Teyla along with Rodney’s two and he was pretty sure that was Chris’s baby.

John blinked, then settled back on his bench in a daze. He wasn’t sure, but he thought he might be rocking this ‘Dad’ stuff. His kids didn’t hate him and that had to count for something.

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