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10 Libraries Giles never worked at.

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Summary: Response to crinaeae's Challenge number 7224 "10 Places (Blank) Never Worked" Various crossings. No specific spoilers of any TV shows/ movies/ etc... unless you've never seen the TV show/movie/etc..

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Multiple Crossings > Giles-CenteredDrupadiFR13103,95301510,1163 Nov 128 Nov 13Yes

10 Libraries: The Librarian

Ten Libraries Giles never worked at:

Standard Disclaimer: None of the recognizable characters or locations are mine. They all belong to their various writers and producers. The situations though are mostly mine. If you'd like to take a chapter to write your own story please ask first. Anything that looks like something that someone else wrote was completely coincidental. Please let me know with a link to the coincidence. This chapter is a Crossover with the movie The Librarian series and I've only seen it a few times on TV so don't get mad about any mistakes in Judd's behavior.

Chapter 2. The Librarian:

“So I hear you've found your new Librarian”

“Finn? Oh, yes, he has some of the same qualities you did when you started.”

“Hopefully not all of them.”

“Well no. There's not a drop of magic in him so that part of getting him trained will be easier. Oh and his mother is nagging him to get married instead of his father nagging him to join the Watchers.”

“Yes, well. I'd have rather had his mother than my father.”

“Hmmm, well we don't choose our pasts. Only where they lead us. I hear you ended up with a slayer.”

“Ah, yes, Buffy.”

“Really? Buffy, you say?”

“Yes, well, California valley girl did describe her very well when I first met her.”

“I hope not so much anymore.”

“Oh, no she's grown into quite the woman.”

“I'd love to hear some. Come lets have some tea with Charlene. I'm sure we can distract her a bit before Finn gets back.”


Author's note: Sorry if you don't like it, but I tend to write mostly in dialog.
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