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10 Libraries Giles never worked at.

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Summary: Response to crinaeae's Challenge number 7224 "10 Places (Blank) Never Worked" Various crossings. No specific spoilers of any TV shows/ movies/ etc... unless you've never seen the TV show/movie/etc..

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Multiple Crossings > Giles-CenteredDrupadiFR13103,95301510,1193 Nov 128 Nov 13Yes

10 Libraries: Harry Potter

Ten Libraries Giles never worked at:

Standard Disclaimer: None of the recognizable characters or locations are mine. They all belong to their various writers and producers. The situations though are mostly mine. If you'd like to take a chapter to write your own story please ask first. Anything that looks like something that someone else wrote was completely coincidental. Please let me know with a link to the coincidence. This chapter is a Crossover with Harry Potter. Set after all the books and movies, but before the epilogue.

Chapter 3: Harry Potter

Rupert Giles walked up the steps to the large castle in front of him. Standing on the top step was an elderly woman in full wizard robes with hints of her Scottish heritage showing in the color and accents on her robes.

“Rupert, welcome! It's been many years since you've walked these halls.”

“Professor McGonagall so go to see you.”

Professor McGonagall held out her arm to Rupert as he reached the top of the stairs. “Please call me Minerva. After all I'm no longer your instructor, and we will be colleagues now.”

Rupert turned and allowed Minerva to lead him into the castle.

“Certainly Minerva. Can I ask what happened to Madame Pince?”

“Oh, well, Ginerva Weasley's class just graduated and Irma decided she wasn't going to wait for the next generation of Weasley's to come through and retired.”

“Well good for her then. I guess this gives me a few slow years before the next generation starts.”


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