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Uchiha assassin

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Summary: Sasuke as an assassin

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demonichellfireFR1821,636028334 Nov 1226 Nov 12No

3 years later

Sasuke groaned it had been 3 years and he had yet to even get up to par with his ancestor’s, but he knew that it was unrealistic to think that he would be. After all he had to maintain a cover by going to the academy as to not raise any suspicion about himself. He had already a charka level of about of jonin from all the psychical and mental training he had been doing. He smirked when he thought of Altiar and if he was guessing correctly he had a charka level that was about 10 times greater than the Hokage judging by the amount of charka it required to use a POE the way he did and not suffer any ill effects. (AN He managed to use the Apple and from when Ezio used it you lose health fast, but Altiar did not lose any health and used it in ways Ezio could not so that’s my logic)

He had found a hidden entrance to an Assassin hideout in the bathroom that opened when he used his Eagle Vision. One of the Justu’s he had found was called Zensei Ryouhou (Past life regression). He had already figured out from cross referencing information that Rock Lee had a martial arts user as an ancestor. Kiba had a feral ancestor. Choji it came down to his charka affiliation, earth for one, fire for the other. Shikamaru had one of two of the most effectively tactically gifted leaders as an ancestor. Ino he just hoped that her color preference was genetic or else he could be in big trouble. Shino he had two people and he could not risk for the fact one had an affinity with spiders. Hinata and Neji he knew from the cross reference had only one possible ancestor. Tenten he had two possibilities. Naruto he had three, one was a long shot, and the other two fit due to who he was and his ‘tenant’ was. Sakura had two possibilities.

He then noticed his one of summons Nako a bald eagle looking at him intently. He couldn’t help but smile to himself; he had access to one of the two legendary summoning contracts. Unlike most contracts the one with the Eagles required something he had a devotion to the Creed or being a member of the now decease Meri clan or so was commonly thought, but he figured that there could be at least seven living Meri in the village and everyone was none the wiser even the ancestors of the clan did not realize their own heritage. The other contract Lee would be able you use if he had the correct ancestor, and he hope it would tone down his attitude making him be able to blend in better.

The eagle, the symbol of freedom was one reason why they were his summon and also they had a unique ability to communicate with their non-summon counterparts making them a near perfect spy network. For who in their right mind would suspect that animals where spying on them. Not to mention they were the symbol of the Creed.

“What news of the traitor my friend?” He asked Nako.

“He is still in his stronghold.” Nako said. They both knew that Sasuke was referring to the culprit of the massacre Orochimaru, Sasuke knew to reveal the true of why his family was massacred would do more harm than good.

For if the truth was to be revealed it would cause the non-clan citizens of the village to grow suspicion of all the clans. Something Sasuke was not going to let happen even if it meant that his brother remained a fugitive.

He went back to looking over the scroll that Altiar had made. He had already mastered some of them, one was a defensive army killer called Final Justice, and it did not require charka which he thought at first was strange until he noticed that there were only two ways to activate it. The first was by either getting some blood of target or get hit by a charka powered move from them. The second was to set at least three marks of the order in an area that was no more than ten miles in distance between all of them so. If the conditions were met the final part of the justu made it so the people that it killed had killed innocents. The catch with this justu was that if someone had been tricked into attacking they would not be affected, which was a good thing, because when it was performed successfully the people who were on the receiving would suffer all the injuries they inflicted on others before dying.

The mere fact that his ancestors had stored some of their weapons in a scroll was a god send. His favorites were Altiar’s sword, the battle axe that Ezio had pitched up in Istanbul, and Conner’s tomahawk. He had gotten in the habit of carry all three of them on his body at all times. The fact that most people just assumed he was now trying to train with them so that he could kill his brother. He had already mastered tree walking and water walking. He also had managed to make his own version of one of the Fourth’s signature justu’s the rasengan, he had managed to combine it with a fire ball so that a release of it would cause a fast moving fire vortex that he could control by changing the section with the opening he had made in his version so that it could move any way he wanted it to. The fact of the matter was he knew how to counter most close range weapon or hand to hand attacks expect ones that were charka based because he still needed to find a to negate the charka coming at him. Metal weapons were unless against him because he wore Kidd’s ring.

He smiled even though he could not block them the way he did most attacks didn’t mean much; he had already heard some rumors based on his tracking skills that he had integrated from his ancestors that he was part Inuzuka, something he laughed at. The insinuation that his mother had an affair with someone outside his clan made him laugh. He knew that she would have been thrown out if that was the truth, or most likely killed.

He smiled; someone had the bright idea to have a tournament to see how good his year and the year above at the academy were doing. This would be the perfect time to use the justu.

As he got to the area where the tournament was held he could not help, but notice that Danzo was in the watching. Sasuke knew Danzo had taken a Sharingan and if he had to wager a guess, Danzo had a hand in setting this tournament up. He looked at who he would be fight. He would face Lee in the first round, and then it would be either be Ino or Choji. He decided to hide the justu he was using until he could use it in combination with another attack so as to avoid detection.

He smirked as he saw Neji take on some kid in his class who was stupid enough to try and fight him at close range. The result surprised no one. Shikamura beat his opponent easily. Choji forfeited to Ino which did not surprise Sasuke. Naruto managed to somehow defeat an older student. Hinata beat Sakura something Sasuke would have been surprised by if he had not convinced Sakura to fight Hinata at close range. Shino won by using his insects on Kiba. Tenten won by keeping using her weapons to pin a classmate of his to the ground.

Finally it was his match as he got to his feet he noted that Lee was moving at high speed. He contained a chuckle, ‘make it that four ancestors’ he thought to himself as he got into a taijutsu stance.

As the fight started it became apparent to everyone watching that Sasuke and Lee were equally matched every move one made the other countered. Sasuke tried a kick to the head which Lee easily rolled out of the way of. As he got up he attempted a punch to head, which was countered with Sasuke grabbing his arm, and tried to hit him with a kick to the gut which Lee countered by raising his knee to block. As they broke apart Sasuke quickly went through the hand seals that active the justu. As he did the final seal he used a sealless justu to create a fireball and throw it at Lee to cover his justu. As he expected no one realized he had used to different justus instead of just one.

(AN I know cliff hanger. I am looking for feedback on who the Konoha Eleven ancestors should be, I come up with some idea’s, but I want other people’s input.)

The End?

You have reached the end of "Uchiha assassin" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Nov 12.

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