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Buffy the walking dead Slayer

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Summary: Buffy saved the world from hell, but to hell it goes anyway. Warning for zombie killings, bloody and disgusting. Buffy/Daryl

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Television > Walking Dead, TheSunnivaLFR1811,856061,7445 Nov 125 Nov 12No
I do not owe Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Walking Dead (comic/TV Series) I make no profit from this story.

AN: Takes place the summer before Season 3 of Buffy. To time it with TWD Buffy's timeline has moved forward a decade.

I haven't read either comic books, so the only canon is from both TV series. I have changed some details, like Angel being dead dead and not hell dead. If you have any questions I will answer them in the next chapter.


Prolog: A few days ago

Evening in the Romanian countryside. Around a campfire sat seven men, all ranging in ages between 20 and 64, chanting in a languish only their clan-members could understand. By the side a distraught mother was held by her equally distraught husband. At their feet, covered by a shroud, lay the body of their daughter, the two puncture wounds on her neck and the blood loss evidence of what happened to her.

This was a situation not unfamiliar to this clan of gypsies. Vampires had gotten to their young several times before and they had perfected the retaliation through the ages. Curses being their favorite vengeance. Unfortunately they often cursed first and thought afterwards, this way frequently shooting themselves in the foot too, the situation with Angelus being a prime example.

Now the seven Elders were finishing the curse for the vampire who killed the girl. Each speaking a line and throwing a sacrifice (animal or magical ingredient) into the fire. Last to do his part was the youngest one. This was his first time invoking a curse, and being the girl's brother had him filled with anger and a notion of getting it right! Unfortunately he wasn't used to speaking the old languish of the curse and thus, as he threw a lock of his sister's hair into the fire, misspoke the sentence. That change the curse.

Originally the curse was for this one vampire to never have his thirst for blood satisfied no matter how much he drank. And this `condition´ would transfer to any vampire he would sire.

But one different sentence changed everything, and it demanded a much higher sacrifice. The seven men fell to the ground dead, their lives forfeit for the curse to come into effect. And instead of this one vampire, every vampire on the planet was cursed. But the tragic part would be the consequences it would have on any bitten human, no matter if they survived the bite or not.


Chapter One: The beginning

Buffy woke up in her crappy apartment to the sound of sirens rushing by outside. She had gotten used to it, it happened daily since she fled to the city, so she didn't think much about it even when the sound repeated more times than the norm. Had she been thinking clearly, and actually lived and not barley existed because of the empty hole inside and the mind numbing pain in her heart, she might have been curious.

But she wasn't thinking clearly. Going through her morning routine on autopilot, making herself ready for work at the crappy diner where sleazy men got away with slapping her butt, she didn't register anything outside her bubble of pain. After putting on her white and red dotted uniform and biting into an apple she walked out of her `home´ and went off to work.

She really had no excuse once she hit the streets. Police cars and emergency vehicles screeched past her, people were loading stuff into their cars, others just jumped in and drove away and there were a general feeling of panic and paranoia over everyone on the sidewalk. But Buffy had her head bowed down and her arms wrapped around herself, completely lost in her own mind. All she could think about was the last horrible days in Sunnydale; her friends being attacked in the library, her truce with Spike, the argument with her mother and finally confronting Angelus and killing Angel, all to stop the world from being sucked into hell.

Once she reached the diner she absently started making her rounds. It wasn't until a few hours later when a too small lunch crowd for a Tuesday came pouring in that she realized it was only her, another waitress and the cook working. And the diners didn't stay as long as they normally did, most ordering their food `to go´ and rushed out.

Taking an order she slowly made her way to the counter where her fellow waitress Sarah was behind the register putting the orders into ordinary brown paper-bags and charging the customers. Buffy handed her order to Mark, the cook, and waited for Sarah to finish with the forming cue before approaching.

“Do you know what's going on with everyone?” she wondered, watching the last customer practically sprint out the door.

“They are just worried about catching the disease”, Sarah absently said while counting the money in the register.

Buffy frowned. “What disease?”

Sarah looked at her. “ You know the one everyone has been talking about.” Seeing Buffy’s frown deepen she shook her head in disbelief, “Where have you been the last few days? It's all over the news.” She leaned forward, put her elbows on the counter and half-whispered like she was telling a big secret. “It popped up all over the world practically simultaneously. And they're comparing it with rabies. Something bites people, they get a fever and then they die.” She looked around making sure nobody else was overhearing, “There have been talks about people attacking others, bodies disappearing from the morgues and police openly shooting people that's sick.”

Buffy moved out of the way for a customer and thought about what she just had been told. She recalled overhearing snippets of conversations the previous days about some illness, but she never thought it was serious, and she didn't own a TV or subscribed to newspapers so she missed the reports.

Facing Sarah again she asked, “How serious is it?”

“Like I said, it's all over the world,” Sarah shrugged. “There have been reports of cases in LA. The number increasing for each day.” Her tone was dismissive, “But you know how it is, the media is probably making it worse than what it is, the CDC is saying they're working on a vaccine and until we get it we just have to be thorough washing our hands and avoid getting bit.” Buffy had a feeling it wouldn't be that easy, but she hoped she was wrong.

That night, for the first time in five weeks, Buffy prepared to go out and patrol. She hadn't meant to, she didn't want to, but she was too restless to stay inside, having ants-crawling-up-her-legs syndrome and feeling the need for action. You can take the Slayer out of Sunnydale but you can't take the Slayer out of Buffy. With one stake and a couple of knives she headed out.

It was eerily quiet out on the streets. Too quiet. People was taking this disease situation more seriously than Sarah did. Buffy walked down the street and then turned to another. She had just walked by an alley when her slayer sense tingled. Each supernatural creature cause a different feeling and this one reminded her of when she was about to come across a vampire. She moved back to the alley opening and peered inside.

Someone was there alright. Buffy could hear the shuffling of feet, someone knocking into trashcans and moans unlike what she's heard before. Quietly and cautiously she walked forward, stake ready.
It wasn't long before she came upon the person, hunched down on the ground munching on the intestines of a dead cat.

“Ew, gross!” Buffy muttered in disgust. At the sound of her voice the man's head snapped up and he immediately got up and started walking/shuffle towards her. That's when Buffy got a good look at him. He had the same pale color of a corpse, his once brown eyes had yellow in them and when he walked it was like he had no control of his limbs, they were hanging awkwardly as he moved forward.

“Let's not do this, I'm trying to retire,” Buffy said twirling the stake with her fingers. The man only moaned back. As he came nearer he seemed to remember he had arms and tried to grab her. She couldn't believe the opening he left her but wasn’t about to complain and shoved the stake right where the heart was. And it did absolutely nada. He didn't seem to feel it at all. Surprised Buffy fell backwards as the man crashed into her. Now she struggled to hold him above her, out of reach, as he snarled and tried to bit her. She managed to get her legs in-between them and with all her strength kicked him off.

He crashed down on the ground some way from her but just as with the stake (still stuck in his chest) he didn't seem to feel the impact at all. Instead he was on his way up again.

“What the hell are you?” Buffy asked grabbing her knife and prepared to fight. He came shuffling towards her again and she was now curious. During her two years as a Slayer she couldn’t recall coming up against anyone like this before. She had no guidelines to go on and a stake to the heart obviously didn't work. Most creatures didn’t survive a decapitation so lets try that, she thought.

Once he was within grabbing distance she punched him, hard. As the momentum brought him one way Buffy moved the other so his back was towards her. She got out the longest knife she had with her and as hard as she could sliced it through his neck. Body and head separated and fell down. For a moment Buffy felt victorious, but then the mouth started snapping and the eyes moved.

“You're freakin' kidding me. How do I kill you?” Buffy asked, freaked out. Out of desperation she shoved the knife down, right between the eyes. And that seemed to do the trick. Then she waited and nothing happened; the body didn't go poof into ash, it didn’t burst into flames or any other convenient easy way of disposing the body.

“Now what?”

Seeing a larger trashcan she dragged the body and dumped it and with her thumb and index finger grabbed some hair, trying to touch as little of the head as possible and put it with the body. The solution wasn't perfect but at least the body wasn't out for everyone to see.

Buffy decided to call it a night, she was in a desperate need of a shower.

As she was trying to wash away the dirt and going to bed once she was done, Buffy had no idea that the man she slayed wasn't the only one like him moving around the city. And as the others came across homeless people, and those brave enough to be outside, their numbers increased drastically, and the coming day would bring chaos for everyone in the city of Los Angeles.


So I hope you like this. Tell me what you think and I'll see you soon.


The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please email the author or leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "Buffy the walking dead Slayer" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Nov 12.

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