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Easy catch

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Summary: New York City 1951. Spike has crucial part in Slayer's Cruciamentum.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > DramaYonaEzonFR712,270034568 Nov 128 Nov 12Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Series trademarks, all publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The author is not in any way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise, and makes no money from this work. No copyright infringement is intended.

New York City 9.9.1951

As he watched the people walk past, the men in their striped suits and bowlers, the women in their expensive dresses and wraps, he wondered if these Americans quite understood the shift in the world that had come since the Great War first one they called World War. It had been fun war, trenches had been walking buffets; soldiers every where, and women and children caught between lines. Nobody had noticed how he had left a trail of bodies behind, when he traveled from Berlin back to London.

He hadn't even bothered to hide bodies of his victims. At battlefield, he had looked all the horrors around him and laughed, thinking how these same people thought HE was the monster. Second war wasn't as funny, it wasn't chaos, it was more organized, humans had perfected their killing machine. So he had left that war, traveled back to Dru, and they had traveled to America, New York, city that never sleeps; everything was open, be it day or night.

And poverty in skid row's was as bad as it had been in 18th century London, nobody cared if some street kid or whore just disappeared. And if you kept low profile, killed only poor and middle class people and stayed away from rich and famous you could do whatever you wanted. It was dreamland for a creature who roamed the night.

"Alright then Pet, we'll find slender girl for you." He said and paid for their drinks, stood, bent to help her and kissed her full on the mouth. "Off we go, then, love."

"Did little bird whispered into your ear?"

"She did, love, she did." Spike said. "we'll find a girl who's story you can drive your teeth in."

"Hang up the girl, so happily decorated, sweet."

"Yes, pet, hang her up." Spike said, he smelled the air, despite the garbage cans and untidy street, for his nose it smelled as sweet as the discovery of love, like a field of flowers. He liked these tidier times with organized waste disposal. 19th century London had smelled disgusting; garbage, urine, rotten fish, sweat, feces and that dull, damp smell of smog. He followed his nose and found a flower shop from the street corner. He glanced in; at the counter, there was a girl, not quite as blond as Dru liked them, but her light brown hair were close enough.

"Doll, what about her?" He asked as they walked into the shop.

"How can I help you?" Girl asked.

"A heart, the skin of milk strangled enchantment. Odors of the mouth of the world." Drusilla said. "No, sweat. Sweet, I open it."

"Let's open your present then, love, shall we?" Spike said and closed the door and flicked lights off. Drusilla was mesmerized by the pale skin of girl, she gently stroked her cheek. Girl tried to retreat, but Drusilla pulled her back, tightly against her body.

"Her beauty... blades of milk." She said and as she changed to her natural form girl screamed.

"Hush, lass, you're only dying." Spike said as Drusilla sank her teeth into girls neck. "She likes you, so your death is an easy one." He continued as he sank his teeth to the other side of girls neck.

The policeman moved the avenue impressively. When about midway of block the policeman suddenly slowed his walk. In the doorway of a darkened flower store, a man leaned, with a lighted cigarette in his mouth. When the policeman walked up to him, the man spoke up.

"It's all right, officer," he said. "I'm just waiting my girlfriend to close the shop."

"It is late. These streets are not safe." Policeman said.

"Yes, I know, that is why I escort my girlfriend to home every night." As he said that, a woman walked out from the Flower shop. She glanced the policeman.

"Guardian in bla-" She was interrupted by the sound of metal clanking against metal, off to their right, all three of them went toward back alley where sound came from. Policeman turned to Drusilla.

"Please, ma'am, stay away, these are dangerous alleys." He said, displeased Drusilla broke his neck and let his dead body drop on the ground.

"I say, you were right." Spike said grinningly. "..these are dangerous alleys." The scent of blood came to their noses, and Drusilla stopped.

"Englishmen. Dangerous Englishmen." She said and retreated.

"Englishmen?" Spike said. "Dru, wait here I'll go and check." He continued. He walked along and listened, he couldn't hear anything, but from the midst of blood he smelled three men, and from those smells he knew Drusilla had been right; they were Englishmen. Englishman's odor was infallible, they all had similar scents. Spike was sure that he too had at least some of that English smell.

Having been pondering why Drusilla had thought that mere human men would be dangerous while slowly walking along, he now stopped. Place was unearthly silent, he could not even hear the sounds from the street. About ten minutes he waited, then a tall man in a long overcoat, with the collar turned up to his ears, appeared in front of him.

"Tweed." Amused Spike said. "Can't you get off from tweed even when you are in America?"

"You are a vampire." Tweed-man said. "And you are Englishman."

"Yes, that I am." Spike said, and as he was about to attack man he felt sting in his neck. He grabbed his neck, and as he pulled dart off, another hit his neck and then yet another. Soon his vision was blurred, and he fell down.

"Bloody hell." He said as he lost his consciousness.

Waking up was hard, and a whopping disappointment, as it had been for months. Although, he knew he didn't need to breathe anymore at times nightmarish feeling of suffocating came; he had deducted that it had to be echoes of his mortal life. He laid on his back, staring at the ceiling, trying to remember what had happened to him. But only thing he could think about was blood.

He was starving, had been for ages now. His starvation was driving him mad. He snuggled up at fetal position, he had no reason to move. Room was dimly lighten, and there were long, deep scratches all around the room, from the walls to the ceiling to the floor. He remembered how he had tried to dug his way out, but it hadn't helped.

He was gradually accepting that this room was his world for now. But his starving mind was already thinking way to escape. Most of his memory was lost, but he remembered who, and what he was, and most of the times his mind was filled by beautiful raven haired woman. He knew he loved that woman. He held up in his memories of her. He tried to stood up, but his legs were numb.

Suddenly he heard how in distance a heavy door opened and closed. Then the door of his room opened. Soon that intoxicating smell of fresh blood came to his nose. He rose up and slowly and carefully, even in the brink of madness he wasn't stupid, he would not go to the same trick again, he started to approach that smell.

He could feel tingling spreading out under his skin, into his head, pushing the fever upward toward the roots of his hair. It was as if his arteries had become peopled with hot, tiny insects, who were rending a subcutaneous adventure inside of his aching body. In vain he struggled to chase those terrible creatures away. He couldn't, they swarmed in his stomach, in his mind.

He walked toward the smell of blood, and heard quiet sound coming from a distance. He took a deep breath and smelled a girl, and blood, precious blood. He ran toward the blood, and as he got nearer of source of it. He slowed his pace until he finally stopped. He thought that something was wrong, but he couldn't concentrate, his thoughts ran toward the blood.

"Hell with it." He said out loud. "I'll go completely insane if I don't get blood." He walked on the hallway, and opened the door where the smell of blood came from. Behind it was a large room. In the middle of the room was a table and... broken chair. 'Shit' He thought. 'one of the legs of chair is missing, that girl has a stake.' As he completed his thought he got a kick in to his face, and he flew against the wall before he had time to get up the girl jumped on him. Instinctively he grabbed the hand that hold makeshift stake and pulled his legs up and kicked girl back in to the room. He had some of girl's blood on his hand, and as he licked it his game face came on. He stood up and went into the room where girl was.

"I don't know why you're here, but I need blood." He said to girl. "And you're only source of blood in here."

"I will not be an easy catch." Girl said and pulled out another makeshift stake, and they started to circle around each other. "You won't get my blood, I will slay you." She continued, and Spike furrowed his brows.

"Slay?" He said. "That's a Slayer term. You're a Slayer?" He continued, and girl nodded.

"Sweet, you'll be second slayer I kill." Spike said. "You wouldn't be virgin too? I mean that would be a feast of the century." He continued, and girl laughed.

"I'm a slayer, I will die young. Why would I care about chastity rules?" She said. "No, I haven't been virgin for ages."

"That's a pity." Spike said and attacked girl, she dodged his attack and tried to sunk her stake in to his chest, but her blow had not enough strength to go through his ribcage and stake just wounded Spike. He stopped and put his hand on to his chest.

"I should be dust." He said. "You're not a Slayer, you don't have the strength." He sat down on to the table. "But I need blood so you will die."

"I am The Slayer, this is a test." Girl said. "They took my powers away, and I have to kill you to show that I'm worthy of Slayer power." As he heard girls words Spike's enthusiasm to kill her faded away. He wanted to kill full powered Slayers, not powerless girl. And this was amusing Slayer, he would love to face her when she'd be on her full strength. He stood up from the table, grabbed it and tore one of it's legs off.

He then turned to the girl and threw the table at her. As she dodged the flying table, he ran to her and clubbed her with the table leg. When girl was unconscious, he sank his teeth on to the girl's neck and drank. He knew that they were watching. As he was drinking, his eyes scanned the room- He saw a hatch high on the wall at the corner of the room. He dropped girls body on the ground, ran to corner, jumped and kicked hatch so hard it broke.

He jumped in and found himself face to face with a middle aged Englishman. He smirked and sunk his teeth into mans throat. He needed blood. After he was dead, he crawled up and finally found himself at the another room. There was four men there, and as he appeared from the hatch two of them shot him with crossbows. Bolt hit his shoulder, but he didn't care, he ran and jumped through the window.

Sun burned him as he ran toward the house next door.

New York City Harbor 17.9.1951

Things had been quiet. Patrolling New York's harbor was a vital part of her work as the Slayer. But when patrol was slow, that was when a bit of doubt crept in; doubt that she actually wasn't worthy of Slayer power. What she needed now was action, adrenaline, a vampire or two. It was what she needed to keep her focus. A scream rent the night air. A quick and violent instant that caused Lisa to flinch even as it's echo died above the waves. Despite the panic quality of that scream and what it meant, she could not hold back a smile.

Heart pounding in her chest, Lisa sprinted along the wharf. Her legs pumped as she ran past the harbor-master’s quarters on one side and a long, ugly concrete building. She waited for another scream, but none came. At the dock, she turned toward town and ran alongside a long warehouse. Something told her that in that way was her destination. From the back alley, she found a body of a dead woman. She knew she was late; woman was dead, but she knelt down beside her and felt for a pulse. She couldn't walk away without checking. But she had been right; she was dead.

"Hello, pet." Came mans voice above her. She turned her gaze to up and at the roof of the warehouse she saw a man with light brown hair.

"You!" She yelled, and vampire grinned.

"Yes, me." He said. "I killed your watcher and his buddies. I really don't like to be a lab rat."

"Come down and I'll kill you!" Lisa said.

"No, love, you're not in your full strength yet. That wouldn't be fun." He said. "But soon I will get another taste of your sweet blood."

"Damn coward vamp, come down and fight!"

The End

You have reached the end of "Easy catch". This story is complete.

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