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Summary: Willow did it again! Xander is once again a baby only this time he has a guarding angel looking out for him. Anya was going to make sure Xander had loving parents the second time around.

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NCIS > Xander-CenteredSpiritravenFR2123,9093264,4048 Nov 1211 Nov 12No

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Chapter One

Title: Reborn

By: Spiritraven

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or NCIS. They belong to those who created them I just borrow for fun.

Warnings: PLEASE READ. I have no beta so there will be mistakes you have been warned. If anyone is interested please let me know I would love the help. Slash, weirdness, and AU.

Pairings/Notes: I’m leaning towards Gibbs/Giles but not firm yet. Xander will end up being the wished son of Gibbs and Giles. I never seen a story where Xander was wished to be Giles’ son and I thought it would be fun.

Chapter a little short sorry.

Chapter One:

Anya cursed as she picked up the crying de-aged Xander and rocked him in her arms hoping to calm him down. Three hours have passed since she found her boyfriend wet and crying in their bed and not the age he was before they went to sleep. It was all Willow's fault her magical aura was written all over Xander telling the thousand years old former demon she was the one who cast the spell. Anya sighed as she sat back down on the bed avoiding the wet spot trying to figure out what to do. She has been around a very long time and knew messing with aging spells were very dangerous. Many witches, warlocks and wizards over the years had tried making and using an aging spell to stay young forever, and it never works. You either get to old turn to dust, or the few lucky ones will just turn into babies again.

Xander was one of the lucky ones, but the problem was if Willow tried to turn him back to his normal age it could go so wrong. No, using another aging spell was not a smart idea, but Anya knew Willow and she knew the witch will try again no matter what the others told her. Anya needed to protect her now baby type boyfriend, and that was to get him far away from Willow.

"Hallie I need your help." Anya waited a few minutes then frowned when there was no answer. "Halfrek I know you can hear me! Get your butt here now!"

"No need to yell Anyanka." Hallie appeared in the room frowning she hated to be called away when she was busy. After getting her footing turned to look at her friend and paused when she saw Anya holding a baby. "What's with the kid?"

"It's Xander." Anya explained about everything from when they went to bed with her waking up to a baby Xander. "Willow's magical sign is all over him Hallie."

"So she decided to try a new spell on her friend and it ended up turning into an aging spell." Hallie like Anya knew how dangerous aging spells could be. "He is very lucky Anya he could have ended up dust instead of starting over as a baby."

Anya nodded her head then placed the now sleeping Xander on the bed placing pillows around him, so he would not roll off. She covered him up then led Hallie into the living room, so they could talk and not wake him.

"I need your help I want to make a wish, but I do not want him harmed furthermore, I want Willow to suffer. This runs in your area now that Xander is a kid again that's why I called you. You and I both know Xander suffered as a kid the first time going back to his parents will only make it worse and I can't raise him. I want him to have a good childhood this time around."

Hallie nodded as she watched over Xander when he was a child and waited for him to wish and he never did much more the pity. When he reached 18 Xander was no longer one of her kids and she could not do anything to help him anymore. This spell gave Xander another chance, and she was not going to let it pass her by.

There had to be consequences Hallie could not change that, but she could change who had to pay for the consequences and what the consequences will be. She did always make sure the consequences were on the parents and not the child. Hallie nodded at Anya an idea already in her head. "All you need to do is wish for Xander to have a better life and loving parents I can take care of the rest and the redheaded witch will learn her lesson."

"Willow will have the consequences and Xander will be loved and happy?" Anya wanted to make sure before she said the 'W' word.

"I give you my word as a vengeance demon that Xander will be loved and taken care of and Willow will deal with the full consequences of the wish." When a demon gave his or her word there was no turning back. Giving their word made them bound and breaking it will cause a painful death. "I'll tell you some of the details so you will feel better. Do you remember the Initiative?"

Anya nodded the Initiative was something every demon and vampire in Sunnydale will always remember. "Yeah I remember."

"What you didn't know was that the Initiative had another branch in Cleveland on another hellmouth only they went a different way in making the perfect soldier. Instead of using demons they gathered DNA from the best of the best from the Military to brain power to create the best soldiers. Basically they did test tube babies and most of the babies lived." Hallie had haunted the place and was one who tipped the NCIS and the government to the Initiative. What the Initiative there was doing was not supernatural in nature so Hallie felt the government was the best choice in handling the mess. Being a guardian she watched over to make sure the children were taken care of and knew not all the children had been linked to their DNA parents yet so it would be easy to add Xander to the group.

"I plan to make Xander one of these children he will be safe and loved Anya. I already have the parents in mind and with a little change to his DNA Xander will have the life you want for him." Hallie smiled warmly at her friend. "And I will make sure he stays linked to you so you can keep in touch."

Anya frowned because those words made her worried. "I don't want to be his mom that's wrong on so many levels considering he was my orgasm friend."

Even Hallie made a face at that comment. "Ewww! I would never make you Xander's mom no offense Anya you are not mother material."

Anya shrugged her shoulders. She never planned to have kids anyway they were so messy and cost too much money. "No offense taken."

"Then make with the wishing Anya I do have other work and this wish will take a bit of time to set up." Knowing how important this was Hallie waited patiently for the wish she needed to get started on her plan.

Anya nodded and took a deep breath and said the words that will change Xander's life forever. "I wish for Xander to be happy and have loving parents."

"Granted." A file appeared in one hand as Hallie grinned ear to ear. "Here is the information you will need on Xander's new life. You have a few hours Anya before Riley Finn and Graham Miller shows up at Giles. I'll leave it to you to explain to everyone." Hallie gave the confused Anya the file then waved her hand Xander appearing in her arms. "I have to run Anya and take Xander to the base where the children of the Initiative are being kept."

Anya watched as Hallie and Xander disappeared wondering why she mentioned Riley coming to Sunnydale. She sat on the couch and opened the file looking for the part that listed Xander's new parents. Her eyes grew wide as her mind took in what her eyes saw. "Oh my God! Hallie you bitch!"

The second male listed as Xander's father read Rupert Giles.
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