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Full of Life Now

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Summary: Tara wakes up in morgue, and finds out she has bone claws. Crossover with X-Men. Obviously.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Tara-CenteredYonaEzonFR1539,8140154,76911 Nov 1229 Jan 13No

Chapter One

Title: Full of Life Now
Fandom: Marvel X-men / Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Rating: FR15

Thank you to Oxnate for Betaing this chapter for me.

I deleted 2nd and 3rd chapters, new versions of those are coming when I have time to rewrite them AND they are beta'd.

AN: In this story BtVS vampires and slayers will be much stronger than they are in canon.

Disclaimer: I do not own X-Men or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Is this then a touch? quivering me to a new identity,
Flames and ether making a rush for my veins,
Treacherous tip of me reaching and crowding to help them,
My flesh and blood playing out lightning to strike what is hardly
    different from myself

Walt Whitman — Song of myself

Chapter One

Cold. Very cold. Colder than ice. She thought and opened her eyes. Cold and dark. She touched her chest. Why am I naked? I know I was dressed, who undressed me?

"Willow?” She asked, but got no answer. What's happened to me?

“Will? Dawn? Anyone?” She yelled, but got no answer.

She tried to get up, but her head hit the ceiling and she panicked. She punched the ceiling. I'm in a coffin! Like all of them, after Buffy's resurrection she had had her share of recurring nightmares of waking up inside a coffin whose lid was locked, and now that nightmare was coming true.

For what seemed an eternity she kicked and punched in her panic, but there was no use; she was stuck in a coffin. Finally her mind went numb. For a long time she stared into the dark emptiness. Then she touched the ceiling, as she moved her hands over the cold metal her fingers found holes, and something was dripping on her. She sniffed and groaned. Blood, she thought. The thought of being buried under another body shut down her brain. She just stared into the darkness as small droplets dripped on her face.

What happened to him?” She heard someone asking.

I don't know. Coffee break?” Another voice said.

Yeah, lets go.” First voice answered. Then the phone rang.

City morgue.” Second voice said. "Uh—unh—yeah, the clerk will sign him in," Voice continued. "Yes, bye—another bloodless body's coming.”

Well, of course there is,” She could almost hear how the first man rolled his eyes. “it can wait, I need my Latte. Let's go."

Bloodless body? She thought. Wait! Smelling blood, waking up in a coffin? I'm a vampire! She groaned, she was so stupefied that she didn't even panic anymore. She put her hand on her neck, and felt a steady pulse. So, she wasn't dead and she wasn't a vampire. City Morgue? She thought. I'm not in a coffin, I'm in the morgue. That's why it's so cold and I'm naked. There should be a door at my foot, she kicked and nothing happened. She kicked again and again and again. Suddenly the door opened. She put her hands over her head and pushed as hard she could. It took some time for her to get out from place she was. She sat up and looked around her. She was right; she was at the morgue. And everything smelled terrible; disinfectant, bodily fluids, and smells she didn't recognize. She jumped down.

“Clothes,” She said as she looked at her naked body. “I need clothes.” It felt good to hear her own voice. I'm alive! Then she touched her chest, she remembered terrible pain in her chest and Willow's terrified eyes as she stared at her.

“Willow,” She whispered. “I have to tell her that I'm alright.” She looked around again, there was only one clothed body. And there was no way she'd touch it. But on the coat rack there were a few lab coats long enough to cover her body. She put one of them on, now she at least wasn't completely naked.

She opened the morgue door and peeked down the corridor. At the end of it was the waiting room where she'd been talking with Buffy after Joyce had died. And suddenly another door opened and a woman walked out, she waited until the nurse had walked away before coming out from the morgue. She went into the room the nurse had come from, hoping that it was the nurses' dressing room. Though it sounded strange to place a dressing room so close to the morgue. As she entered the room, she met an old woman with snow white hair and a strong and vigorous aura. "Um... hello?" She said and the woman smiled at her.

"Hello, dear. You're the new trainee?"

"Um... yes?" She said and blushed slightly as she remembered that she was naked under the coat. The older woman came to her. Her skin was so fresh, her eyes were so clear, she had such a youthful appearance that Tara was ashamed that she'd thought her to be old just because she had white hair.

"Helen." the woman said as she shook her hand.

"T–Tara." She stammered.

"Nice to meet you Tara. Here's the key to your locker," Helen said. "I've got to go, but there's a nurse's uniform in the locker." She said and left. Tara looked the key. 114. She looked at the numbers on the lockers and as she found her... someone's locker she saw the entrance to the showers. She sniffed herself, she smelled like someone had poured disinfectant and blood over her body. She snorted, then she wondered what had happened to her. Had they done the autopsy on her body? If so, how could she think? From her mother's death she learned that when death is sudden, even if the patient was mortally ill, they'd have to do a full autopsy, and a full autopsy meant that they take some internal organs and brains away to be examined.

She sighed deeply, and took the uniform and a towel with her to the showers. As she undressed, she examined her body; there were no scars. None at all. Which meant they probably hadn't had time to autopsy her. She turned the shower on and stepped into the shower, letting the warm water pour over her, washing the terrible smells from her skin. Warming her body. She closed her eyes and leaned into the spray, the water felt so nice that she couldn't help but stay there for a long time.

After she had showered and dressed she went to the corridor, she figured that dead bodies probably wouldn’t come through the main entrance, so there had to be backdoor somewhere. She crossed the corridor and opened a few doors, behind the third one she found small loading dock and a young girl, dressed similarly to her, smoking.

“Um... hello?” She said to her, and the girl glared her angrily.

“So I'm smoking here, so what?” The girl said.

She furrowed her brow. “T–that's a–alright... would you happen to know how to get o–out of here without anyone noticing?” Tara asked and girl smiled at her.

“Yeah, there,” She said and pointed at the door and sighed. “I wish I could get the hell out of here too...”

“Thanks.” Tara said and smiled shyly to her.

“Don't mention it. Just leave before nurse Ratched¹ sees you.”

Tara nodded and left. It was dark, and the moon was clearly visible. It had been morning last she remembered, so she had been in the morgue for a long time.

She had no idea where she should go, she walked mindlessly, without a destination and soon she found herself near Revello Drive. And as she was nearing the Summers' House she heard someone following her, and because the wind blew from behind her she smelled something awful, she instinctively knew that it was the smell of a vampire. She started to run and when she was at the Summers' porch she realized she didn't have keys. She had gotten back together with Willow, but they had not had time to exchange keys. She stood in front of the door, wondering what to do.

“Oh, what do we have here? A nurse-snack.” A man said from behind her.

She turned to face the vampire, thinking how ironic it would be to be killed by a vampire right after she had awakened from the morgue. She prepared to burn him, she wasn't sure if she could, in theory she knew how, but she had never tried it and she wasn't sure if she'd be powerful enough to make even a small ball of fire. When the vampire was about to come at her, another vampire took hold of his shoulder. “It's the Slayer's house. It's not good idea to kill her friends,” the vampire said. “she'd hunt us down.”

“Didn't you hear? The Slayer got shot.”

Tara's eyes widened. “Buffy's been shot?” As she said that she felt a sharp pain from her right hand.

The vampire's eyes widened. “What'ta hell?” He said. “What the fuck are you?”

Tara frowned. “Huh?” She asked. The vampire pointed at her hand. She raised it in front of her face and startled so much that she fell on her ass. There were two, long and sharp bones sticking out from her hand. As she got up she looked at the vampires. “Y–you see these too?” She said and pointed at the vampires with the bone claws. “I–I mean it's not my i–i–imagination?” She asked.

The vampire shook his head. “Man, I ain't taking on any demon that's friends with the Slayer. Let's go find an easier meal.” he said and they left.

Tara stared at her hand. With her left hand's fingers she touched those bones. They felt real. All too real. She was sure she hadn't had those before. She would have noticed something like that, it would be hard not to notice almost foot long bones sticking out from your fist. She didn't feel any pain, but to make sure, she squeezed her arm with her left hand. It felt just as it should, all the bones were still there, so those bones sticking out from her hand weren't her arm bones.

She also wondered about the vampire's words. He'd called her a demon. Just like her family had always said. Sure, Spike had punched her to prove she was human and his chip went off. But what did that prove? Maybe the chip just didn't know her species or she was human enough to fool it. Fears and recriminations she'd buried after her old family had left bubbled back to the surface and she started bawling. After a minute, she looked down at an empty flower pot and remembered that there was a key under there. Grasping and using the key were rather difficult with her new claws extended.

She closed the door behind her. “Hello? Anyone home?” She yelled, but there was no answer. She glanced at the bones sticking out from her hand. That probably was good thing, they probably thought she was dead and if they saw her with bone claws... Buffy might slay her for being a demon. As she walked up the stairs she smelled blood. Lots of it. She opened Willow's door and went in. There was a pool of blood on the floor. She remembered that she had been standing right in front of where the blood pool now was just before Willow's shirt had turned red. She wondered what had happened? The blood was probably hers, and there was so much of it that it wasn't possible for anyone to survive from that much blood loss.

How did she survive? That was the mystery. She sighed and sat down on the bed to think it through. She examined her bone claws. First thing would be to figure out what they were and how she could get rid of them. She touched the point of one of the bones and the tip of it was so sharp that it broke the skin of her finger. As she smelled her own blood she immediately recognized the smell. The blood on the floor smelled same. So it was her blood. If she'd been injured that badly, then why was she now alive and unharmed?

Her eyes widened. And how could she tell that the blood on the floor smelled exactly the same as her own blood? When had her sense of smell gotten so good? She tested again that she had pulse. She was alive. Not a vampire. That vampire had asked a good question: what was she now?

She went to Willow's wardrobe, trying to find something other than a nurse uniform to put on. She found her old green dress. She undressed and then she groaned, how could she put it on without tearing it in to shreds with her claws? As she thought that, the bones went into her hand. Only two small wounds between her knuckles were left and they closed in front of her eyes. She dressed and went to the kitchen, took a knife from the drawer and made a small cut to her finger. Almost immediately it healed.

I heal faster than Buffy, she thought, impossibly fast. She furrowed her brow. Maybe that explains why I'm still alive. But what happened to me?

She remembered the times her dad had beaten her. Now that she thought about it, she should have been bruised all the time, but she never had been. No one had ever noticed anything. And there had been times with the Scoobies she'd been hurt and... the next day she got up in good shape. She realized that she had always healed fast, not as fast as she did now, but fast. But because it had always been so, she'd taken it as the norm. Whatever had happened to make her heal fast had started long before she came to Sunnydale. Maybe her mother had put some spell on her, to protect her from her abusive father. Or maybe she really was a demon.

When she heard voices from the porch and recognized Buffy's voice she panicked. She didn't want to meet her, or anyone else for that matter, right now. She needed time alone to figure things out. She quickly got out by the backdoor.

Despite the darkness she could see quite well, she ran away before Buffy would hear her. She ran toward the Campus, she'd go to her dorm room to figure out what she should do.

Inside her room she sat on the bed. Thinking about what had happened.

She had been injured, and very badly.

She had woken up from morgue and the doctors had thought she was dead.

She healed fast and her senses seemed to be much better than they had been before. Though she wasn't sure about that, she had always had good eyesight and hearing.

But what was definitely new was her bone claws. Those hadn't been there before. She stared at her hand.

“Come out.” She said, but nothing happened. She took her left hand and examined her right arm. There seemed to be nothing different than before. She frowned. Not that she'd examined her arms before, why would've she? She had never expected she'd have hidden claws.

Neither had she expected to die and walk away from it.

She furrowed her brow, how long had she been at the morgue? She glanced at clock. 03:12 AM, that didn't tell her much, she knew it was night. She looked at the calendar and groaned. It wouldn't tell her what day it was if she didn't already know what day it was. Stupid calendar.

She took the remote and turned on the TV.

...officials have not given any statement about the attack, but eyewitnesses have told our reporter that the attacker was a young woman dressed in black.”

Trying to find out what the date was, she read the news stream down at the bottom of the screen. When they showed blurry pictures of the attacker she got scared. “Willow.” She whispered. Black hair, pale skin, black veins on her face, but it definitely was Willow, she'd recognize that face anywhere. Willow had gone off the deep end. She got scared. Not this. Not this again. I can't go through this again. She listened as the reporter said that Willow had trashed the police station, apparently she had tried to kill two prisoners.

She could not go through that again, she was too tired, too scared. She had died, woken up from death, and now she found out that Willow had completely given up to her darkness. It was too much to take. It would be best if they continued to think that she was dead.

She took her suitcase, packed some things in it, and changed her clothes. She pulled the hood of the sweatshirt over her head to hide her face and left.

She'd start her new life from scratch.

¹ Nurse Ratched is a fictional character and the main antagonist of Ken Kesey's 1962 novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.
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