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Hand of Sorrow

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Powers of the World". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to "Star Spangled Man". Sometimes, the biggest threat doesn't come from without—it comes from within.

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Dawn-Centered
Marvel Universe > X-Men
JadedFR181136,4011628955,98411 Nov 1224 Jul 13No

In which Dawn hates surprises….

Author: Jaded
Story: Hand of Sorrow
Disclaimer: Joss owns Buffy, The Avengers, X-Men, and the Fantastic Four are owned by Marvel. I write for fun, not for profit.
Summary: Sequel to Star Spangled Man. Dawn and Buffy are finally back in New York for good. New schools, new slayers, and new threats, Dawn, Buffy, and Steve are going to have one interesting year.
Warning: SPOILERS FOR THE AVENGERS! Timelines still wonky.
Acknowledgements: Thanks to Aenea, earelen, SAK, Misty, Serenityrose, RevDorothyL, Duchess, Harry, morgyair, Angelskuuipo, Tjack, MistofRainbows, RosytheCat, lynna, Letomo, kiwi, CageFire, kalibex, trongod, eset, amie, liferscove, Christy, Ryutana, Olympus, Bunney, Selonianth, nerfherder, & Morgomir for the reviews!
A/N 1: I promise we’ll get to the Hand of Sorrow part eventually. This is gonna be a REALLY long fic, as my current plan is to go through Dawn’s entire first year in New York. So, yeah, really kinda gen right now but the title will eventually make sense, I promise! Also, see End Note.

In which Dawn hates surprises….

“Hey, sorry I’m late, I didn’t realize the subway would break down on me,” Dawn said, rushing into the Linguistics lab of Avenvgers Tower. She stopped dead, taking in all the people that were staring back at her in confusion.

“Ma’am, what are you doing here?” one of the strangers asked. She was tall, with long dirty blonde hair, hideous glasses, and the frumpiest outfit Dawn had ever seen. “Ma’am?”

“I, uh…who the hell are all of you?” she finally burst out. The strangers all exchanged glances as another stranger, this one older, came out of her office. “And what the hell were doing in there?!”

The older guy frowned. “Who let a civilian in here?” he asked, irritable. He studied her, snorted, and then turned to one of the strangers. “Prescott, escort her out. Phelps, I need that office cleared—”

“Now wait just a godddamn minute!” she shouted as one of the young men, Prescott she had to assume, approached her. “You are not—!”

Prescott made the mistake of putting a hand on her arm, obviously to try and steer her out of the office. Only Dawn had been practicing a kata Natasha had been teaching her that morning so Dawn went into instinct-mode. Grabbing Prescott’s hand, she put pressure on the underside of his wrist, twisted it, kicked out with her foot, and simply let momentum do the rest for her.

Instantly the entire lab was up in arms—some quite literally. “HOLD IT!” she shouted when she realized two guns were now aimed at her person. They all stopped and the only sound in the lab was Prescott’s groaning from the floor. “Who the hell are you and what the hell are you doing trying to throw me out of my own lab?”

“You’re lab?” the still unnamed older man asked, snorting. “Nice try, princess. This is the Avengers Lab.”

“Yeah, and Tony Stark put me second in command of it, just under Dr. Monroe,” she said just as the door behind her opened. She could see through one of the reflective computer screens that Bucky and Natasha had just burst into the floor from the stairwell. “So I ask again, why are you trying to kick me out of my own lab?”

“Agent Romanoff,” the man started, looking at her. “This woman broke into the lab—”

“She didn’t break in anywhere, Dr. Arnolds,” Natasha said coolly as Bucky “helped” Prescott to his feet (there was a lot of wincing on the strangers face so Bucky was not being as kind as he could be). “This is Dawn Summers and just as she told you, she’s second in command under Dr. Monroe.”

Dr. Arnolds gaped for several seconds and for a moment, she could have sworn he thought this was all a joke. Natasha must have convinced him it wasn’t because he began sputtering. “She can’t be more than eighteen!”

“And she knows double the amount of languages you do,” Dr. Monroe said and Dawn hadn’t even heard her step off the elevator. Mary and Tony were with her. “So yes, even though she doesn’t have her degree yet, she’s my second. If you don’t like it, walk out now.”


Dawn didn’t want to deal with this. Ignoring the stunned group, she turned back to her boss and the SHIELD liaison. “New interns?”

“And staff,” she agreed, eyeing the group beyond her. “I forgot to tell you they’d be coming in this morning. Sorry.”

“No biggie,” she shrugged and turned to Natasha and Bucky, the latter of which was still eyeing Prescott and the former was still staring down the two with their guns still out. “What are you doing here?”

“JARVIS told us you were being hassled,” Bucky said. “Came straight up.”

“Nice toss,” Natasha added, approvingly as the two intern agents finally did what the Black Widow was silently telling them to do and holstered their weapons. “Maybe it’s time we moved on from that.” Dawn groaned. Great, just what she needed, new ways to get beat up!

“Alright, everyone, listen up!” Tony said and everyone turned to him. “Dawn Summers is, as Dr. Monreo said, your 2iC.”

“Why?” one of the interns asked. He cringed when everyone glanced at him. “I mean, she doesn’t have a degree and they do…”

“I told you this isn’t how it works in the real world,” she told Tony and Bucky, both of whom waved it away.

“It’s how it works in my world,” Tony said and Bucky snorted a laugh. Despite the situation, Dawn’s lips quirked. “And she’s 2iC because A, this was the deal with the Pirate; B, cause the Avengers don’t trust you, we trust her; C, cause the only person in this room who knows more languages than her is Dr. Monroe; and D, this is my building and I’ll appoint whoever the hell I want.”

“So she’s the Avengers liaison,” one of the other men said and he didn’t seem as surprised anymore. Dr. Arnolds still looked pissed but he wasn’t saying anything, for which she was grateful. “It makes sense. I’m sorry for our reaction—it won’t happen again, Miss Summers.”

“Dawn,” Dawn said. “Call me Dawn. And you are?”

Which was how she met Dr. Watson, Dr. Holmes (and yes, she about bust a gut laughing at them, which they took in stride), Dr. Arnolds, and the other five interns, John (Prescott), Miriam, Luke, Santi, and Jeremy.

“So, I’m thinking first order of business,” Monroe began as they sat down in the conference room after the others had left (Bucky giving Prescott a warning stare as he did so). “Is to organize the main lab space and to assign offices and cubicles.”

“Agreed,” Arnolds said instantly. “The corner office with the big windows facing the Chrysler building is—”

“Dawn’s,” Monroe finished firmly. “There are three other offices you gentlemen can go through and choose but the corner office you’re talking about was given to Dawn by Mr. Stark and decorated by the Avengers. It’s spoken for.”

Dawn slunk into her seat a little bit when the other interns all looked at her in surprise. Arnolds wasn’t happy, that much was obvious, but it didn’t seem to matter to Holmes and Watson (she resisted the urge to giggle again—it was going to be a lesson in stoicism to not crack up laughing whenever she thought of them at the same time).

“So, the three of you go and choose you’re offices or I will assign them,” Monroe said and she didn’t seem at all put off by Arnolds unhappiness. “In the meantime, I will assign the intern cubicles once we get them set up. Oh, and Mary’s desk needs to be figured out too—she’s been working from one of the lab benches and that simply won’t do.”

“I’d appreciate it,” Mary agreed. “I’d prefer to be by the elevator so I can screen those who come in—” she shot a nasty look at Arnolds that he didn’t seem to notice. “—and keep track of appointments and such.

“Agreed,” Monroe nodded. She thought for a moment and then turned to Dawn. “Why don’t you and the interns go through what we have, what we can move, what we can’t, and try and come up with a workable space?”

“Does it have to be feng shui?” she asked in an attempt at levity. John, Santi, and Miriam all snickered as Holmes, Watson, and Mary all smiled. Monroe gave her an amused look and shook her head. “Okey dokey then.”

“Something to keep in mind is that Luke, you’re officially Dr. Arnold’s intern, Santi, you get Dr. Watson, and John, you get Dr. Holmes. Jeremy, Miriam, you’re our floaters.”

“And Miss Summers?” Arnolds asked snidely.

“She’s mine,” Monroe shrugged easily. “Thought that was obvious.”

They split up then, Monroe going back to her office, Mary following the six interns, and the three men going through the final offices to find ones for them. “Okay, so, where do we start?” Miriam asked. She was the one who’d confronted her first, the girl in the frumpy outfit. She was quiet now, a bit withdrawn—Dawn wondered where the girl who’d confronted her had gone.

“Dawn, you and Jeremy go through and check to find out what can be moved,” Luke said, taking charge. “Miriam, you and Mary go and find her desk—we can put it over there. John, Santi, you go through and list all our supplies.”

“And what are you going to do?” Santi demanded, hands going to her hips. She was of Indian descent, with long brown-black hair and deep brown eyes. She also didn’t seem to be one to put up with no boys telling her what to do, which Dawn both admired and feared.

“I’m gonna be the go-between with us and Dr. Arnolds,” he said.

“Okay, first of all, Dr. Arnolds isn’t the head of the department,” Santi said, pining the boy with a look. “So going to him is just stupid. Second, Dr. Monroe is the head of the department, Dawn is her intern, not to mention our 2iC. By that logic, she should be the one giving assignments, not you.”

“She’s only the supposed 2iC because she’s obviously sleeping with Stark,” Luke said and Dawn’s eyebrows went through the stratosphere, even as she gagged. He rolled his eyes at her. “Please, don’t pretend it’s not true. I bet you’re not even out of high school yet.”

“Okay, first of all, I’m not sleeping with Tony,” she said, hands going to her own hips. This was ridiculous. “Second of all, I have a full ride, two of them in fact, to Columbia. I start in August.”

“So you just graduated high school—how is that any better?”

“Look, I didn’t ask to get this position—Tony has a warped sense of gift giving and this was mine for graduating,” she informed him.

“And why did he give it to you?” Miriam asked and wow, there was Ms. Confrontational again.

“Because if you’d been paying attention to news you’d know she’s best friends with Stark’s daughter so he knows how good with languages she is,” Santi said, throwing her hair over her shoulder. She gave Luke and Miriam an unimpressed look and turned to Dawn. “What do you want me to do, Summers?”

“Find a pad of paper so we can make the lists Dr. Monroe suggested,” she said immediately and mostly on the instinct formed after she got pressed into organizing the mini-slayers whenever she hadn’t been hiding in her room in LA. “We’ll go from there.” She paused and then added, “Luke, you can be our scribe.”

“Now wait a minute…”

“I think that’s an excellent idea,” Monroe said, coming over. She squeezed Luke’s shoulder and beamed at the six interns. “Teamwork, gotta love it.”

Luke turned a murderous look on Monroe as she left for her office and Dawn caught Santi, John, and Jeremy all hiding grins. Miriam looked like she wasn’t sure what to think. Oh well.

That, unfortunately, set the stage for the rest of the morning. Once they got everything listed, they settled down around one of the lab tables and got to work figuring out where everything would go. Luke, again, tried taking charge only for Santi, followed quickly by John and Jeremy, to remind him Dawn was 2iC and so she would organize them. By the time lunch rolled around, Luke was pissed and they hadn’t even begun moving anything yet.

“Alright team, lunchtime!” Monroe said, coming out and clapping her hands together. She and the three men had been in their own offices, organizing them or, in the case of the linguistics head, working on paperwork. “I’m heading to the café, anyone care to join me?”

All of them did so they headed downstairs to the lobby, before taking another elevator to the building cafeteria. “You know, I don’t get this,” Jeremy frowned, shaking his head as they walked inside the place. “Why two elevator banks?”

“Four, actually,” Dawn said before she could stop herself.

“Okay, four, still doesn’t make sense,” Jeremy said. His eyes suddenly lit up. “Ooh, lasagna!”
He darted off, leaving the rest of the group in the entrance. Monroe chuckled and headed after him, obviously wanting Italian as well. Mary joined her. Dawn decided she was in the mood for Mexican and headed in that direction. The rest all scattered, going around and scrutinizing what each of the stands had. Because SI subscribed to the idea that a full worker was a happy worker was a productive worker, you could get practically anything in the cafeteria for lunch and dinner and it was all mouthwateringly good. The Mexican was her favorite, followed closely by the burgers.

Either because only Monroe, Dawn, and Mary had actually eaten there before, the rest of the interns, even Luke, joined Dawn at an empty table and the three men went with Monroe and Mary. Santi had gotten pasta, Miriam a large Caesar salad, and the three boys seemed to have two large pizza’s between them.

“So, why four elevator banks?” Jeremy said, continuing the discussion from before. “It makes no sense.”

“It didn’t to me at first either but Tony and Pepper explained it to me,” Dawn said as she drenched her enchiladas in hot sauce. “There are two elevator banks for the main floors of the building—SHIELD side and SI side,” she said. “We’re technically on the SHIELD side, which is why we can’t just take the elevator down to the cafeteria ourselves—though Tony said he’s gonna fix that last time it came up.”

“Okay, so in order to get to the SHIELD offices you have one set of elevators and to get to SI, another set,” John said. “That…seems complicated. Unnecessarily so.”

“Yeah, well, that’s Tony,” she said, glancing past him to see Gwen and Peter come in with the rest of their intern groups. She waved at them and they waved back. Peter made a motion towards the burgers and then towards her and she nodded. They had the space. She turned back to her table. “Sorry, saw some of the SI interns. They’ll probably join us. Any other questions?”

“What about the other two?” Miriam “Elevator banks, I mean?”

“One set goes up to the Avengers floors,” she said. “Limited access, JARVIS screens everyone in those. If you don’t have the clearance or have reason to be there, he’ll lock the elevator down and someone will have to come get you out. I wouldn’t suggest trying them.”

“I take it its happened before?” John asked and Dawn nodded.

“First time was an accident, an SI employee got into the wrong elevator,” she said. “Honest mistake, no big. Second time one of the SHIELD noob agents thought they would get kudos for sneaking onto the team floors—you won’t see him here because Hill and Fury reassigned him to Siberia.”

Everyone winced. “And the fourth?” Santi was the questioner this time.

“Private elevator to the penthouse,” she answered promptly. “Tony, Pepper, Darcy—they’re the only ones with unlimited access to that elevator. It also stops on every floor but, the only one that does, but again, JARVIS keeps tabs on it. No one’s tried getting on it yet, which is probably a good thing. Darcy tells me JARVIS is authorized to use sleeping gas on anyone inside that isn’t supposed to be.”

The five interns all laughed, thinking she was joking. She wasn’t but she decided not to be the one to tell them that.

“Hey Dawn,” another voice said and Dawn suddenly had two interns sliding in next to her. “People I don’t know.”

“Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy, these are the new Avenger Linguistics interns,” she said. “She pointed to each as she said their names. “John Prescott, Luke Oliver, Santi Ramanajin, Miriam Phelps, and Jeremy Jeremiah. Peter and Gwen are SI interns working with the Avengers—you’ll probably run into them as some point if you need to consult with one of the scientists.”

“Who do you work for?” Santi asked curiously.

“I work with Dr.’s Banner, Ross, Foster, and Selvig,” Gwen answered. “Peter works for Mr. Stark.”

“It’s not as exciting as you think it’d be,” he noted when they all turned to him in surprise and not a little awe. “Mostly I just keep his robots from killing him and get him to eat and sleep once in a while.”

“Still, that’s gonna look good on the resume,” Jeremy noted. “Lucky bastard.”

“And to think, he’s still in high school,” Dawn noted with a sly grin. Jeremy and Luke both choked on their drinks.

“Fuck, dude, seriously?!” Jeremy demanded. “How’d you score that?!”

“I honestly have no idea,” Peter admitted. “I never actually expected to get the position, let alone one so high up. I only applied cause Gwen told me to.”

“And Peter’s smart enough to do what his girlfriend tells him to do,” Darcy added as she came up behind them. “Hey Dawnie, heard you had some fun this morning.”

“It got sorted out,” she shrugged, pointedly not looking at the other interns. “Speaking of which, can I borrow Peter this afternoon?”

“Sure, why?” Darcy asked as Peter rolled his eyes at them. Gwen just grinned into her pizza—this wasn’t the first time the three women had treated Peter as a pet rather than a person and it likely wasn’t the last either. He didn’t seem to overly mind otherwise they would have stopped.

“We’re moving furniture and we could use an extra pair of hands,” she said. And I do not want to be alone with some of these people she added only in her head. Something must have shown on her face because Darcy nodded sharply.

“Works for me, I have to get Tony to SHIELD today anyway,” she said. She smirked. “God knows Peter’s not gonna wanna try that again.”

The three women all snickered as Peter frantically shook his head. “Okay, I take it there’s a story there?” Santi asked and Dawn smiled and leaned back in her chair as Gwen and Darcy started in on the story of the first (and only) time Peter tried getting Tony to a meeting at SHIELD and how it ended with Peter glued to the ceiling.


By the time Dawn got home that night, she was exhausted. Who knew organizing an office was so much work?

Kicking her shoes off on the entrance landing, she dropped her keys onto the little dish on the nearby shelf and padded downstairs. She’d gotten dinner at the Tower with Darcy but that had been a few hours previously—she was hungry again.

“Miss Dawn?”

Dawn paused on the last step going to the main floor. “Yeah, J?”

“You have a visitor,” he said. There was a pause. “I am uncertain as to how she managed it, but the young woman scaled the back wall and got in through an open window in your bedroom. Other than her entrance, she doesn’t seem to have a nefarious purpose.”

Dawn felt her face drain of color as she thought of all the possible people who could be in her apartment with the security in place. It couldn’t be a vamp, she hadn’t even gotten around to inviting Spike or Angel (mostly because they were still somewhere in China at the mo) and she’d already doused every window with holy water and garlic. Plus she had windows in the direct line of sight for every entrance to the place and JARVIS knew to contact her immediately if someone came in without a reflection. Willow had performed a ward and she would have called if it had been breached by someone demonic … which left either someone completely human or a slayer. A slayer could have easily scaled the outer walls, Buffy and Faith had both mentioned it at the house-warming party, and they didn’t appear different to JARVIS.

If it was a slayer, they were now also aware Dawn was home. She’d have to talk to Tony about maybe getting something so JARVIS could tell her these things outside in the hall…

“Whoever is here, convince me I shouldn’t hit my panic button!” she called out and immediately a familiar face appeared from the direction of the kitchen. Dawn stared, stunned.

“What the hell are you doing here?!”

“I got tired of waiting for you to let me come back to New York,” Kate Bishop shrugged, coming more fully into the room and biting into an apple. “Nice digs, by the way. Stark really didn’t spare much, did he?”

“Nice…KATHERINE!” she yelped. “What the hell are you doing here?! And don’t give me that crap about being tired of waiting! I want the truth!”

“Rome sucks, I wanted’a come back, and Daddy gave me money to get a plan ticket,” she said. “Not that hard to grasp, especially for a Columbia girl.”

Dawn took a deep breath, resisting the urge to throttle the annoying sixteen year old.

Kate had been a thorn in Dawn’s side since the moment she’d been called and sent to them in Rome. She’d already known several forms of martial arts, was more than proficient with various medieval weapons, and so she’d been years ahead of most of the other girls who’d already been there a few months. She’d come from a moderately wealthy family and though she’d obviously hadn’t had the most support growing up from her father, she’d had, in Dawn’s not so humble opinion, a superiority complex.

Despite that, Dawn had found herself grudgingly liking the younger girl. She was just as sarcastic as Dawn, found the same things funny, and had a Buffy-like strength that Dawn found commendable. Idiotic, yes, but commendable.

She was one of the few slayers Dawn thought would have become a hero even without the slayer powers.


“I hate Rome,” Kate said and she’d finally dropped the nonchalance, thank God. “Seriously, the only people I can stand in that place are you, B, and Vi and you’re all gone!”

Kate didn’t have abandonment issues like Dawn did but she hated being ignored or left behind. Dawn was pretty sure it had to do with her father ignoring her and jet-setting on business most of her life. Deadbeat dads were what they’d bonded over when they’d gotten locked inside a Chalkin demon lair as bait for the rest of the slayers over a year before.

Ever since then, Dawn was the only one who could ever get Kate to listen, hence why Buffy had agreed to let the brunette return to New York when they’d all moved here.

“That still doesn’t explain why you’re here. Now. In my apartment,” she said, finally stepping down onto the main floor. Kate shrugged.

“I got tired of waiting,” she repeated and when Dawn opened her mouth she held up her hands in the universal surrender position. “Seriously, patience is not one of my virtues, you know this. Why are you so surprised I lost it so quickly?”

That was a really damn good question. Hadn’t she and Vi joked about this very thing at the house-warming party? “I never expected you to run away from home.”

“Is it really running away from home when technically I’m just coming home?” she asked and Dawn didn’t have an answer for her. “By the way, who’s the dude in the walls? And did you know you have a Wall-E?”

“It’s an AI named JARVIS and yes, Tony made him for me. MO too,” Dawn answered, distracted as she caught sight of a ton of luggage in the corner. “Why didn’t you take that to your dad’s place?”

Kate shifted. “I was…”

“Hoping to crash with me,” Dawn sighed. “Why?”

“Cause Dad’s kinda sorta…in Japan…on business…for six months,” she winced. “And I love my sister but a world of no. She’s living with the fiancée.”

“Why me?”

“Why not?”

And that, sadly, was probably the best answer she’d be getting out of the young archer anytime soon. Damnit. She looked up at the ceiling. “JARVIS can you call Buffy for me and put it on speaker phone? I need to let HQ know where their wayward slayer is.”

“At once, Miss Dawn,” JARVIS said and then paused. “Should I inform Mr. Stark that you will need additional keys for young Miss Bishop?”

Dawn blew a raspberry as Kate brightened. “Not yet,” she said. “I’ll ask him myself tomorrow. Speaking of which,” she turned to the slayer. “You’re coming with me tomorrow. If you’re not ready to head to the subway at six, I will call your sister to come get you.”

Dawn was going to let Susan and Mr. Bishop know Kate was back in New York but for now, Kate didn’t need to know Dawn didn’t actually intend to send her back there. She understood the need to stay away from the older sister and the sickly romance thing they did with the boyfriends. If she could have gotten away from it more when Buffy was with Riley, she would have in a heartbeat.

“Dawn, as much as I would love to talk, I can’t right now,” Buffy said suddenly and she sounded flustered. And pissed. “Bishop flew the coop.”

“Yeah, I know, our little Hawkette proved you and Faith right and broke into my apartment,” Dawn said. “That’s why I’m calling.”

“Hey B!” Kate chirped with a grin and then scowled at her. “Hawkette?”

Dawn ignored her to listen to Buffy. She was yelling at those in the background that Bishop was fine. Even though she’d obviously moved the phone away from her face, Dawn and Kate could hear everything she said. Dawn could practically see Kate taking notes on the curse words peppering Buffy’s shouts.

She made a mental note to remind them both that that last one was only possible if you were a Kerlock demon.

“Bishop, why the hell are you in New York?!” Buffy finally finished, coming back on the line completely.

“Do I really have to do this again?” Kate demanded and Dawn snorted.

“I am going to take a shower,” she announced. “You can explain your little flight to Buffy on your own.”

“It wasn’t a little flight, it was a damn long one,” she heard Kate mutter petulantly as she headed upstairs.

“Explain! Now!” Buffy shouted and Dawn waited until she was upstairs to quietly request JARVIS record the entire conversation for her later. JARVIS had instantly agreed. Peeling off her clothes, she didn’t envy Kate the, ahem, conversation she was about to have but she also felt the girl deserved it. Seriously, sometimes she had the common sense of a lemming.

By the time Dawn came back downstairs, Buffy had apparently finished yelling at Kate and the girl was sitting slumped in the kitchen, a box of leftover Chinese in front of her.

“Okay, house rules,” Dawn said, grabbing another box and sitting across from her. “I want you in by midnight and that’s only AFTER you call to let me know you’re gonna be that late. I expect a phone call or you in the apartment by ten every night.” Kate didn’t say anything so Dawn moved on. “You do NOT patrol without me or Vi, who I will let know about you tomorrow. You will train with her on an as of yet to be decided schedule. There is a gym downstairs on the first floor but I’mma see about getting you access to the Avenger gym. You can go all out there cause its built to withstand Steve and the Asgardians, so you know, not easy to break.”

Kate brightened up at that and opened her mouth excitedly. Dawn cut her off before she could say it. “And yes, eventually, I will introduce you to Hawkeye,” she said. “But only until you’ve proven to me you deserve it. For the record, running off without telling anyone is not indicative of deserving it.”

“I’ll be on my best behavior,” she promised solemnly and Dawn let out a deep breath. “And I’ll apologize to Andrew.”

Dawn’s eyebrows rose but she didn’t say anything—Kate may not like most of the Rome base but she’d loathed Andrew. Seems like they were both bringing out the big guns. They went over the other things, like doing her own laundry and picking up after herself. This wouldn’t last, Buffy would no doubt be taking her on once the blonde arrived in New York permanently, but for the summer it’d do. They remained silent the rest of the meal and Dawn tossed the empty carton and rinsed the fork before putting it in the dishwasher. She turned to the wide-awake slayer.

“Alright, now, I’m going upstairs to pass out cause I am not a slayer and I need my sleep,” Dawn said. “Take the guest room on this floor and I swear to god, if you wake me up with a prank, I will kill you. And your chances of me introducing you to Hawkeye will disappear quicker than Andrew when a Trek actor is spotted.”

She gave Dawn a little salute and Dawn decided it would have to do. She trudged upstairs and practically threw herself onto her bed.

Well, the privacy was nice while it lasted.


End Note: Please note that updates, as slow as they’ve been, will probably be even slower for a while. My baby sister passed away March 24th (LadyBold can confirm this) and my current desire to write is …. bipolar at best. When I do update, I promise it’ll be big ones, 5K or more but…yeah. It’s difficult to focus at the moment.
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