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Wayward Hero

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Summary: The Titans gain a new member, how will their luck hold out now.

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DC Universe > Teen TitansrexcalonFR181016,0630712,99815 Nov 1224 Jun 13No

Wayward Hero Chapter 2

Raven: “so I hope you guys know what this Fic is about cause im tired of being
Beastboy’s plaything like all these other Fic I've read.”

Beastboy: “hey you know you like all the hot, green S..E..X.”

Starfire: “Robin what is ‘S. E. X?’”

Robin: “it’s nothing Star, nothing.” As he blushes

All: “well Read on while we find Cy.”

Chapter two:Four Letters, One Fate

June 23rd,2007-Late night

‘As I look up at this giant T-shaped building I wonder what life might be like to live in this town.’ Thought Lexi as he stood in front of the tower.

“Well I finally made it now just one last step.” As I called up the keypad for the door hidden in a column of rock. “Now what was that access code…oh yea 26692(BOOYA on a keypad.)” just then the doors open. “Welcome home Cyborg.”
Says the computer.

“Well let’s see who’s up.” As I walk along the red carpet, and gray halls. “It’s quiet, guess im later then I thought, oh well.” I walk into the darkened common room and make my way to the couch in front of the large bay window lighting the room with the moonlight and the sound of the rain for a long needed rest.

June 24th-Titan kitchen

“Man I love bacon!!” yells Cyborg.

“Yea we all know Cy you tell us every morning.” Grumbles Robin rubbing his head.

“Are you not feeling well Robin, you seem very tired.” Says a very concerned Starfire.

“Yea the boy wonder’s fine he just needs some coffee, then he’ll be back in that lab of his all day.” Said a laughing Cyborg.

“You all are very loud.” Said a monotone Raven phasing through the door with a book in hand, her teacup hovering close behind her.

“Friend Raven how good it is to see you awake this early.” Said a very cheerful alien.

“I’m only here for my tea.” Raven said as the teapot hovers from the sink to the stove.

“Would you be a dear and make me a cup, I feel the need to unwind after a long trip.” Muttered an unknown voice.

As the four titans look from each other, then realized that none of them spoke, they to the couch now bathed in sunlight.

“What the hell!!” yelled the four titans, not placing the voice as one they knew.

“Friend Beastboy?” Starfire asked

The doors to the common room open. ”Hey guys what’s for br-.” Beastboy’s cut off by a blast from Cyborg’s sonic cannon. As Beastboy hovers over the smoking hole in the wall as a fly he reverts back to normal. “What the hell dude!”

“Sorry BB, you scared the hell outta us!” said Cyborg as his cannon turns back to his hand.

“What the hell has ‘YOU’ the big bad tin man scared?” said as Beastboy checked to make sure all his body parts are still all there.

“Well unless Robin is rubbing off on us, we all heard a voice and something moved on the couch.” Said Raven while floating.

“Hey!” exclaimed robin. ”Just because I said I thought I saw Slade watching me shower does not mean anything!”

“Well…that aside nobody’s there right now guys.” Said BB. ”I think it’s all the meat you guys eat that’s causing you to see weird stuff.”

“Hey, you never blame the meat, the meat is delicious!” yelled a frantic Cyborg.

“I think they mean me, and Raven where do you keep the honey I hate sugar in my tea.” Said a voice from behind them.

As ten eyes look at each other, they rush around the corner to be met with a young man wearing a light black, battered cloak. Through the holes they can make out a pair of light blue jeans, and a gray shirt. As they look higher his skin is tanned a light brown and his hair is black while peppered with strands of gray hanging just over his shoulders, looking through the cabinets.

“Hey guys, im Lex-.” Before he could finish he’s brought to the floor by Robin, with a staff strike to the ribs.

“Titans, Go!” yelled Robin as Beastboy changes into an emerald hued panther, Cy arms his sonic cannon, Starfire charges two starbolts, and Raven enshrouds the teapot in dark magic and brings the boiling water inches from his face waiting.

“Who the hell are you!” yells an angry Robin.

“*cough, cough* Well Mr. Grayson if you would let me up I can tell you who I am, oww my ribs. Im not an enemy I need the help of the Titans so I came to the source.” The intruder said.

“Like we haven’t heard that one before, tell me more or its jail for you, you thief. Spoke a stern-faced Robin.

“Ok fine *takes a deep breath* my name is Lexi, im eighteen and im from a small village that is located a long ways away from here in some dessert. I’ve walked all this way to find you all. Mr. Logan, Ms.Koriand’r, Mr. Stone, and of course Ms. Roth.” said Lexi.

As the titans all look around at the use of their real names Robin lets the boy up.

“ do you know those names?” stuttered the group.

“One im not dumb and two the elders of my village told me to always refer to my teachers by their names.” Said as he stood up.

As the titans got over their shock they renew their uneasy feelings.

“Hold on we are not done here. Why are you here? And how the hell did you get in here?!” said robin as he armed two bird-a-rangs at his side, while glancing at Cyborg.

“Hey my sensors didn’t pick up anything!” said Cy waving his hands in front of his face.

“Well on my way here I happened to see quite a few news reports of you guys fighting, and while Richard is very rich, only Victor has the knowledge to build the systems of the ‘Tower’ it’s called and his access code happens to be a key phrase he loves.” Said Lexi as he went back to looking through the cabinets as if the peole behind him didn't want to hurt him. ”Ahh here’s the honey.”

“Cyborg!” The group turns and stares at him.

“S-sorry guys.” Says a blushing Cyborg.

“But.” continues Lexi. ”When I got here last night you all were sleep so I crashed on the couch and you guys woke me up sorry for the surprise I was a little groggy when I woke up.” Said as he takes a sip of his tea. ”I’m here because my clan wants me safe and here is the best place. I Lexi beg of you to let me join your team and become a ‘Teen Titan’. Said as Lexi bows to the group of five.

As the titans stand there gasping for air at the weird man in their kitchen

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxEnd of chapter two.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

A/N:I hope its ok it’s going to be slow for another chapter but then I hope it get more fun for you guys im working on a fight scene as best I can PLZ READ AND REVIEW!!!!!!!!!
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