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Wayward Hero

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Summary: The Titans gain a new member, how will their luck hold out now.

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DC Universe > Teen TitansrexcalonFR181016,0630713,00015 Nov 1224 Jun 13No

Chapter 3

A second new chapter since their both so short.

Disclaimer: I still don’t own the ‘Teen Titans’ but I do still own Lexi sooo :P and I make no profit because if I did I would have my own television station for all Fanfic plots to be real.

Robin: “Yeah that’s nice and all but why are you under the table Rex?”

Lexi: “And since when do u live here?”

Rexcalon: “Well I’ve kinda been living in the basement of the tower for a while.”

Star: “Here you go friend Rex Robin’s diary like you asked, now where is my mustard?”

Robin: “WHAT!!!!”

Rexcalon: “RUN STAR!!!”

Star and Rex: “AAAHHH!!

Lexi: “Well I guess that means that the story is starting so enjoy”

Robin: “I’m gonna kill you both and wear your skin as a new suit.

Lexi: “………ooook”

Last time on: Wayward Hero

(“But.” continues Lexi. ”when I got here last night you all were sleep so I crashed on the couch and you guys woke me up sorry for the surprise I was a little groggy when I woke up. ” He said as he takes a sip of his tea.” I’m here because my clan wants me safe and here is the best place. I Lexi beg of you to let me join your team and become a ‘Teen Titan’. Said as Lexi bows to the group of five.
As the titans stand there gasping for air at the weird man in their kitchen)

Chapter three:Darkness

As the group of teens stand over the newcomer sitting before them sipping a cup of tea they all think on what Robin’s choice will be.

“Well I guess until we can look more into your background we have to test you to see if your worthy of this team.” Says an unsure Robin.

“I thank you so much Richard. I hope that I will meet your standards.” Said Lexi as he puts his tea down and bows to the group.


As Lexi lays sprawled on the couch snoring two figures lurk toward him.

“Hhmmm cooki-.” But before he can finish a sack is put over him as he feels himself dragged along the floor. Sleepy as he is it takes him a while to make his body deadweight to stop his captor, but alas his 195lbs were nothing for his captor as he was dragged to who knows where.

As the sack was dropped on the ground Lexi worked quickly to escape only to find himself in darkness and no trace of any light or sign of his captor.

“Hello, where am I!” yelled Lexi.

“Why you’re in a place of nightmares young lad I just hope that you can be of some use to me.” Laughs a dark voice from seemingly everywhere.

“Look I don’t know who you are or what you have planned for me but I warn you I can’t be judged for my actions if my power gets loose.” Said as Lexi sits down on the ground in a lotus stance closing his eyes and waiting for whatever the darkness would bring.

“We’ll see young one, we’ll see.” Said as the black gloved owner of the voice pushes a button and then in the darkness a group of beings awaken.

As Lexi readies himself for whatever this man has brought to face him he hears it, a faint growl and the sound of a slight dripping and before he can open his eyes all the way he’s met by a lumbering shadow that pounces on him it’s bright yellow teeth inches from his face held back as Lexi grips the ‘beasts’ shoulders and plants his feet into the pit of it stomach and kicks forward launching the ‘beast’ back into the darkness it came from.

“W-what the hell is that?” whispers Lexi to himself.

As Lexi focuses on the moving shadows he knows that there’s more than one of these beasts and that all they want is him dead. But what was he to do, he had nothing with him but his hands. Just then one leapt from the darkness and aims for his arms and as Lexi turns his body and catches the beast in its ribs with a swift kick launching it far into the darkness and hearing a yelp as it hit another beast and the growl that came afterward made him ready himself for anything.

“Man can this get any worse!?” Lexi exclaims.

As three beasts leap out of the shadow two for his legs and one for his head, he leaps for the one who jumped for his head dodging the two at his legs and grabbing his new foe by the shoulders twisting his body and throwing it at the two bunched on the ground and landing near the pile of beasts in the darkness the only thing visible are their red eyes growing dim as the smell of metal and the sounds of crackles fill the room.

“Wait a minute.” Said as Lexi walks up to the pile and squints to see the jump of sparks come from the ‘beasts’

Just then a howl comes from behind him as the lights come on and he looks around squinting to find himself in a light gray room with its domed walls, when the source of the howl catches his eyes. It’s a giant gray panther that stands before him at 16 feet high and 10 feet long it’s skin smooth and a slick black, and it’s eyes a sharp red and Lexi turns to see that the pile of ‘beasts’ he fought are all small versions of this panther.

“Oh come on really robot panthers!” Lexi yells as he charges the robot and aims a punch at one of the claws at its paw. Now that he can see it’s much easier to fight this thing, but it’s so damn big Lexi thought. As he breaks the claw from the robot he scoops it from the ground as the ‘panther’ roars and jumps back and charges toward Lexi and bears its yellow dripping fangs.

As Lexi jumps to the side and latches onto the back leg of the ‘panther’ and swings himself up and runs up its back and stabbing the claw into the back of its neck and punches down hard on it severing the link from its body and head, the ‘panther’ tumbles to the ground in a sparking mass as the lights shut off and part of the domed walls lift to reveal the sun just starting to come over the bay showering Lexi and the ‘panther’ in early morning sunlight.

“So I see that you are a quick thinker.” Said the same dark voice.

“Come on Robin, you can drop the act I know you had the girls kidnap me I could smell the berry of Starfire’s hair, and the herbs on Raven.” Said as Lexi climbs from the body of the downed robot as the girls at Robin’s side blushed.

“So does this mean im a titan now or are there more tests?” asked a VERY, VERY tired Lexi.

As Robin took off the device around his neck and extended a gloved hand to Lexi.

“Yes you are a titan, but be aware that we will be watching you. Sleep on the couch
tonight and your room will be ready when you wake up.” Said Robin.

“YAY a new friend!!” yells Starfire as she grabs Lexi in a bone crushing hug and as his bones snap a little under her care, Raven & Robin make like ghosts before the ‘love’ of the Tamaranean turns to them.

“S-st-star I can’t breathe.” Said a struggling Lexi, before passing out.

“Oh I am sorry friend Lexi.” Starfire said as she shakes a now unconscious Lexi.

“Friend Lexi, are you okay, friend Lexi.”

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxEnd of Chapter threexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I hope you all enjoyed it PLZ RATE&REVIEW I NEED your words to help me write I have great plans for this story and I hope I can hold your eyes for that long.
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