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Wayward Hero

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Summary: The Titans gain a new member, how will their luck hold out now.

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DC Universe > Teen TitansrexcalonFR181016,0630713,00315 Nov 1224 Jun 13No

Chapter One: A New Town, A New Name

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the new guy in town Lexi. And I make no profit so I hope you all enjoy it. Titans belong to DC comics and cartoon network where I caught the show.

FEEDBACK: Please reviews are welcome and I need them, a writer can’t get better without listening to readers and as a novice I need pointers

RATING: a low R may change in later chapters.


PAIRINGS: Bb/Rae, Rob/Star

AUTHORS NOTES: Just something I was working on.

Wayward Hero: A New Town, A New Name.

June 23, 2007, Jump City

Backpack slung across my shoulder I make my way into Jump City to seek help. but im met with a something im not used too. Tall buildings and loud people busying themselves with nothing. ‘Is this the city Im looking for? I really hope so, I would really hate having to leave to go looking for more ‘towns’ like full of this noise.’ I thought.

As a smell danced across my nose my legs shake, hungry from the long trip living on water and whatever else I could find. ”D..damn I wish I had some money, I need some food.” As my mind works out a plan to get food I follow a group of young kids hoping I can get some money, or at least directions.

‘The group seemed to be small three guys and three girls all who seemed to be around 17-18.’ I thought to myself.

“Hey buddy, why you following us?” said one of the males. “ sorry I mean no harm, but I would like to know if I could ask you for some food or maybe directions to somewhere in town to eat?” As the boy and his friends looked back and forth between each other the boys laughed. “Well for one we don’t like you, so instead were just gonna teach you not to follow strangers, how about that.” Said the boy as he and his friends walk closer fists clenched, backing me into an alley.

“No Syke, you know what will happen if you get caught in another fight!” yelled one of the girls, a redhead with sky blue eyes.

I look to her only to be brought back by a fist to my stomach. “Hey you looking at my girl now!” yelled Syke. Hunched over his fist and forearm I look up. “S…sorry I did not mean to offend, she’s very beautiful.” My voice shaky.

“T-thank you.” Said the redhead.

“Shut up tramp and stay out of this!” Syke yelled as his buddies held the girls back.

“Y..yes ok.” She said as she stepped back.

“ sorry what did you just call her?” I said as my voice cleared. “W..what, why do you care?, AAAHHHHH!” yelled Syke as I gripped his wrist twisting it. “I. SAID. WHAT. DID. YOU. JUST. CALL. HER!” My eyes aflame. “I-I called her a damn tramp which is what she is.” Syke said with a cocky smirk on his face as his eyes watered.

“I thought so.” I said as my voice calms and I loosen my grip, not letting go just enough to move my hand. I turn to the redhead and look her in her eyes. “Bright-eyed lass may I ask your name?”

“u-uh, umm its L-lucy.”

She stammered. “Thank you…..Lucy was it, that’s quite a wonderful name you have, now Syke the name she just told me does not match what you called her.” I turn back to Syke who now looks scared from the look in my eyes, somewhat like a deer caught in the headlights. “And I know it is not a name of the playful nature, so why did you address her as such?” I said as I tightened my grip on him once again. “I called her that cause I can, got a proble-.” Syke was cut off as I turned my hip, grabbed his shoulder with my free hand and pulled bringing him over my body and hard onto the ground. The wind knocked out of him he looked up at the afternoon sky get fuzzier and fuzzier till all he saw was darkness.

As the group of teens looked to their now unmoving friend. “Im sorry for that.” I say as I stand up and face the group. After a few minutes of odd stares and silence one of the other ‘boys’ speaks up. “W..what did you do to him?” He said as his voice shakes.

“Oh, him.” said as I look to Skye’s body. “He’s fine just out of it he’ll be ok soon…I hope.” I walk over to the redhead. “Lucy I beg of you never let anyone call you anything other than your name.”

“O..ok, I won’t.” I turn and start to leave. “Oh yea two things, 1.One of you boys take these girls home.” I look both of them in the eyes waiting for an ok, as the boys just shake I turn to the girls, “Ok, well their useless, are you girls safe to get home by yourselves?”

“Yes we are.” They said in unison. “Good, well see ya around, maybe.” As I walk away a voice calls. “Hey what’s question number two?” I turn to see Lucy at my side looking up at me. “Huh, oh yes that’s right in all this commotion I forgot.”

“Soo?” The young lady beckoned.

“Well I came to jump city hoping to meet the famed Teen Titans, to see if they could train me. And I heard they hang out at the ’mall’ so do you by any chance know where that is?” I asked scratching my head.

As the trio of girls went wide-eyed at being helped by a maybe hero, Lucy spoke up. “Well their only at the mall sometimes, but at the edge of the city in the water is their home ‘Titans Tower’, it’s easy to get there just follow this road.” She pointed to a street just outside the alleyway. “It will lead you there you can’t miss it.” “Ahh, I see thank you Lucy. I shall be on my way then.”

I walked out of the alley and began to head for the tower, when a voice calls me once more. “Hey!” “Yes?” I answer my back to Lucy.

“What’s your name?”

I smirk. “The names Lexi!” I yell as I laugh my way down the street toward a group of teens who I hope might listen to my story.

End of chapter one

A/N: This story is a really old work of mine that I forgot I had, so I looked it over and now im posting it up. I hope it goes over well, and don’t forget to review.

A/N 2: And don’t worry I didn’t forget my other stories the updates for them will be up soon.
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